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Posted by Michele (Orlando, Fl) on 09/13/2009
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I have read all the posts and am trying to rid my fingernails (both thumbs and index fingers) of long term fungal infection. I have used all over the counter remedies, been to my dermatologist who prescribed oral terbinafine for 6 months, which helped a little, but it stopped working when the Dr. stopped the oral med due to possible liver side effects. I make every effort to keep nails clean and dry, trimmed back to apply the topical remedies and still I have off white discolored sections from the end of the nail in half moon shapes toward the matrix of the nail. I clean out the nails with sterile tools but cannot seem to find a cure. Will the Vicks treatment work on fingernails? I read most people had success with toe nails. How do I treat the nails during the work day where I am in an office environment? Help!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hi Michele,

Have your tried painting with iodine at nail bed and I would also try putting some underneath the nail end where it joins the finger. Once daily should do it and once you get those nails back in shape, don't be putting any nail polish on your healthy nails, not even the clear, strengthening type. Potassium iodide (SSKI or Lugol's solution will also work.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Noelle (Minneapolis, Minnesota) on 09/06/2009
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Hope someone can help me out. Since June I've been using one of Ted's remedies for toenail fungus: H202 ACV, let that dry, then Chlorox mixed one cap in 5 oz of water, let dry, then Tea Tree Oil, cover with socks. I already tried 1) Listerine, 2)Listerine & Vinegar, 3) Vicks 4) Tea Tree Oil. I started having some success only after I switched to spraying my toes with 3% H202 and distilled vinegar and upped the amount of Tea Tree oil in my vaseline to more than 50%. As I kept adding more Tea Tree oil, the nails looked better & better. Chlorox got the black streaks out of my toenails. When I occasionally bathe, shower or soak in Borax, the skin around the toes would come off in little sheets with nice new skin underneath. I had a nice line of demarcation where clear white nail was growing in.

But I noticed slight peeling of the skin around the toes when I sprayed the H202 mix.

Well, I suspect I may have made the tea tree solution too strong, because within a couple of days of upping Tea Tree/Vaseline mix, I noticed some painful tiny bubbles around the cuticle of the first & 2nd toes of the right foot. I applied the tea tree oil the next night & morning after spraying my toes and it got worse. I stopped all treatment for a week and did not wear socks to bed, waiting for what I thought was an irritation to cool down. Since I did not want to lose the progress I made, after a week I started using the H202 Vinegar and the tea tree combo again on the left foot only. The skin got irritated and itchy, but the only thing that would stop the itch was the tea tree oil. By this past Tuesday, I was waking up at 3am with the 1st two toes on each foot itching & burning. On Wednesday, I showed my chiropractor the feet to check if any medication I was taking could be causing this; she said she thought it was unrelated, but said when bubbles appear on the toes it was fungus migrating from other parts of the body.

By Thursday morning, I had many more bubbles on my left foot. I went to the movies Thursday afternoon and the foot was driving me crazy -- itchy and tender. When I got home I had a large blister between my 3rd & 4th toes, which I soaked in Espom Salts & Borax, which popped it. I covered the small crater with Aloe & Calendula gel & went to bed. I stayed in on Friday, applied Aloe, which seemed to cool it down. I applied Aloe before I went to work on Saturday morning. By 11 am I could feel lots of tiny blisters forming. When I got home there were lots of tiny blisters on the 1st & 2nd toes of the left foot. I soaked foot in sea salt, which soothed, and applied Aloe, which also soothed. I went out again; when I got home at 8:00pm I had a huge blister between the big toe & 2nd toe. I swear, it looked like a small condom! I soaked it Epsom Salt & Borax, but it would not drain.

I got up this morning, applied salt directly on the blister for 20 minutes, washed it off, bandaged it with Turmeric & Neosporin, then got dressed for church. As I was leaving the blister burst. The skin inside the blister was full of these little bubbles! As of this moment the first two toes are covered with these blisters and there are three more of the big honkers forming as we speak (one on the second toe, two on the big toe.) By the way, I am chugging Turmeric/Cayenne/Pepper/Coconut Oil in V8, and ACV & baking soda, like there's been a run on the market and I can't get any more! I'm also downing Garlic & Olive Leaf. I've lost all the progress I made over the past three months. The big toenail is now yellow and flaky, the toe itself is misshapen from the blisters/infection, and second toe is darkening again.

And all of this happened on my vacation!!! Does anyone have any suggestions? How do I get rid of this? Or at least get this under control. I go back to work on Tuesday; we're not allowed to wear open toed shoes!

