Toenail Fungus
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Castor Oil

Posted by Ann (Algonquin, IL) on 04/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have successfully used castor oil to treat toenail fungus. My baby toenail was completely taken over by fungus. It had a black line running through it as well (another sign of fungus). I did this treatment twice per day until the nail grew out: First, I put two drops of vinegar on the nail. Then I placed a bit of cotton soaked in castor oil directly on the nail and kept it in place with a bandage. The nail is completely healthy. It's been almost two years since the treatment.


Posted by Thomas (Los Angeles, CA) on 06/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Guaranteed to clear nail fungus a lot faster than other methods. Mix cayenne pepper with water and spread on THICK like paste. Pull on socks without disturbing paste. Will clear nails in 4 - 7 weeks.

Posted by Vince (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I cured the fungus by applying cayenne in salt water under the nail. I applied it and cleared any dead skin, and applied it again. working it under. I only applied it once, and it hasn't been back in 3 yrs. VF

All I do is mix a little cayenne with salt in water. Maybe 1/8tsp of each in about 3oz, and just soak the nail or skin for athlete's foot. For nail fungus I try to clean out any debris and reapply it, to make sure it gets in. I only had to treat mine once. I have a thumbnail that looks like it is separating in one spot. Maybe I caused it by cleaning my nails with a penknife a few times, but I treated it anyway. VF

Replied by Alice
Sierra Vista, AZ
5 out of 5 stars

I was hoping Vince, or someone would explain the concentration of cayenne/salt/ and water. Not knowing, I made a paste where the cayenne and salt were approximately equal, and added enough water to make a paste. I pressed that beneath the nail as best as possible and rubbed it on the top. I have been using Store Brand mouthwash which is identical to Listerine, for the past 3-4 weeks. This has made a huge and fast improvement in my toenails, almost immediately. It was amazing! But I wanted to know more about the cayenne, because I have learned a remedy can be way way way better than I might have imagined! Plus I did not want to give the fungus any opportunity to become resistant to one treatment or the other.

Cinnamon Oil

Posted by Amanda (Vernon, BC) on 09/01/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had read somewhere that fungus could not grow in the presence of cinnamon oil (found in any aromatherapy store), so instead of going to the doctor for an expensive and harmful prescription I decided to try it. I applied it to the cuticle of my nail morning and night and the nail grew out perfectly healthy. My mom had the same problem and when she saw my results she decided to try it too and got the same results.

Replied by Jennifer

I wonder if she used a carrier oil? Cinnamon is known to burn.

Coconut Oil and Crushed Garlic

Posted by Jimc160 (Cardiff) on 03/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Have noticed a significant improvement over the last few weeks from using coconut oil and a crushed garlic clove mixed together, this was recommended to me by a friend who used the same treatment successfully on nail fungus.

Coconut Oil or Shea Butter

Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 07/28/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I recently made a discovery that made me think my nail fungus had improved by 80% overnight! I'd been rubbing clove oil on one of my big toe nails for a couple of weeks. Then one night I decided to add coconut oil an hour after applying the clove oil. The next morning it looked as though the fungus had all but disappeared. I was thrilled! But, ha ha, it was temporary. As soon as your feet get wet, the nail returns to its previous state. I switched to shea butter (100%, cheap) because it lasts even longer than the coconut oil (from shower to shower). Not sure how effective this will be for black-ish nail fungus as mine is a lovely white & yellowish swirl.

So for everyone who is currently wearing open-toed sandals this summer, you might want to try rubbing coconut or shea butter to your infected nails. It's a helpful tool while we battle this pain-in-the-you-know-what condition.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Reba (Soddy-daisy, Tn Usa ) on 08/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

On top the ACV and other natural topical treatments, try swallowing 1 tsp. of liquid silver 7 times a day for two days, and ringworm should never come back. It worked for a foot fungus that nothing else would cure. Liquid silver can be bought at health food and vitamin shops. It was the antibody used in the old days. It works for fungal, bacteria and virual infections. I will never be without the silver, because I use it for all kinds of infections, and it works.

