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Posted by Dodie (LA, California) on 10/09/2007
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I've been taking blackstrap molasses for a week now and thank goodness I've been getting 3 bowel movements a day!! I have a hard time getting bowel movements partially cause of the foods that I eat but I am working on it. Also, my father has the same issues. Also, my face is glowing and I've gotten a couple of comments and how good my skin looks! I hope it doesn't stop working for me.

Posted by Tish (Chicago, Il) on 07/21/2007
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My period has been always heavy that my hemoglobin level is always low that I have to take iron and shot every 2 weeks. ITs hard also to work and go to the bathroom every now and then. When I bleed it like for 10 days and more. I was diagnosed with fibroid just 2 months ago and I found your website just weeks before my surgery and its my second day of my period. I started taking the molasses and the next day my period slow down and no blood clotting and it stopped after 5 days. My daughter is always suffering from constipation and I recommended her this and she said she never pooh like this before..THANK YOU!

Posted by Mimmer (LONDON, ENGLAND) on 06/04/2007
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Hi all, I was chatting with a lady at work who suggested BSM and ACV [apple cider vinegar]. For a year I have suffered with constipation, bad back and general tightness of muscles in the neck area. For 20 yrs i have had trouble with fibroids (had surgery but too multiple to remove all). On 26-5-07, I bought BSM and ACV. I took it right away, doses-2 large spoons of BSM in warm water, followed by 3 tablespoons of ACV in warm water. I done this morning b4 breakfast and last thing at night. The second day on it I had a very easy bowel movement and have done everyday since. My constipation is now a thing of the past. My back (which I had to get medication from the doctors for-didnt help) was cured during the week, along with the muscle ache. I sleep deeper and don't seem to eat as much. I totally know that this 'tonic' as I like to call it will clear my fibroids eventually. I also want to see after 3months how i do as I want to give it to my Auntie for her Arthritis. I thank you all for posting your experiences as this has given me constant strength and encouragement. I look forward to this journey and please if you are having or have had VICTORY over fibroids with 'The Tonic' then please post so I can read it. I am a big believer in foods for healing and this sure is a testament to God's produce.


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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 09/08/2020 337 posts
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You can't beat MSM for constipation but it's probably actually caused by dehydration as the body has to steal water from the colon when it doesn't get enough as everything but plain old water is processed as food.

Plus, I think it makes my water taste like good old fashioned well water. Yummy!

I use about 1/4 tsp in every 20 oz glass of water I drink but there are days I get dehydrated because I drink so much coffee. Then I set the timer on my phone to go off every 2 hours and drink 8 oz when it goes off. That's about 10 good gulps.

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/13/2016 337 posts
5 out of 5 stars

After years of chronic constipation, I haven't been constipated for...I don't even know how long. But the magic bullet, for me, was MSM in my drinking water.

I work at home and always have a glass of ice water at my side. I use one of those 1 gallon glass jugs like the organic apple juice comes in to catch the water from my Berkey filter with 4 teaspoons of MSM per gallon. It's basically a recipe for really tasty mineral water. Like well water used to taste when I was a kid.

I just use the big, 5 lb jug that is for horses. And the reason I do that - aside form the fact that it's a whole lot cheaper - is because...well...I look at it this way: If contaminated product gets to just one million dollar race horse, heads are going to roll and that supplier is ruined while a pharmaceutical company can poison thousands and thousands of people, every single year, and still make billions of dollars and hit their target stock price. It just seems logical to me. Same with unprocessed sea salt and diatomaceous earth.

When people get sick, people just think people get sick but when one race horse or one of a cattle rancher's animals or even one wild animal or one animal at the zoo gets sick, Sherlock Holmes gets a call, the game's afoot and the culprit, if it's human, runs for its very life - ROFL! That's the way I see it.

Don't load up on MSM because there's no reason for it. If you start getting "cleansing" reactions, back off a little bit, at first, because it's going to open you up and clean you out. It's a bit like a microscopic, internal steam bath that opens the pores of your cells and flushes out the toxins which will include caffeine, nicotine and any drugs you may have taken in your younger, wilder days that the body has stored in your fat cells so try it and see what happens. If things get woolly, then cut the amount in half and wait a bit before you increase it. Don't overload your liver. If you're an active person, your body can eliminate a lot of toxins with your sweat but if you're NOT an active person, then you want to flush more slowly. If you want, you can use a warm cayenne foot bath to draw some of the toxins out that way. The bottom of the feet, the palms, the armpits and the face have the most concentrated numbers of sweat glands.

