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Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Maja (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

this will have been my 3rd post regarding my search and test for genital warts and more specifically vaginal warts. and as mentioned in my previous post, i've tried almost everything to get rid of these suckers. i've had them for 3 years!!!! beat that everyone. i've tried liquid nitrogen, podofolin, raw garlic, garlic gel caps, vitamin e, jobs tears, almost every vitamin and mineral, apple cider vinegar, almost everything. i got so frustrated i was going to throw in the towel and give Aldara a try; i bought it but was to scared to try it in fear of the side effects. but i've been reading some online write ups on Tea Tree Oil and decided either that or aloe would be my last shot so i headed to the health food store and got a bottle. i kid you not, it's been 3 days and i've seen drastic change! i still take my vitamins and minerals and drink my jobs tears every morning but the TEA TREE has done wonders for me. if you are like me and have tried almost everything and still no luck try Tea Tree Oil.

what i've been doing:

1) get a cotton pad damp with the oil and wipe the affected area in the mornings

2) before i go to bed again dampen the cotton pad and directly apply to the affected area for 20mins and wash.

you WILL feel a somewhat minty sensation (like vicks to the eyes) but for me it doesn't hurt. everyone is different so if one thing doesn't work for you try something else, then try something else, and TRY something else. it sucks, but for me the search is well worth it. since i'm only on day 3 i'll write back in a few weeks to keep you posted.

Green Tea
Posted by Anonymous (Michigan ) on 01/29/2017

Updating my experience with green tea for genital warts. It definitely works. All the warts are gone and they haven't returned it's been about 3 months. I did have 2 stubborn ones that were taking there time to disappear. Yes, disappeared because when you treating and addressing the virus from inside it doesn't turn black and fall off like it would from ACV but get smaller and smaller and it eventually dissapear.

After watching the movie "Fat, Sick nearly dead", I decided to give it a try, to juice fasting. I only juice fasted for 5 days I was still drinking my green tea at this time but something miraculous happened within a week after my juice fast the two stubborn ones had disappeared. So in order for healing can take place nutrition and dietary changes a must, because there's no DR out there that can heal you or give you a magic pill, only the body that can heal itself by giving it proper nutrition. Lots of fruits and vegetables and the right herbs.

You can also supplement zinc or use zinc oxide ointment along with green tea and lots of fruits and vegetables for faster results. I hope that helps.

ACV/Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Marge (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi guys,

(I have bolded the important parts for anyone who doesnt have time to read the whole thing)

So having tried the ACV and not enjoying the pain I turned to tea tree oil having had total success before with an outbreak of warts in a different area. This is only the second I have ever had and I suspect it was present at the time of the first outbreak two years ago and I did not notice as they are internal. The ACV definitely works, but it hurts a lot and diluted it has no effect (in my case). I think internal makes it really difficult so heres my advice and I will post back as soon as I know 100%.

The first outbreak rather than quack around with tea tree oil liquid, I bought a Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick. It cleared the warts within a week (about three days) I simply applied it morning and night (Possibly three times a day) and I was over the moon. They have never returned in that area.

Flash forward two years and noticed an internal lump on my lady parts. Honestly I wasn't sure it wasn't cancer and having freaked out for 5 minutes I remembered the outbreak two years ago and assumed that this was the case in this instance too.

I tried the ACV and decided it was very painful and I wanted an alternative. I tried tea tree oil and much to my surprise it had a very limited effect! I couldn't understand how something could be so effective once and then barely work at all.

I started to think they may not be warts, so I cut one in half and sterilised the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you do this I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to sterilise everywhere surrounding the cut (like a 20cm radius from the cut outwards) with hydrogen peroxide, clean the implement with HP and clean everything else (Floor, hands, etc) with bleach and then I sprayed the whole area with tea tree oil spray. You do not want to spread the infection around. Also if you have weakened immunity do not do this. You have to be SO careful and even in the event you are super careful, its still a risk. Be super strict about clean up because you don't want to spread it to anyone else. I don't recommend this as a way to find out, I was just impatient and silly.

