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Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Dave (Colonia, NJ) on 11/12/2006
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olive leaf extract and an antifungal diet cures toenail fungus. Starve the fungi! Cut the carbs and sugars. check out -- much of our health problems are caused by fungus.

Dietary Changes
Posted by CW (USA) on 04/20/2006
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I haven't read anything here about a root cause of toenail fungus, candida. I have experienced a reduction in my toenail fungus when I cut out simple carbs, added more protein and took oral anti-fungals such as caprylic acid or grapefruit seed oil. It takes months to really have a noticeable effect.

Dish Soap, Acidophilus

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Posted by Mariana (Billings, Mt, Usa) on 04/05/2010 10 posts
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Hi, When I was about 17 I got a strange nail fungus in my fingernails. It didn't hurt, but the fungus was quickly and viciously eating them all up and my nails were literally disappearing. Some of my nails were over 2/3rds gone and it was just like a soft skin there where the nail bed should have been.

My mom took me to the doctor, and he said it was a fungal infection. He didn't give me any drugs for it, but told me simply to soak my hands two or three times a day (I can't remember for sure but I think it was two) in dish soap water for 15 minutes each time. He also said to go to the drug store and get some acidophilus pills and take those every day. I did this for a week or two (I made the dish soap water quite soapy) and the infection totally disappeared, and my nails grew back to perfectly normal.

Distilled Vinegar

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Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., Nj) on 04/12/2013
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White Vinegar for Toenail Fungus: Apply white vinegar liberally using a cottonball after every shower or anytime your feet get wet. My husband also applied it at bedtime and again in the morning. Allow it to dry thoroughly (hair dryer is good). Continue for several months until the whole nail has grown out. Otherwise, it will probably come back. He also applied Vaporub on the first night, which had a quick effect, turning it black, but he didn't want to keep using a petroleum product for months.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Ken (Kearns, Ut) on 03/17/2013
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After many years, this finally did the trick.

I cut off as much of the bad nail as I could, even parts of the top of the nail. (This would be especially easy after a good bath or shower, or after soaking the foot for 20 minutes or so. )

Then each night, before I retired for the night, I taped a cotton ball to the top of my toe with scotch tape. I taped all around the toe so it wouldn't fall off. Then I soaked it with white vinegar. I slipped a sandwich baggie over the toe, then slipped a sock over the foot to keep the baggie on the toe. I did this for about a week. After about that time my toe was a little irritated (but not until that long), so I didn't do it for a week or so. Then I did it again for about a week.

I started noticing a difference after 2 or 3 weeks. Sure enough, that did the trick, and it was a lot easier than soaking my foot for 20 minutes. Not only that, I had tried soaking it before, but it was hard to keep up the routine.

I think part of the trick was to cut back as much as possible. Then, the overnight soaking killed the problem. It took a long time for the nail to finish growing out, but my toe is 100% normal now! Ah, finally! I just thought I ought to forward hope and a solution to the suffering.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Marc (Owings Mills, Maryland) on 09/18/2012
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I had a severe toe nail fungus on my two big toes plus a couple of others. I tried everything but nothing worked. Then I heard about the 2 dollar remedy five years ago which was distilled vinegar. I soaked a q tip in the distilled vinegar and applied it to the nails twice a day morning and night. It took about a year but 100% gone. Safe, effective, and inexpensive.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Pat (Naperville, Il) on 04/15/2012
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I have used distilled white vinegar to eliminate toenail fungus. I soak the toenail in undiluted white vinegar for about 20 minutes almost every day. The fungus stops growing and once the affected toenail grows out, you again have a totally healthy nail. I read that ACV will discolor the toenail but this did not happen with the distilled white vinegar.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Daryl (Tok, Ak.) on 02/06/2012
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I've been useing white vinegar and water and it works great. Mix it 1cup of vinegar to 4 cups of water you can triple that or what ever it takes to cover the infected area, Soak for half hour once a day.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Golfer/fisherman (Aiken, Sc) on 10/20/2011
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After trying many otc products for nail fungus with no success, I came across several articles about using vinegar, sometimes with other additives, to cure their nail fungus. After having tried many other things and seeing several people had tried this with success, I decided to give it a try.

I bought a plastic shoe box, put undiluted white vinegar in it and soaked my foot twice a day for about 3 weeks. (I only change the vinegar solution every few weeks and keep a lid on the plastic box when not being used. ) The vinegar was a bit too strong and started creating a few sores on the top and sides of a few toes. Wanting to continue, I put a salve on those spots while soaking my foot and that cleared up that problem.