Posted by Healthnut (Palm Springs, Ca) on 11/13/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I've tried everything - and I mean everything! - to get rid of the nasty toenail fungus on my big toe. Finally, one day, I decided to spray my toes with colloidal silver. In a few days, the big black streak of fungus started disappearing. I know it's going to take up to a year for my toenail to grow out but, already, I'm about half-way there! I spray my toes twice a day, morning and night.


Posted by rcw8888 (Santa Monica, CA) on 06/12/2009
4 out of 5 stars

having some success, for toenail fungus, soaking an hour in cornmeal and warm water. Exact directions are:

line bottom of flat plastic pan with cornmeal one inch and add 1 inch warm water for one half hour, then add enuf warm water to cover your toenails and put your feet in for one hour. Do this once a week. Results in about a year.

Faster, comprehensive solutions will involve eating totally alkaline. Am also trying MMS topically plus DMSO with questionable results. Tried MMS internally 15 drops, 3x per day for 2 weeks as prescribed and have overal improvement in health but uncertain it affected toenails just yet.


Posted by Gina (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) on 12/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After trying for nearly three years to get rid of a fungus on my toenails, using every home cure and even prescriptions, I read an article in a gardening magazine. Cornmeal cures fungus on your rose garden. Why not use it to cure fungus elsewhere? I sprinkled cornmeal on a wet toenail a few times per week and left it caked on the nail for a while and just walked carefully, barefooted, before wiping it off. It totally cured it. The nail is strong and clear. WooHoo!

Cut the Nail Down

Posted by J. Riley (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 04/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had nail fungus on most of my nails-over half of them. I had a problem years ago with only the thumb nail. This time it was really bad-I'd had artificial nails and I neglected them. When they were removed, my nails were absolutely gone-paper thin with fungus. After removal this continued to spread lower and lower. Over half of my nails had extensive fungus--apparent by the unattached white colored nails. Some were almost unattached all the way down to the "moon". From my other incident years ago I learned there is NO cure other than to cut away COMPLETELY ANY and ALL nail that isn't attached (debriding). I messed around with a thumbnail for over 2 years. Attended a doctor who game me Rx and told me to keep my nail dry-nearly impossible. Finally I got fed up and cut down the thumbnail all the way as far as I could. Knowing this, this time I cut back my nails completly all the way down as far as possible. This involved over half of most of them. Kind of hard on the eyes, but why screw around with all these liver damaging drugs, and soaking, and failures. Amazing! I marked the calendar: by the time 4 weeks had passed all of my nails had reached the point of where the natural quick is--except the 2 thumbnails-they're alot slower! It's been 6 weeks since I trimmed them all the way back. I did have to invest in some special clippers-"cuticle trimmers". Otherwise it would have been impossible to get rid of all the "white"with regular nail clippers. The clippers are about $14.00. Much better than Dr. bills, Rx's soaks, salves; Also much better than fooling around for weeks, months, and years. Generally for me, the smaller the nail, the faster the recovery. I would like to thank the manicurist on this site for her imput. She has been a manicurist for 19 years and her advice includes using clear iodine on your nails. This, she says makes the nails grow fast. I have a slow thyroid so the iodine thing is very intesting to me. The best part aobut ths whole thing is: Not only did my nails fill back in quickly, but now they are the strongest I've ever seen them! Almost every night I put the clear ("blanco") iodine on them. I'm not a doctor, but I would NEVER take any prescription drug that would damage the liver. That to me is unconsiousable. I am not a doctor and cannot advise others. All I wish to do is share how quickly this worked for me and how strong my nails are now! I'm very grateful!


Posted by Jeff (Mckinney, Texas, United States) on 06/10/2011

This site is great. Special thanks to Ted and Bill for all the first-hand information. I have been reading it non-stop since stumbling upon it. I apologize for the length of this, please bear with me.

