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Posted by Jaze (NYC, NY) on 06/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was very upset to hear that i hap HPV Genital Warts. i had been with the same man for 6 years last Aug 08. He was cheating and I left him last june 08, but not before he left me with a gift. i had only been with 1 person before him and that wasn't many times. Anyway I was upset to hear that there is no cure. I found 1 bump down there this last Feb 09. When I got the second within a week I knew something wasnt right. The Dr told there really wasnt anything that she could do. Sent me home with nothing but a photo copy of some info on HPV and genital warts. I ended up getting a few more bumps . Then a few more afte that some outbreak I was devasted , so I decided to start researching on the internet. I came across lots of information on home remedies and I put together my own "treatment". And it does work For those who are patient and persistent. I read alot of stories of people and how they irritaded there skin with there " treatments". i am a very busy person, I work 7 days a week, so I needed to be comfortable. First i will list the oils, soaps and vitamins that I have been using, including the ACV. Fist off, I enjoy eating Salads and my favorite thing is Olive oil and vinegar on my salad. I have made it a part of my treatment to have a salad every day with OV & apple cider vinegar. Now to the other stuff. I Started taking vitamins, I take a womens 1 a day type, I take elderberry extract in pill form 400mg 1 a day, I take a garlic oderless extract in pill form 1000mg 1 a day, Antioxidant formula with minerals first 2 weeks everyday then I started taking it 3 times a week. For the first 3 weeks I also took Golden seal & echinacea complex in pill form. BUT YOU CAN NOT TAKE IT FOR MORE THAN 8 WEEKS STRAIGHT IT CAN CAUSE LIVER DAMAGE. So I waited 5 weeks and then took it again for 2 weeks then stopped and plan on doing the same in about another 6 weeks. Will take for 2 weeks again.I also used tea tree oil for the first few weeks because I had started other symptoms associated with it irritated and itchy. I also used the tea tree oil mixed with vitamin e wenever I shaved the area. I found a tea tree oil soap and since I bought it back in the beggining of March I have used it to clean that area, and plan on using the soap for a while longer. The ones that I had were slowwlllllyyy dissapearing. i was fustrated. I decided to research more and came across castor oil, decided to try it. It has been about 3 weeks that i started rubbing it with a q-tip on the area and everything is all gone. No pain or irritated skin. This is for the persistent patient person or *Chicken's* like me. :) Well I hope that this helps everyone. My interest is getting ride of the virus above everything. I dont want another outbreak. My question to anyone is, What has been the results for people who have tried these treatments how long has it been since an outbreak or a positive test? I also read about Job's tears it is a barley. Some people think that it helps kill the virus. That is what i will be working on getting my hands on within the next few weeks and add it to my treatment for a while in hopes of killing that damn nast virus. Good luck to all and I really hope the info helps.