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Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Angeles Barros (Bronx, Ny) on 06/19/2016

YEA!! I can't stop admiring my toes! :>) I want to report that I tried Ted's remedy for fungus on my toes and it worked!! I accepted that my pinkie toes were black but when it spread to the edges of my nails on big was war!! I followed the instructions: equal parts of ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide on cotton balls for half an hour, then followed with equal parts of Clorox and water (used Qtip), then poured generous amounts of Peppermint and Tea Tree oils. I don't remember when was the last time I saw my pinkie toe nail white but that's what happened within 2 weeks and the edges of my big toes are clear as well. My hubby is convinced and today began the treatment on his toe. Thanks and God bless!!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by John (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/18/2013

I am sorry to hear about Ted fm Bangkok. I live in Bangkok and the authorities and the Thai version of the AMA here does not like competition.

I have a fungus problem that seemingly went the wrong direction while being cured but I would appreciate some advice/input if anyone has an idea on the matter.

I developed what seemed to be large tinea corporis rash (doctor advised) on my backside about 6 months ago. I did not notice it for quite sometime so it may have been there for some while before that. About 10 weeks ago I saw a doctor here and they gave me the usual anti-fungal cremes. Over several weeks there was no improvement. In fact, the fungus migrated to my hand and fingers and later the elbows and ankles. They then felt it was internal now and gave me Sporanox and Lamisil tablets etc. No change except to increase intensity of the rash symptoms. Not much itching however, only rash and some rash spreading. I tried various other methods and but not much happened. I had systemic candida 15 years ago and beat it with diet and Mycostatin, etc and it was nothing like that.

Forward to 01 December 2013. I started on what I had read from Ted from Bangkok. I began the regimen of Sodium bicarbonate 1/4 teaspoon and water, 3 x per day and 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in 1 liter water. The borax I started at 50 ml per day. After several days a small reaction began what I assumed was Herx effect. The body trying to get the toxins out quickly. Skin on the rash became very dry and flaking off. But then it stopped. So from what I read, if one had a severe fungal case then increase the dosage to about 100 ml per day. This I did with a 5 day on / 2 day off program. Soon the Monday of the second week the dosage was increased to 100 ml per day. By Thursday a real noticeable effect appeared, the skin was dying off the rashes almost everywhere but the rashes were spreading. I put this down to the increased Herx effect. I stopped for the 2 days on Saturday however, the rashes increased.

Dramatically. They started to appear all over. Now they are also around my eyes and lips and under the arms and even the back of my neck. Face feels like it is puffing up from sunburn a bit as a result. They are very dry and itchy and sometimes small lesions develop on the finger joints (though I put this down to the fact they are so dry that it is cracking).

That was Saturday and this is Wednesday. It is quite debilitating and irritating and since it has gone to the eyelids, nose corners, lips, etc etc it is a bit worrisome. I have not done anymore borax since last Friday feeling it was just a increased Herx effect. So that would be 5 days now with no borax use. I still maintain the sodium bicarbonate regimen as before and drinking a lot of water , etc..

These particular effects started after the borax use, nothing like this happened prior. It seems to be increasing daily. I get good sleep, food and exercise, etc.. Any input is appreciated.

Is it the Herx and I just need to wait it out or is it something else. Go back on the borax. ???

Sincerely, John Bkk

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

At this point I think you can assume it is not fungal and maybe try treating it like a viral infection. You can use vit C, oil of oregano, lysine, colloidal silver, etc.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi John...Your problem seems to be a bit of a mystery but I think it can at least be partially explained.

For fungal problems, Ted recommends drinking the Borax Water at 1/4 tsp borax in a liter of water throughout the day. That's one liter bottle a day. A 1/4 tspn of borax is equivalent to 1000 mgs borax per day.

Your borax water therefore contains 1000 mgs borax dissolved in 1000mls of water. But your own effective per diem dosage is only 50 mls or 100mls per day -- equivalent to 50 mgs or 100mgs per day -- well below Ted's recommended 1000mgs in water per day.