After about 3 weeks, I decided to dilute the vinegar, about half white vinegar and half water. That was much more gentle on my foot and no longer have my skin get irritated by the vinegar. I also started soaking my foot only once a day for about 30 minutes each day. I have now been doing this for a little over 3 months. (During this time, I also kept clipping my toenails back as far as I could to expose as much of the fungus under the nails as possible. ) Three of my little toes that had fungus now have been cured and the nails are slowly growing back with no signs of fungus. My big toe is also responding, but because of the size of the nail, is taking much longer to grow out and get rid of the remaining fungus under the nail, but it too seems to be responding. The nail growing from the base seems to be free and clear of any fungus. Hopefully in a few more months, my big toenail will be totally free from the fungus.

I don't know if this works for everyone, but it seems to have worked for me.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Rachel (Sydney, Australia) on 11/13/2010
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I've had 2 dodgy toenails, one for about 10 years and one for about 2 years. After reading all the testimonials, I started soaking my feet in the cheapest generic supermarket white vinegar. I don't even know if it's distilled, but I assume it must be. I've also alternated between putting tea tree oil and generic chest rub ointment on both nails twice a day. After six weeks, the nail with the 10-year fungus now looks like a normal pink nail and the nail with the 2-year fungus still looks dodgy.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Moi (V Ville, Ca) on 12/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had a very bad nail fungus for 23 or so years. I practically had no healthy nail left on my big toe. It was very ugly and was just a crumbly mess. I tried a lot of otc meds (before I got wise), none worked. Also tried a lot of natural cures, vicks, h2o2 etc, and none of them did anything to help. I had pretty much resigned myself to funky toe for life, when I decided to give it one last go with White Vinegar, just the ordinary cheap as chips stuff.
After my shower I would soak a cotton ball with vinegar and put it on my nail with a plaster over it. Nothing else. Did it for 2 or so months. Total cure. My nail (and my partner cannot believe it) is normal again, as in I do not hide it anymore and am rather proud of the little fellow now. I have nice feet and am really happy at last to have nice healthy feet.

One thing, the vinegar does smell a bit early in the day, but for me it was worth it. Every now and again I do a vinegar day just to keep the fungus away.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Gissel (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 07/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Distilled vinegar works, I had a toe nail fungus for over 10 years on my big toes, I started to spray pure distilled vinegar into my toe nails every day twice a day for 3 months and I also cleaned underneath my toe nail with the vinegar. today my nails are clear and beautiful. just be patient it will work. Make sure you do it in the morning before you wear your shoes and before you go to sleep, it is very important to have your feet clean

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Marilyn (Buena Park, CA) on 12/21/2008
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Vinegar soaks (two hours) for nail fungus : I tried soaking my toenails in vinegar and water 50:50 for fifteen minutes at a time after a shower and nothing seemed to be happening. One day while sitting at my computer I decided to soak then rather than take time to soak when I was ready for bed. Two hours went by before I remembered I was soaking my feet, and they were all "pruny". I did it for two hours again two more times in that week, but not on consecutive days, and never again. It has now been about three months, and I now have about 1/8 inch of normal nail growing in. If fifteen minute soaks aren't working, try two-hour soaks! I only did it those three days. Who knows? It may take only one two-hour soak! I don't think the kind of vinegar matters. It's the acid in vinegar that destroys the fungus and all store vinegar is about the same.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by AMD (V Ville, USA) on 10/22/2008
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White Vinegar cured toe nail fungus

Had funky toenail for about 20 + years, tried a lot of remedies to cure it, no joy. Tried the vicks, acv, lavender oil, etc nothing worked. It was really bad by the time I started using white vinegar (distilled) heinz worked for me. To be honest I really was hopeful but not expecting a lot. Well within 3 months my toe nail is cured and healthy looking. I am 45 and have not seen this little chap/ette look healthy since I was about 22.

I just soaked a bit of cotton wool in vinegar, popped it on toe nail and then put a plaster over it. Best done after a shower/bath when nail is soft. After about 3 days of doing this the base of my toe nail (where there was a sliver of healthy nail left..& I use the word "healthy" loosely} got really sore and tender. The skin got red, swollen and kind of spotty. However shortly after that I began to notice a change that has been continuing. 'Tis a miracle!
God bless to all.

Replied by Russell
(Wickenburg, Arizona)

I read a review about using vinegar a person would use the vinegar then put a plaster over it. What is the plaster?

EC: A bandaid or...

Replied by Moi
(V.ville, Ca)

Oops, that was me. A plaster (in Ireland where I grew up) was a generic or non company name for what is commonly known in US as a bandaid. To reiterate my post, it works and has continued to work for the past year or so.

Replied by Denise
(Rockford, Il)

A plaster is a 'Band-Aid in The UK.

Distilled Vinegar
Posted by Nina (Houston, TX) on 07/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have fought toenail fungus for over 30 years. I have tried Lamisil, Vicks, hydrogen peroxide and now, distilled vinegar for the past 11 months and I have finally won the battle. I diluted the vinegar, half & half with water, and sprayed it on my toenails twice daily. I have also been cleaning under the nails at least once a week. IT WORKS!