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Dealing with Depression Naturally

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Posted by Phoebe (USA) on 11/28/2005
5 out of 5 stars

I have found journalling and painting really helpful in understanding the roots of my depression, which tends to be seasonal and occasional but severe. Making myself sit in the morning and blurting out whatever comes into my head without any censor (it's quite hard - try it!) is brilliant - as long as you do not show it to anybody - the more private you can make it the better it is for having a good old rant at the world without hurting anyone's feelings!! Also taking loads of rough paper and cheap paint and just doing the same with the paint, using colour and shape to express feelings. Learning to allow 'negativity' and 'mistakes' through these processes, is really helpful for moving through depression. Freestyle dancing is also excellent..Read Gabrielle Roth - 'Sweat Your Prayers' for in-depth information on dancing yourself through many states of mind and finding incredible strength. Good Luck! Oh and don't forget the positive thoughts and affirmations!! Phoebe.