What I'm saying is that the borax dose that your taking -- 50mgs or 100mgs -- is about 5% or 10% respectively of the per diem dose recommended by Ted.

Since borax is a great detoxer of fluoride from the body -- I'm also wondering if you might have high concentrations of fluoride in your body. If you did then the borax would also chelate out any fluoride from your cells and put it into the blood -- which can accumulate in excess and give rise to a form of fluoroderma or skin problems as a detox effect when fluoride is in excess in the blood.

I therefore think that it might greatly benefit you if you were to have a simple hair analysis (not expensive) -- this will tell you exactly what minerals and vitamins you are lacking in your diet and will also tell you what poisons, heavy metals and halides you have in excess in your body. If you have any excess fluoride or other poisons -- it will show up in the results.

You also mentioned that the doctor said that the tinea corporis has gone internal. I find this extremely surprising and hard to believe because tinea corporis is a dermatophyte -- a fungus that can only exist topically on the skin. Much more likely, perhaps, that the doctor meant that you had candida, a well known internal problem. And since you had candida before I think that your problems might also be related to this.

When I had systemic candida, I also had many fungal type skin problems -- including psoriasis(which is apparently incurable), athletes foot(for over 20 years), eczma and tinea cruris. When I eventually got rid of my candida, all these skin problems -- including the psoriasis -- just disappeared.

The anti-candida protocol is shown at this link. This protocol is mainly based on Ted's approach to internal fungal problems.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Hi John BKK -

May be you won't like my advice but I use the following daily and am a senior with beautiful skin all my life. At the moment I am using Ted's borax remedy for mites in my face. As it is very drying I alternate this with the mid stream of my own urine on a washcloth, massaging it in. However, drugs and meat and alcohol must be left aside for your own blueprint to work. It is a remedy without peer. Use it fresh so there is no odour which only develops when exposed to the elements. Om

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
89 posts

I was wondering how long it was going to take before I read about using urine for rosacea!! I'm not adverse to the idea... I actually find it kind of funny!

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Well, yes, Jillery, you are welcome. That's what I have been doing and people are wondering about my good skin. I ingest it and do my hair with it. It will grow a good mop of hair, too. It is good for many things provided no alcohol, meat or drugs. Regards, Om

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Cjizzle (Raleigh, Nc) on 05/25/2012


Hi Guys. I would definitely not use Clorox on my bare hands. Clorox is unsafe to use on bare skin or to inhale. I would try monistat or the Vicks and ACV method before Clorox. I posted a link for you all to see the very adverse affects Clorox can have. Everybody be safe!

Ted's Remedies
Posted by George (Mississauga, Ontario) on 03/21/2012

I am unclear on how to apply Ted's Remedies for toe nails only. I have very bad fungus that has taken the left protion of my large to nail and it is not growing. I have stopped it with Vicks but it still seems to be there and the nail is not growing (maybe it will take a while)

Back to your remedy, do I also use the clorox bleach the vasaline and tree oil on my foot as you state for finger nails?

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Naheed (Claremont, Ca, U.s.a) on 12/10/2011

Hi Ted, I have been having toe and nail fungus for the past 8 years. I always used nail polish to hide them. Until recently I found this great website regarding how to cure nail fungus by home remedy. I have few questions before I start the remedy.

1-Can I mix pure white vinegar with hydrogen proxide for using on my nails?

2- Is the amount used for both equal and since my nail fungus is quite bad, how strong should I use peroxide.

3-In terms of using on my toes and fingernails, can I just use cotton ball to soak it with and put on my nails for 20 minutes or so every day. I also want to use tea tree oil the same way before bed every night. Do you think this will get rid of my fungus after couple of months? Thank you in advance.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Susane (Santa Monica, Ca) on 04/10/2011

Ted Remedy plus Thymol works. First of all.. Be patient. Toe nails take a long long time to grow. My docotor, from Kaiser, prescribed Thymol. It's a liquid that you apply twice a day. I used it for 6 weeks and couldn't see any change. I called the doctor and asked for Lamisil. The doctor told me that he has never known Thymol not to work. So... I added Ted's Remedy. For 2 weeks, twice a day, I did the 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide followed by a 50/50 solution of bleach/water for 30 seconds to a minute and then rinsed. I then followed this by using the Thymol drops.