Here's how I got here: A few years ago I read a book about fungus and all its effects -- the author contributed pretty much everything to fungi and/or mycotoxins including cancer. The reason I purchased this book was due to the following reasons:

1) I was exhausted during my day -- I needed 5 hour Energy shots to keep from falling asleep. This was typically after a meal, so I started thinking I had a major sensitivity to sugar. I was a typicaly SAD (Standard Amercian Diet) guy who loves bread, sugar, and all things meaty. Never really had any of the other symptoms of Candida so don't think that was the cause.

2) I developed a fungus on my torso and in the folds of my elbows. I couldn't get rid of it except to go to the Doc and get Fluconazole. He gave me 4 pills to take 1/week for 4 weeks. I took 2 which got rid of the fungus and then kept the other 2 which a year later I needed to use again to get rid of it. It came back about 4 months ago.

3) I also developed a toenail fungus. I lost my toenail due to soccer and the new one came in clean but I'm determined to keep it that way.

4) About 3 months ago I went to the dentist for a cleaning. He said I had bone loss and my gums were receding and asked me if I was diabetic. I'm not. I'm in my 40's, over 6' tall and weigh about 200 lbs. (I've since figured out that this is definitely due to Acidosis and having constant acid conditions in my mouth.)

5) Mild digestive issues. Consistent diarrhea, food induced. Let me put it this way, I never really have quiet time in the bathroom -- lots of courtesy flushes are necessary and it was rare to have just a normal 'ol BM. Have noticed recently color tends to be on the lighter brown side indicating not enough bile.

So, going from there I deduced that if fungus is a potential cause of cancer they must thrive in the same type of environment. Indeed they do, they both love acid environments. Armed with information on what a healthy pH is I purchased some strips and started testing. My first test: Saliva = 6.2; Urine = 5.8. That night I took a teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glass of water. I burped several times and went to bed. I didn't sleep well that night, mostly due to feeling some energy and the crazy gas. I woke the next morning and felt better with more energy than I've had in months if not years. A side effect -- it gave me the worst case of gas that I've experienced in a long time -- this lasted for the next few days (I repeated the evening BS in water) but tapered off. QUESTION 1: Any ideas what was going on in my system? I would be interested to hear if anyone has experienced the same.

Next morning my pH was Saliva = 7; Urine = 7.4

So, here I am a week later -- I've read through most of this site and here's what I've implemented thus far. Replaced a lot of my grooming products with natural versions to cut out some pollutants: toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, and deodorant. I've only modified my diet slightly -- cutting back a little on bread and sugar. I'm a huge water drinker naturally and don't drink any coffee but was also a huge black tea drinker with Sweet&Low(Saccharin). I've cut out most of the black tea, all of the Sweet&Low. I take the BS with water at night time every now and then if I feel my pH is edging upward. I squeeze lemons in my water at every meal. I purchased or already had: ACV, BSM, EVCO, Sesame Oil, Himalayan Crystal Salt, powdered Vit C, Borax, Vit D3, Lugol's 5%, and a few detox items like Chlorophyll pills. I did buy the right kind of Milk of Magnesia and some carbonated water -- and am planning on making Mag Water and mixing in some Borax (QUESTION 2 -- is this the best way to start with Magnesium supplementation?)

My current routine:

I started OPing in the morning starting with Sesame Oil b/c I thought with EVCO I might get some Herxheimers. Did that 2 days, and did EVCO today for the first time. No adverse reactions whatsoever -- just noticed by the end of the day my skin is a little oily. Also have been ingesting 1 tbsp of EVCO in the evening each day for the last couple of days.

After Oping, rinsing, and brushing my teeth I've been drinking a small glass of Vanilla Coconut Milk with 1 tbsp of BSM mixed in -- yum! I then eat a banana or a breakfast bar on my way into work. During the day I've tried 1/2 squeezed lemon BS in a half glass of water a couple of times and noticed my pH didn't really move all that much. The last day I've been using ACV BS with some honey (I like this) and noticed my pH has definitely gone alkaline for my Urine -- it's 7. 8. My saliva remains right around 6. 8 though.