However, interestingly the wart fizzled and turned black. I was anxious I may have spread the infection so I stuck out the pain of the ACV for about six hours at night and when I woke up this morning more of the wart had turned black and some of the others had shrunk. So as well all guessed, yes ACV works but it's very painful.

So today, I bought the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil blemish stick I had such success with last time. I wondered if it was potentially another ingredient paired with the tea tree oil that had made it so effective. Upon reading the packaging I realised I was right, a key ingredient in the gel was potassium hydroxide. I googled it, and sure enough..

^ One study and a number of others citing the effectiveness on potassium hydroxide in treating genital warts. (Pictures are disturbing avoid if you're easily grossed out). What a lucky decision it was for me to purchase the blemish stick in the initial treatment as opposed to the pure oil.

Other ingredients in the stick that may be helpful include acrylic acid and limonene which is a citrus oil, and also Vitamin E for quick skin healing.

I am 100% definite after this research that this will work again as effectively as it did in the past. If you want a quick and easy, relatively pain free way to get rid of the warts and not have them reoccur (in the same area at least, the virus may be harder to purge from the system but I believe mine is symptomatic of a singular outbreak in two different areas and I only picked up one area two years ago)

Also total no brainer but chuck it after you're done. The blemish stick retails for about $12 and I will update this as soon as it works or has made a significant inroad. I remember being amazed last time how quickly and easily it eradicated the problem. Apply morning and night and possibly in the middle of the day. It is a tiny stick which is discreet and mess free and doesn't interfere with daily activities unlike the ACV, etc.

To help clear the virus from my system I have also been taking

- Large doses Vit C

- B group vitamin (Blackmores anti stress)

- Lysine

- Olive Leaf Extract

Will update you as soon as I get results guys, this is the first day I have purchased it again but it 100% worked unassisted last time in record time.

(I'll make a new entry for it by itself as well as posting a reply to this)


Coconut Oil
Posted by Cher (East Coast) on 08/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For genital warts, I used the coconut oil, no pain and they were gone or greatly reduced in a week. I took 2 tbs of coconut oil a day by mouth, it was 6 months later that at the first sign of reoccurance I used it topically.

Essential Oils
Posted by Granny On The Go (Waco, Tx) on 12/30/2012

Please keep in mind that genital warts are a Herpes Virus and that L Lysine several times a day should be of help. Start with one 500 mg dose and work up to what as much as 1500 mg a day, divided into 3 doses, of course. There are also several herbs that are anti virals that may be of some help. The cures are here, we have just depended on Big Pharma for so long that we don't know anything about curing ourselves any more.

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Happy In Canada (Windsor, Ontario Canada) on 03/07/2012

Just to let u know, I was diagnosed with hpv too, and I did the ACV paste to take off the initial warts. This worked great, but noticed they were coming back. I did more research and decided to take a product called VIRUX by BELL LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS. (Available from health food stores). I started as stated on bottle, taking 4 tablets per day for 15 days. Im now on bottle number 2 and have gone down to one pill per day as a maintenance dose. The itching has gone, the warts disappeared, and I feel and look like a new woman!! Honestly this is an amazing product, you will be amazed!! The bottle states.... Must work or money refunded! And it DOES work :) :)

ACV, Aspirin, Vit E, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Lotus_flower (Bentonville, Ar, USA) on 08/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a nurse, and I just found out I have GW from HPV. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed a topical acid. First of all, that with insurance cost me 130 dollars, and I damn near passed out. But, I wanted the GW gone and probably would have paid anything. I began the treatment as directed. It burns and it is imperative not to get any on the healthy skin, which is difficult and adds to the anxiety of the whole thing. After a month and a half, it had worked-but it wasn't all gone. After reading on this site about ACV, I thought I really can't go wrong-I've waited over a month, been in pain for a while. I went to the store and got the following: vitamin E oil, pure tea tree oil, 325 mg aspirin and apple cider vinegar.

Make a paste with the ACV and aspirin. I had eyeballed it to make the right consistency. Add a few drops of vitamin E to the mix with a dropper. Apply it to the area and leave it on for a half hour and try it twice a day. You can apply tea tree oil all day if you want-it has penetrating power and the best part: takes away pain!!

