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Easy Home Remedies for Constipation Relief

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Castor Oil
Posted by Faeqa ( Amman, Jordan) on 12/08/2016 66 posts

I put two drops of castor oil in the navel hole 2 times a day it is wonderful for constipation and I don't have to manage the taste.

Posted by Prathna (Turlock, California) on 02/15/2017

I have suffered constipation from the past 40 years, the best and affordable thing I have come across is that lack of water is the main cause of constipation, and another best is we do drink water but it needs to be little bit warmer than luke warm. I start my day with hot water, and whenever I am thirsty I drink hot water, and my constipation has disappeared.

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/13/2016 430 posts

After years of chronic constipation, I haven't been constipated for...I don't even know how long. But the magic bullet, for me, was MSM in my drinking water.

I work at home and always have a glass of ice water at my side. I use one of those 1 gallon glass jugs like the organic apple juice comes in to catch the water from my Berkey filter with 4 teaspoons of MSM per gallon. It's basically a recipe for really tasty mineral water. Like well water used to taste when I was a kid.

I just use the big, 5 lb jug that is for horses. And the reason I do that - aside form the fact that it's a whole lot cheaper - is because...well...I look at it this way: If contaminated product gets to just one million dollar race horse, heads are going to roll and that supplier is ruined while a pharmaceutical company can poison thousands and thousands of people, every single year, and still make billions of dollars and hit their target stock price. It just seems logical to me. Same with unprocessed sea salt and diatomaceous earth.

When people get sick, people just think people get sick but when one race horse or one of a cattle rancher's animals or even one wild animal or one animal at the zoo gets sick, Sherlock Holmes gets a call, the game's afoot and the culprit, if it's human, runs for its very life - ROFL! That's the way I see it.

Don't load up on MSM because there's no reason for it. If you start getting "cleansing" reactions, back off a little bit, at first, because it's going to open you up and clean you out. It's a bit like a microscopic, internal steam bath that opens the pores of your cells and flushes out the toxins which will include caffeine, nicotine and any drugs you may have taken in your younger, wilder days that the body has stored in your fat cells so try it and see what happens. If things get woolly, then cut the amount in half and wait a bit before you increase it. Don't overload your liver. If you're an active person, your body can eliminate a lot of toxins with your sweat but if you're NOT an active person, then you want to flush more slowly. If you want, you can use a warm cayenne foot bath to draw some of the toxins out that way. The bottom of the feet, the palms, the armpits and the face have the most concentrated numbers of sweat glands.

It will also release any antibiotics you've taken from your fat cells where the body stores toxins when it's overwhelmed. Unnatural antibiotics are toxins. So you might also want to add some Vitamin C and probiotics AND avoid refined sweets for a while to help avoid a candida-type backlash that can be brought on by the release of antibiotics from their fat little jail cells.

And if you've EVER taken antibiotics, make no mistake - they're IN there - they're in JAIL, but any cleanse that actually cleanses is going to let some of them OUT and MSM is the son of the best physiologically cleansing "jailhouse lawyer" on the planet, which is DMSO. But, even so, I'd MUCH rather deal with candida than with chronic constipation. It's like the difference between being annoyed to the point of going nuts and being slowly tortured to death. Candida is far less dangerous than some of the things people do in an effort to eliminate it but chronic constipation has a direct effect on your life expectancy because THOSE toxins are NOT in jail. Your body cannot produce fat fast enough to catch them all.

To help with anal problems brought on by constipation - hemorrhoids, fissure, bleeding - cleansing is good. You can make a little cleansing bidet out of a laboratory "wash bottle". One of those translucent white bottles with the cap with a "spigot" on it. You can get them on Amazon or a regular lab supply place or whatever. Here's what you do:

The bottle is designed to squirt water without having to turn it upside down and has a tube inside that fits into the cap. Remove that tube. That way, you can use it upside down, like a faucet, and squeeze it to squirt the contents.

Put a tiny bit of Bronner's liquid soap in the bottle and fill with cold tap water. Shake it up and you have what is essentially a liquid baby-wipe! When you use the bathroom, you can simply turn it upside down, aim and squeeze to cleanse. Not just for when you have a BM but you can use it to keep clean BETWEEN BMs. Just to keep that area clean.

