Heart Palpitations: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

| Modified on Sep 06, 2021

Ginger and Baking Soda
Posted by ACP (South Carolina) on 06/18/2021
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Anyone who has suffered from PVCs and done any kind of research will discover thousands of sufferers claim a link between Acid Reflux and PVCs. Of course the medical community denies the possibility of this stating the only connection is that Reflux causes stress and stress causes PVCs.

My PVCs began hard and heavy during a stressful time of my life. Ironically, I was having acid reflux issues at the same time. I decided to take a course of Prevacid to counter the reflux and noticed that my PVCs began to improve. I just assumed the PVCs were winding down because the stress was. Be advised that I have "silent" Reflux, which means I don't usually experience symptoms even though I do have the reflux. I also don't take meds unless I have to.

So, as my Reflux felt better, I chose to stop the Prevacid. Shortly thereafter, the PVCs came back with a vengeance. So I began to experiment. I would start a round of antacids and then take a break for a while. Always on the breaks the PVCs became worse. Not wanting to take Prevacid the rest of my life, I started drinking baking soda every night before bed. This simple trick substantially improved my PVCs. Basically taking them from unbearable to manageable. I have done this for 2 years now.

Okay, recently I began taking ginger supplements. I noticed at that my PVCs were so rare, I felt normal again. I did not at the time make the connection with the ginger. However, about a week after I stopped the ginger, my PVCs started coming back. Again I bought more ginger and again noticed improvement within days.

I finally put everything together. I believe my PVCs are directly linked to my acid reflux. A trunkline nerve runs down your GI tract to the heart. It is called the vagus nerve. When your acid reflux acts up your GI tract becomes inflamed. It is my opinion that this inflammation aggravates the vagus nerve and thus leads the heart to misfire.

I do not believe I am cured of PVCs as they show up occasionally. However, God has given me my normal life back.

The protocol I use is as follows:

Baking Soda: 1/2 teaspoon mixed with 1 ounce of water at bedtime.

Ginger: 1100mg tablet daily.

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Kathy R (NJ) on 05/24/2021

Gerard, are you saying that coconut oil gave you palpitations?

Posted by Lisa (Illinois) on 01/29/2021

I know this is a long time ago, but my husband just started getting palpitations. He also started eating lots of nuts since he's working at home, takes 5 mg of manganese in his vitamins, and eats a lot of dark chocolate. I did have him start taking magnesium citrate. Maybe this is the solution.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
Posted by Wm. (WA) on 01/24/2021

Xylitol. Anything on Xyltol?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sara (Australia) on 06/10/2020
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In addition to a host of other health problems (chronic fatigue, SIBO) I have also suffered heart palpitations. I have no idea why they started, but what has worked for me was to keep a food diary. I think some people, for whatever reason, develop a sensitivity to certain foods in the diet. For me, specifically, honey and jalapenos pose a problem. What tipped me off was a family member who also suffers from palpitations and arrhythmia (he sees a cardiologist and was formally diagnosed). So he was very interested when he read about some varieties of honey being linked to arrhythmia. So I noticed that I too frequently have palpitations when I have honey. Anyway, it's worth seeing if you can draw any links between the palpitations and what you are eating when you experience them.

Posted by RW (United States) on 06/02/2019
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This is for heart palpitations.

D-ribose helps a lot for me. I take 2 or 3 grams in the morning--it's a powder so I mix it with a drink.

Heart Palpitation Triggers
Posted by June (Cincinnati ) on 03/17/2019
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Palpitations in my view can be caused by:

1. Silent acid reflux. Many chiropractors know how to lower your esophagus!

2. Thyroid

'3. IBS


5. Iodine, magnesium b vitamin, iron, b12 deficiencies

Heart Palpitation Triggers
Posted by Deborah (Iowa) on 02/18/2019
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Hi Tracy,

Have your thyroid checked.

Heart Palpitation Triggers
Posted by Tracy (US) on 01/15/2019

I've had heart palpitations off and on for as far back as I can remember. However, I noticed they've been much worse over the past few weeks. It started when I was PMSing and we went for a hike.

