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Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Olive Leaf Extract

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Posted by Marylynn (Louisville, Kentucky) on 04/23/2006

I tried olive leaf extract for overall infection in my body. About 3 months later, during a pedicure, I noticed that my toenails were perfect! I stopped taking it after a while, so finally after a long time, maybe almost a year, the fungus came back. I work in a hot, humid and dirty environment where toenail fungus is a common problem. After discovering this, I looked it up on the internet and read that it does indeed cure toenail fungus!

Olive Leaf, Tea Tree and Coconut Oils

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Posted by Kathy (Prattville, Alabama) on 12/15/2011

I have had nail fungus on my hands for 20 years. The docs said the yellowish brown hard nails were from smoking. Recently since finding this site, I began taking 250mg of olive leaf capsules 2times a day. Also I have been using a mix of coconut oil and 20% tea tree oil after showering 3times a week and daily on hands and feet. My original intent was not for the nails- but imagine my shock when my nails became white again. I don't know which worked best but I'm not complaining. Both can be bought at walmart quite cheap and hope it will work for you-took about 3weeks. Tea tree oil is slightly drying and it must be used with another oil since it is so strong but coconut oil by itself will make your skin very soft.

Olive Oil and White Vinegar

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Posted by Ellen (USA) on 07/11/2006

I've been using Ozonated Olive Oil & 2 drops of white distilled vinegar at the base of the toenail @ 12 hour intervals. The fungal part is growing out and there is a growing "pink" area between the half-moon and the fungal part. This has been a 30 year fungal infection and this is the most progress that I have ever seen. April through June, I was using many different remedies. But in the last 3 weeks, I have been using the 2 drops at the base of the toenail every 12 hours. This is the cheap white (clear) distilled vinegar that is 4% or 5% acetic acid. And I've been using the ozonated olive oil every 12 hours. I apply it to the toenail and then I cover the toenail with a bandaid, to keep the olive oil in place. I bought the olive oil on ebay. It is working and I am excited! I've been using prescription Thymol in an alcohol solution for over 3 years, and it hasn't done this much. Did I say that I am excited?!

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Cathy (Adelaide, Sa) on 09/26/2017

After trying over the counter options and some other natural remedies I finally gave wild oregano oil a go. My big toe nail was an awful yellow-white colour and almost all of it had lifted away from the nail bed. I started rubbing in a tiny amount of the oil onto the cuticle and nail and a drop under the nail ( where it had lifted) each day. It takes at least a month to notice but you will start to notice the nail near the cuticle improve. My nail is about 75% there, just the tip needs to grow out. I now have a nice pink nail growing that is attached to the nail bed. HAPPY DAYS!!! I haven't used nail polish the whole winter either, so looking forward too lovely painted nails during summer. Thanks for sharing this cheap and easy remedy.

Oregano Oil
Posted by CC (Collierville, Tn./USA) on 07/18/2013

All anyone needs for any kind of fungus, is Wild Oregano. You can purchase it at a health store. It kills the fungus! It comes in dropper, capsule, or oil gel cap forms. It will kill any yeast type infections (fungus), and other forms of infection, too. It works by taking it internally, and for a nail fungus, apply to area, as well. I have used it on my animals, also. For over a year, my dog could not get rid of yeast in her ears. Nothing from the doctor worked. I gave her two oil gel caps, twice a day. In three days, it was gone. I gave it to her for another week, just to be sure, like you would take an antibiotic. Do the same for human consumption. Remember... All yeast/fungus related ailments!

Replied by Tassi

I bought an expensive pure wild oregano oil oreganoworld very strong smell, 87.6% min. carvacrol, and it did nothing but SPREAD the fungus from 2 fingernails to all five nails on the same hand. I was also putting it in capsules and taking it internally. I eat no sugar & min. carbs, wear flipflops only, keep all nails dry as possible, also tried remedies: Vicks; ACV; baking soda, borax, iodine (internal & external, all 3); coconut oil; colloidal silver; garlic (burned heck out of toe); GSE ("max strength"); Listerine; Olive leaf extract (internal), I am allergic to rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil and neem oil. I have candida and nothing has worked on that -- food grade H2O2 when reaching treatment dose levels made my ankles swell (edema began so I had to quit H2O2 as edema kept getting worse), I tried niacin and my knees swelled up and became unstable. The candida has me under control, it seems. Cannot drink ACV or I get oral herpes outbreak.

What DOES kind of work for the nail funguses is hydrogen peroxide soaks and dipping or dripping it on multiple times a day. If I get the dose right it keeps the fungus sort of under control, at least the nails do not get maximally weird, although the fingernails are eaten away, & need to be clipped halfway down the nailbed, which is quite painful. I always bleach the clipper in between each nail.

Replied by Prioris

I would try Manuka Honey that has at least a MKO rating of at least 400 on nail fungus. That is therapeutic dose. MKO rating measures the amount of active ingredient. Even hospitals use it. Castor oil is something else. I would buy the hand held $20 infrared (infrarex ST-302) on amazon to help it absorb quickly. Your case is interesting because you tried so many things. Have you ever tested to see what kind of fungus it is.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Lian (Nairobi, Kenya) on 11/29/2012

I am saying Amen!!!!! To Oregano Oil, had Fungal that refused to go completely for the last TEN years. As we speak, my face is really glowing and am very confident walking with my head's high. It is a powerful cure.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Maria (Silver Spring, Md, Usa) on 12/15/2010

Oil of oregano cure for fungus rash and nail fungus. I had a horrible fungus break up on my toes and top of my feet. I had blisters and the itching was so very bad. I had to stay off my feet for two days. It made my nail fungus soooo much worse!! I tried soaking in white vinegar and it helped a little, I tried garlic and did nothing, I tried magnesium salts and it helped to dry it somewhat. I tried apple cider vinegar and it did help to lessen the itching but it stained my toenails. I tried soaking the feet in oregano tea )one teaspoon of dry oregano steeped in hot water for one hour. That helped to clear the infection and the blisters, as oregano is antibacterial and antifungal.

Finally after 3 weeks of suffering I bought the expensive oil of wild oregano already premixed with olive oil. It has helped so much. The skin has healed and the toenail fungus is clearing little by little. I shower and dry my feet with paper towels and then with a hair drier. I remove the debris under the nails and put a few drops of the oregano oil on and under the nails. I rub my feet to help the oil penetrate better. I had a toenail that was separated from the bed, so I but a bandage wrapped tightly around the nail. It has helped to speed the healing and to make the toenail grow straight and proper. Almost there. Be patient, oil of oregano helps where other things do not, but it is not an instant cure, but a steady one. To help the toenails grow faster I am taking silica everyday. It works.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Cheryl (Manteca, California) on 02/11/2009

Oil of Oregano cure for fungus rash: Oil of Oregano ( has the undiluted, pure oil for $19 oz-I bought this one-very inexpensive) cured what seemed to be fungus-possibly Candida type rash. I suffered with the rash for 14 months, no prescription creams, powders or otc creams helped me. I was at my wits end-the dermatologist took a biopsy-said it was 'like athletes foot/fungus type rash' and prescribed Lamisil pills and cream for 2 months-this did not work. I heard about Oil of Oregano from a radio talk show-Coast to Coast-and, gave it a try. It worked in 3 days-I took it internally and mixed it with extra virgin coconut oil on the skin-it went away. Amazing miracle to me.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Michelle (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 03/05/2008

I couldn't find this one so here goes. Best for kids, as it helps whatever is causing the fever, especially virus. Two drops of Oreganol Oil, on each foot rub it in and fever will break in a matter of five (5) minutes. I have four kids and have used this on ALL of them. It has absolutely always worked.

You can rub a few drops on chest for congestion or sinus trouble too. I have used two drops behind ear (rub all around area) for curing ear infections, ear pain, etc.

You can't beat it for cuts, they will never get infected! Best for little finger cuts as they are hard to keep clean! Also cures toenail fungus, especially seriously infected ones, drop several drops around nail bed, under nail, and around affected toe, with in hours, the pain is gone! Three times a day and the toe infection will be gone in a few days. My friend 6'11" male, was about to go to the ER when I told him to try this, he could barely walk! It was easy to walk in a matter of hours and completely cured in a few days! Three times a day several drops. Epsom salt soaks help to draw out infection and help pain too.

Earth Clinic is my Favorite for everything!

Replied by Bern
(Albany, Ny)

Tried using oregano for a persistent toenail fungus in the large toe. Applied oregano oil diligently twice per day for 9 months and noticed no difference.

Replied by Angie
(Quesnel, B.c., Canada)

Nail fungus can be cleared up with a combination of tea tree oil and pure lemon juice. Also take probiotic supplements.

Replied by My2cents
(Rock Hill, Sc, Usa)

one big factor in toenail fungus is getting the oil of oregano directly on the fungus itself. I have been putting a single drop on top of the nail and watching as it slowly travels around the cuticle and under the nail. Also, you may want to treat your shoes as well. Lysol may help this. If you just keep reinfecting with contaminated shoes, no remedy will ever help. I plan to wait one more month before I post my results with the OOR for mine.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Charles (Hillsdale, New York) on 12/12/2007

Remedy Update on previous posts It is now about a year since last post. Have continued to wear sandals and keep feet very clean, and I cut nails way back. Not using anything else at this point Toenail fungus is not visible even when I look closely!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Charles (Hillsdale, NY) on 01/08/2007

Oil of Oregano and wearing sandals cured my nail fungus. My injured toenail grew yellow fungus! I found that oil of oregano stopped progression. After reading all info I could find about this, I realized that it always states nail fungus thrives in "dark, moist conditions" So I now wear sandals open air at all times ( not at some work of course) and now the fungus is hardly visible; I don't bother to take oil of oregano that often, now, either This easy step definitely reduces easily the effects of toenail fungus, but I do not know if it actually cures it I hope this info is helpful!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Charles (Hillsdale, New York) on 01/08/2007