To dry yourself off, you can cut up old clothes into washcloth size pieces and just throw them away after you use them or you can wash them or you can get one of those twelve-packs of cheap wash cloths (wash them before you use them) and you have a stack of reusable wipes. BUT you don't want to "wipe" - you want to gently pat yourself dry. Then refill your bidet bottle for next time. And, of course, you can add anything you want to your cleansing liquid - ACV, aloe, maybe a little cayenne if you have bleeding or whatever you want. You can use a gallon-size vinegar bottle to mix up large batches from which to refill your wash bottle.

You can get wash bottles in various colors or you can decorate and label them with a Sharpie or whatever you want so that everyone has their own bottle. The bottles come in various sizes so you can get smaller ones for child-size hands and larger one's for grown up-size hands. They're also great for car trips or your beach bag. Just fill and stick them where they can stay upright and use them to wash hands or rinse feet or whatever.

Wash bottles are the neatest thing since sliced bread for all kinds of liquid applications, both right side up with the tube installed, as a water pik or for olive oil in the kitchen or without the tube, upside down for things like squirting a disinfecting solution under the rim of the toilet. You can even use them empty, as a little air duster.

I prefer laboratory-quality bottles as they are non-reactive - you can keep straight ACV or even alcohol in a laboratory-quality bottle, no problem. I'm not sure about the cheap ones. I have a couple but I just use them empty, for air, like for blowing lint and dust out of my sewing machine and the vent on my computer and debris out of my keyboard, stuff like that. Oh, and I have one with some soapy vinegar in it for laundry purposes.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Nursecaitlin (Boston, Massachusetts Usa) on 10/23/2012


People Who Use Bentonite Clay for Constipation:

I've worked with dialysis patients for years, and bentonite clay has come up many times. It destroys your kidneys over a few years. The clay sticks to the inside of your nephrons. As the kidney disease advances (slowly), the nephrologist will ask you to allow them to perform a kidney biopsy. It is then discovered that clay, actual clay, is stuck inside the millions of tiny nephrons in each kidney. Although you may see positive results, kidney disease, and eventually dialysis, is the end result.

Posted by Alena (Praha, Czech Republic) on 10/24/2012

Best for constipation, that work for me and my mom, is daikon( chinese or japanese radish).. Before you go sleep, try chew very well daikon, that you have a lot juices in your mouth. I read somewhere, that this stimulates bile, or liver. Try it.. You have nothing lose. This helps me also make my skin clear... Sorry for my english. I speak much better, than write.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
Posted by Elaine (Chicago, Il) on 10/20/2010

I have suffered with constipation for years... I mean two digit number of years. I have tried every remedy around. I did not want to try the olive oil and lemon; it just sounded awful (to drink oil). I finally was fed up and gave it a try. I mixed 1 teaspoon Extra Virgin olive oil with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and added a sprinkle of salt (some recommended that for taste) and drank it down. Well, 15 minutes later I had relief, like I have never had before!! I give this remedy 10 thumbs up! When constipation is relieved, so are so many other issues in your body! Someone said they take it at night and wake with an easy BM. I am so glad I found this remedy. BTW, people tend to like to suggest fiber to those who are constipated and fiber may cause people who suffer from constipation to feel much worse. I was one of them, it made me so bloated and gassy. I looked it up on the Internet and it IS NOT for everyone.

Posted by Amira (Portland, Oregon) on 05/12/2013

If anyone here is like me and read everyone else's posts and thought, "These folks don't have problems like I got problems. I better double the dose," then you will likely experience the same toilet-bound week as I did. This molasses cure works incredibly well (for me, anyways). I initially did 2 Tablespoons in a mug of unsweetened almond milk, added a little honey and heated it to very warm. I did this twice a day for a week and went through a major cleanse. I have had chronic constipation my whole life (I am 26), sometimes going 4 days without a movement, being bloated, unable to think properly (the digestive system being the "2nd brain" and all), and cranky. I did this 2 Tablespoons molasses twice per day treatment for about 2 weeks, and added in a probiotic before bed each night (I have heard probiotics will help with digestion for years, and for some reason just got around to using them-- probably because they cause such bloating and gas if one is not clearing out the digestive system, but in tandem with molasses it was great), as well as drank about 1 Tablespoon chia seeds in water or watermelon juice each day for fiber and cleansing (chia is supposed to absorb and pull toxins from the body). I have not gone more than 1 day without a movement since I began this treatment about a month ago.

