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| Modified on Nov 19, 2023
Tea Tree Oil
Posted by VM (Eliot, ME) on 12/30/2022

I had a cluster of genital warts (about 15-20) that showed up on my pubic region about five months ago. I never looked into any cures until a few weeks ago. I started using undiluted ACV soaked cotton balls and taping them to the area the warts were in for about an hour to two hours before bed. This helped start to fade away the warts but it only worked to an extent. I finally found people talking about tea tree oil. So I bought some undiluted tea tree essential oil from GNC and I took a Q tip and soaked it in it. I then applied the tea tree oil to each of the warts every night for about five nights now. I'm amazed at the fact that half of them are completely gone, literally they have vanished from my public area. And the other ones that remain are fading away and drying out and scabbing over ready to fall off. This is an extremely effective method for removing warts due to HPV. I will note that I did NOT dilute the tea tree oil before applying. And I made sure the q tip really rubbed in the area well. And I left it on the entire night every night. Hope this helps some people. I would start with the ACV so your skin gets used to the harshness of the vinegar before applying the tea tree oil.

Beta Glucan
Posted by Mdfabone (Il) on 05/20/2022

Now foods extra strength beta glucan and now foods immune renew will cure HPV and get rid of warts.

Banana Peel
Posted by Linda (New York ) on 05/09/2022

Can you tell me more about banana peel and vaginal warts please?
Thank you

Posted by Bun (Portland) on 03/06/2022

Years ago I was diagnosed with genital warts after seeing someone new. They wanted to burn them off, but I refused. After doing research, I tried ACV, which didn't work AND burnt my sensitive skin; banana peels, also not effective and irritating.

In desperation, I finally discovered a recipe for EGCG cream - mix the contents of one 500 mg capsule with 1 oz of shea butter. Apply 2 - 3 times a day in a thin layer on the affected area. Worked like a charm, no pain, no irritation, everything gone. Any time I have any kind of warts, I use this cream, totally disappears within days.

Green Tea
Posted by Mrk (Philippines) on 03/01/2022

What brand of green tea did you use?

Aloe Vera Gel
Posted by Johnny D (Toronto) on 05/21/2021

Aloe vera gel for genital warts:

I tried apple cider vinegar on my warts but to my surprise, it didn't work. I then tried aloe vera gel and they're now finally going away

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by HappyCustomer (Germany) on 11/01/2020

Hydrogen peroxide works for Genital Warts! Cured! I had a massive outbreak of genital warts. It was horrible and I was devastated. Searched here at earthclinic and tried H2O2. Put every day 12% on a soaked cotton pad with gloves on the warts. First they got bigger and more showed up but I was persistend and did it over seven weeks two times a day. After the h2o2 I put coconut-oil allover.

They are all gone - persistence is the key! Wish you good health!

Thank you for this amazing site - LOVE

Bee Propolis
Posted by Jeje (Usa) on 10/08/2020

Can you tell me the regimen of use and which tablets did you use?? I have some but I can't apply anything on them:( its inside! But I will try increasing my immune system hope it will work with me💔

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 06/27/2020 89 posts

could also be lichen sclerosis. I went 5 yrs with this before I was diagnosed correctly. look under LS.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 06/27/2020 89 posts

this is great BUT it is close to impossible to tape on my moist labia.... I'm going to do my best and try this. my wart is just outside my labia minora in a foldy place. wish me luck!!

Bee Propolis
Posted by Eunice (Texas) on 06/17/2020

I too used bee propolis for my genital warts. Tey were small and in less then a week they fell off and my doctor confirmed no warts were detected. I've still been using it for 2 months and nothing has came back I'm praying the virus is out of my system for my next doctors appointment in July. I've been taken the tablets orally and using it topically also.

Banana Peel
Posted by Anon (Ny) on 06/09/2020

I am reading this today, and I have had genital warts since I was a teen. I have tried just about everything the doctor has recommended and most of it has not worked. I have an appointment set up to discuss surgery. I am going to cancel now that I have read all the positive responses. I will update this post during and after the treatment. For the first time in my life I have real hope that these can be fixed by this solution.

Posted by Sam (Uk) on 12/13/2018

Did it work for you?

Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Tony (California) on 10/25/2018

What is the name of that blemish stick and where can I find it? What are the amount of salicilic acid and tea tree oil in the product? Thanks.

Posted by Maryam (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 08/25/2018

Im really horrified...i dont know what to do..first they was on my pubic area..and now they are inside my in the entrance if there is someone to tell me how to handle this..please help me😢

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 05/29/2018 89 posts

Can't wait to put compound W inside my vagina.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 05/28/2018 89 posts

I will investigate more as I do not completely understand your description. If you can add more, please do!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Marina (California) on 03/29/2018

I've had a genital wart for months. I had used Apple Cider Vinegar (daily on a piece of cotton taped to it as long as possible and renewing it at least once per day) to successfully treat a plantar wart on my middle toe, but that took more than a month to work, maybe two (I wasnt' counting).

Tried Apple Cider Vinegar for a week or two on the genital wart but saw no change. It was also difficult to do it practically, because of the location and the fact that the cotton would not stay stuck in place, and I felt weird going about with my genitals smelling like acv.

I read about H2O2 on warts so I went for it. I used 35% food grade H2O2, undiluted, on a cotton swab, three (or sometimes four) times a day, touching JUST the wart, VERY carefully, not touching the surrounding healthy skin. I waited 5-10 minutes for the H2O2 to dry on it before putting my panties on. It did sting quite a bit especially at first and it would turn the wart white for quite a while. (The Apple Cider Vinegar had also stung a lot on my plantar wart in the beginning.) The stinging went down as the treatment progressed. I had the feeling, with both wart treatments, that the sting had to do with the treatment working, but that could just be my idea.

The wart went away in four days! It gradually turned rough, like a scab and then fell off. It left a very small paler looking, bump, like a little gentle round scar which I kept on treating for a couple of days. It stung way less when the wart was gone.

This happened a few days ago so I have no long term results to report for now. But I'm ecstatic to have the wart gone.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL when handling 35% H2O2! It is quite caustic, and if it falls into the eyes it can cause blindness. I knew about that when I did the treatment, I read several other people's reports on warts using full strength 35% H2O2 how they were successful and I decided to try. It will turn your finger skin white if it touches it and that goes away after a couple of hours. Wash off with a lot of water.

If it seems too hardcore for some people I've read that lower concentrations of it can also be successful.

I'm also taking it internally and it's going fine, I'm now at 7 drops per day in a half glass of distilled water. I've got no big news there cause I'm basically healthy, but I've had a bit of diarrhea, which I've read can be a sign of detoxing.

Oh, and I don't care if pharmacy-bought H2O2 is cheaper, I'd never put that stabilized stuff in me. In the long run food grade is REALLY not that expensive! A quart bottle at 20$ will last you forever, and if you dilute it to 3% then it's even more!

BC Powder, Banana Peel, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Anonymous (Houston, Tx) on 02/04/2018

Let me tell u what really works. I used a BC powder, banana peel, tea tree oil, guaze pads, neosporin & medical tape... I took a cotton ball saturated the banana peel with the tea tree oil, then put the entire pack of bc powder in it... I taped it to the warts before bed left on over night (only do this once)... it will sting & even burn a bit... not to bad though . When u wake it will be a gray or white ... possibly even swollen... don't be alarmed. I almost freaked out myself but stay calm you'll thank me tomorrow. Take baths instead of showers soaking in warm to hot warm gets it off faster ... I went to wipe myself the next morning the warts were in my hand... it was like a chemical peel. I had lots of tiny warts.. once it all peels off apply neosporin as a skin protectant or Vaseline. You're welcome.

How to Diagnose GW with Vinegar
Posted by Cory (Usa) on 02/05/2018

Ok. I want to say thank you to all who have posted their experiences. It helped a lot during this awful process. I'm still treating. I lost count of days. I do know it's been a little over a week now. I've been targeting two clusters. One below the shaft, and one on my inner thigh... Next to the sack.. I've been going downstairs as often as possible and soaking a cotton ball in acv, and applying to the warts. Maybe 20-30 mins every couple hours. No treatment at night. I'm sure it would make things go faster, but I'm not duct taping my balls. One cluster is down to craters in my skin. Still treating. The other cluster by my thigh doesn't seem too affected by the treatment. I'm going to go another week on it. The first cluster took about a week. Right when I was ready to stop, they turned dark red/black. Keep with it. After the first goes, it feels so liberating. Like yes, this stinky stuff actually works... Yes! Anyways, good luck guys/girls. Share your stories and help another.

