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Oregano Oil
Posted by Brittany (La) on 05/24/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hi I was diagnosed last yr in may with hpv2. I've read many different testimonies, about ways to suppress it, and even cure it. I'm determined to get rid of this disease like a lot of other ppl are too. My experience since I've been taking oregano oil. I read from a girl that she took it two times a day under the tongue not a lot or too long be aware it does burn a lot and two inches above the buttox because that's where the virus lives. I was doing it for a good second. I'm on my second bottle now my first bottle I still was having breakouts a little. I'm on my 2nd I admit I'm not taking it like I'm supposed to but so far its working. I may not take some for a while and I don't have any breakouts but I'm back on my daily routine an I'll be sure to post again my experiences. Good luck with all of you trying your best.