I was fine during but it was at the cool down period where I got the palpitations. Of course this sent me into a tizzy and I ended up having a few panic attacks. I went to the doc and he gave me atenolol and a water pill for my high BP, which was been high since I was pregnant. It seems to help as I haven't had them quite as much, but they still manage to creep in. I'm wondering if my hormones have anything to do with it. I'm also under stress having an autistic toddler. I'd just really like them to go away once and for all. It's always a good day when I haven't had them. I'm a 35 year old female.

Magnesium Phosphate Homeopathy
Posted by Kenneth (Midwest) on 12/15/2018
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I had heart palpitations, and took a homeopathic preparation, on the 1st dose, the palpitations stopped in less than a minute...mag/phos was the name of the preparation.

Vagus Nerve Theory
Posted by Janet (In) on 12/11/2018

Interesting video regarding Heart Palpitations and the vagus nerve.


Posted by Mp In Pc (Plant City Fl) on 10/06/2018

I think it is the mix of the minerals in Black Strap Molasses. It even has copper. I have been having Heart Palps, too. Last night in desperation, I drank ACV with Baking Soda...best night I have had in a week. Then I got up this morning and had a tablespoon of BSM. Feeling pretty good now! Heart palpitations are just the worst.

Ginger Tea
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/22/2018 227 posts

Hi, to make ginger tea I will grate fresh ginger and add boiled water, cover to steep twenty minutes then enjoy. Four times a day or approx every 4-6 hours when drinking for ailment (health) improvement. Also suggest Hawthorne berries for heart health


Ginger Tea
Posted by Lisa (Orange, Nj) on 04/14/2018

Hi did you boil it then drink or just added ginger to hot water and drink? Do you add anything else? How often do you drink the tea?

Posted by Hisjewel (Usa) on 03/28/2018

Hi Shante from Jackson MS,

if you have not already, replace all your drinks with water, for about a week and see the difference. instead of coffee or tea have a hot cup of water. Water. water, water. When someone ask what you want to drink say "Water please". No caffeine at all. it made a big difference for me after only two days. just water and food and that little change can make a big difference.

You may get a withdrawal headache, but each day it should be lighter.


Posted by Steve (Nv) on 03/28/2018

Natural calm magnesium will help with the palpitations.

Posted by Shante (Jackson, Ms) on 03/27/2018

I have a leaking pulmonary valve and my palpitations are going hay wire to the point I am very scared. Is there anything I can take?

General Feedback
Posted by Trish-a (Los Angeles, Ca) on 03/11/2018

Greenshoes99, I too want the Dr info. Please provide it for me. Thank you!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Christine (Deer Park Ny) on 03/03/2018
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Used acv every morning in water to loose weight and got palpitations. Now getting angiogram. Great, probably from the acv.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Velma (Wagoner) on 02/06/2018
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I have noticed a connection between sugar intake on an empty stomach and heart palpitations.

If I reach for a sugary snack to hold me over until meal time I am getting heart palpitations.

I think a piece of cheese or handful of nuts would be better and will try that soon.

Olive oil, Potassium Iodide, Taurine
Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 01/30/2018

I forgot to add that sunflower lecithin and/or adrenal glandular supplements works for some people. Hope this helps someone, at least there are things to try. Love this site.

General Feedback
Posted by June (Texas) on 01/17/2018

I am pleased to read about the gas connection. I recently had a laparoscopic surgery, during which gas was pumped into my body. I got terrible gas pains after the surgery, but I also got heart palpitations. I had the following tests done: EKG, Xray, CAT scan, and blood tests. I was told my heart is very healthy and there are no problems. The palpitations continue. I am over 60, and I have been eating organic foods my entire life. My diet consists of seafood (caught in wild) fruit, vegetables, and grain. Except for the occasional Tylenol, I do not take medicine. I have read about the magnesium, and I know I am deficient in this. I just realized that I have not taken my regular Epsom salt bath for three months. I can only take showers because our house is under construction. I and have not taken my magnesium supplement for several months. I am going to start again.

Cardiac Ablation
Posted by Hilary (Va) on 11/21/2017

This is a dangerously uninformed post. Ablation is sometimes the best option for some people. There are several types of ablation therapy - radiofrequency ablation being the least invasive and least likely to cause damage to heart tissue. But, as with any operating room procedure, it is only as effective as the doctor performing the procedure.