I did the other treatment for a month and a half, and the result was sorta better-for 130 dollars.

I did the ACV treatment 3 times, and the area is COMPLETELY CLEAR after 3 treatments-for 10 dollars.

This doesn't harm healthy skin, and there's hardly any uncomfortable moments. I didn't think it would work, I admit. I was wrong, way wrong! I can't wait to go to the doctor in 2 days-he'll tell me that the treatment worked, and I get to say, "I have a was ACV!" I'm sure the look on his face will be priceless!

Hang in there all, there IS hope!! :)

Genital Wart Advice
Posted by Jeff (Anaheim, Ca) on 08/09/2009

If everything has failed for you and the wart has returned after using ACV, Aspirin, and Castor Oil,

I recommend you try Elderberry extract and green tea extract together. I have been using it for 4 days topically and internally and seen really good results. I had one wart turn black. The other warts just shrank and are now below the skin and getting smaller the more times I use the drops. I also take a few drops under the tongue a few times a day. I think in 2-3 weeks I should be close to eliminated them all.

With ACV it was too painful and took a week just for it to heal. The elderberry and green tea method is painfree. Women will really like this method.

Both are antivirals and anti-cancer.

The brands I have been using are from Henry's Market:

Elderberry (sambucus nigra)
other ingrediants: grain alcohol (40-50% by vol), deionized water

Green Tea (90%polyphenols, 50% EGCG)
Other ingrediants: deionized water, vegetable glycerin, honey, luo han guo

I put it on almost every 3 hours. It seems to get absorbed into the skin very quickly. Elderberry contains alcohol which may help the absorption process.

Good luck.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 09/27/2012 2077 posts

Problem w/ conventional, mainstream liberal information outlets is that facts and truth are terribly compromised by greed. Jon Barron has done several articles and pod cast on the major flawed (lies) studies of vitamins by "independent" scientist/labs that just happened to be subsidized by large pharmaceutical firms and corps. As you might guess, or if you watch liberal mainstream news, ALL vitamin and mineral supplements are not only not beneficial, BUT they are actually harmful.

Banana Peel
Posted by Anonymous (Washington, DC) on 04/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Not to lower the tone... I contracted genital warts some years ago and underwent cryotherapy and used Imiquimod to clear them up. And they disappeared - or so I thought. Recently one reappeared. The horror, the horror. It was tiny, I'll admit, and I thought I would try banana skin before going through the abject humiliation and misery of seeing my doctor. Today I went and bought bananas and applied a little piece of skin to the wart... (Not in the supermarket, obviously...) After five hours, maybe even less, I CAN'T FIND THE WART. I was very sceptical prior to trying this, I confess to not having had much faith at all. If you're reading this and wondering if all these stories are written by quacks or nutcases - they're not. I've never written something like this before, but something that works so well, so easily, has to be shared. If I'd only known all those years ago. Thanks for the help!

EC: Read all the banana peel feedback here.

Compound-W Freeze Off Wart Remedy
Posted by James (New York, New York) on 01/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Seems like a really obvious home treatment for genital warts. Go the your local pharmacy and buy a Compound-W Freeze off wart removal kit. Its is way overpriced at around $27, but it is good for way more than the 12 treatments the label advertises, and a lot cheaper than a visit to the doctor. Use as directed, you will know it is working when you see the area around the wart turn white, it stings a little, but keep the freeze tip on until it loses its cool. The white area goes away quickly as the cold numbs your pain receptors. Put some Neosporin on afterwards and wait about a week. The area around will scab up and then peel off, leaving you without a wart. It's what the doctor would charge you hundreds of dollars for doing in the office, but you can do it yourself, at home, in private, and get the same results. Don't buy any overpriced "healing oils" that require three treatments a day for several months and don't do a thing (my first mistake). The freeze takes care of business, quickly!

Posted by Bun (Portland) on 03/06/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Years ago I was diagnosed with genital warts after seeing someone new. They wanted to burn them off, but I refused. After doing research, I tried ACV, which didn't work AND burnt my sensitive skin; banana peels, also not effective and irritating.

