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Posted by Belle (Somewhere, Ohio) on 02/17/2012

Let me start of by saying this isn't going to be one of those posts where I'm jumping for joy because my warts "magically fell off" after 3 days of minimal treatment. It is a good post however. I do believe that everyone's warts are different and it really does depend on how long you've had them and how stubbon they are in relation to treatment, so don't lose hope.

I've had HPV for around 5 years now and I am not one of those "lucky" people who have outbreaks or just one cluster that disappears on its own. I have 2 sets, one on each inner lip of my vagina. One side is one larger cluster of about 3 or 4 and then 2 small single ones below it and the other side is about 6 or 7 single ones in a straight row and both on the bottom half towards my perineum. I've been lucky over the years that they haven't spread but also unlucky in the fact that they've stayed put since the day they appeared. I just sort of "lived" with them being there as I couldn't afford all the expensive treatments and creams. I found this site about 2 years ago and read everyone's great success with ACV. Unfortunately I haven't had the greatest lifestyle to accompany constant treatment so up until now I've attempted it a few times but this time I've decided to go in with the big guns, so to speak.

Like I said this is not a 3 day success story, or even a week. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now.

I really want to stress that just because you don't have the instant results that others do, DON'T GIVE UP! I'm going to share my story and results in hopes that maybe it helps someone else with more resistant warts.

Everyday I do the following: (and keep in mind these are specific to me. Adjust times, amounts, dilutions etc. to fit your own comfort level if necessary.)

I start with vitamins: vitamin c, d, e; l-lysine; garlic pills; and a multi-vitamin.

Everyday and in between each treatment I clean the area thoroughly (and I mean whole area, in between, on the warts themselves-everything. STAY AWAY from getting inside unless you have a very high tolerance for awful stinging pain) with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Keep in mind that after you have already started treatment, if the warts are sensitive or raw or anything like that, IT WILL STING! Before I do anything else, I apply either vitamin e oil or a diaper rash like cream to the immediate surrounding areas to avoid any swelling or irritation of unaffected skin. Then I make a paste out of aspirin (6 to 12 works fine for me-make sure you crush them REALLY good into a fine powder), add ACV (apple cider vinegar) in tiny amounts until you have the consistency you want, then I squeeze out a large capsule of vitamin e oil and mix it in well. Take some cotton balls and size it out to the area(s) you need to cover, then saturate one side of the cotton in the mixture. Make sure it's not too pasty and dry because you need it to be wet so it'll really get on there and do some damage. It will dry on later. Personally, I tape the cotton on with some medical tape and leave it on depending on my schedule; all day or a couple of hours and always overnight and keep it secure with some breathable cotton underwear. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, it can and probably will be very stingy. The very first time for me did not hurt but the more irritated the warts get, it increases. In between treatments I apply pure tea tree oil, undiluted to the warts with a q-tip, making sure to get in between and all over. Not everyone can use TTO undiluted so it's best to check before you do that. Otherwise you can dilute it with a bit of water.

I've been at it for about 3 weeks constantly now and I'm having great results. There are definitely little pieces falling off here and there but this is how it's gone from beginning to now: first time-turned white, then eventually they became hard and a darker off white-greyish color, then tiny black spots all over, still hard. Eventually mine became very scabby and large layers of them started peeling off like a sunburn. I've also noticed a big reduction in size. They just seem to be shrinking and coming off in layers instead of just falling off. I've been told the best thing you can do is damage them and keep kickin' em while they're down. It's definitely not comfortable and I don't love the smell of ACV but I'm seeing a dramatic improvement. Hopefully this keeps up and ill post back again when I have some new results. Good luck :)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Moongaze (Miami, Fl) on 01/30/2012

I recently was diagnosed with GW as well. I went through a very traumatic experience november 2011 after leaving a very abusive relationship. My roomate I did not know was a three time felon and mental patient, kidnapped and raped me for months. I was able to escape the situation via a famiy member of his. It was likely from him I caught it which was even more damaging. That same month I noticed tiny bumps in my vaginal and anal area. Not thinking anything of it I ripped them off and noticed they were very wart-like. I was also having lots of smelly discharge. For a few weeks they did not return so I thought it was just a yeast infection. Yet I still wondered what those little skin bumps had been. At the time I knew nothing of HPV. I did hours and hours and days and days of research and I slowly began to accept that I might indeed have genital warts. I was devastated at the thought and went through minor panic and depressive episodes all last month.

