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Posted by Carraatje (Groningen, Holland) on 04/18/2014

Hi there. In order to find a treatment to get rid of my genital warts I ended up here. In Holland we don't have a site like this and I found lots of information and tried some of the treatments I've found here. But when I was looking on other sites I've found a few items that told about Carrageenan as an inhibitor of the HPV, HIV and Herpes virus. I found some carrageen powder on a dutch website and decided to try it. Within 2 days after making a paste from some hot water and a teaspoon of the powder and putting it on my genitals the warts were gone. I've told this to a couple of people on a dutch forum and they all tried the carrageenan/water paste. The results are good with them too. The warts (small ones are gone in 2 days...bigger ones in 5 days) just disappear. Carrageenan is used in a lubricant (bioglide) to keep the virus from spreading but it can be used as a treatment too. Maybe one of you would like to try this too? It's cheap, doesn't burn your private parts and as far as I 've found out it works. Good luck. I hope my english is good enough for you to understand. (My english is better than your dutch probably. ;) )

Castor Oil
Posted by Terry (Ocala, Florida, United States) on 03/20/2010

Greetings to all on Earth Clinic. I have read this site for years and found a lot of home remedies to help me, and never gave anything in return. I had a bad case of genital wart breakout and thought my world had come to an end. I went to the doctor and he told me there was medicine to take but no cure. My wife of 23 years accused me of the unthinkable, and I told her she could have passed it to me since it does lie dormant and for some reason comes to life. Doc said we could have had it as teens. I did a lot of digging on the net and found the ultimate cure. It can be bought at the vitamin store for seven dollars. It is cold pressed/processed castor oil. It is not the regular castor oil grandma use to give you. This one is also known as the palm of christ. It does live up to the name. The cures from this are many. If you had large ones like me, one larger than a pencil eraser this is all that you need to do: Wash and dry the warts, if it has a cauliflower head on it lightly rough it up with a pin or needle and apply the castor oil 3 times a day. Morning, noon, and night. At night I would wake up and apply more. 3 days later the little ones vanished and 21 days later the big boy was gone. That was 8 years ago and to this day they have never returned. There is no irritation. redness, or swelling from this miracle cure. Doctor said no cure, I know there is. I have been there and found it. Be consistent about applying it, and watch your worries disappear. Terry

Green Tea
Posted by Anonymous Searching For A Cure (Michigan) on 11/15/2016

My gynecologist told me I had hpv and that I needed surgery. So I had the leep. Few months later I started seeing warts. I tried everything on this site and others. Even ordered the stuff from bioethics it helped but they wasn't gone. I went back to the gyno the get them burned off but that's just made it worse. So I kept on searching. I heard about green tea but never paid much attention to it. So by desperation I started drinking green tea 4 cups a day. And about 2 months later I started to notice that my warts were almost all gone. I promised if it worked I will posted on this site because I don't see anybody posting about anything as far as warts and green tea. It worked for me way better than Apple Cider Vinegar and tea tree oil. I'm still drinking the green tea. And I'll get back later to post more results. I use an organic blend. I hope it will help someone. God bless take care. I'm also a vegetarian but that didn't help.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 10/25/2014

I found on this site that ACV, garlic , castor oil and tea tree oil can cure genital warts, but I am afraid to use this product (I'm choosing tea tree oil, as this is I see to do not hurt, because my warts are on vagina opening). Please advice if it's okay or safe or I will feel burning on the area? Thanks.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mike (Detroit, MI) on 02/13/2009

Castor oil for genital warts: For the last 3 years I have tired everything possible (including everything on this site) to get rid of these things and they would either come right back, or leave scars. I was about to just bite the bullet and get them laser removed until I came across CASTOR OIL. I didn't think it would work because it's actually used as a laxative, but I decided it couldn't hurt to try.

Some people just use plain castor oil, and say it works great, but I found a mix of things that seemed to speed up the process. Mix: 1 oz castor oil, 1 tbsp of tea tree oil, 80 drops of vitamin E oil (or break open 30 vitamin E gel tabs). You can also add a tbsp of thunga if you can find it. All of the others can be found at any pharmacy store, Cvs, Walgreens, etc.

Apply this mix 3 to 4 times a day; basically try to keep the oil on as much as you can throughout the day. Some people wrap up the area to keep the oil from rubbing off, but I didn't do that and it still worked. Just allow a few min. for the oil to soak in. The oil started working within a week for me, with no pain what so ever, and I am almost back to normal after 2 1/2 weeks. I had close to 50 sm. and large warts, so the process may go quicker for you.

