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Posted by Shai (New York , NY) on 09/01/2007
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After the death of loved ones, bereavement, perhaps, is not the same as other forms of depression, but it can be debilitating. I tried a few things that i found lifted my spirit. I took E3 Live, rhodiola and ashwaghanda, holy basil (tulsi). A good brand is Gaia herbs "Adrenal Health" liquid gel caps. But i added more rhodiola as my case was extreme. The e3 live is wonderful, give it a chance to work its magic. Make tea with gymnostemna, rose hips, add some flowers like jasmine, rose, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, add rose water to premium white tea. Throw in some oat straw tips. For sexual increase, maca and shatavari (for women) maca alone for men. This will return your shakti. One can lift any depression with active self healing-this is giving yourself love. No need for drugs. Share your love and beauty without ever looking for thanks, you will come out of any depression this way. peace love and light.