I have a mild form of paroxysmal fibrillation which I have been able to control thus far with proper hydration, yoga, potassium and magnesium supplements and cutting back on caffeine. However, I have a nephew who had a severe, debilitating a-fib problem which sent him to the hospital on numerous occasions with chest pain, nausea and weakness. His problem was corrected through ablation almost 30 years ago, and he has never had another recurrence. This procedure was a blessing for him. The post-procedure weakness you mentioned is probably due to the anesthesia in the operating room - not a result of the procedure itself.

Posted by Hilary (Va) on 11/21/2017
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Molasses works great for my heart palpitations. But I am convinced there is more to it than just the potassium. I eat a healthy diet, take vitamin supplements and drink coconut water, which is higher in potassium than molasses. But during one particularly bad day of many lengthy atrial fib episodes (and 2 glasses of coconut water), I tried 1Tbs of molasses in hot water. Before I was finished with the cup, my a-fib was gone. I will continue taking the molasses every day. It's far better than what my cardiologist wants me to do.

Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Cailin B. (Pacific Nw) on 11/10/2017

Christmas time can kick off a lot of symptoms: it's a high stress time with a lot of sugar in the diet. If you have a lot of sugar and then decrease, your body can respond with some classic detox behavior. When I quit sugar, I felt like I had the flu for three days, felt very dehydrated, had a terrible headache for days, sweated a lot, etc., etc. But after a week I was back to normal, except...I felt good, like really good, was hungry less often, was alert all day long, and dropped the extra weight.

Not saying that sugar caused what you experienced, but the holiday season is a time when you can't help but eat a gingerbread man every time you turn around.

Posted by Eliza P. (Zamboanga City, Philippines) on 10/05/2017

I got heart palpitations Aug 19 this yr I admit for 3days in hospital I have med take till now for kind but when I take that med I feel weak. I am 41yrs old med I take vastarel, platexan, co q10, carvedilol so pls help me what remedies to take me d.if ever I get heart palp.just to stop palpited

I want to stop take this med.I just take if ever got pappited

Olive oil, Potassium Iodide, Taurine
Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 09/26/2017
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I have had them all my life. This is my belief: some are caused by lack of magnesium, so that works for some people. Some are caused by thyroid problems, so a drop of potassium iodide in the morning works for those people. Some are caused by the vagus nerve and digestion issues, so three tablespoons of olive oil a day works for those people. Taurine can also be helpfull and b12. Some are caused by anemia, and molasses works for those people. In my case, a combination of olive oil and the drop of clear potassium iodide and taurine worked.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Anna (Oh) on 09/23/2017

Not bad is it. Depends on temperature in part. Warmer is better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Savannah (Id) on 09/05/2017

AVOID all the so called sweeteners, they cause SERIOUS reactions in many.

Posted by Melissa (Tx) on 08/07/2017

you have afib. Nothing play with .. it's dangerous if it goes up higher then you need to go to ER..

General Feedback
Posted by Omar (Toronto) on 01/15/2017

Take alkaseltzer with coffe double double .....it reduces acid, thins blood and improve to alkaline, your heartburn may be from too much acid..which gives heartburn from acid and heart pulpitition

I had same situation.....suddenly it will stop all movement including and breathing.....alkaseltzer and magnesium worked for me......you can give a try....

Avoid Msg
Posted by Wayne (New Jersey) on 12/06/2016

Can you send me the names on the list of Msg that you are talking about. So that I have this information to look at. Thank you, Wayne

Vagus Nerve Theory
Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 11/04/2016

Hi, just wanted to share a theory! The theory is that most people who have heart palpitations actually have colitis and don't know it! The palpitations are the result of an irritated vagus nerve!

So in that case you would take 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil daily to heal your intestines. And maybe some inner leaf only aloe. Just wanted to share this idea.

General Feedback
Posted by Larry (Studio City) on 10/26/2016

It's been years since you posted about this but can you refer the doctor to me that you said is in Calif that is good with adrenal issues?


Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 10/04/2016
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Greetings to All,

Blackstrap Molasses is awesome in potassium which helps to calm heart palpitations. I use the un-sulfured blackstrap Molasses. One tablespoon is all you need. Straight from the spoon is mighty tasty, or you can mix it in water, or other food like oat-meal. The company I buy from has 320 mgs of potassium in one tablespoon of un-sulfured Blackstrap Molasses.