I was almost completely convinced when about 3 weeks ago the warts returned in the same place. I knew then it must be GW and I must see a gyno immediately. After having much trouble with my insurance I finally saw a doctor that confirmed I had HPV. By then, I had emotionally prepared myself enough to take the news rather calmly. While there they froze off the most obvious ones. I took the pain like a champ! The nurse eased my thoughts a lot when she told me she has HPV as well. But it didn't end there. I began to freak out thinking I had other stds. So I jumped on the bandwagon of getting tested for EVERYTHING, including HIV. All were negative and I thought to myself if a few treatable warts is all I have to deal with, thank the lord!! It could be worse people!

The nurse told me give it two weeks and they would fall off. I thought, no way, they're going to be gone tomorrow!

I ran to this website and using my own pantry I began treatment:

Beggining two weeks ago, I made a paste of the ACV, vitamin E oil I use on my skin, and because I had no aspirin I used crushed vitamin c tablets. I rinsed the skin clean with water mixed wth ACV and then applied the paste in the morning and before going to bed. 2 days later what was supposed to take two weeks didn't! The warts fell off. For the next few days I noticed a few little ones sprouting up and became discouraged. I also noticed there were some at the entrance of my vagina and became even more disappointed. I remained positive and continued the external treatment. Making sure to wash my hands a gazillion times as if I was performing surgery. Do this to prevent spreading!

In one week I took care of all the outer ones. This past week I began applying the paste directly to the internal warts. A word of caution is only do this every two days or so because it nearly burned my skin bleeding raw. In between days I used coconut oil to help the skin heal. The warts are almost all gone. Probably another week and I'll be back to brand new.

Knowledge is power and in total it will take me less than a month to go from diagnosis to wart freedom.

Also from day one of diagnosis I started taking a whole food multivitamin, Omega 3, two 500 mg vitamin C tablets, 1500 mg Garlic pills, an Elderberry, Echinecea and Green Tea extract blend daily, Olive Leaf extract daily, and a few drops of colloidal silver daily. I also drink a cup of green tea nightly before bed and eat very healthy. I also began a monthly douching regimen of ACV, water, and a few bags of green tea thrown in the tub water. I also plan on going to see a homeopath doctor soon and get even more remedies.

I also would like to add some facts I learned of HPV (genital wart strain):

Condoms do not protect you from it, as it is transmitted through skin contact and from just about anything, including sharing towels. It is EXTREMELY common. 80% of people have some strain the HPV virus, just like herpes 1. 3 out of 4 sexually active individuals will have HPV at some point. And around 15-20% are carrying it now (likely do not know it). There is no test for men, and men often show no symptoms so they are silent carriers (dont mean to scare, but yeah). Unless you are vacinated, HPV is virtually unpreventable so don't think you are the only unlucky one! :p

Lessons learned from my diagnosis:

-Get tested for stds regularly! Have all your partners tested before you do anything!

-It could be worse and you should be grateful! Use this experience as a chance to realize our health is not expendable!

-You are not alone! And don't be afraid to tell people! I found out in my own circle of friends there are two with HPV!

-I felt joy because now I have become closer to God and thank him everyday that he made me see how important I am to myself! I have developed more drive in life.

-And if you still feel low about your diagnosis, turn on the news! Murders, major diseases, wars. And you worry about a wart? :p

And finally, those of you that are here just like I was thinking you MIGHT have this, please go to the doctor. It will not do you any good to be in denial. In the case that you have it, Just get the results, get the facts, and get to work!