In desperation, I finally discovered a recipe for EGCG cream - mix the contents of one 500 mg capsule with 1 oz of shea butter. Apply 2 - 3 times a day in a thin layer on the affected area. Worked like a charm, no pain, no irritation, everything gone. Any time I have any kind of warts, I use this cream, totally disappears within days.

Bee Propolis
Posted by Eunice (Texas) on 06/17/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I too used bee propolis for my genital warts. Tey were small and in less then a week they fell off and my doctor confirmed no warts were detected. I've still been using it for 2 months and nothing has came back I'm praying the virus is out of my system for my next doctors appointment in July. I've been taken the tablets orally and using it topically also.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin C
Posted by Detroit Guy (Detroit, Michigan) on 10/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I found that if you take 500mg of vitamin C with the ACV treatment not only does it heal quicker they won't come back!

White Vinegar
Posted by Latin Guy (Miami) on 09/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

White vinegar is amazing, in just three days removed the genital wart, applying during the day 3 times per 30 minutes just on the top of the wart, and letting it over the night did the trick!!!

100% recommended.

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Vitamin E
Posted by Cakeforall (Michigan) on 02/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, so my one-year-old just fell asleep and this is mommy time. I am literally wasting mommy time to review the amazing advice I've gotten from this website.

This will hopefully be brief:

About 11 weeks ago I discovered a tiny little "white head" via cleaning in the shower. I assumed it was nothing and a bit later noticed another exactly in the same proximity, on the opposite side of my upper labia.

I began panicking.

My husband checked and said they looked like tiny little white heads. Nothing phases him. He'd still be attracted to me if I was covered in giant debilitating warts.

Recently, I found out I was pregnant. They appeared RIGHT when my immunity took a dive via pregnancy. Also, hormones cause a change in natural lubrication and estrogen, encouraging growth.

I asked my midwife, a CNM at my hospital of choice, to take a gander. Her first reaction matched my suspicion and my life immediately felt over. I felt like they punched me in the stomach and I just wanted to cry. Admittedly, I was really upset for a few weeks. They were so kind and said the warts were so tiny that one treatment of their acid would do it, clear them up.

The first treatment burned and caused them to spread rapidly. Two turned into... 5?

The second treatment didn't cause them to spread, but it was a newer inexperienced CNM who did the procedure wrong and I burned terribly. Lots of red, black, weird smells and swelling. I was terrified. I could barely walk out and all I wanted to do was cry. I thought, I have NOT slept with that many people. My husband and I love each other, I'm young and healthy, why is this happening to me.

I researched on the internet every day - obsessively. Not a good thing. It made me neurotic. Luckily, I found an answer and I feel genuine joy.

I tried hospital grade acid, multiple treatments of ACV, coconut oil at night and during the day, zinc oxide, a few weeks of tea tree oil, and garlic pills. They didn't make it worse. Infact, nothing spread and maybe they were minutely getting smaller. Maybe. But I was nauseous every day, I was sick of it. So I almost gave up, until...

I read an intelligent sounding woman who found true success. This was her recipe and this is how I use it:

3 crushed/powdered aspirin 325 mg:

A bit of Apple Cider Vinegar - just enough to make a wet paste;

Vitamin-E oil.

That's it. I also used hydrogen peroxide.

The first three ingredients I mixed together to form a toothpaste/slightly more wet mixture.

Before, I'd prep by wiping my genital wart and the area around the warts with hydrogen peroxide.

After I'd sit in front of a mirror and using a Q-tip, i'd apply the paste to each wart. I had about, 6-8. Some were grouped together and looked like one, and one was the size of an eraser tip and was my biggest nemesis.

They were at the top of my external labia's on either side, one big one between my labia and inner labia, all the way in, and one on my perineum.

My midwife approved of the concoction and said she'd mention it to other pregnant patients with genital warts.

Some people find this concoction works rapidly, I found that it took a week or two. I applied it twice a day, everyday. Between 30-minutes and 3 hours. Sometimes, I only applied it once.