Buckthorn Bark
Posted by Carla (St Louis) on 01/29/2018

please elaborate more of the preparation and were you bought the tea and also the exact name we are to look for

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Bm (Puyallup, Wa) on 01/06/2018

How exactly did you do the combination of coconut oil and tea tree oil? Do you know what the ratio was? Did you mix it together before applying or apply one and then the other?


Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Tim (La) on 12/06/2017

I agree!!!

Posted by Mark (Michigan) on 11/30/2017

It really worked

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Chop (Taiwan) on 11/26/2017

Had my first genital wart outbreak exactly 10 years ago, defeated it with tea tree oil in about 3 months time. Had been cleared and free until just recently. Located on the dark side of the penis head, didn't do anything about it until its full blown. Went back with tea tree oil and was unsuccessful. Tried the over the counter imiquimod 5% cream for 4 weeks, during which no spread and didn't get bigger. However, my patience run dried when side effects become overbearing. So I stopped using it for a week, decided to finally try ACV. This is my first day using ACV, will report back in a week ~ wish me luck!

Malt Vinegar
Posted by Jay (London) on 11/14/2017

I developed genital warts after shaving my vagina smooth. I had it before years ago and I also treated it with vinegar that time. Both of the times I've treated my out breaks with malt vinegar. Its important to protect the skin that is not effected with a barrier cream. Vaseline, sudocreme ECT. Apply the vinegar using cotton balls broken down into correct sizing or a q tip or small bits off tissue. Once on the warts they will burn like hell, the only thing that got me through was feeling like the burning sensation is the virus dying. Because I caught the warts early they fell if within 2 applications of vinegar. Along side this I sat in small Epsom salt and vinegar baths. And drank vinegar mixed with water/juice doesn't taste nice but helps to kill the virus from the inside. I aslo used aloe vera gel to help repair the skin once done with the treatment as it can leave areas quite raw. To manage this condition I find that drinking a spoon of vinegar mixed with juice or water. Or regularly wiping the genitals with diluted water and vinegar may stay on top of this. The early you catch the warts the easier they are to get rid of. The natural way is definitely the best way. I would also like to remind people that any vinegar will work as they are all acidic. I want to encourage people to fight through the pain and persist with treatments. Your confidence will sky rocket.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Gavve (London) on 11/01/2017

It's a good thing that you're not even considering doctors. I had a laser and even cut them off, the moment I thought I was healing they grew back. I'm not even going back or even asking my doctor for tips now, because I bought an expensive vaccination which did not work also.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Daniel (Los Angeles ) on 10/30/2017

Hi everyone. I love earth clinic and a love all the courageous people stepping out of the medical box/trap/money grab that has been set up for us. I was suffering from genital warts other wise known as hpv, I had what I think can be said was a mild case of a few to a dozen small flatwarts slightly raised confined to my pubic area with a few on the base of the shaft of my penis. I had them removed by a doctor but they came back. I used Apple Cider Vinegar but the pain was unbearable and did not seem to work. I used diluted oregano oil and had a little luck but they were still there. I then bought pure oregano oil (make sure it's pure and not diluted) and I had success and have been free of all warts for close to a year. I applied 4 drops and spread it by making circles with my finger to my shaft base and pubic area massaging it in for a few minutes. It burns a lot but it's more bearable then Apple Cider Vinegar and the pain subsides. After a few applications over a few days my skin peeled kind of like a lizard, I was still showing signs of warts though so what I did next as cut them of by grabbing them with nail clippers and removing as much as I could, it's slightly painful but try to grab the wart and not the healthy skin and no I'm left with no scarring, after cutting I would apply oregano oil in the same way as mentioned previously. After what was I guess now about a month I was having no return of warts. I applied a maintenance dose for a few months after a few days a week. And I am in my opinion and of the doctors since they can't actually check on a male unless he's showing actually signs of warts, free of hpv. If you have them on you balls or shaft it will hurt more I imagine, as well if your a woman since I believe the vagina is more of a mucus membrane. You could slightly dilute with say coconut oil.