God bless!!

feel free to contact me : moongaze23(at)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Hopefulgirl (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 08/05/2009

I was diagnosed with HPV in January much to my dismay. I had an abnormal pap, and am scheduled to have my 6 month follow-up pap in less than a week. After a recent surgery, I believe my immune system was depleted and was horrified to find an outbreak of genital warts INSIDE my vagina only. It started when I noticed that sex was unusually painful, and upon more examination, I could feel clusters of them up in my nethers. I went to a free health clinic and they said they could not help me. I read up online as much as I could about the little buggers, and was so discouraged when many informative websites said that they would go away eventually in ONE to TWO years. Thank God for EarthClinic. Thank God for all the other people affected by this unfortunate condition... and their encouraging words and helpful tips. I decided to treat myself with as much ammo as I could get my hands on. My treatments started a little over a week ago and included the following:

1) Apple cider vinegar: I tried the paste that everyone raves about, but having aspirin in my vagaygay was not working for me. So I did a simple douche- about 1 part apple cider vinegar (ORGANIC AND UNFILTERED) to 3 parts water for as long as I could bear it, approximately 30 minutes to an hour every day. Douching supplies can be bought at any drugstore. After the douche, I applied a little bit of castor oil to the warts. I had some warts just on the inside of my vagina, and would stick a ACV-soaked cotton ball there for as long as I could stand. These burned the worst, so I applied a combo of vitamin E and tea tree oil after that treatment.

I also drink 2 tsp of ACV in filtered water per day. Sometimes twice. Very tolerable.

2) Garlic: I bought odorless supplements 1000mg at the drug store and take 6 a day. 2 in the morning, 2 afternoon, 2 before bed.

3) Folic acid: 400 mcg per day (1 tab)

4) Acidophilus: 500 million live cells/day (1 tab). Strengthens immune system

5) Co Q-10: 200 mg per day (1 tab). Powerful antioxidant

6) Diet rich in beta-carotene: Lots of green leafy veggies, carrots

7) Vitamin E oil: Not only for relief after my ACV treaments, but I added 5 drops of it to my food daily (100 IU). It's actually quite tasty.

8) Job's tears: I bought some from a local acupuncturist. A bag of them cost me $6. With these, I boil 1/2 cup of the Job's tears in a pot of boiling water for 45 mins-hour, or until the barley is soft. I let the concoction cool, then drink it. Every day. Some people say to add sugar for taste, but I'm trying to cut back on that. For me, it's do-able as is.

9) Eat healthy, exercise, limit smoking/drinking. NO sex (yes, all this was difficult, but worth it)

Like I said before, I started these treatments a little over a week ago. Upon my last examination, I can HARLY FEEL ANY IN THERE! LOL. I can't believe my fingertips! It's amazing! The ones just inside my vagina are still palpable, but they've definitely shrunk a lot. I can't attribute any ONE treatment to my success, so I will continue taking all my supplements and douching with the ACV. Again, my follow up pap is in just a few days, and I can't wait to share all this with my OB-GYN. When it comes to the point that I can't feel any at all, I will continue with drinking ACV and taking my supps every day. I plan on doing my Job's tears maybe once a week instead of every day. As far as the douche, hopefully it will be unnecessary to do it as often, and especially since i'm very vulnerable to yeast and BV. So I may cut this back to once a month, if at all.

I hope this information helps people, as others have helped me. I will update when I'm sure they're gone. Hopefully this will be soon. Please reply if you have ANY questions/comments. Good luck to you all! Stay positive and BE PERSISTENT!

Replied by Hopefulgirl
(Raleigh, Nc)

It has been a few weeks since my last post. I am happy to say I have no more bumps at all! However, when I did go to visit my OB GYN, she said that they were most likely not warts. But she couldn't see anything by the time I got checked out. My logic was since I had HPV, they were most likely warts (I am an RN and have a bad habit of self-diagnosing). Who knows?

I am keeping up with my supplements and have not been douching. If I have time to do just one thing every morning, I make sure to drink my ACV. I wish all of you the best of luck!

Replied by Jess
(Ny, New York)

I found a previous post about a cure for HPV on one of the many web sites. I am not sure which one.

Everyone, there is a cure for HPV and its insidious consequences. Professor Craig Meyers who is a the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Penn State College of Medicine has done research as early as 2005 and found that by using a friendly virus called AAV2, HPV IS DEAD IN THE BODY WITHIN SIX DAYS. This same friendly virus also destroys breast cancer in women!!

I asked him, why then, doesn't anyone know about this and why are there no clinical trials? He responded that he needs money to do this, and no one is providing it. He has appealed many health organizations. CNN also wrote a story about this.


I don't know about you, but I don't want to wait that long.

I am writing with the hope that we can all unite and write many letters to many congressmen, newspapers, private philanthropists, so that we can get this terrible and egregious HPV eradicated from our bodies.