Replied by Dora
(Volente, Texas)

soak your toes in peroxide, fill a bowl up and soak your toes in it.

Replied by Iris
(Raleigh, Nc)

Sounds like you might be allergic to the Tea Tree Oil. A couple of years ago, I tried it for fungus on both big toes, and after a few months, I was sure it was working. The fungus part of the nail was moving further out and healthy nail was replacing it. Then, my toes started itching and had blisters all around the toenails. Went to the dermatologist, who said to stop the Tea Tree Oil. It took weeks for my toes to stop itching and heal. After that, the fungus came back with a vengeance. A few weeks ago, I noticed nail fungus on one fingernail and tried Tea Tree Oil for one day. Once again, I broke out in itchy blisters all around the nail. So it's confirmed, no more Tea Tree Oil. It was the only thing I've tried that has ever worked on the fungus, but it's not worth the blisters! Be careful!

Replied by Diamonds And Solitaire

You might have some sort of defficiency. If you don't eat lots of meat then it could be B6 and B12 defficiency. I would not suggest eating meat but up your B6 and B12 levels through supplements. Check your zinc, magnesium, vitamin D levels. 70% population is defficient in Vitamin D. I would suggest having juice of green leafy vegetables everyday. Dino

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Janneil (Tunapuna, Trinidad And Tobago) on 08/19/2009
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well my case is defintley one of desperation, i believe it started off with me hitting my toe [big toe]it had swollen up and after a few days it came back to normal then, after a few weeks this little end of dicoloured nail appeared i took no heed to it and 5-6months later i still have it but it has nearly taken over half my nail it is yellowish white my nails always tend to go extremely fast so it keeps growing out pinkish but gets reinfected as the fungus travels down to the new nail. my remidies were boric acid and vaseline,then 2nail fungus removers one which was fungi cure this one worked a little but the fungus is still here and constantly for 2months now teat ree oil, it absoulutly did nothing ,it has been so difficult for me i dont ever wear nail polish but just to hide it i started, my mom told me to stop it because it may make it worse so today it was confirmed that it does make it worse.i will now try some of your methods the clorox tea tree oil thing and see what happens then i will try the ACV the results seem promising i will also keep the site of my updates, thank you

Replied by Misty
(Choctaw, Ok)

I read that olive leaf extract cured toenail fungus. My mom is taking it for the same thing because the prescription medicine doesn't seem to be working. It's too early to say if it is working, but it's worth a shot.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sally (Toronto, ON) on 04/19/2009

My BF who has been neglecting the toe nail fungus for a couple of years has finally come to the realization that it's not only affecting his toes but possibly his health as well. I read all the posts of others' experiences then went to the natural health store. After a lengthy discussion with the store assistant (who had experienced a mild case of toe nail fungus herself), I bought the following based on her recommendation and the posts I read. My BF started the treatment yesterday:

Probiotics - 1 capsule 2 x/day with meals to re-balance the body's intestinal flora
silica gel - 1 Tbsp per day to strengthen the new nails to come (BF has v. brittle, thin nails)
ACV - sipping approx 2 tsp in 1 lg glass water 3x per day

I have also told BF he needs to cut out the sugars, acidic foods as much as possible. Our diet is pretty healthy, but with the fungus, I think it wouldn't hurt to be more mindful.
Soak feet 2x per day (morning and night) in hot water bath for 10 mins and wash w/ natural anti-bacterial soap. Dry feet and apply cotton pad soaked w/ 50/50 ACV & hydrogen peroxide. Remove after 15 mins. and apply iodine drops and then neem oil (I was told it's stronger than tea tree). We're going to change the procedure in the evening and tape a cotton soaked pad w/ the 50/50 ACV & hydrogen peroxide on the toes overnight.

There was no pinching or fizzing the first night the ACV/hydrogen peroxide was applied as a few people mentioned in their posts.

The ACV used was not _____'s but an unpasteurized, unfiltered one from a local Ontario apple orchard.

Will report back on the results in a week.

Replied by Malcolm
(Chapel Hill , North Carolina)

Did you get results? Would like to know what happened.


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Posted by Selena (Port Coquitlam, Bc, Canada) on 07/11/2012
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I had a case of very stubborn toe nail fungus, nothing would work. I had it for about 10 years. I found an NAET practitioner and she cleared the systemic fungus with acupressure on the spine -- one treatment and my nails grew out pink and beautiful!

Natural Mineral Springs

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Posted by Jim (San Matero, CA) on 01/24/2007
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Best cure I found for toenail fungus was camping on a river with a very hot natural mineral Springs that I walked in each day cured fungus I had been trying to cure for a year with over the counter. My Dr. says do not use the prescription on tv for any reason as only works on 60%, and causes liver damage in about 1/4 of healthy individuals using the products...said it was very risky even with blood tests.

Neem Oil

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Posted by Otti (Tampa, Florida) on 08/06/2007
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I discovered an awesome natural remedy for any yeast infections and fungus - neem tree see oil. It even works on plants, not just my boyfriend's toe nail fungus. However, the seed oil smells worse than garlic but it is so very strong and powerful. Mixing it with an essential oil can help with that smell. Other neem tree extracts can cure viral infections as well and can be taken orally. I have used the seed oil on my cold sore (mixed with carmex because of the smell) and it stopped the herpes outbreak immediately.


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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/19/2006 383 posts

It has been known in academic circles for sometime that vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide (non-flushing) is relatively toxic to yeast. A scientist found several years ago and concluded (wrongly) that taking vitamin B3 niacinamide will shorten your life span or longevity, through suppressing the SIR2 silencing gene, which is responsible for longevity.

As a result of this little misinformation, people stopped taking niacinamide and candida and yeast infections skyrocketed. Now the reason for the mistake was relatively simple, the scientist was apparently doing a study on longevity on yeast cells. Apparently in higher animals, fruit flies included, the effect of adding niacinamide resulted in longer life of 15%, as well as human embryo cells.

Therefore, if you have candida, yeast infection, or possibly even a UTI (urinary tract infection), taking niacinamide between 100-500 mg/day could solve this mystery that doctors have a hard time suppressing. In fact, you can expand this idea into applying the use of niacinamide NOT NIACIN, as a means of controlling fungus, since fungus is a relatively close cousin of the yeast also.

This is interesting, since in medicine the two most hardest organism to kill is actually fungus and yeast. It is almost a death sentence if you have this and getting rid of it may mean endless nightmare. Who knows, perhaps dissolving niacinamide with vinegar will be helpful in relieving your toe nail fungus infections.

Therefore a possibility exists from the point of view of biological terrain, candida, yeast and fungus infection is a form of niacinamide deficiency.

Replied by Tassi
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Niacinamide did not work for me.

Olive Leaf Extract

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Posted by Marylynn (Louisville, Kentucky) on 04/23/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I tried olive leaf extract for overall infection in my body. About 3 months later, during a pedicure, I noticed that my toenails were perfect! I stopped taking it after a while, so finally after a long time, maybe almost a year, the fungus came back. I work in a hot, humid and dirty environment where toenail fungus is a common problem. After discovering this, I looked it up on the internet and read that it does indeed cure toenail fungus!

Olive Leaf, Tea Tree and Coconut Oils

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Posted by Kathy (Prattville, Alabama) on 12/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had nail fungus on my hands for 20 years. The docs said the yellowish brown hard nails were from smoking. Recently since finding this site, I began taking 250mg of olive leaf capsules 2times a day. Also I have been using a mix of coconut oil and 20% tea tree oil after showering 3times a week and daily on hands and feet. My original intent was not for the nails- but imagine my shock when my nails became white again. I don't know which worked best but I'm not complaining. Both can be bought at walmart quite cheap and hope it will work for you-took about 3weeks. Tea tree oil is slightly drying and it must be used with another oil since it is so strong but coconut oil by itself will make your skin very soft.

Olive Oil and White Vinegar

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Posted by Ellen (USA) on 07/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using Ozonated Olive Oil & 2 drops of white distilled vinegar at the base of the toenail @ 12 hour intervals. The fungal part is growing out and there is a growing "pink" area between the half-moon and the fungal part. This has been a 30 year fungal infection and this is the most progress that I have ever seen. April through June, I was using many different remedies. But in the last 3 weeks, I have been using the 2 drops at the base of the toenail every 12 hours. This is the cheap white (clear) distilled vinegar that is 4% or 5% acetic acid. And I've been using the ozonated olive oil every 12 hours. I apply it to the toenail and then I cover the toenail with a bandaid, to keep the olive oil in place. I bought the olive oil on ebay. It is working and I am excited! I've been using prescription Thymol in an alcohol solution for over 3 years, and it hasn't done this much. Did I say that I am excited?!

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Cathy (Adelaide, Sa) on 09/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

After trying over the counter options and some other natural remedies I finally gave wild oregano oil a go. My big toe nail was an awful yellow-white colour and almost all of it had lifted away from the nail bed. I started rubbing in a tiny amount of the oil onto the cuticle and nail and a drop under the nail ( where it had lifted) each day. It takes at least a month to notice but you will start to notice the nail near the cuticle improve. My nail is about 75% there, just the tip needs to grow out. I now have a nice pink nail growing that is attached to the nail bed. HAPPY DAYS!!! I haven't used nail polish the whole winter either, so looking forward too lovely painted nails during summer. Thanks for sharing this cheap and easy remedy.

Oregano Oil
Posted by CC (Collierville, Tn./USA) on 07/18/2013

All anyone needs for any kind of fungus, is Wild Oregano. You can purchase it at a health store. It kills the fungus! It comes in dropper, capsule, or oil gel cap forms. It will kill any yeast type infections (fungus), and other forms of infection, too. It works by taking it internally, and for a nail fungus, apply to area, as well. I have used it on my animals, also. For over a year, my dog could not get rid of yeast in her ears. Nothing from the doctor worked. I gave her two oil gel caps, twice a day. In three days, it was gone. I gave it to her for another week, just to be sure, like you would take an antibiotic. Do the same for human consumption. Remember... All yeast/fungus related ailments!

Replied by Tassi
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I bought an expensive pure wild oregano oil oreganoworld very strong smell, 87.6% min. carvacrol, and it did nothing but SPREAD the fungus from 2 fingernails to all five nails on the same hand. I was also putting it in capsules and taking it internally. I eat no sugar & min. carbs, wear flipflops only, keep all nails dry as possible, also tried remedies: Vicks; ACV; baking soda, borax, iodine (internal & external, all 3); coconut oil; colloidal silver; garlic (burned heck out of toe); GSE ("max strength"); Listerine; Olive leaf extract (internal), I am allergic to rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil and neem oil. I have candida and nothing has worked on that -- food grade H2O2 when reaching treatment dose levels made my ankles swell (edema began so I had to quit H2O2 as edema kept getting worse), I tried niacin and my knees swelled up and became unstable. The candida has me under control, it seems. Cannot drink ACV or I get oral herpes outbreak.

What DOES kind of work for the nail funguses is hydrogen peroxide soaks and dipping or dripping it on multiple times a day. If I get the dose right it keeps the fungus sort of under control, at least the nails do not get maximally weird, although the fingernails are eaten away, & need to be clipped halfway down the nailbed, which is quite painful. I always bleach the clipper in between each nail.

Replied by Prioris

I would try Manuka Honey that has at least a MKO rating of at least 400 on nail fungus. That is therapeutic dose. MKO rating measures the amount of active ingredient. Even hospitals use it. Castor oil is something else. I would buy the hand held $20 infrared (infrarex ST-302) on amazon to help it absorb quickly. Your case is interesting because you tried so many things. Have you ever tested to see what kind of fungus it is.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Lian (Nairobi, Kenya) on 11/29/2012

I am saying Amen!!!!! To Oregano Oil, had Fungal that refused to go completely for the last TEN years. As we speak, my face is really glowing and am very confident walking with my head's high. It is a powerful cure.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Maria (Silver Spring, Md, Usa) on 12/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Oil of oregano cure for fungus rash and nail fungus. I had a horrible fungus break up on my toes and top of my feet. I had blisters and the itching was so very bad. I had to stay off my feet for two days. It made my nail fungus soooo much worse!! I tried soaking in white vinegar and it helped a little, I tried garlic and did nothing, I tried magnesium salts and it helped to dry it somewhat. I tried apple cider vinegar and it did help to lessen the itching but it stained my toenails. I tried soaking the feet in oregano tea )one teaspoon of dry oregano steeped in hot water for one hour. That helped to clear the infection and the blisters, as oregano is antibacterial and antifungal.

Finally after 3 weeks of suffering I bought the expensive oil of wild oregano already premixed with olive oil. It has helped so much. The skin has healed and the toenail fungus is clearing little by little. I shower and dry my feet with paper towels and then with a hair drier. I remove the debris under the nails and put a few drops of the oregano oil on and under the nails. I rub my feet to help the oil penetrate better. I had a toenail that was separated from the bed, so I but a bandage wrapped tightly around the nail. It has helped to speed the healing and to make the toenail grow straight and proper. Almost there. Be patient, oil of oregano helps where other things do not, but it is not an instant cure, but a steady one. To help the toenails grow faster I am taking silica everyday. It works.