Also be sure to stay healthy. Get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water, work out, take a multivitamin, and other immune system building vitamins (Echinacea, Zinc, vitamin B and C). Good luck!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by HappyCustomer (Germany) on 11/01/2020

Hydrogen peroxide works for Genital Warts! Cured! I had a massive outbreak of genital warts. It was horrible and I was devastated. Searched here at earthclinic and tried H2O2. Put every day 12% on a soaked cotton pad with gloves on the warts. First they got bigger and more showed up but I was persistend and did it over seven weeks two times a day. After the h2o2 I put coconut-oil allover.

They are all gone - persistence is the key! Wish you good health!

Thank you for this amazing site - LOVE

Coconut Oil
Posted by Yaaayy!!! (Taos, Nm) on 05/10/2010

About a month ago, while in the shower, I discovered a small bump near my anal perineum. I couldnt be sure what it was or IF there was EVEN a bump there, but it bothered me. I kept feelin on it, and debating on whether or not this was new, or I was just now noticing it, etc, I eventually blew it off as my imagination.

Two days later, I discovered 2 new bumps on my groin area. They looked like little seed warts, cuz I get em' on my hands, so Im very familiar with them, I FREAKED!!!

The one I discovered before, also seemed bigger. Haha!! OMG!! I really freaked out, I thought I was gonna die, I was so dissappointed with myself. I just met somebody too, ugh, the feelings of horror and disgust I went through were overwhelming, I had to make an EFFORT not to panic and keep calm, and sane. i searched the internet for cures.

I imediately, did the ACV aspirin paste for 3 days and I taped ACV cotton to my groin area for 3 days. The wart turned black and fell off on my groin, then as it was healing I dabbed tea tree oil on it(twice daily), to kill all remaining viral activity on the scab,then followed by a week and a half of applying straight castor oil twice a day(morning and night), to get it to heal, and also kill the virus. That healed quit nicely, but left a faint scar, kinda sux, but its ok.

However, the major wart on my butt did not go away with the 3 day, ACV/Aspirin treatment twice daily, for 2 hours each application.

After the paste, I just put a mixture of castor oil and tea tree oil (not too much in the mix, just enough to where you can smell the tea tree faintly)on my entire outside of my vagina and anal area, aswell, as my groin, twice a day(castor oil does not stain cloths. I did that for about a week, but then the tea tree oil, started really irritating me, and I think caused a vaginal infection. Cuz, aout a week and a half into this I developed bacterial vaginosis. I wasnt sure if it was related to what I was doing or the HPV virus, because, I have heard it does cause vaginal infections. Surprise!!! HAHA!!

I then develop another small wart near the clitoral area, OMG!! Some part of me, was still in denial, thinkin and HOPING I was just treating skin tags, etc. Apparantly not, I was horrified. It was at this point I decided to switch to coconut oil.

I did about 2 weeks of castor oil, but I really saw RESULTS with the coconut oil.

The one on my butt, and another smaller on the other side of my butt(new one) have all shrunk, and are alomost gone. I mean microscopic. The one near the clit is alot smaller too, but not completely gone.

Ive been using coconut oil, twice daily(morning and night)for 3 weeks, and its awesome!! Im gonna keep doing it for another 2 weeks, cuz I dont want those bad boys comin back. Im thinking I may do the coconut oil at night, (once) everyday, indefinantly. I dont want new ones, Im terrified of this spreading.

Ive been battling this for over a month. In the mornings I just rub a little on the effected area, so as not to stain thru underwear and cloths, after shower. At night I SLATHER IT ON , all over, pelvic bone, groin area, every inch of my female anatomy and inside, and sleep with loose boxers on. Coconut oil.

I also take it internally, one tbsp melted in a cup of tea, in the morning once a day, and garlic supplements. Three caps in the morning and three at night. Six a day. Straight garlic is good too.

Elderberry extract once a day, and multivitamins, aswell as folic acid, B complex, vitamin E. Grapefruit seed extract is good, and I have recently added a probiotic, (acidopholis) for the BV issue.

ACV works, but its hardcore, and you need to heal after. I just thought, coconut oil would be less invasive and more casual approach and it works.

Bicarbonate Soda (Baking Soda)
Posted by Jerome (Hobart, Tasmania) on 11/19/2009

Have tried everything on this site and didn't get results intended, too complicated and hard for me to keep pastes etc. in right location overnight, vinegar far too acidic etc, As far as I know no one has ever written about this method before on the internet, this has been a blessing and was discovered out of complete frustration and necessity, i would die happy to know that this method might relieve just one person from the heartache that is GW:

Take a shower, don't dry your genitals, take a dry cotton bud,
roll it simply in BI CARBONATE SODA,
lightly shake (without contact) the BI CARBONATE SODA onto the infected area just enough to completely cover it. Thats it. Sleep on it, repeat every second day.