After 2 weeks I started seeing a difference. At that point I stopped everything but the Thymol. I am now currently 7 months into the entire event of trying to save my toenails and am happy to say that of the 7 infected toenails 4 of them are completely cured and the other 3 are slowly getting there. One of my big toenails was about 80% infected and apparently it takes about a year to fully regrow a big toenail and I appear to be on track for that mark. You must be diligent and patient. My prescription of Thymol costs about $15 a bottle and I have used 3 bottles over 7 months and will probably need another 2 bottles. Also, my doctor told me that he personally uses Thymol once a week just as maintenance.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by David (Denver, Co) on 03/07/2011

Yea for Ted's Remedy -

Thanks Ted, I have dealt with toe nail fungus for about 6 years. I actually took the pills (which have gone generic in the last 2 or so years, dropping the price considerably) but noticed a huge effect on my health while doing so. It was sucessful in curing 4 of 5 affected nails, it took about a year and a half to see the results. One toe nail in particular looked suspcious so was applying ACV to it, along with an over the counter fungus remover. It was masked but never really cured, it was on a smaller toe so it wasn't very noticable and I ignored it for a while. This winter I vowed to have another go at curing it and came upon this site.

Ted's recommendation worked wonders for me. I filed down the nail as much as possible, I thought I went to far as I started to feel a bit of irritation and some very slow bleeding but proceeded anyway. I put ACV, H2O2, and a small amount of listerine (another site's recommendation) in a bucket to soak the affected foot. After I would follow up with the bleach/water solution. In the morning I would coat the foot with the Tree/Lavender oil (mixed with vasoline) and at night after the soak I would use Lamisl and I would re-coat with the Tree/Lavender before bed. After 3 days I saw that the nail had hardened under where I had previously filed. The portion under the nail, that I though was the nail bed was really just infected nail that was soft and looked and acted like nail bed (and actually bled), it was really a surprise and now I know where the reinfection was coming from. I re-filed the area again (no bleeding or irritation this time) and saw a huge improvement in the general area and nail, along with dead skin sloughing off of my foot. I have been at it for 2 weeks with exellent results and the new toe nail coming in looks great. I believe that with diligence and this method I will end this stupid thing that has inconvienced my summers for too long. I wanted to leave my feedback and say thanks my foot health in general is so much better. I wanted to comment that a lot of dead skin on the foot may be the same fungus as what can work its way under the nail, I have had a similar dissapearance of that dead skin on my foot while taking the pills and now while doing this soaking method.

I also wanted to leave feedback to some of the other users of this method. I believe that some other people that have different symptoms (i.e. Not just nail fungus) and should look at different methods as this can be pretty agressive on the skin. For instance, start with the recommended soaking times and if it irritates the condition, stop using. I have upped my soaking times in the past week to a few hours (for the ACV/H202) when available with no adverse effects on my feet.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lindsay (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 09/13/2010

I started out doing Ted's remedy for nail fungus six weeks ago. My big toenails were just starting to show signs of fungus with those scratchy white marks. I stopped the bleach step after awhile because the skin around my nails was starting to turn red and break down. About ten days ago I backed off the vinegar/peroxide step to every other day because the problem persisted, but kept the vaseline/tea tree oil on it every day. I started noticing that the fungus only extended halfway down my nail now instead of 2/3 of the way down the nail like it had when I started, but my nails were now very yellow, particularly around the perimeter of the nails. I reduced the vaseline/tea tree oil to once per day because my skin was still so dry and red around my nails and the tea tree oil was drying it out further, and I noticed today that the fungus is now progressing further down my nails than before. What am I doing wrong, and what can I do differently? What has caused my nails to turn yellow? I have had this fungus before, and it progressed much further before, but it never caused my nails to turn quite this shade of yellow, even when it pulled the nail away from the nail bed. Last time I treated it with Lamisil prescribed by my doctor, but since that was only two years ago and I didn't want to take Lamisil every two years, I was hoping for a remedy that doesn't require a prescription or that I take a liver function test first. I am so frustrated. Is there a milder treatment since my nails aren't that far gone yet and my skin is so sensitive?