Eventually, the 2T of molasses twice per day stopped giving me the runs, I went down to 1 T for a week, and the molasses seemed to be a lot less intense so I just kept up with the probiotic each night, the chia seed drinks in the day, and all was pretty great. After about a week of not drinking it, I thought I would start up again this morning with 1 Tablespoon molasses in warm almond milk, and OH MY, it is now my go-to laxative in the case that I ever just want to 'lighten the load', because within 15 minutes, I was clearing out rapidly. I have researched and I am not quite sure what causes this reaction, though I have heard that it is high in magnesium which will relax the muscles. Beyond that, I don't know what works so well, but I am delighted to have discovered this remedy, and thanks again to EarthClinic for being a wonderful resource!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Tori13 (Kelowna, Bc, Canada) on 12/11/2012

YES... I finally found a natural remedy for constipation that works amazing for me! It works so well for me that I just had to write a post to help others. I am eager to hear if it works for you too.

My story: I have had CFS/Fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. This condition has left me with a wide range of varying symptoms affecting many systems in my body, including slowed digestion, and very sluggish bowels. Constipation had become a daily struggle and so I have searched endlessly to find a natural remedy that I wouldn't have to worry about taking regularly. Some of the remedies I have tried: molasses, various cereals designed to move bowels, chia seeds, hulled hemp hearts, acidophilus, prunes, herbal remedies, large quantities of vegetables, juicing, various sources of fibre, food-combining diets, vegetarian diets, and also vegan diets. I've had some degree of success but results were either inconsistent, short-lasting, or the remedy was difficult to stick with (as in the case with restricted diets).

I started taking coconut oil for other health issues but what I discovered is that it resolved my constipation! I have been taking coconut oil for approximately 1 1/2 months with terrific results. The reason that I know for sure it is the coconut oil relieving my constipation is that I have accidentally missed a dose on a few occasions and the constipation returns every time. Then, I resume my regular dosing and I'm back to being regular.

Here is the dosage that works for me:

1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil, 2 times per day. I found it easiest to put it in my morning smoothie. In the evening, I would often melt the coconut oil on a piece of toast before adding honey & cinnamon or jam.

*The secret for me has been taking it twice daily. Increasing the dosage and only taking it once per day did not achieve results for me.

TIPS: Coconut oil can have a die-off effect when you first begin taking it. I found researching the die-off symptoms prior to beginning treatment helped me know what to expect and adjust accordingly.

I started with a tiny dose and built up SLOWLY. For some people, slowly may mean taking a tiny dose once every 3 or 4 days until they are able to comfortably consume it on a daily basis. My understanding is that other people experience no die-off effects and can comfortably consume several tablespoons in a day. Again, the dosage above is what worked for me, by listening to my body, adjusting accordingly, and monitoring the results.

I wish you the best of success and hope this post offers you some hope and relief.

Posted by Nisel (Crestline, CA) on 11/26/2008

I waited two months before sending my feedback on Blackstrap Molasses because I wanted to be sure it was working for me. I have had severe constipation since I was a young girl and am now 57. I have suffered much with this condition and have tried endless remedies without permanent relief. After reading the reviews, I decided to try Blackstrap Molasses; taking one table spoon in the morning and one table spoon in the evening (I also take one one teaspoon Cayenne Pepper in the morning and one in the evening). After two months I can honestly say that I am having one, and sometimes two bowel movements a day. To add to my joy, I also have more energy. I work full time and by the afternoons I am really tired, but have noticed lately that most days I feel fine during afternoon/eveing hours. I am amazed and very grateful to God and to your website for providing a miracle cure!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dark Chocolate
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 04/22/2022

High-content Cocoa chocolate alleviates Bowel and Constipation problems.

A friend of mine, who has had bowel and constipation problems for years, has started taking just ONE square of high-content Cocoa chocolate (72% Cocoa content) per day with her morning coffee and has experienced remarkable relief in just two to three weeks.

No palm oil in this particular brand either and it is made from Ghana cocoa with the chocolate being manufactured in New Zealand.