I wiped it of with toilet paper, usually wet.

For me, I knew it was working because everyday the treatment stung just a little bit more. After a week or so, they started to really sting for about 30-second. One morning, I noticed my two least favorite were GOONNE!!! YAY! One was red and exponentially smaller, a little raised still. The other was mostly gone. I let them heal for a full day and I'm doing the treatment one more time - just to make sure.

I had a few mini ones that probably weren't ingrown hairs that never had a chance and are gone.

I only have two left. The top labia ones. I think that's because the paste keeps rubbing off on my panties. The other two spots (they were only on four spots) were in deeper areas and the paste wasn't exposed to fabric. So maybe I'll try to add some kind of barrier. But they are much smaller and one is almost completely gone. So I'm down to 1 1/2!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Benefits for women:

1. Easy to apply paste. No band-aids, cotton balls, or gauze that slip.

2. Easy to apply to hard to get areas.

3. Barely burns compared to a lot of other treatments.

4. Cheap and effective

Things that may have helped - cannot discredit them:

Garlic pills - 1 or 2 daily

Green tea - 1 or 2 cups daily - on most days

Prenatal vitamins every single day

An occasional Epsom salt bath. Mine was ginger and clay.

So PREGNANT women and anyone else with embarassing warts. Definitely see your doctor to make sure that you have genital warts. But PLEASE try this!! My midwife said all the things I did were okay. I may also start taking CoQ-10 supplements to help my body fight off the virus. and other website have said the average person can fight the virus off in 1-2 years. Pregnant women and people with low immunity's may need extra help via supplements and what not.

Good luck!

Summary: 3 325 mg pills crushed into a powder, enough ACV to make a paste, a few drops of Vitamin-E oil (mine is food grade).

Apply paste 2 x daily. Wipe off paste after 30-minutes to a few hours. Repeat daily until warts fall off. I'd use coconut oil, aloe, or whatever to help with healing. Although, not much healing is needed with this procedure.

Posted by Robert Henry (St George Island, Fla.) on 05/02/2015

HI ALEX, , , , , , , , several years ago I bought black salve to treat a skin cancer and with more research got spooked and stopped. A Natropath friend used it for cancer and ended up with large holes in his back, but the cancer was gone. He said he learned that he left the salve on too long.

So, I cannot contribute much to your situation except to caution you to go slow.


Hydrogen Peroxide Baths
Posted by Gwgone (KY, US) on 08/21/2014

Hi, Heard this second hand, hope it helps. A friend had an outbreak of Genital Warts and when to the md first, then came home and soaked in a tub of Hydrogen Peroxide. Not sure if she pre-medicated for pain, I would test this on a small area first. She did this everyday as often as possible and on her return check up she had no more warts. She had had them outside and inside of the vagina and they were totally gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Gel
Posted by Danielle (Manchester, Uk) on 07/20/2013
4 out of 5 stars

For those who are experiencing irritation and swelling after using Apple Cider Vinegar I'd recommend aloe vera gel. I used it on both my anal region and the inside of my labia/opening to my vagina. It is incredibly soothing and I applied it after toilet trips, I massaged it into the sore areas and then left a cotton wool pad with some on placed on top. Aloe vera gel has antiviral properties so in itself it can aid the removal/healing of genital warts. Although used on its own constantly it would take a while I found that for those days when I needed a break from pure ACV, aloe vera gel did work perfect for me. My warts were gone within a week might I add. Unfortunately I also think I have some inside my vagina and although I'm waiting to see my GP, does anybody know a home remedy that I can try for those? I was considering Apple Cider Vinegar but because they are inside I'm scared? Thanks and remember vitamins vitamins vitamins!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Anonymous (Hometown, Usa) on 03/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Lets try to keep it short. I've been fighting this for over 2 yrs. I freeze em and they come back. Found this site and tried Apple Cider Vinegar straight applied with Qtip an hour a day for a week with no results. Decided to try the ACV asprin and oils. Works great. Just chill and watch a movie every night and recharge the paste as it dries out with more ACV on a Q tip. After 3-4 days they noticably dry and start to scab. 4 days seems to kill em. Dont overdo it or its tough on the skin. Put vitamin e neosporin or whatever you have on the new skin. Soon they are GONE. I am going to do the soak in ACV twice a month for awhile to make sure these things never come back. So stoked.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Mitch (Angeles City, Pampanga, Philipines) on 12/11/2014