It will also release any antibiotics you've taken from your fat cells where the body stores toxins when it's overwhelmed. Unnatural antibiotics are toxins. So you might also want to add some Vitamin C and probiotics AND avoid refined sweets for a while to help avoid a candida-type backlash that can be brought on by the release of antibiotics from their fat little jail cells.

And if you've EVER taken antibiotics, make no mistake - they're IN there - they're in JAIL, but any cleanse that actually cleanses is going to let some of them OUT and MSM is the son of the best physiologically cleansing "jailhouse lawyer" on the planet, which is DMSO. But, even so, I'd MUCH rather deal with candida than with chronic constipation. It's like the difference between being annoyed to the point of going nuts and being slowly tortured to death. Candida is far less dangerous than some of the things people do in an effort to eliminate it but chronic constipation has a direct effect on your life expectancy because THOSE toxins are NOT in jail. Your body cannot produce fat fast enough to catch them all.

To help with anal problems brought on by constipation - hemorrhoids, fissure, bleeding - cleansing is good. You can make a little cleansing bidet out of a laboratory "wash bottle". One of those translucent white bottles with the cap with a "spigot" on it. You can get them on Amazon or a regular lab supply place or whatever. Here's what you do:

The bottle is designed to squirt water without having to turn it upside down and has a tube inside that fits into the cap. Remove that tube. That way, you can use it upside down, like a faucet, and squeeze it to squirt the contents.

Put a tiny bit of Bronner's liquid soap in the bottle and fill with cold tap water. Shake it up and you have what is essentially a liquid baby-wipe! When you use the bathroom, you can simply turn it upside down, aim and squeeze to cleanse. Not just for when you have a BM but you can use it to keep clean BETWEEN BMs. Just to keep that area clean.

To dry yourself off, you can cut up old clothes into washcloth size pieces and just throw them away after you use them or you can wash them or you can get one of those twelve-packs of cheap wash cloths (wash them before you use them) and you have a stack of reusable wipes. BUT you don't want to "wipe" - you want to gently pat yourself dry. Then refill your bidet bottle for next time. And, of course, you can add anything you want to your cleansing liquid - ACV, aloe, maybe a little cayenne if you have bleeding or whatever you want. You can use a gallon-size vinegar bottle to mix up large batches from which to refill your wash bottle.

You can get wash bottles in various colors or you can decorate and label them with a Sharpie or whatever you want so that everyone has their own bottle. The bottles come in various sizes so you can get smaller ones for child-size hands and larger one's for grown up-size hands. They're also great for car trips or your beach bag. Just fill and stick them where they can stay upright and use them to wash hands or rinse feet or whatever.

Wash bottles are the neatest thing since sliced bread for all kinds of liquid applications, both right side up with the tube installed, as a water pik or for olive oil in the kitchen or without the tube, upside down for things like squirting a disinfecting solution under the rim of the toilet. You can even use them empty, as a little air duster.

I prefer laboratory-quality bottles as they are non-reactive - you can keep straight ACV or even alcohol in a laboratory-quality bottle, no problem. I'm not sure about the cheap ones. I have a couple but I just use them empty, for air, like for blowing lint and dust out of my sewing machine and the vent on my computer and debris out of my keyboard, stuff like that. Oh, and I have one with some soapy vinegar in it for laundry purposes.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
337 posts

My friend also reminded me that you have to snip the end of the nozzle off so that the stream is a bit bigger - otherwise it's just tiny.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
337 posts

A friend purchased a "set" of wash bottles and uses the largest for plain water and puts a stronger, soap/water/ACV mixture in the next smaller size.

She is using Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap because she read something about using cold sitz baths and since I have some peppermint, I tried it with her stronger peppermint/acv mixture and WOW! THAT would be refreshing on a hot day!! It's like a big dose of air conditioning, all OVER!! I'm going to have to put on a sweater!! ROFL! AWESOME!! That is SO cool!! Literally! Holy moly!

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Mahi (New Delhi, India) on 01/28/2013

Hi, I have chronic constipation and this is what I did and I am still doing it everyday. I take one spoon wheat grass powder soaked in water and with that I put a half teaspoon of salt. Also I mix little vinegar and almunium free baking soda. Sometimes I also put one spoon olive oil or coconut oil with that. I mix everything and drink in the warm water. I drink three to four glass of water with that in the morning everyday. The key ingrident here is salt, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Take vinegar just little beat and mix baking soda with that. If you take vinegar it gives you constipation. You can also use lemon instead of vinegar. Also I drink my first urine in the morning that also helps in constipation. Sometimes for extra cleansing I also take neem powder. I try to change the thing what I take to see which one is working better. Hope it helps

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jb (Somewhere, Va) on 01/25/2013
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Sooo for the past 10 months or so I have been constantly constipated. I had a couple months of regularity last spring but I don't recall doing anything then that I'm not doin now. I thought it was hormonal so I do chaste tree berry and BSM nothing. On the first day of my period I get some relief but before my period even ends I'm back to being constipated.

  • I've thought it was depression/stress and tried 5htp helped for a little bit nothing.
  • Tried high fiber lots of water I exercise everyday all the usual remedies obviously.
  • Tried magnesium and coconut oil.

My eyes look puffier when I'm constipated. I feel like during the 2 days where I had relief on my period not only was my stomach not poking out anymore but my eyes looked wider and brighter.

I'm really at a loss.

Replied by Faeqa
(Amman, Jordan)
66 posts

Hi Jb: Try to eat boiled whole wheat it cure any kind of constipation, no matter what the cause of it. You can add honey and raisin or any kind of spices u like it to make it taste better if u dont like it plain, and eat it as breakfast cereal.

Replied by Oldriska
(Prague, Czech Republic)

Hi Jb, you should find out why you're constipated. If you've tried the usual remedies, such as drinking plenty of water, magnesium, oils, exercise... And they don't work, then constipation could be a demonstration of a more serious, internal problem. I think the best you can do for yourself is to find a good and thorough gastroenterologist and start from there. You'll get examined and if there are any findings then it's up to you if you decide for the conventional medicine or go the aternative way. Either way, I hope you'll find relief soon.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
191 posts

Hi JB, First of all, stop worrying. There is no big problem, by worrying you are becoming more constipated. If you have tried every thing and still no joy, so now you can start taking freshly grounded flax seed powder two table spoon full in a glass of water twice a day. This should give you a smooth bowel movement. Good Luck


Replied by Daniel
(Edmonton, Alberta)

constipation? you tried this.

1.take 4 to 6 pcs of dates (fruits from middle east but you can buy that in any supermarket) before going to bed. drink 1 to 2 cups of water in the morning before going to washroom.

2.toast rice into brown then boil it.

drink 1 cup of boiled toasted rice plus 1 cup of water before going to washroom

this 2 method is very effective and no side effect.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 09/21/2011

Please try these cheasp remedies for constipation...

Magnesium upto 1000mg daily (pref bed time) since it will make you very relaxed.

Vitamin C (upto 5000mg daily) which is brilliant to reset the body and allow your bowels to move.

Prune juice 1/3 cup upto 2-3 daily.


Spirulina and chlorella which clean out the toxicities in the liver and allow bowels to become regular.

Include veggies like cucumbers and celery to diet which help with retaining water to avoid dry stools.

Chia seeds

Aloe vera juice

(You will become regular in no time).

I went through several MRIs, colonoscopies and traditional meds, but the above intake along with daily exercise (1 hour brisk walk) eliminated the constipation completely. Please ask if you have any specific questions, since I am well versed with this topic.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Desire (Chicago, IL) on 10/30/2006
5 out of 5 stars

5HTP, Omega3, Chlorophyll, ACV, Lemon and H2O everyday, Yoga 4 days a week. This combination has cured plenty; depression, regularity, appetite suppressant, etc. I'm just one happy camper

Olive Oil and Orange Juice

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Posted by susan (jupiter, florida) on 11/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the olive oil and orange juice remedy for the constipation. It worked within ten minutes without stomach cramping and awful side effects like all the other over the counter laxatives can do. Thank you very much, I wish I found this remedy sooner.

Olive Oil and Orange Juice
Posted by Nicki (Ontario, Canada) on 12/23/2006
5 out of 5 stars

It's not on this site, I don't think. For severe constipation (I had no movement for 5 days), I tried equal amounts of olive oil and orange juice. I had 1 cup of this in total, you may be able to get away with less. Within 15 minutes, there was movement. I was able to have many soft bowel movements after that. It was incredible. I also find eating 1/3 cup of Bran with Psyillium every day will help in getting back on track, going forward.

Replied by Allie
(New Haven, Connecticut)
1 out of 5 stars

Have been constipated for 7 days as a side effect of medicine for headaches. I tried 1/2 c. olive oil and 1/2 c of orange juice. 2 hours later, no bm but I was gagging and vomited. It takes a lot to make me vomit. I may never be able to taste olive oil again. Still coming up in burps. Sorry so graphic. Maybe this remedy would work for someone that doesn't already have a slow intestinal motility.

Replied by Idow
(Miami, Fl)
5 out of 5 stars

YEA. I can't thank Ted enough for this website and whoever first posted the olive oil/OJ cure for constipation. After 46 yrs of babying my colon w/tons of fiber in order to have a BM everyday, now I'm totally cured. I continue to eat a healthy organic, high fiber diet b/c I have hereditary high cholesterol, but my colon behaves perfectly everyday now, like clockwork, without any prodding or waiting!

I followed the inxs from the original poster 1 teaspoon organic extra virgin olive oil and 1 teaspoon OJ, first thing in the morning, with an empty stomach. Proceed to have your breakfast as usual. By the time you're done with your tea, or coffee (highly recommend either as caffeine is a stimulant & further helps to move the colon) you're ready to take care of business and go on with your day.

I can only thank God and Ted for this website! Many blessings to you Ted!

Over the Counter

Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 10/26/2011

Speaking to a nephrologist about a member of the family who is on dialysis, I asked about Magnesium Citrate as a supplement. He said that Citrate products are not used on dialysis patients because it was seen that Calcium Citrate increases aluminum in the bodies of dialysis patients. (In kidney failure, the kidneys cannot filter out aluminum, and dialysis does not either. Normal kidneys filter out aluminum. ) But what about all the people who have partial kidney failure and don't even know it. So we stopped using the Magnesium Citrate, just as a precaution.

Instead experimentation was made using one to two tablespoons Benefiber from the pharmacy (one can use up to six tablespoons Benefiber a day) in one or two glasses of water, in combination with one or two (or three) tablespoons Milk of Magnesia - sometimes also with some Magnesium Bicarbonate (made by pouring two or three full measuring tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia - a half to three fourths of the enclosed cap - into a bottle of seltzer/club soda and shaking the contents - as recommended on Earthclinic by Bill from San Fernando, Philippines - but sometimes using a bit less Milk of Magnesia than recommended).

Glucomannan, a fiber supplement recommended by Pam from Alabama, might also be used with the water and Milk of Magnesia.

Milk of Magnesia, starting at five Tbsp. and going down gradually, is recommended, in the name of an older doctor, by Redclary from Oklahoma .

Some extra seltzer/club soda, recommended by Carol from Cumberland, MD, is also helpful (used in the mixture).

This simple combination of Benefiber and Milk of Magnesia in water is much better than many other things used to help the intestines.

After a few days one can often use smaller amounts of the Milk of Magnesia while increasing slightly the Benefiber.

Benefiber is a fiber supplement that helps increase good bacteria in the body. It is made from Hydrolyzed guar gum. For some reason it is better than plain Guar Gum. Also, it is mostly tasteless and does not thicken.


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Posted by Angela (Bloomfield,, New Jersey) on 10/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from constipation in a very bad way for a very long time. I don't know what this exercise is called but a friend of mine recently told me to kneel down then sit on the back of my legs as though I was sitting on a chair and wait for the sensation that I want to go comes. It works like a charm. The first few times took about 15 minutes. After that, it happened in about 5 minutes. Works every time. If the floor is too hard, sit on the bed or sofa. Can't wait to hear your experiences.

Replied by Olivia
5 out of 5 stars

Proper positioning has helped me in combination with taking enzymes. It looks like I was not digesting fats very well. I sit in this kneeling position in the mornings and it helps get things going...

Posted by Brittany (Vegas, Nevada) on 03/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Constipation cured by Body Position while having a bm

You were not meant to have a bowel movement while sitting down on a toilet. We were meant to have one while squatting. You can achieve a better position if you bring your head down to your knees while on the toilet. It also may help if you have a stool to put your feet on. You will notice that your bm's are bigger, longer, and come out more easily.


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Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 09/24/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I finally cured my constipation when a friend gave me some probiotic capsules to try. They were 80 billion strength and after taking one a day for five days I noticed a marked improvement in my bowel movements. Every movement was smooth and made without effort. Doing some research I discovered that taking anti-biotics can sometimes knock out your natural gut bacteria which aids in the digestive process and that is what happened to me when I was given anti-biotics for a bladder infection. Probiotics help to grow gut bacteria to replace that which was destroyed by the antibiotics. I understand that yogurt contains probiotics but not enough to make a difference. It is only necessary to take the probiotics for seven days in order to get the gut bacteria re-established then put them away. If constipation returns then do another seven days of one capsule per day.

Replied by Rituparn
(India, Delhi)

Thank you for helping people with your insights.