This is quite exciting news.

Cheers from Down Under

Posted by Mimmer (LONDON, ENGLAND) on 06/04/2007

Hi all, I was chatting with a lady at work who suggested BSM and ACV [apple cider vinegar]. For a year I have suffered with constipation, bad back and general tightness of muscles in the neck area. For 20 yrs i have had trouble with fibroids (had surgery but too multiple to remove all). On 26-5-07, I bought BSM and ACV. I took it right away, doses-2 large spoons of BSM in warm water, followed by 3 tablespoons of ACV in warm water. I done this morning b4 breakfast and last thing at night. The second day on it I had a very easy bowel movement and have done everyday since. My constipation is now a thing of the past. My back (which I had to get medication from the doctors for-didnt help) was cured during the week, along with the muscle ache. I sleep deeper and don't seem to eat as much. I totally know that this 'tonic' as I like to call it will clear my fibroids eventually. I also want to see after 3months how i do as I want to give it to my Auntie for her Arthritis. I thank you all for posting your experiences as this has given me constant strength and encouragement. I look forward to this journey and please if you are having or have had VICTORY over fibroids with 'The Tonic' then please post so I can read it. I am a big believer in foods for healing and this sure is a testament to God's produce.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jessica (California) on 02/13/2021

I have been struggling with constipation since switching to a more carnivore diet due to a health issue I'm working on. Often, it will be 3 to 4 days before I have a BM. I've tried drinking more water, adding lemon juice to the water, using Cascara Sagrada or psyllium periodically. Laxatives work but they take time and I don't want to rely on them. After reading the post about the coconut oil suppository I decided to try it after several days of not eliminating.

I used coconut oil that was solid at room temperature. Since it was wintertime it was not liquid like in the summer. I simply carved a few pieces of oil totaling about 1 tablespoon. I inserted about 2-3 pieces easily into the rectum. They melt a little as they are being inserted so it is not uncomfortable. Within 5 minutes I had a bowel movement. I did it again the next day because I could tell I wasn't going to go that day. In 5 minutes it worked again. I told a friend who had been having similar issues. It worked for her in 5 minutes. My goal is to try some spore probiotics which I've read can help correct the problem. But it's a godsend to know I can use this cure if I can't go for several days. I used a quality, organic coconut oil from the health food store. I now keep my coconut oil in the frig so it always stays solid. I used refined coconut oil but I don't think it matters if it's refined or unrefined.

Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 09/24/2020

I finally cured my constipation when a friend gave me some probiotic capsules to try. They were 80 billion strength and after taking one a day for five days I noticed a marked improvement in my bowel movements. Every movement was smooth and made without effort. Doing some research I discovered that taking anti-biotics can sometimes knock out your natural gut bacteria which aids in the digestive process and that is what happened to me when I was given anti-biotics for a bladder infection. Probiotics help to grow gut bacteria to replace that which was destroyed by the antibiotics. I understand that yogurt contains probiotics but not enough to make a difference. It is only necessary to take the probiotics for seven days in order to get the gut bacteria re-established then put them away. If constipation returns then do another seven days of one capsule per day.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 06/12/2014

After trying practically everything mentioned not only on Earth Clinic but other remedies as well. I had brief relief that soon turned back into disappointment and more constipation plus hemorrhoids. So after also trying various Diets you name it been there did it! From Raw vegan, to Paleo, and lots in between. I was also thinking about the food I had as a child which was all Raw Dairy, with Raw eggs beaten in to the milk. Sometimes a bit of honey, sugar was added, and everyday a big dose of Cod liver Oil, malt and vitamin C. A lot of fatty meat, as that was the cheapest cuts and all most people could afford occasionally.

Always fresh veg and mostly garden grown veg and fruit from the grocer's markets. And junk food was a tin of tuna or salmon for Sunday tea sandwiches with a salad and jelly and Blancmange (yuck!! Blancmange!! Never ate that bit!! ) Then every few months the dreaded Castor oil and, when older, Epsom salts clean out.

And to play use your imagination, or make your own Kites out of some old polythene and sticks, cellotape and string. Or chalk on the pavement/side walk and all play whatever game together. And make fishing nets out of an old stocking, bow and arrows from fallen tree wood.