How can I cure my genital warts in just at home treatment ? Can't comportable with this and I transfer it in my bf shy to tell him about it and he doesn't know that he has this also ;(

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Belle (Somewhere, Ohio) on 02/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Let me start of by saying this isn't going to be one of those posts where I'm jumping for joy because my warts "magically fell off" after 3 days of minimal treatment. It is a good post however. I do believe that everyone's warts are different and it really does depend on how long you've had them and how stubbon they are in relation to treatment, so don't lose hope.

I've had HPV for around 5 years now and I am not one of those "lucky" people who have outbreaks or just one cluster that disappears on its own. I have 2 sets, one on each inner lip of my vagina. One side is one larger cluster of about 3 or 4 and then 2 small single ones below it and the other side is about 6 or 7 single ones in a straight row and both on the bottom half towards my perineum. I've been lucky over the years that they haven't spread but also unlucky in the fact that they've stayed put since the day they appeared. I just sort of "lived" with them being there as I couldn't afford all the expensive treatments and creams. I found this site about 2 years ago and read everyone's great success with ACV. Unfortunately I haven't had the greatest lifestyle to accompany constant treatment so up until now I've attempted it a few times but this time I've decided to go in with the big guns, so to speak.

Like I said this is not a 3 day success story, or even a week. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now.

I really want to stress that just because you don't have the instant results that others do, DON'T GIVE UP! I'm going to share my story and results in hopes that maybe it helps someone else with more resistant warts.

Everyday I do the following: (and keep in mind these are specific to me. Adjust times, amounts, dilutions etc. to fit your own comfort level if necessary.)

I start with vitamins: vitamin c, d, e; l-lysine; garlic pills; and a multi-vitamin.

Everyday and in between each treatment I clean the area thoroughly (and I mean whole area, in between, on the warts themselves-everything. STAY AWAY from getting inside unless you have a very high tolerance for awful stinging pain) with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Keep in mind that after you have already started treatment, if the warts are sensitive or raw or anything like that, IT WILL STING! Before I do anything else, I apply either vitamin e oil or a diaper rash like cream to the immediate surrounding areas to avoid any swelling or irritation of unaffected skin. Then I make a paste out of aspirin (6 to 12 works fine for me-make sure you crush them REALLY good into a fine powder), add ACV (apple cider vinegar) in tiny amounts until you have the consistency you want, then I squeeze out a large capsule of vitamin e oil and mix it in well. Take some cotton balls and size it out to the area(s) you need to cover, then saturate one side of the cotton in the mixture. Make sure it's not too pasty and dry because you need it to be wet so it'll really get on there and do some damage. It will dry on later. Personally, I tape the cotton on with some medical tape and leave it on depending on my schedule; all day or a couple of hours and always overnight and keep it secure with some breathable cotton underwear. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, it can and probably will be very stingy. The very first time for me did not hurt but the more irritated the warts get, it increases. In between treatments I apply pure tea tree oil, undiluted to the warts with a q-tip, making sure to get in between and all over. Not everyone can use TTO undiluted so it's best to check before you do that. Otherwise you can dilute it with a bit of water.

I've been at it for about 3 weeks constantly now and I'm having great results. There are definitely little pieces falling off here and there but this is how it's gone from beginning to now: first time-turned white, then eventually they became hard and a darker off white-greyish color, then tiny black spots all over, still hard. Eventually mine became very scabby and large layers of them started peeling off like a sunburn. I've also noticed a big reduction in size. They just seem to be shrinking and coming off in layers instead of just falling off. I've been told the best thing you can do is damage them and keep kickin' em while they're down. It's definitely not comfortable and I don't love the smell of ACV but I'm seeing a dramatic improvement. Hopefully this keeps up and ill post back again when I have some new results. Good luck :)

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