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Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Anonymous (Newton, Ma) on 04/10/2016
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Since my situation is a little more severe than most postings on here, I wanted to give details on my struggle: what worked and what didn't. First, I have a strain of HPV that is both high risk for cancer AND shows warts -great! I am also a very healthy individual, who eats well and exercises regularly. Once I realized I had HPV, I went to the Dr.and she prescribed Aldara, which worked slowly on two small bumps. After 3 weeks, they were mostly resolved. However, a third bump appeared on my vaginal opening and started growing quite rapidly. I liberally applied Aldara (daily too) but could not tell if it was working.

In frustration, I researched home remedies (which honestly I was not a fan of until now) and tried ACV on it to see what it would do. To my horror, white bumps showed up all over the vulva and near the vaginal opening. So I realized that while Aldara may work, there was no way to know where else the virus may be presenting. So, I researched ACV and started with the regimen that others mentioned on this website (overnight was impossible due to pain, but I left it on as long as I could bear, or applied it a few times throughout the day). I smelled like a salad bar and spent so much time crouched over a mirror.

Initially, I thought I was saved: bumps turned black in the center within a few days and I could pick them off in the shower. However, once I laid off ACV for a day or two, new ones appeared and more vigorous than before. So, I started again with ACV, but this time it did not seem to work as well. It took about 3 weeks to get some gone, others seem to just stay white, and a few new ones appeared too. A constant rotation of bumps in different stages- it was so frustrating, it hurt so bad, and was getting to be a real mess down there. I also believe the ACV on the cotton balls was spreading the infection to outlying areas. So I tried different techniques: using Q-tips on each one (hard bc so many), applying coconut oil to unaffected areas (may have helped to some degree), using hydrogen peroxide, taking lots of baths and keeping it dry. It just wouldn't stop and I could never get all the bumps gone. So, I tried alternating ACV with Aldara each night, thinking maybe I needed to fight this on a few different fronts. But that combo was too irritating and then, when I switched back to only ACV, my vulva looked SO bad (giant white all over almost every inch of my lower vulva and opening). It looked like one of those horrific pictures on the internet. At this point, I was too embarrassed to go to the Dr.

Researching, I found a number of scientific articles about green tea extract's efficacy. So I mixed green tea extract capsules with about 1 oz. of grapefruit seed extract and applied this to the area (I also consumed green tea extract mixed in juice (with vitamin C)). The extract felt good down there and seemed to dry out the area. It also kind of stuck to the cauliflower center of each wart and looked like it might be helping. But out of nowhere, a new outbreak developed on my anus! Due to all the warnings on the labels to not use salicylic acid on genitals, I had chosen not to do so, but at this point, I just didn't know what else to do. And I found one reference on the internet where a girl whose situation sounded similar to mine had luck.

Following her advice, I bought a blemish stick by a popular health food brand which contained salicylic acid and tea tree oil. It WORKED! Here's what happened: I put it on liberally before bed - it stung really bad but only briefly. I woke up the next morning and MY WHOLE VULVA area was HARD and BUMPY (not white) - like an alligator's back. I was VERY upset, thinking I had just ruined my vagina for life. I spent the day in shock. But the next morning I realized that actually it might be a good thing. So I took a bath (water/soaking helps it work), and applied it again. Almost immediately the warts turned brown and partly black! By that very afternoon, I could rub off 50% of them. That is where I am at today. It feels like it is working completely, unlike ACV. I am no expert, but based on all the readings I have done, I'm thinking different techniques work for different strains... Just a thought. Anyway, I will write back again if there are any new updates. I hope this helps someone who has a similar situation. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories.