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Vitamin D
Posted by Beth (New Jersey) on 11/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Depression Cure:

I can't believe no one has mentioned vitamin D, but more specifically, UV light. I already take 2,500mg of D3 daily, but perhaps it's not enough because I've been battling Mycotoxicosis for over 5 years. Between that and working a night shift, I got lazy and only tanned (yes, tanning beds! ) once last week. Big mistake! I became unbelievably depressed with constant suicdal thoughts for four days. I finally went tanning (12 minutes in a low level bed), and within 30 minutes, my depression was GONE. My face even filled out (it was getting disgustingly hollow), and my body became less bloated.

I highly suggest labelling this cure as UV light if you don't want to mention the controversial tanning bed, but don't just say D3! I think I took 10,000IU at the beginning of the week, and it wasn't enough to make up for lack of tanning. Nothing compares to your body making its own vitamin D. It's common sense - humans need sunlight. Believe me, if the weather wasn't so crappy here in Jersey, I'd be tanning my butt outside.

Vitamin D
Posted by Heather (San Diego, Ca) on 03/07/2013
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Yeah. This is a no brainer for depression. If you are depressed, and not getting sunshine (10 minutes a day) get at least 1,000 mg per day of Vitamin D. Double that in the winter. Some people may need more. Generally, if you live in an area known for sunshine (in the States that would be California, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc.) 1000 mg per day might be enough, unless you live in a house with the windows closed and rarely go outside.

If you live in the north, where there is less sunshine, at least 2,000 mg supplement is needed; doubled in the winter.

This helps enormously with depression, much more successful than any anti depressant prescription medication.

Give it a few weeks to see how you feel.

Don't take it if you are a surfer, outdoorsy type, or don't wear sunblock.

I had good Vitamin D levels per the doctor before supplementing it because I drank milk with Vitamin D. That is not enough, however, to help with depression. San Diego is known for its sunshine, but that didn't help me because I was depressed, rarely left my house, and would apply sunblock to my face and wear a hat in the sun for wrinkle prevention. (The one year I didn't do this, hoping to get more vitamin D, I got lots of new wrinkles on my fair skin.)

Vitamin D is CHEAP, especially at Costco where you can get 250 USP pills for $9.

Vitamin D
Posted by Earthfirst (Chicago, Il) on 10/27/2009
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depression cured with vitamin D

depression has pretty much been a part of my life since i can remember. after trying every anti-depressant my doctor could dispense i turned to the internet to search for a more natural approach. since my depression worsens in the winter months i made the connection with a Vitamin D deficiency. since 30 minutes in the high summer sun provides 20,000iu yes twenty thousand IU (International units) of vitamin d i realized my 400iu supplement was not cutting it. i started taking 10,000iu on sunny days and 20,000iu when it's cloudy. i have never felt better in my entire life. coconut oil helped and i continue to take it, so did vitamin b supplements. but the vitamin d deficiency was surely the culprit. don't accept feeling miserable, change your habits. i have read that doctors can offer 50,000iu daily by prescription so i felt that i could take 20,000 without complication. its important to use common sense, if you're at the beach in the sun all day then take a few days off of the vitamin d.