Replied by Lindsay
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

It appears the reason my nails are all yellow now is that this remedy was breaking down my cuticles and the skin around my nails has allowed the fungus to spread to all of my nails. This should NOT be labeled as "better with side effects" since the side effect is that the fungus is now much worse. Based on my previous nail fungus, if I had left it alone, it would have taken months to progress to this point.

Replied by Lindsay
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

Update: I blame the diluted Clorox for the breakdown around my nails. I do not recommend doing that step unless your nails are so far gone that nothing else works. Here is the version of this remedy I have been using for the last few months (after several trials and errors) that has healthy pink nail finally growing in on every toe: each morning and evening wipe down the nails with the 50/50 vinegar and peroxide solution, then rinse, dry thoroughly, and cover the nails with Vicks vaporub (the Vicks was recommended by my doctor) and sprinkle a foot powder with Micronazole Nitrate over all the toes (I'm not sure how integral the powder part is, but it prevents athlete's foot from being a problem on and around the skin, and it keeps my toes from feeling like they are covered in Vicks vaporub). Since I've been doing this through the winter, my feet have socks and shoes on them almost all the time, but this has not been a problem. A couple of times a week I will soak my (clean) feet in the 50/50 solution for about 15 minutes instead of just wiping them down.

Positive side effect: If you have a problem with rough skin and callouses, the peroxide makes them soft and easy to slough off. Most of my small nails are already grown out, and the large ones are about half-way grown out doing this routine. It is time consuming but I consider it worth it. Doing the routine just once each day didn't have the same effect.

Replied by Eridani
(Rochester, Ny)

Maybe you should try spraying the shoes you wear with the h2o2/acv solution or buying a lotrim spray and use that for your shoes too.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Kc (Lafayette, Co) on 04/12/2010

I have very severe nail fungus on one big toe, always have although its been getting progressively worse over the years. Just a few weeks ago I noticed a different type fungus starting in one of my little toes! "NO WAY!" i thought, so i jumped on here and read all the remedies and comments. I'm a huge believer in ACV but i haven't been taking it recently. I thought Teds Remedy combined with ACV sounded like it would work the fastest. It honestly never occurred to me it would work as fast as Ted says it would, i thought "mines really bad, a few months and it will look better maybe" I cut back all the raised infected nail to get the best penetration, did both the vinegar and hp and the bleach (at 1/1 water directly on the nail with a dropper)and then covered them in vicks for the night. OMG!! I woke up to find the fungus obviously dying (different consistency and color)and the yellowing stripes I couldn't clip back very faded. I did the whole routine again this morning and Ill post back in a week or so to let everyone know how its going. Just as an aside, it took the $175 "prescription" paint on stuff 2 months to have this affect on my nail. I'm cautiously hopeful:)

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Gay (Winnsboro, Texas) on 10/05/2009

So glad I found this site. I have had toenail fungus for about 8-10 yrs. on my big toe that had spread to some of my other toes. Tried so many things and even went to a Podiatrist but to no avail and then I found yall's site in May 2009. My big toe nail is definitely better but doesn't look as good as the other one. The other 2 are all cured. They weren't as bad. Here's what I did. Mainly followed the advice on here. Mixed 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 peroxide in a little bottle. Mixed 4 parts water to 1 part bleach in another bottle. First applied the vin/per. solution on each nail and let it set for a minute or so and then applied a drop of bleach/water to each nail. I let that dry. I begin to notice a difference in a couple of weeks but then I did have to cut the nail and file it down on top on my big toe to really get the fungus killed. I do this a least twice a day sometimes even 3 times. My nails do look a lot better. I just use distilled vinegar not ACV. And sometimes I do apply a little drop of straight bleach to my big toe and little toe. Thanks again for this site.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Carol (Largo, FL) on 07/19/2009