Who is with me in writing letters? Who would like to help me organize awareness?

We all have a similar story. We were not given this sickness by choice. In my situation, the one time I blindly trusted a man, I was given this gift.

Like all of you, I don't want to wait for my immune system to take care of it. If there is something that kills it in six days, then I want to pursue such a treatment plan.

Please post a response if you can help me organize some awareness.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lynn (Beachtown, CA) on 07/05/2009

I tested positive for hpv with my first abnormal pap when I was 16 years old. I went in because of a nasty blister looking wart. After 3 days of treatment from some online medicine that I can't remember the name of I was wart free and normal pap's for 3 years. When I was 19, I went to the dr and had another abnormal pap and one skin tag wart, which I was treated for via acid which left a scar. A year later I got two more skin tags and was treated with acid and left with scars again however this time I had a normal pap. I am now 24 and haven't been sexually active in 3 years but got the flu and was sick for a week which I believe brought my immune system down. After that I started eating better and exercising and I got 3 skin tags, but with a normal pap. I was treated first with the 3 week treatment of aldara, I followed directions and nothing happened. Then I was prescribed condoylox for a month which didn't have an effect either. Mind you the cost of these meds as well as the dr visits added to over 500 bucks. After a ton of online research I decided to try the acv treatment of the soaked cottonballs taped overnight. Of course it burned but after 4 days the skin tags turned black and were gone. Immediately after they left I believe the use of acv triggered about 25 small flat warts which I have never had before. I tried the online warts no more treatment dabbing it on the wart for 2 weeks with no results. Then I got desperate and tried rubbing the warts 2x daily with a q-tip soaked in bleach for 2 weeks and got no results. After that I tried 2 weeks of acv treatment overnight which hasn't fixed the flat warts at all. I tried rubbing tea tree oil as well as vitamin e oil on the warts. Nothing. I have been taking apple cider vinegar tablets as well as a multivitamin, folic acid and various other vitamins that claim to help with no results. I really don't want to have anymore scarring but I am very tempted to get the laser treatment because I am coming on month 7 of constantly trying out some new "cure" and as a result getting more- I am sick of this awful problem and doctors who don't seem to care. Life is stressful enough without having to deal with this, and not being able to date is mentally straining... banana peels and duct tape didn't work either. Any suggestions? Anyone had the surgery and zero scarring?

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Daniel (Los Angeles ) on 10/30/2017

Hi everyone. I love earth clinic and a love all the courageous people stepping out of the medical box/trap/money grab that has been set up for us. I was suffering from genital warts other wise known as hpv, I had what I think can be said was a mild case of a few to a dozen small flatwarts slightly raised confined to my pubic area with a few on the base of the shaft of my penis. I had them removed by a doctor but they came back. I used Apple Cider Vinegar but the pain was unbearable and did not seem to work. I used diluted oregano oil and had a little luck but they were still there. I then bought pure oregano oil (make sure it's pure and not diluted) and I had success and have been free of all warts for close to a year. I applied 4 drops and spread it by making circles with my finger to my shaft base and pubic area massaging it in for a few minutes. It burns a lot but it's more bearable then Apple Cider Vinegar and the pain subsides. After a few applications over a few days my skin peeled kind of like a lizard, I was still showing signs of warts though so what I did next as cut them of by grabbing them with nail clippers and removing as much as I could, it's slightly painful but try to grab the wart and not the healthy skin and no I'm left with no scarring, after cutting I would apply oregano oil in the same way as mentioned previously. After what was I guess now about a month I was having no return of warts. I applied a maintenance dose for a few months after a few days a week. And I am in my opinion and of the doctors since they can't actually check on a male unless he's showing actually signs of warts, free of hpv. If you have them on you balls or shaft it will hurt more I imagine, as well if your a woman since I believe the vagina is more of a mucus membrane. You could slightly dilute with say coconut oil.