I haven't implemented Borax or Lugol's yet b/c I just got those. I haven't been taking the VitC (other than putting it in the honey), D3, or any of the detox support supplements yet either. Not quite sure how to implement all of this into my daily routine -- when to take what. I know I can do a couple of drops of Lugol's in a glass of water in the morning (QUESTION 3: need to be on an empty stomach?)

QUESTION 4: based on the information above and your experiences/expertise should I go through a cleansing routine? Hulda Clark said to do a parasite cleanse (preferably with a zapper -- QUESTION 5: does this really work?), then a Kidney cleanse, followed by a Liver cleanse. Obviously I don't want to do anything that will be taxing on my system if it's uneccessary but I want my system operating on all cylinders.

QUESTION 6: any advice on the order of the cleansing routine? Or if I should do some sort of heavy metal detox prior to instituting a cleanse? Is there a way to know you need to detox from metals or anything else? Any advice on the most efficient way to do a heavy metal detox and what to look for to know it's working?

Thanks for your patience and your help. You guys rock!

Replied by Jeff
Mckinney, Texas, United States

Forgot to say that as I started consuming the BS I also mixed some BS with a little water and wiped it on the fungus on my torso and elbow-folds. Three days later the fungus is almost completely gone and has completely stopped itching.

Replied by Joylie
Solana Beach, Ca

Congratulations on all you are doing. I also like EDTA (I think it's called) for detoxing.

Dietary Changes

Posted by Neverenough (Baltimore, Maryland) on 09/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

The problem with Athlete's Foot and Toe nail Fungus is that it is coming from your insides out. Your body flushes toxins out of your system through the sweat of your feet, pits, etc....

When you allow a build up of toxins in your systems and don't replenish the good stuff; you become prone to anything and everything under the sun.

It took me years to discover this even though most of this is explained to us when we are in high school. But you believe you are invisble and your body will always function the same way as when you were 19. Not so.

I decided to take my health more seriously recently after having bouts of all kinds of aliments. Which are really too numberous to post. But let's just say, I was a fully functional adult and was becoming dependent on those around me. I had been diagnosed with all kinds of issues and most were immune disfunctions.

I had been on every medication you could possible put someone on, for the side effects of this I had to take that-it was a vicious cycle. I was on an EXTREMELY high dose of pain killers as well and becoming more and more depressed as the months wore on.

I decided to stop the madness and quit everything I was being perscribed. I even quit going to the doctor's office because I was so sick of nothing working or if it did, it was only temorary.

I got myself on a daily regimen of vitamins, anti oxidants, Omega 3s, anything I figured I was lacking. With great success, I am pain free and so much more independent. I also noticed that the "things I was diagnosed with" were becoming less of an issue. We all feel that we are truly getting our daily intake of vitamins from the foods we eat, yet every story on the news is how these things are truly poisoning us.

I have noticed that by putting the good stuff back into my system the problems I was having have become less of "problems" and by minimal amount of application, the nail fungus and athlete's foot are gone. It is a problem #1 With the immune system and #2 With not putting back into your body what is taken out on a daily basis to run our hectic lives and #3 Taking more time to be good to ourselves and less time stressing because something isn't as we would like it to be.

My over all health has improved drastically since I began to refuel my body to do it's miraculous job of keeping me healthy. Think about this; where did the fungus come from? And for some, why does it come back so quick? You need to boost your immune system and boost your anti-oxidants and let your body do what it does best, fight the bad stuff. You can certainly help it along with treatments, but the most important is to fix it from the inside to take care of the outside.

It has worked for me and I am so thankful I paid attention to my body. It really does tell you what you need.

Posted by Dave (Colonia, NJ) on 11/12/2006
5 out of 5 stars

olive leaf extract and an antifungal diet cures toenail fungus. Starve the fungi! Cut the carbs and sugars. check out -- much of our health problems are caused by fungus.

Posted by CW (USA) on 04/20/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I haven't read anything here about a root cause of toenail fungus, candida. I have experienced a reduction in my toenail fungus when I cut out simple carbs, added more protein and took oral anti-fungals such as caprylic acid or grapefruit seed oil. It takes months to really have a noticeable effect.