But about the food and no one EVER had constipation either. I also remember that fiber wasn't over sold as well, and too much was considered bad anyway. And every kid I know ate RAW MEAT and/or RAW FISH by 'instinct' . I have read up on 'The Western price' and Sally Fallon's 'Nourishing traditions'. And lot's of traveler's journals where people did as 'Dr Western price did, and that was not do 'The tourist trail' . But to 'Go Native' and live and eat like indigenous groups have done for ever? And practically everything was the way it was done and eaten when I was a child?

I am very mixed raced, and we have many Communities from around the World here in Cardiff, Wales. So we ALL ate 'Native' as everyone shared with everyone else in those days and always swapped their 'Homeland' recipes around as well. The 'Western Price' way of eating is EXACTLY the way we were all eating back then. And although we were all poor we were all fit, healthy, and really intellectually forward as well.

So after year's of battling health problems and trying to find a 'solution' via Diet and living as natural as possible. And constipation ALWAYS having a starring role :-( As of yesterday have gone back to where I started, AKA 'Western Price. theory. What a HUGE difference it is and in just one day!! I forgotten my Mother put us all back on it years ago. Because we all become sick physically or mentally. Along with Mega doses of certain vits, minerals and having a high protein drink or snack every hour. No white bread, only Stone-ground wholemeal and no potatoes. For a few weeks we all felt ill and rougher and that's for two reasons. Detox and becoming 'Ketogenic' . I bloated out a lot and felt right miserable and aching and was going to jump ship as I felt so awful. But my Mother smiled and said 'just bear with it a while longer'. 3 weeks later I awoke like a Butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis.

Not only did I feel 1000% better but my overall appearance had changed as if I'd been given a new body and my skin was radiant. And everybody commented about how good I was looking and even strangers were asking what I put on my hair and skin. And today I'm starting to feel like I did all those years ago at the start, as I now found raw dairy and sour dough bread. I haven't put these items in my body for years and lots of animal fat etc. And I feel just as awful if not worse than I did then. Thats because there's a heap lot wrong with me that wasn't there before.

And as awful as I'm starting to feel, if my Mother was here she'd tell me the same thing again 'Stick with it'. I intend to and I know I have a rough few weeks ahead of me and I remember the 'Miracle' that came out of the suffering the last time. It was just as we got older and all left home we all back slided back to junk food and not looking after ourselves properly and all got sick? I will report back in a few weeks, as Mega doses of vits and mineral's got 'Banned' year's ago as people were healing their self?

So Mega dosing except in certain circumstances is undoable or way too expensive. And after a while you don't need to do the Mega dosing as long as you stick to the eating plan for good. I even lost all my cellulite that I had developed by the age of 13. I don't need anyone's theories to tell me that this works. I lived it as a child, then as a teenager until 18 when I left home. And was thriving everyday I stuck to this way of eating.

And always serene, well, calm and happy and truly at peace with the Universe within. And NO constipation or stomach or other issues and came off all my Meds as well, with no withdrawals or other problems. Love Andrea C xxxx

Baking Soda, Borax
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 05/15/2011

I eat a good diet, of organic produce drink distilled water. no amount of laxatives did n e thing for the constipation caused by my meds cept' made me feel toxic! yesterday i started the bicarb/lemon juice [alkalizing tonic] as sir ted suggested. this morning i got up at 4am as i couldn't sleep drank a half pint of distilled water from a litre wth 1/8 teaspoon bicarb the same amount of of borax dechahydratate mixed together in the same litre. hoorah! talk about colonic irrigation!!! 2 hours later i was queen of the porcerlain throne!!! amazing! the gas waste all came away rapidly with no pain to my hemorrhoids or agonising anal fissures! hope this helps someone else love ANDREA C X X X

Dietary Changes
Posted by denise (Vermont USA) on 04/29/2022 24 posts

It's amazing that women give birth laying down on their back. That is quite ridiculous and I think a legacy of male doctors who didn't know any better. Delivering on your feet in a vertical position allows the baby's weight to push on the pelvis and this makes the bones soften to allow the baby to glide through the birth canal. The bone goes back to hard after the birth. All that straining lying down to deliver is unnecessarily painful. I wish women would stop laying down to give birth, it just adds so much strain for nothing. It also causes more trauma to the birthing baby.