Well I hope this helps someone. Bless you all, I love you. Take care and be careful who you sleep with. Please ask if you need clarification. Peace and love.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Brittany (La) on 05/24/2016

Hi I was diagnosed last yr in may with hpv2. I've read many different testimonies, about ways to suppress it, and even cure it. I'm determined to get rid of this disease like a lot of other ppl are too. My experience since I've been taking oregano oil. I read from a girl that she took it two times a day under the tongue not a lot or too long be aware it does burn a lot and two inches above the buttox because that's where the virus lives. I was doing it for a good second. I'm on my second bottle now my first bottle I still was having breakouts a little. I'm on my 2nd I admit I'm not taking it like I'm supposed to but so far its working. I may not take some for a while and I don't have any breakouts but I'm back on my daily routine an I'll be sure to post again my experiences. Good luck with all of you trying your best.

Prescription Medications

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Posted by Dub (Massachusetts ) on 12/20/2015

So I got diagnosed with genital warts about 3 weeks ago. They were so small and painless. Then I started using imiquimod, and they started getting bigger and they hurt SOOOOO bad. Like I can't even go to the bathroom because they burn that bad. It's also hard to walk!! I've applied Apple cidar vinigar with a cotton ball and vaseline. Then I'd wash it off at the end of the night. It just hurts so bad and I don't know what to do!! I'm so sick of the pain. Does anybody have any recommendion that I can do for the pain??

Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Anonymous (Newton, Ma) on 04/10/2016

Since my situation is a little more severe than most postings on here, I wanted to give details on my struggle: what worked and what didn't. First, I have a strain of HPV that is both high risk for cancer AND shows warts -great! I am also a very healthy individual, who eats well and exercises regularly. Once I realized I had HPV, I went to the Dr.and she prescribed Aldara, which worked slowly on two small bumps. After 3 weeks, they were mostly resolved. However, a third bump appeared on my vaginal opening and started growing quite rapidly. I liberally applied Aldara (daily too) but could not tell if it was working.

In frustration, I researched home remedies (which honestly I was not a fan of until now) and tried ACV on it to see what it would do. To my horror, white bumps showed up all over the vulva and near the vaginal opening. So I realized that while Aldara may work, there was no way to know where else the virus may be presenting. So, I researched ACV and started with the regimen that others mentioned on this website (overnight was impossible due to pain, but I left it on as long as I could bear, or applied it a few times throughout the day). I smelled like a salad bar and spent so much time crouched over a mirror.

Initially, I thought I was saved: bumps turned black in the center within a few days and I could pick them off in the shower. However, once I laid off ACV for a day or two, new ones appeared and more vigorous than before. So, I started again with ACV, but this time it did not seem to work as well. It took about 3 weeks to get some gone, others seem to just stay white, and a few new ones appeared too. A constant rotation of bumps in different stages- it was so frustrating, it hurt so bad, and was getting to be a real mess down there. I also believe the ACV on the cotton balls was spreading the infection to outlying areas. So I tried different techniques: using Q-tips on each one (hard bc so many), applying coconut oil to unaffected areas (may have helped to some degree), using hydrogen peroxide, taking lots of baths and keeping it dry. It just wouldn't stop and I could never get all the bumps gone. So, I tried alternating ACV with Aldara each night, thinking maybe I needed to fight this on a few different fronts. But that combo was too irritating and then, when I switched back to only ACV, my vulva looked SO bad (giant white all over almost every inch of my lower vulva and opening). It looked like one of those horrific pictures on the internet. At this point, I was too embarrassed to go to the Dr.

Researching, I found a number of scientific articles about green tea extract's efficacy. So I mixed green tea extract capsules with about 1 oz. of grapefruit seed extract and applied this to the area (I also consumed green tea extract mixed in juice (with vitamin C)). The extract felt good down there and seemed to dry out the area. It also kind of stuck to the cauliflower center of each wart and looked like it might be helping. But out of nowhere, a new outbreak developed on my anus! Due to all the warnings on the labels to not use salicylic acid on genitals, I had chosen not to do so, but at this point, I just didn't know what else to do. And I found one reference on the internet where a girl whose situation sounded similar to mine had luck.

Following her advice, I bought a blemish stick by a popular health food brand which contained salicylic acid and tea tree oil. It WORKED! Here's what happened: I put it on liberally before bed - it stung really bad but only briefly. I woke up the next morning and MY WHOLE VULVA area was HARD and BUMPY (not white) - like an alligator's back. I was VERY upset, thinking I had just ruined my vagina for life. I spent the day in shock. But the next morning I realized that actually it might be a good thing. So I took a bath (water/soaking helps it work), and applied it again. Almost immediately the warts turned brown and partly black! By that very afternoon, I could rub off 50% of them. That is where I am at today. It feels like it is working completely, unlike ACV. I am no expert, but based on all the readings I have done, I'm thinking different techniques work for different strains... Just a thought. Anyway, I will write back again if there are any new updates. I hope this helps someone who has a similar situation. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories.