Hi Ted,

I appreciate the time you take to offer so much information on how to cure ailments naturally. I've had toenail fungus for many years and have spent tons of money and still can't get rid of it! I gave your formula of ACV with peroxide, followed by clorox and then tea tree oil mixture and did it for about a month and my toenails are still the same! Also, the tea tree oil burns my skin and it peals all around my nail, which makes my toes look really gross! I want to give the alkalizing a try too see if that helps. I feel I have internal fungus (candida) and that's why I can't get rid off this, because I also have seborrheic dermititis and scalp problems.

Is there something you suggest I should do?

Thanks, Carol

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Rhonda (Hollister, FL) on 06/06/2009

I have never had a fingernail fungus infection until about a month and a half ago, and it is driving me crazy! I work as a server in a resteraunt, so it is very important that my hands look neat and well groomed, so the customers dont get grossed out! I have bitten my nails since I was a kid, and I decided that it might look better and help me stop biting if I would put fake nails on, long story short, I ended up with fingernail fungus. It started in 1 fingernail, and is now moving to all, but the problem is, my hands get wet everyday, I have to put my hands in our bleach bucket to get towels to wipe down the tables after customers have left, so this has been a real battle!! bleach doesnt help fight in this situation, it seems to make it worse, but the 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 peroxide is really working, one of my nails is slowly coming off, and each day I soak in the morning, afternoon and evening before bed, and as the nail clears up i keep cutting it off, my other nails i think i caught in time before they got as bad as this one, i dare not try the bleach after, since my hands are in it all day as it is. but the vineger and peroxide are working good, and i can tell whatever kind of fungus this is, it cant stand it!!! wish me luck, because im in for a ride!! but i cant afford the expensive products they have out there, and its just a shame i had to buy a cheap set of nails, and end up with a fungus! I also think the bucket at work doesnt help the matter any either.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Araminta (Boise, ID) on 04/30/2009

I want to give my so far so good story on my remedy for toe nail fungus. I did what was reccomended.I used the Distilled Viniger and Hdrogen proxide mix (soaking my toes for 5 min.) Then I dry them off and soak my toes in a 10% / 90 % bleach and H2O mix. Then the tea tree oil.vasoline mix.

I have done this for 4 days now at night before bed. I have seen my pinky toe harden and color slowly start to come back. I have noticed my cutical bed recend, and I am noticing a new nail forming under my old very soft malformed nail. I am so glad I found this site!

I have to confess I mis read the directions and for the first two days I was using a baking soda viniger mix, I think that was helping as well.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lisa (Boston, MA) on 04/17/2009

I've been trying Ted's remedy for fingernail fungus for over a week and the fungus is still spreading on that nail. If this is going to work, how soon should I see progress? Any other suggestions? Should I clip away the detached fingernail?


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Debra (Grosse Pointe Farms, MI) on 02/12/2009

When the nail on my big toe showed fungus, I went to the doctor who could only offer me a medication that can be hard on your liver and, some say, doesn't work for all people or it works only temporarily. Plus, the medication is very expensive. Instead, I got online and found different remedies. I eventually found Ted's cure and decided to give it a try. By the time I found his recipe, my nail had turned black and half of it crumbled off. It was pretty horrible. After following his suggestions, my nail slowly began showing improvement as it grew. It didn't happen quickly, but it worked. My nail is now fully grown and perfect. I can again wear my summer shoes. I continue rubbing a little tea tree oil on that nail and avoid dark nail polishes. I choose a french pedicure instead as a preventative measure.