Water creates adhesion, BI CARBONATE SODA is a disinfectant cleaning agent 100% safe and in your cupboard right now. The Bi-CARBONATE SODA dries out the wart and the skin around it.

I have used it two times in 1 week and I'm amazed at the results, almost gone, my genitals have never been cleaner. I suffered for 9 years.

White Vinegar
Posted by Suzanne (Nervada, America) on 01/11/2008

I self diagnosed myself with Genital Warts a couple of weeks ago. I have recently moved to a remote part of South East Asia where Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil are absolutely unavailable. I decided to give normal white vinegar a try anyway. I just dipped tissues into the vinegar and applied it to the warts. I did this twice over two days for 15 minutes each time. It really hurt while I applied the vinegar and continued to burn a little the next day but it was worth it - the warts are COMPLETELY gone!

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Ladygamer (Philippines) on 08/24/2017

Hello I was diagnosed with hpv last june 2017 I have 1 at the hood of my clitoris 3small pcs on my perinium then 2 on my vulva..i was deeply devastated I dunno what to do...then I surf the web looking for a natural remedy coz my doctor told me that they will burn the warts and she is asking for 700 to 800 usd (30k to 35k php) that a huge amount for yeah I searched for home remedy instead..i came across to this website and saw the popular remedy for genital warts which is the pure ACV, I tried it...soaked a cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar and put it on the warts for 2 hours daily, it was very painful... as in... but I endure the pain for 1 week...i stop cause ive got bells palsy OMG I feel like what is happening to me... my immune system is crashing down :(...i deal with my bells palsy first so after 2 weeks the warts multiply its like crazy...i feel so down and depressed... I started again the Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 weeks but still no changes and no improvement at all, instead it multiply more...i feel so hopeless I was devastated, super...genital warts invade my vagina, it looks like it has multiple cauli flower on octopus suctions on thier was located all over my genital...i was like what should I do now... I keep on reading here on earth clinic . I saw the 40 crished aspirin +2 tsp ACV + 2tsp Castor oil... I give that remedy a shot. I buy the ingredients plus I added 2 tsp of tea tree oil and vit e on the paste.

1st day I put on the paste generously at night then I washed it in the morning ... OMG it started to fell off then after showering I put another paste on it thank goodness after office I showered and 50%of my gw was gone literaly... I stop putting the paste on it to rest...instead of paste I put tea tree oil and castor oil...after 4 days I put onother paste and I am very happy for the result... in summary I am putting the paste every 4 days untill they are gone... now I believe I am wart free with the BIG help of praying to God and the instrument he used this website and "the paste"... I know there is a chance that it will recur but by Gods grace, I am praying for the best.. thanks and God bless

Posted by Mpho (Pretoria) on 12/12/2016

I started seeing genital warts a couple of months ago and was given magic wart by my gynaecologist to get rid of them. It burned my skin and they eventually came back, more of them. My warts got so big. They were so scary and covered my entire vagina lips and the opening. After weeks of trying remedies I found on this website which did not work. I turned to doing a lot of research. I read somewhere about the ability of zinc to fix the skin. I knew I had to get anything that had zinc. I took zinc supplements and put on zinc oxide + castor oil cream which can be bought at the chemist. I mixed the cream with coconut and garlic oil. Today I am wart free. They haven't grown back. I don't even look like I once had them and mind you. They had covered my entire vagina and were so big and long. I have never felt confident like I do now.

Buckthorn Bark
Posted by Rose (Fiji) on 11/05/2015

Hi just wondering how you made the tea? How much buckthorn bark solution did you use and do you just mix it with water? Did you apply the tea while it was still warm or did you let it cool first?

How often and for how long did you apply the tea? Really interested in this method so thanks in advance for your reply!

Banana Peel
Posted by Jimmy (Amsterdam, Holland) on 05/05/2009

Banana peel cured genital warts in 2,5 weeks.

About 4 weeks ago I discovered about 4 genital warts around the pubic area, and on the base of the penis. I was suprised because I always use condoms, after reading a lot on the internet I found that condoms do not protect you against this virus, I will be more carfull who I am going to date from now on.

After a week I found the banana peel remedy for other kinds of warts on this website and my logic said that this must then also work on genital warts.
There where a few new small warts by this time I started taping banana peels on to my pubic area and around the penis.( the white side on the skin )
I was wearing it during the day but took it off at night.(could have better left them on but could not for personal reasons)I tapped fress ones on every day.