Replied by Tony

What is the name of that blemish stick and where can I find it? What are the amount of salicilic acid and tea tree oil in the product? Thanks.

Salt Crystal Deodorant

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Posted by Angie (Ny, Usa) on 11/07/2009


I've been learning on this site for almost two years now but have never been able to contribute anything until now. I am so elated to tell people that they can treat their warts at home, very inexpensively, fairly quickly, and almost painlessly.

The salt crystal that people use as a natural deodarant cured my hpv. I wet it and rubbed it on my warts, the same way I do when I use as a deodorant, just to be sure I would rub a little longer for warts. The warts were located outside of my vagina, and inside of my vagina but even if inside if they were visible and I could reach them with the salt i rubbed them with the salt. It did cause minor irritation and burning but it was nothing compared to the ACV and Oregano oil, and much faster than the castor oil treatment.

If the warts are in an area that's stays moist try and keep the area as dry as possible to avoid diluting the salt. If the warts seem to be stuborn or extremely large try pricking it with a toothpick, or rubbing it to irritate the skin.

I hope that this remedy works as well for others as it has for me.


Scar Advice

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Posted by Adam (Perth, Australia) on 01/04/2009

Scarring from wart treatment: If you have a permanent white scar from treating genital warts, you can get it recolored just by having some skin-needling from a tattooist, using no color. These tattooists are used to tattooing every part of the anatomy including, believe it or not, the anus. Anyway, the skin needling will cause the formation of sufficient new melanin to cause the white area to become a normal colour again.

Shitake Mushroom Extract, Turmeric

Posted by Wren (California, US) on 11/27/2014

Hey, so trying ACV, looks like its working, but so painful. I'm also taking ACV by mouth, lysine, vitamin c, zinc, olive leaf extract. Only on day 2ish and some are already white/black. I have done more research and found these two studies

One talks about AHCC (Shitake Mushroom extract) as being effective in clearing HPV virus (as in curing the virus, which was previously thought impossible) when taken for six months orally.

The second one talks about turmeric in the clearance of HPV, has anyone tried either of these remedies with any success?

These are both scientific studies so I'm more likely to believe the results that just anecdotal evidence but was just curious if anyone on here had any success.

Apparently the turmeric, you make a paste with olive oil then apply and the ACHH is taken orally.

ACV is literally SO PAINFUL so if theres any other way, I would be super keen to hear.

This is the first outbreak I have ever had in this area, I had one early when I was pregnant but it cleared in three days with topical applications of tea tree oil


Replied by Lalaland
(La, CA)

I don't know about HPV specifically, but since it is a virus, you could treat it like any virus. Look up olive leaf and oregano. I buy a bottle of olive leaf [buy a good quality product so it had enough of the applicable ingredients] and take a few capsules when I get run down...take 2-3 twice a day and its usually gone in 1-2 days.

Also, try applying Coconut Oil [CO] in the area. CO is antiviral, antibacterial, etc. I have used it to treat many small bumps, rashes, etc.

Last, try OIL PULLING...look up how to use it. You can find info here on EC or just do an internet search.

Best of luck!

Just some thoughts.

Supplements, Castor Oil

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Posted by Jaze (NYC, NY) on 06/12/2009

