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Natural Nail Fungus Treatments: Effective Home Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by K4thl33n (Wilts, England) on 02/14/2011

I have been using Iodine Tincture for athletes foot, a toe nail infection as well as ezcema on my foot. Since using this tincture (2 months) I have noticed a major improvement in the condition of my feet. The toe nail is repairing itself nicely, the ezcema has almost disappeared and as for the athletes foot, I no longer suffer this ailment.

I am also using magnesium oil twice daily and taking selenium tablets 200mg a day, so between the 3 minerals I seem to be getting back to a healthier body. I am also taking Iodoral twice a day which has improved my energy levels as well as the texture of my hair. All in all Iodine is the missing link to what should be good health but is actually being denied because of ignorance and misunderstanding of its multiple properties and benefits.

On top of this I am also in the process of introducing 100% seaweed supplementation for my garden and allotment as it has been seen to improve growth and health all round. I also wonder if the lack of iodine, selenium, magnesium and other trace minerals is also causing the demise of Birds, Bees and Butterflies as well as many other species who all share our one biological factor - a THYROID GLAND!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Julie (St. Joseph, Michigan) on 08/26/2010

Severe fungus infection. Read all the comments here and yes, tried most of them. Started as blisters near two nails. Went to doctor, whom gave me 10 pills, that left me with not only chest pains, but tunnel vision, breathless, and, I think some allergic reaction. Doctor also gave me some prescription salve that burned the badooties out of my hands, they swelled up like something hitting them with blow torch, and the fungus spread down my arms, legs, feet stomach, This drug left me with continual hives for weeks.. In extreme agony, I went to different doctor who prescribed just taking benedryl, and staying away from any form of water, soap. His last words, do not get wet. After a week of agony, as my skin literally fell off my hands in thick cutting skin cutting the tender flesh underneath. I got a suntan, have not done this in decades, but, was so much less pain in the sun. After two weeks, eating yogurt and staying away from sugar, and yeast flour rice and carbs. Taking tons of Vitamin b's, calcium with D, Green tea. I can see it healing, Thank to the Lord above. I am writing this, just in case someone else out there finds themselves in the same predicament. This last doctor told me of many cases he has seen because of the perfect storm.

Two months prior, I was taking an antibiotic, then purchased some antiviral dish soap and antiviral hand soap. Hot baths and reaction to the fungus drug that messed up my liver. Mind you not only did I get rid of the fungus, but, old age spots, a spider bite on my leg finally healed, three moles disappeared, and, I look now at the fact that medicine is not a cure but a cause. Beware of cleansers, and getting too much sanitation in your life. Kills the good bacteria that protects the skin. I had to restore the good bacteria in my body on it's own. Hope this helps someone else. Fungus lives on sugar and water.