After 3 days one was gone and 2 others ( the biggest ones ) where turning red ( it did take an other 2 weeks for 1 to go away completely the other one just srunk and became a little white dot, like a pimple ) some small ones also turned red, those smal ones disappeared after about one week.
When I started I used peels from ripe bananas but I read some stuff about using peels from green bananas, I tried the peels from green bananas and after one day almost al the warts turned red or the skin around them was red. ( this is a signal that the treatment is working) after 3 days with the green peels most where almost gone.

There where a view that did not react to the treatment at all, ( clipped those off with a nale clipper and carefully burned the smal blood vains shut with a hot paperclip end, this is not something I advise you to do, I just don''t have the patients.)

After the burning I took a bananapeel and scraped some white stuff off with my nail and stuck it on the little wound and tapped a other peel on it. Now they are all gone except for one that is one that did react to the treatment and became very small, It will be gone in a view days.

Overall it has 3,5 weeks since I have discovered the warts anns 2,5 weeks since I started the banana peel treatment. Now they are all as good as gone.

For what I have read about genital warts there is no treatment that works this fast.
regular creams take 2 months to work.

My findings:
-Use peels from green bananas because they work much much better.
-wear them as much as you can at night and day time
-shower every 3 days instead of every day but do change the peels every days ( this accumulates the active ingridients from the banana on your skin.
-use special bandage tape to tape the peels on your skin I first used ducetape and found after a couple of days it turned my skin red and really itchy
My case:
The warts I had where small the biggest where 3mm in diameter they where on the base of the penis and on the pubic area (where the pubic hear grows)
I had about 20 most of them very small.

My conclusion:
For me it did work on most warts, and it kept the ones I clipped off away.
I am very happy that I found this website and tried the treatment.
I hope I can help some people with there problem and give them hope for a fast recovery.
I also want to wish you luck and strength because I know how you feel,... it sucks but here is the cure!

Posted by Bun (Portland) on 03/06/2022

Years ago I was diagnosed with genital warts after seeing someone new. They wanted to burn them off, but I refused. After doing research, I tried ACV, which didn't work AND burnt my sensitive skin; banana peels, also not effective and irritating.

In desperation, I finally discovered a recipe for EGCG cream - mix the contents of one 500 mg capsule with 1 oz of shea butter. Apply 2 - 3 times a day in a thin layer on the affected area. Worked like a charm, no pain, no irritation, everything gone. Any time I have any kind of warts, I use this cream, totally disappears within days.

Bee Propolis
Posted by Eunice (Texas) on 06/17/2020

I too used bee propolis for my genital warts. Tey were small and in less then a week they fell off and my doctor confirmed no warts were detected. I've still been using it for 2 months and nothing has came back I'm praying the virus is out of my system for my next doctors appointment in July. I've been taken the tablets orally and using it topically also.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Bb (Wa) on 01/18/2017

So I found a pretty small cluster of bumps on my peritoneum and freaked the **** out. My conclusion was obviously Genital Warts which blew my mind bc I haven't even had sex for 3+ months, my last pap 2 months ago came out normal, and I was under the impression the Dr tested for it in my std test.

Anywho, I immediately started treating it Night 1 with Tea Tree oil.

Night 2 I used ACV on a cottom ball 3 diff times over about 4 hours. It burned and everywhere that the ACV touch turned puffy and white. I still do not know why but it looked and felt like an explosion.

Day 3 I hysterically cried and had severe panick attacks. My vagina lips were redish and sore even tho the wart was not located on the lips. Used less ACV on a cottonball for a couple hours.

Night 3 Smashed Organic Garlic and TT oil on a cotton ball and slept w it overnight. It burned very badly!!!

Day 4 removed the cotton ball to find blood and wart cluster burned off! The skin is completely raw. My Drs visit was today and she confirmed I had literally burned the wart off.

But I have to note that I'm extremely disappointed w the Dr... I was pissed when I found out they didn't test for HPV in the STD test and when I insisted on an HPV/DNA test she refused stating "it's so common, we don't test for it." NO WONDER it's common idiot, none of us know we have it and so it spreads. So I don't know what type of HPV strain I have, or that I scientifically even have it bc apparently all they do now a days in the year 2017 is eyeball it. Unbelieveable.

Bf all this started and during, I've been taking L-Lysine & Silica which are helpful supplements (w/ herpes and cysts) so I think it's safe to assume they'll help w warts too. I got a really good idea to make a spray bottle diluted w water, acv, tt oil, and maybe a smashed garlic clove to spray on after a shower to inhibit wart growth.

Will keep you all updated, I'm only on day 4 but what I had is gone, yaye! I'm starting to cheer up but I'm sad my sex life will never be the same.

Wish I knew how common Genital Warts are or I wouldn't have been so irresponsible. Love you all and good luck. May we all be cured ;)