I was very upset to hear that i hap HPV Genital Warts. i had been with the same man for 6 years last Aug 08. He was cheating and I left him last june 08, but not before he left me with a gift. i had only been with 1 person before him and that wasn't many times. Anyway I was upset to hear that there is no cure. I found 1 bump down there this last Feb 09. When I got the second within a week I knew something wasnt right. The Dr told there really wasnt anything that she could do. Sent me home with nothing but a photo copy of some info on HPV and genital warts. I ended up getting a few more bumps . Then a few more afte that some outbreak I was devasted , so I decided to start researching on the internet. I came across lots of information on home remedies and I put together my own "treatment". And it does work For those who are patient and persistent. I read alot of stories of people and how they irritaded there skin with there " treatments". i am a very busy person, I work 7 days a week, so I needed to be comfortable. First i will list the oils, soaps and vitamins that I have been using, including the ACV. Fist off, I enjoy eating Salads and my favorite thing is Olive oil and vinegar on my salad. I have made it a part of my treatment to have a salad every day with OV & apple cider vinegar. Now to the other stuff. I Started taking vitamins, I take a womens 1 a day type, I take elderberry extract in pill form 400mg 1 a day, I take a garlic oderless extract in pill form 1000mg 1 a day, Antioxidant formula with minerals first 2 weeks everyday then I started taking it 3 times a week. For the first 3 weeks I also took Golden seal & echinacea complex in pill form. BUT YOU CAN NOT TAKE IT FOR MORE THAN 8 WEEKS STRAIGHT IT CAN CAUSE LIVER DAMAGE. So I waited 5 weeks and then took it again for 2 weeks then stopped and plan on doing the same in about another 6 weeks. Will take for 2 weeks again.I also used tea tree oil for the first few weeks because I had started other symptoms associated with it irritated and itchy. I also used the tea tree oil mixed with vitamin e wenever I shaved the area. I found a tea tree oil soap and since I bought it back in the beggining of March I have used it to clean that area, and plan on using the soap for a while longer. The ones that I had were slowwlllllyyy dissapearing. i was fustrated. I decided to research more and came across castor oil, decided to try it. It has been about 3 weeks that i started rubbing it with a q-tip on the area and everything is all gone. No pain or irritated skin. This is for the persistent patient person or *Chicken's* like me. :) Well I hope that this helps everyone. My interest is getting ride of the virus above everything. I dont want another outbreak. My question to anyone is, What has been the results for people who have tried these treatments how long has it been since an outbreak or a positive test? I also read about Job's tears it is a barley. Some people think that it helps kill the virus. That is what i will be working on getting my hands on within the next few weeks and add it to my treatment for a while in hopes of killing that damn nast virus. Good luck to all and I really hope the info helps.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by VM (Eliot, ME) on 12/30/2022

I had a cluster of genital warts (about 15-20) that showed up on my pubic region about five months ago. I never looked into any cures until a few weeks ago. I started using undiluted ACV soaked cotton balls and taping them to the area the warts were in for about an hour to two hours before bed. This helped start to fade away the warts but it only worked to an extent. I finally found people talking about tea tree oil. So I bought some undiluted tea tree essential oil from GNC and I took a Q tip and soaked it in it. I then applied the tea tree oil to each of the warts every night for about five nights now. I'm amazed at the fact that half of them are completely gone, literally they have vanished from my public area. And the other ones that remain are fading away and drying out and scabbing over ready to fall off. This is an extremely effective method for removing warts due to HPV. I will note that I did NOT dilute the tea tree oil before applying. And I made sure the q tip really rubbed in the area well. And I left it on the entire night every night. Hope this helps some people. I would start with the ACV so your skin gets used to the harshness of the vinegar before applying the tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Chop (Taiwan) on 11/26/2017

Had my first genital wart outbreak exactly 10 years ago, defeated it with tea tree oil in about 3 months time. Had been cleared and free until just recently. Located on the dark side of the penis head, didn't do anything about it until its full blown. Went back with tea tree oil and was unsuccessful. Tried the over the counter imiquimod 5% cream for 4 weeks, during which no spread and didn't get bigger. However, my patience run dried when side effects become overbearing. So I stopped using it for a week, decided to finally try ACV. This is my first day using ACV, will report back in a week ~ wish me luck!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Kim (Milton, Ma) on 09/26/2017

I am trying tea tree oil for genital warts. I've had acid and podofilin at the Dr.Office but it hurts like you can't believe and it never really cleared the warts and they just came right back. I have used tea tree oil for four days now. I bought a spray bottle and just spray it on them after I shower and leave it on all day. The first day it stung a little but not nearly as bad as in these. Office. So far it looks like that are shrinking to about 1/2 the size as when I started. I can't believe this might work and will send updates. So much easier than in the dr office and much less painful and humiliating. Doctors need to spread the word about this. None of my dr.s have ever suggested this.

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