General Feedback
Posted by Marie (Lafayette, La) on 10/03/2016

I have been reading these forums for years looking for someone who had the same experience as me. You're the first to mention the change of seasons. I've been having PVC's and PAC's for 30 years. I cannot get used to them. I kept a journal for a time to look for a pattern. The only thing I could find was the weather and change of seasons. If we have low pressure overhead I get them bad. If it's low pressure for more than a few days it's like my heart gets used to it and calms. If a big high pressure it's bad during the transition then calms. Worst of all is when the seasons change. Does anything help you? Thanks for sharing.

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Jen (Atlanta) on 08/17/2016

Beth, my mom has heart palpitations and hiatal hernia. I'm thinking that has something to do with the palpitations. But now I'm getting them! I used to get them as a teen and then they went away. Now I'm 43 and started getting them after my meals or in the morning. It's so exhausting and the only thing that helps is lying down. I'm wondering if I might have hiatal hernia also?

Heart Palpitation Remedies
Posted by Jim (Ny Li) on 07/13/2016

Hi all, on bing.com search how to make magnesium oil put it on skin 8 squirts = 100 mgs of magnesium. Walmart has the distilled water under a $. God Bless

Potassium Gluconate
Posted by Udpert (Ar) on 06/30/2016
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I had heart palpitations that increased greatly this year, and I found that taking simple Potassium Gluconate 595 mg, of the kind sold in common grocery or health stores, decreased them significantly. So, passing it along.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Posted by Jim (Rocklin, Ca) on 03/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am 50 and have been experiencing missing heart beats, mostly in the early morning and late at night. It makes me cough and it's frustrating. The solution stemmed from an emergency visit 20 years ago. I remember the Dr giving me a bag of Magnesium via IV. I'm sure it cost a bundle. Fast forward to now: I was just experiencing a bout of skipping beats at 3 am.

I ate a half cup of roasted pumpkin seeds (one of the best food sources of Magnesium). Within minutes of the first swallow, the missing beats went away! I chewed as much as possible, then spit out the shells that I couldn't swallow. I thank God for providing natural & safe remedies. Going back to sleep now!

Posted by Andrew (Europe) on 03/21/2016

Hi, I had the same problem in January 2016. I had quiet a bit of stress and I loaded my stomach the night before with a bowl of sauerkraut and a full dinner. I woke up in the morning, ate breakfast and worried about a few things, and then bent forward to pick something up from the floor, and it started. At that time I fainted. I think it was because I called the ambulance and they told me to walk to a nearby clinic as it would be faster to get help. My pulse then was extremely fast and I felt flutter in my chest. When I got to the clinic with an already fast pulse I realized that, I had to climb up stairs to the second floor. When I got upstairs I fainted. Then they did ECG and it was a little abnormal. They gave me propranolol and aspirin. When the paramedics came to take me to hospital and they tested me again in the ambulance, the ECG was normal. At the hospital it was also normal. And, all my tests came back normal. I think it was a crazy idea to exert myself and climb those stairs with an already fast pulse with palpitations. Sometimes, I also feel this flutter in my throat pit.

The first time I ever got this problem was 3 years ago, when I was on a 6 week fast with with no other food but non-starchy vegetable and fruit. It could have been an electrolyte imbalance. I called the ambulance and they told me to call again in half an hour as all the ambulances were on call :) The palpitation lasted almost 2 hours. It alternated with muscle twitches in my legs. I remembered about a folk treatment with a tsp of honey. I took it and it slowly abated within approx 20 minutes. I did not go to hospital at that time as it stopped after the honey.

I also have this indigestion problem with acid and sometimes food reflux, which could be contributing to my problem if not causing it. Homeopathic Arsenicum 3C, 3 drops twice daily is a great help for that.

One interesting thing for people with atrial regurgitation is to check for the presence of helicobacter pylori. It has been shown to be causing the episodes.

To stop my palpitations and fast pulse episodes, I take homeopathic Crataegus tincture 10 drops on tongue twice daily and Lachesis mutrus 200,4 pills on alternate morning and Coffea cruda 200 SOS for stress. Then when the scary palpitations happen I just take the Crataegus 10 drops and repeat if necessary after 15 minutes, I also take a tsp of honey, and it seems to work. The next episodes if they happen are shorter and milder.

