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Dealing with Depression Naturally

Posted by Tree (Green, Pa) on 03/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter suffered from severe deppression with signs starting at the age of 3!!! For years helped her work thru the bad episodes until she was ready for therapy then she went on meds around the age of 11 they helped but the need to increase them or change them every 2-6 months was getting very scary! She was on pretty high doses by the time she was 16 we were thinking about trying natural remedies last summer while she was out of school. I started talking to my MD who believes in pharmicalogical and homopathic med and he suggested Methyl folate, which is available by rx only even though it is a vitamin. It is a type of folic acid that crosses the blood brain barrier it then reteaches the brain how to produce the right amounts seretonin neroephneprine ect.... needed.

You start to take it while on your antidepresents then slowly decrease the amounts of the antidepresents until you are off of them then you continue the Methylfolate for 6 months then stop them. WOW, she is a different person! She has not taken anything since the begining of December 2012 she has 1 sometimes 2 bad days a month (around the time of menstruation) but so far is able to work thru those without meds!!! We all have bad days!!! Hers are just more intense.

This is not well known in the med field or the phyc Drs are somehow for some reason not going with natural cures. This is really sad so many people young and old can have a normal state of mind again!!! We were lucky my MD gave us samples for her. Rx policies will not cover vit's it is almost $400 over the counter but the company that makes it has a web site pharm were it is only $48 for a three month supply they have no patient asst program were it is free if you finacialy qualify. You still have to get an Rx from a DR if you have to go to your pcp for it just do it!!! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! It comes in 7.5 and 14mg she took the 14mg. dose once a day. REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO GRADUALY DECRESE YOUR PHYC MEDS!!! YOU ALL KNOW THAT THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IT CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS TO STOP THEM ALL AT ONCE!!! REPEAT DON'T DO THAT!!! GOD bless and be with you all!!!