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Multiple Remedies
Posted by Christina (California) on 01/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

ACV, H2O2, supplements, vitamin E, tea tree oil, aspirin, squirt bottle for water

Not sure which of this exactly worked but it was probably the ACV.

Directly treated the warts with just ACV (for Day/Night 1 and 4) and a mix of ACV with some vit E, tea tree oil, and aspirin (Day/Night 2 and 3). Soaked a cotton ball and pad with this and applied on the warts. There was a very large clump of warts on me so I just surrounded the whole area with the ACV/ACV mixture. I noticed that it burned really badly the first time but a lot, lot more so when I began the ACV + vit E + TTO + aspirin. I'm not sure if it burned more because of the other stuff or because the skin was just burning the more I exposed it to ACV.

I would try to tape this on me and leave it on the night or leave it for hours on the day. I used a cotton ball soaked with H2O2 before and after applying the ACV and other stuff. I would let my skin breathe at other times though. Anyway it looked really bad, one of the warts turned black after the second night. Afterwards it just looked so strange, like grayish white, and I wasn't really sure if the ACV was making the skin worse or increasing the warts' size because it looked a lot worse every time.

Eventually I got super discouraged after the 4th night so I decided to just wait for my doctors' appt which was 2 days after that. I just stuck with using a soaked cotton ball to prevent bacteria from spreading. When I went to the doctors, she told me she didn't really see active warts. I told her I was prescribed aldara but it was hardly working so I used the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment instead.

Initially she thought the aldara caused my skin to look bad, but after I told her I stopped using aldara since it was quite ineffective for me, she thought I might have had herpes because my skin looked really bad. I told her it might just be the ACV treatment but she was quite surprised since she doesn't think the ACV could do this skin damage. After about 2 days from the Doctors' appointment, my skin looks completely normal now and no sign of any warts. It's been almost a week now and still no sign of warts.

I got my test results back and tested negative for STDs, including herpes. I would have to go again in a few weeks to get re-checked for herpes but I highly doubt it was herpes, I really think it was just skin damage from ACV. Nonetheless, my skin looks completely healed. Totally time for treatment (about 4 days) + healing (4 days) so only a little over a week. I'm really happy with the results. I was so miserable about having warts but I'm glad that I tried these things. At first it seemed like it wasn't working, just made my skin worse, but the healing time was so short so it's fine. Although others reported black things/seeds/warts falling off, I didn't really notice this (maybe they did but didn't look like them when I washed them off). But it DID work so even though it seems like you have different results (like how I did), don't give up. Make sure to also wash with H2O2 and to give your skin a break. Try it for a week and get checked after.

Another thing I did was a round of supplements. Not sure how effective this is (I ended up getting a cold right after seeing my doctor so not sure how well my immune system was holding up, lol) but it's worth a shot. Here are some of the supplements I had:

  • Vit A
  • Vit E
  • Vit D3
  • Folate and Vit B12
  • Vit C
  • Echinea goldenseal
  • Zinc
  • L-lysine
  • garlic
  • omega 3 fish oil

Hope this helps.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tim (Western Washington, US) on 12/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Mix equal parts organic coconut oil with organic oil of oregano. Mix well with q tip, dab on wart, leave on 20 min. Slight burn sensation, do twice a day. To speed things up a little, add one drop full strength dmso. Burns more but tolerable. Vitamin A 10,000 iu once a day. Warts will be gone in 3 weeks. Vitamin A should continue for 90 days. Wish you all well.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Belle (Somewhere, Ohio) on 02/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Let me start of by saying this isn't going to be one of those posts where I'm jumping for joy because my warts "magically fell off" after 3 days of minimal treatment. It is a good post however. I do believe that everyone's warts are different and it really does depend on how long you've had them and how stubbon they are in relation to treatment, so don't lose hope.

I've had HPV for around 5 years now and I am not one of those "lucky" people who have outbreaks or just one cluster that disappears on its own. I have 2 sets, one on each inner lip of my vagina. One side is one larger cluster of about 3 or 4 and then 2 small single ones below it and the other side is about 6 or 7 single ones in a straight row and both on the bottom half towards my perineum. I've been lucky over the years that they haven't spread but also unlucky in the fact that they've stayed put since the day they appeared. I just sort of "lived" with them being there as I couldn't afford all the expensive treatments and creams. I found this site about 2 years ago and read everyone's great success with ACV. Unfortunately I haven't had the greatest lifestyle to accompany constant treatment so up until now I've attempted it a few times but this time I've decided to go in with the big guns, so to speak.

Like I said this is not a 3 day success story, or even a week. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now.

I really want to stress that just because you don't have the instant results that others do, DON'T GIVE UP! I'm going to share my story and results in hopes that maybe it helps someone else with more resistant warts.

Everyday I do the following: (and keep in mind these are specific to me. Adjust times, amounts, dilutions etc. to fit your own comfort level if necessary.)

I start with vitamins: vitamin c, d, e; l-lysine; garlic pills; and a multi-vitamin.

Everyday and in between each treatment I clean the area thoroughly (and I mean whole area, in between, on the warts themselves-everything. STAY AWAY from getting inside unless you have a very high tolerance for awful stinging pain) with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Keep in mind that after you have already started treatment, if the warts are sensitive or raw or anything like that, IT WILL STING! Before I do anything else, I apply either vitamin e oil or a diaper rash like cream to the immediate surrounding areas to avoid any swelling or irritation of unaffected skin. Then I make a paste out of aspirin (6 to 12 works fine for me-make sure you crush them REALLY good into a fine powder), add ACV (apple cider vinegar) in tiny amounts until you have the consistency you want, then I squeeze out a large capsule of vitamin e oil and mix it in well. Take some cotton balls and size it out to the area(s) you need to cover, then saturate one side of the cotton in the mixture. Make sure it's not too pasty and dry because you need it to be wet so it'll really get on there and do some damage. It will dry on later. Personally, I tape the cotton on with some medical tape and leave it on depending on my schedule; all day or a couple of hours and always overnight and keep it secure with some breathable cotton underwear. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, it can and probably will be very stingy. The very first time for me did not hurt but the more irritated the warts get, it increases. In between treatments I apply pure tea tree oil, undiluted to the warts with a q-tip, making sure to get in between and all over. Not everyone can use TTO undiluted so it's best to check before you do that. Otherwise you can dilute it with a bit of water.

I've been at it for about 3 weeks constantly now and I'm having great results. There are definitely little pieces falling off here and there but this is how it's gone from beginning to now: first time-turned white, then eventually they became hard and a darker off white-greyish color, then tiny black spots all over, still hard. Eventually mine became very scabby and large layers of them started peeling off like a sunburn. I've also noticed a big reduction in size. They just seem to be shrinking and coming off in layers instead of just falling off. I've been told the best thing you can do is damage them and keep kickin' em while they're down. It's definitely not comfortable and I don't love the smell of ACV but I'm seeing a dramatic improvement. Hopefully this keeps up and ill post back again when I have some new results. Good luck :)