I would like to add this note to my previous note: I did not/do not have severe toenail fungus. My input should be used for mild cases, to keep from becoming severe Because the oil of oregano did NOT seen to completely eliminate fungus, only "kept it at bay" Same with wearing sandals--it keeps the fungus "at bay" A quick look at toenail today shows clean new growth under small spot of toenail fungus on big toe that used to be 3/4 covered--I'd say 1/8 covered now; next toenail down was damaged; this one still looks like there is fungus but not as bad as it used to be; perhaps half gone; I attribute this reduction to the constant sandal wearing as well as good exercise and diet as I stopped oil of oregano last year and only occasionally use it now So I will try antiseptic mouthwash and get back to you about results. Thank you!

Oregano Oil
Posted by Julie (River Grove, IL) on 05/02/2006

I am very happy to pass this on to anyone who has this condition because you will absolutely get rid of your discolored/thickened toenails with no side effects! I know because my nails are clear and beautiful again. Apply oil of oregano to your nails with a Q-tip in the morning and evening. You can buy oil of oregano at any health food store. Do this and your unsightly toenails will be a thing of the past. Do this for approximately 6 or 7 months, so your new clear toenails will grow in and that's it! I followed this advice and my nails are completely clear and normal.

Replied by Julie
(River Grove, IL)

I sent in a comment on 5/2/06, and I have an additional comment to make: I noticed some of you have written in and are concerned about how to get rid of the fungal infection in the internal nail. When you use oil of oregano on your nails for treatment of nail fungus, you will notice it is actually absorbed into the entire nail and completely destroys all of the fungus. You will not be disappointed in the results!


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Posted by Ellen (Redwood Shores, CA) on 03/17/2008

I've been working on my toenails since December 2005. I've tried numerous remedies, probably 10-20. And for the first time ever, I see pink growth peaking out of the base of my two big toenails. I am doing 2 antifungals twice a day. Every morning and evening, I am applying Fungoid Tincture and then Tineacide. I try to also apply Clotrimazole 2% during the day sometime, but it's not always possible. I started the Clotrimazole 2% on Sept. 18th, Tineacide on Dec. 14th and Fungoid Tincture on Jan. 20th. Then around Feb. 28th or so, I discovered the PINK! So, I am guessing that it's from the application of the FT, since I believe that it takes about a month to see visible growth. I only hope that it continues to grow and that this new pink nail will be resistant to the fungus at the free edge. I don't work for any of these companies. I just wanted to pass along this tip to anyone who has stubborn toenail fungus, like my 35 year old toenail.

Replied by Ebonyblu
(Arlington, Va, Usa)

Unbelievably, I found an over the counter product that WORKS. I have had nail fungus for about 10 years because I have to wear compression stockings, which caused sweating of my feet, and eventually toenail fungus. I initially tried an OTC that turned my infected nails brown and did not cure my fungus. I wish I had never used it.

Years later, I found this website in 2006, and tried Ted's remedy. My nails were growing clear of fungus about half way, and then one nail reverted when the season changed. So it cured one nail, and I started over with the second nail. Somehow, everytime the nail would start to grow out it would revert again.

So then I took a chance on an OTC product named Keractil, by a new company. I actually thought it wouldn't work, but at least I'd give something else a trie after the past two years of failure. I received that product which looked like it came from a small mom and pop shop, but said what the heck. The worst it could do is not work. So I put it on and two weeks later I saw fungus free nail begin to grow. I still followed Ted's remedy with a weekly foot soak of Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide. During the other days and nights I used Keractil. This product is a lifesaver. Almost 4 months later, I am 95% fungus free of the nail. I also learned that this product is used by members of the military because they wear combat boots and thick socks year round. This product is no gimmick, and I am not trying to endorse it. I really want to share a remedy that works well in addition to Ted's remedy. One last thing is to recommend biosil supplements - which speed the growth of hair and nails. Not everyone's nails grow quickly.

Oxine AH

Posted by Trudyg (Waynesboro, Va, Usa) on 06/04/2013

I have chickens. In my research for respiratory concerns, I learned of a product called Oxine AH. The AH is for animal health and is identical to the oxine used in brewing. They say it's used in municipal water disinfection because it's so safe. This stuff is supposedly stronger than bleach, kills mold, fungus, virus--all by fogging the area (the chickens are supposed to inhale the mist to fix fungal infection in their lungs). This is for animals! I did not see any place saying use if for humans. But, they use it to clean ductwork, eradicate mold in the home--I'm thinking I personally would try it on ringworm or toenail fungus. Anyone have any experience with it?

Replied by Christina
(Winnemucca, Nevada)

Very interesting!! I'm going to look into it.

Replied by Trudyg
(Waynesboro, Va, Usa)

I just made a comment under the jock itch comment, gave a link to the page listing what Oxine it kills. Google it.