I also noticed that if I drink a lot of water and I pass water too often then the episodes may recur. So, I drink a glass of tomato juice 100% to replace the potassium and I'm safe. Sometimes, I drik two glasses daily or eat beans with tomato paste concentrate. In 100g of tomato concentrate there is approx 1000 mg of potassium. I also eat dried peaches, figs, green beets etc. What is also good for the heart is to eat regularly pumpkin seeds which contain a lot of magnesium. Replacing table salt with Himalayan or Celtic salt is also a good idea as well as drinking up to 10 glasses of water daily.

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 02/12/2016

Thanks for responding Beth!

This is very helpful. I have never heard of a Hernia causing heart palpitations before.

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Beth (Ga) on 02/10/2016

Hi Jewel...same thing for me years ago...was diagnosed as having PAD (peripheral artery disease)...turned out( years later) it was a large HIATAL HERNIA...the pressure causes the stomach to press onto the vagas nerve ...causing the PALPS, ......Havent had them in years....Must eat smaller amts...take digestive ENZs with every meal and never lie down after eating, , , I eat main meal by 2 pm and have fruit usually an apple.in slices and hot tea at 6pm...am 78 yrs old...on NO MEDS! Blessings, Beth

Magnesium, Potassium
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 02/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My Racing Heart - Valentine's Day is coming, so I thought I would share a remedy or three for my racing heart. When I climb the steps, and almost every time, After I eat, heart palpitations pay me a visit. It is not like I wasn't two-hundred and twenty pounds before with my five feet four inches of height. And when I was this size before, I did not have palpitations, so I hardly believe it's all a weight problem.

When I was just a child playing in the yard, the racing heart would happen to me now and then. I do not recall palpitations in my teen years, nor in my working years (an exception may be when on a seven day dry fast, I later learned to do those with water, and ten years older than that with water and a little juice).

Now in my sixties heart palpitations have become like a lurking enemy. One day, after a hard day out in the field trying to do some good in the world, I decided I wanted to eat something on the way home. However, I forgot to carry spare magnesium, this and prayer helps me to slow down the heart palpitations. I started to go on home, which was about an hour and a half away. Then I remembered Orange Juice. I bought a small bottle of orange juice, I made sure they listed that potassium was in it, this had rescued my racing heart before.

I know I must choose my food wisely, and I am still working on this. I drank a few sips of orange juice before I ate, and the another ¼ of the small bottle of the orange juice afterwards.

Thank God for Orange Juice. I was able to find something at the corner store to help me safely eat my meal without having a heart attack. I am sure I should probably visit the good doctor; there are still a lot of good doctors. I just do not like going to the clinic or hospital. Therefore, in the meanwhile, I am using prayer, magnesium and potassium to mend my racing heart. I hope this helps your heart too.


Posted by Nathalie (Rsa) on 02/07/2016

Please advise which type of magnesium helps with palpitations?

Posted by Myke (Dc) on 01/31/2016

I also had occasional heart palps before pregnancy and at 36 weeks I developed psvt and had to take metoprolol and I stopped taking it after the baby was born, but magnesium and potassium increase did not help, only the beta blockers. I am 4 weeks post partum and have not had an abnormally fast resting heart rate so far. Hopefully it stays that way. I have had some occasional palps again though.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by George Goble (West Lafayette, In) on 01/05/2016


Here are some of my experiences with high dose magnesium acetate (metabolizes into magnesium bicarbonate in the liver). If RBC (red blood cell) magnesium is 5.3 mg/dL or better, and one takes about one level TBSP of magnesium acetate (in 1/4 glass of water), twice a day, then many people (50-60 and older) see a pretty big energy burst and increase in well being feeling. As you say, one of these mechanisms may be neutralizing lactic acid. This much oral magnesium may be over one's "diarrhea limit". Taking 1 TBSP of gelatin and/or flax seed just before seems to allow more oral ingestion before diarrhea limit. Also some just use it transdermally and still get an energy boost.