Well I hope this helps someone. Bless you all, I love you. Take care and be careful who you sleep with. Please ask if you need clarification. Peace and love.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin C
Posted by Detroit Guy (Detroit, Michigan) on 10/25/2017

I found that if you take 500mg of vitamin C with the ACV treatment not only does it heal quicker they won't come back!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Kim (Milton, Ma) on 09/26/2017

I am trying tea tree oil for genital warts. I've had acid and podofilin at the Dr.Office but it hurts like you can't believe and it never really cleared the warts and they just came right back. I have used tea tree oil for four days now. I bought a spray bottle and just spray it on them after I shower and leave it on all day. The first day it stung a little but not nearly as bad as in these. Office. So far it looks like that are shrinking to about 1/2 the size as when I started. I can't believe this might work and will send updates. So much easier than in the dr office and much less painful and humiliating. Doctors need to spread the word about this. None of my dr.s have ever suggested this.

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Ladygamer (Philippines) on 08/24/2017

Hello I was diagnosed with hpv last june 2017 I have 1 at the hood of my clitoris 3small pcs on my perinium then 2 on my vulva..i was deeply devastated I dunno what to do...then I surf the web looking for a natural remedy coz my doctor told me that they will burn the warts and she is asking for 700 to 800 usd (30k to 35k php) that a huge amount for yeah I searched for home remedy instead..i came across to this website and saw the popular remedy for genital warts which is the pure ACV, I tried it...soaked a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar and put it on the warts for 2 hours daily, it was very painful... as in... but I endure the pain for 1 week...i stop cause ive got bells palsy OMG I feel like what is happening to me... my immune system is crashing down :(...i deal with my bells palsy first so after 2 weeks the warts multiply its like crazy...i feel so down and depressed... I started again the Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 weeks but still no changes and no improvement at all, instead it multiply more...i feel so hopeless I was devastated, super...genital warts invade my vagina, it looks like it has multiple cauli flower on octopus suctions on thier was located all over my genital...i was like what should I do now... I keep on reading here on earth clinic . I saw the 40 crished aspirin +2 tsp ACV + 2tsp Castor oil... I give that remedy a shot. I buy the ingredients plus I added 2 tsp of tea tree oil and vit e on the paste.

1st day I put on the paste generously at night then I washed it in the morning ... OMG it started to fell off then after showering I put another paste on it thank goodness after office I showered and 50%of my gw was gone literaly... I stop putting the paste on it to rest...instead of paste I put tea tree oil and castor oil...after 4 days I put onother paste and I am very happy for the result... in summary I am putting the paste every 4 days untill they are gone... now I believe I am wart free with the BIG help of praying to God and the instrument he used this website and "the paste"... I know there is a chance that it will recur but by Gods grace, I am praying for the best.. thanks and God bless

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Cm. (Malaysia) on 07/26/2017

thnks a lot for sharing ur stories... I got the same problem too... I'm way too embrassed to go the hosptal to treat this vaginatal warts.... Im using baking soda tu peel of the warts... And its really2 hurts me...hope I can make it through..

Buckthorn Bark
Posted by Stacy (Virginia) on 07/04/2017

How did you make the tea, where did you get the buckthorn bark?

How to Diagnose GW with Vinegar
Posted by Angel (Michigan) on 07/02/2017

If anyone's ever unsure if their bump on their genitals is a wart or not, just apply vinegar. If it turns white it is definately a genital wart. I was told this by a doctor.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Jim (Chicago Ill.) on 06/27/2017

BHT from Life Extension, Twin Labs. Take a pill a day. It hurts the virus so the body can detect it. It is a food preservative but has few negatives. It keep Herpes from making a fat cell like coating on it so the body can see it and kill it. I found out by using it it works for HPV. I did not have herpes but found out for someone else.

Posted by Girl (Wales) on 05/06/2017

Hello. I bought the powder, but the paste doesn't stay on at all. Did you keep this on overnight?

Buckthorn Bark
Posted by Fesf (Marlbry) on 05/06/2017

Did you use european buckthorn or alder buckthorn? Be clear. they are different and both are used in different preparations.