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Oregano Oil
Posted by Daniel (Los Angeles ) on 10/30/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone. I love earth clinic and a love all the courageous people stepping out of the medical box/trap/money grab that has been set up for us. I was suffering from genital warts other wise known as hpv, I had what I think can be said was a mild case of a few to a dozen small flatwarts slightly raised confined to my pubic area with a few on the base of the shaft of my penis. I had them removed by a doctor but they came back. I used Apple Cider Vinegar but the pain was unbearable and did not seem to work. I used diluted oregano oil and had a little luck but they were still there. I then bought pure oregano oil (make sure it's pure and not diluted) and I had success and have been free of all warts for close to a year. I applied 4 drops and spread it by making circles with my finger to my shaft base and pubic area massaging it in for a few minutes. It burns a lot but it's more bearable then Apple Cider Vinegar and the pain subsides. After a few applications over a few days my skin peeled kind of like a lizard, I was still showing signs of warts though so what I did next as cut them of by grabbing them with nail clippers and removing as much as I could, it's slightly painful but try to grab the wart and not the healthy skin and no I'm left with no scarring, after cutting I would apply oregano oil in the same way as mentioned previously. After what was I guess now about a month I was having no return of warts. I applied a maintenance dose for a few months after a few days a week. And I am in my opinion and of the doctors since they can't actually check on a male unless he's showing actually signs of warts, free of hpv. If you have them on you balls or shaft it will hurt more I imagine, as well if your a woman since I believe the vagina is more of a mucus membrane. You could slightly dilute with say coconut oil.

Well I hope this helps someone. Bless you all, I love you. Take care and be careful who you sleep with. Please ask if you need clarification. Peace and love.