Adrenal Fatigue Connection
Posted by Saj (Wales) on 12/30/2015

Hi, my joints swelled last Christmas for a couple of months needed steroid injections to bring the swelling down, then started getting dizzy in April for 5 weeks it went away for 2 weeks and then since then I have been very light headed on and off throughout the day. Also, for the last 6 weeks I've been having heart palpitations and insomnia, extreme tension in my stomach and extreme emotions when the tension is great. I've had lots of acupuncture and been to see a Chinese doctor who has given me tablets to balance my hormones for the last 3 months however am still really struggling... any suggestions? Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Toni (Wa) on 11/15/2015

Reading about the yogurt....I have had a pacemaker/defib implant for about 6 years. Over the last couple years my irregular heartbeat had gotten worse. My doc tried another ablation after on serious incident sent me to the ER. He couldn't find anything. He had also looked when he had put in the implant and couldn't find the offending nerves. But I finally figured it out. Dairy is my worst trigger. I was thinking I had gall bladder issues and had been tested a couple times. Nothing really serious, but stomach discomfort enough to know something wasn't right. It wasn't until a couple weeks after my last ablation and ER visit that it came to me. That day I had a milk shake. It threw me into a unbelievable panic attack. After figuring it out, I realized that my bad days always started out with a nervous feeling and stomach issues. But at that time I knew so little about the gut/heart connection. After testing the no dairy life for a few weeks, I told the doc I wanted to quit the 2 meds he had me on because they made me feel so icky. He gave me the green light, and I have been off them for almost 2 months now. I have found other things that also upset my tummy, and I am weeding different things out of my diet. But the biggest thing is dairy and since I have quit all dairy I have not had to take any anxiety/panic meds and have had no serious arrhythmia. I have read that panic attacks can cause the worst kind of arrhythmia. But I didn't know that is what I was having....and also had no idea it was all set off by my diet. I would keep a journal for a few days or weeks and start looking for possible trigger foods. I don't eat processed food any more and I am very careful of what I eat. I am also feeding my heart with heart healthy food and supplements. I do take hawthorn as my first choice. Good luck!

Arrhythmia Triggers
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/28/2015 2084 posts

S: Phenylalanine is a natural occurring amino acid that you assume is toxic or dangerous ingredient in Aspartame. To my knowledge, the toxic ingredient in Aspartame is wood alcohol. People deficient in Zinc & Niacin will likely have negative reactions or bad side-effects from this additive.

Back to Phenylalanine. P is considered a stimulant-type amino that agonizes epinephrine in the body. If you are experiencing reactions to even small amounts of P, then you definitely need heart support nutrients like the magnesium you mentioned, plus Carnitine, Selenium+CoQ10+Vit-E, and the herb Hawthorn Berry. The Zinc+Niacin will help remove the alcohols from the body and likely improve the nervous conditions.

Arrhythmia Triggers
Posted by Sharon (Tennessee) on 10/26/2015

Everytime I eat something with aspartame, I start having heart arrhythmias. I am very sensitive to it. I think Splenda does similar, but perhaps not quite as bad. I have even found that aspartame (also known as)phenylalanine is found in almost all chewing gums, and many times hidden in most unlikely things. Since it has the word Phenylalanine, most don't know what that means. But is a form of aspartame. It cause heart rhythm in me, headaches in my husband, and seizures in his grandson...do I need to go on? Please use honey, molasses or even a bit of real sugar if you must sweeten. Of course, Stevia is an option if you can stand it....but it's a flavor I don't much like... Oh, I even found some pills have the aspartame Phenylalanine added as a "inactive ingredient." Come on pharmacy companies!! Just use sugar if you must put a sweetener in!!

This is by no means all that causes problems for me. For 30 years, I've been trying to find out all the triggers. The worst is stress, negative thinking, fear, fear of impending event - or life change, panic. But any adrenaline inducing food or medicine can easily cause them. Bloating, or gas is a bad trigger also. Oh, I learned to NEVER let the dentist do epinephrine on me. It's an immediate heart racing and rhythm all over the place....I must get up and pace around the room.

I've tried magnesium. But I'm not giving up on that yet. I'm just not sure I've tried the RIGHT type- or enough. I think the HARD PILL Supplements may not absorb right- and just pass through.... And there may be a "combination" I'm not finding yet.

I'm open to suggestions!! It got a lot better for awhile, but gotten worse lately- with some stress issues. The stress issues are subsiding, but left me with "sensitized heart" again. (Read Claire Weeks books) She deals with some of this stuff. How- once the problem (stress) is gone, the body still responds like it's still there for weeks and sometimes months- a vicious cycle. Until biofeedback and meditation/relaxation is done "during" attacks....