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Posted by Mimmer (LONDON, ENGLAND) on 06/04/2007
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Hi all, I was chatting with a lady at work who suggested BSM and ACV [apple cider vinegar]. For a year I have suffered with constipation, bad back and general tightness of muscles in the neck area. For 20 yrs i have had trouble with fibroids (had surgery but too multiple to remove all). On 26-5-07, I bought BSM and ACV. I took it right away, doses-2 large spoons of BSM in warm water, followed by 3 tablespoons of ACV in warm water. I done this morning b4 breakfast and last thing at night. The second day on it I had a very easy bowel movement and have done everyday since. My constipation is now a thing of the past. My back (which I had to get medication from the doctors for-didnt help) was cured during the week, along with the muscle ache. I sleep deeper and don't seem to eat as much. I totally know that this 'tonic' as I like to call it will clear my fibroids eventually. I also want to see after 3months how i do as I want to give it to my Auntie for her Arthritis. I thank you all for posting your experiences as this has given me constant strength and encouragement. I look forward to this journey and please if you are having or have had VICTORY over fibroids with 'The Tonic' then please post so I can read it. I am a big believer in foods for healing and this sure is a testament to God's produce.

Posted by Mary Beth (Pittsburgh) on 02/06/2017
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Constipation (and probably diarrhea too) better with acupressure

Large Intestine

The poster originally used "sedation" of the large intestine to reduce constipation, but "tonifying" may help with the opposite problem, diarrhea.


On the right side, press lightly (a nickel's weight worth) on the outer side of the elbow crease (i.e., the thumb side) AND if manageable, also press a "body hand width" at a spot below the kneecap bone.

A body-hand-width for the person-who-posted means about one inch, measuring from the middle of the edge of the palm of the hand to an opposite spot on the non-palm side.

Press these two spots at the same time for one minute.

Then on the left, press on the same points for another minute.

Then do the second set of points:

On the right side, press a point in the hollow side of the thumb side of the wrist crease on the non-palm side of the hand. (This point is between the hand and the lower arm bone.)

At the SAME TIME, press in at the depression that is on the little finger side of the hand, moving up the side of the hand, over a little bump of the wrist bone. I found this spot by starting at the part of the lower arm bone near the hand, then moving upward toward the little finger, by sliding upward, over that bump in the wrist bone. I used two fingers, to make sure I had the right spot. Hold these for thirty seconds.

Do the same again on the left side.

I only had to do this two times on my bladder meridian, to stop being incontinent. It has not been completely foolproof, as my disease has progressed, but mostly it has freed me from the potty substantially.


It is important that I also tell you how to sedate your large intestine. This practice was very useful to relieve my constipation.

Also, if you over-tonify, your meridian/muscle can get too tight, so I had better tell you how to loosen it.

To sedate, on the right side, you'll want to press a point on the right hand -- and, if you are flexible enough, ideally you can also, at the same time, press the other point on your right foot. I can JUST do this: but if it is difficult, do one point at a time, starting with the points on the right, then do the same points on the left.

It really does not matter if you do the right points first, and then the left. But you are supposed to do all the right hand points, at one time, then all the left hand points at one time.

Use your left hand to press a point that seems to be close to the knuckle of your pointing finger, at the bottom of the finger, and on the side of the finger that is closest to the thumb. AT THE SAME TIME, use your right index finger (since it is still NOT doing anything) to press on the point on the side of your foot, just a smidgen down the foot from where the toe meets the foot. Hold this at a "nickel's weight" for one minute.

Then do the left side the same way.

The second set of points is the same as the points for tonifying, copied and pasted from above:

On the right side, press a point in the hollow side of the thumb side of the wrist crease on the non-palm side of the hand. (This point is between the hand and the lower arm bone.)

At the SAME TIME, press in at the depression that is on the little finger side of the hand, moving up the side of the hand, over a little bump of the wrist bone. I found this spot by starting at the part of the lower arm bone near the hand, then moving upward toward the little finger, by sliding upward, over that bump in the wrist bone. I used two fingers, to make sure I had the right spot. Hold these for thirty seconds.

Do the same again on the left side.

This remedy worked for the poster in two days later -- and she has been "loose" ever since!

The poster used the pictures and descriptions from "Touch for Health" by John and Matthew Thie -- and "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden.

Chia Seeds
Posted by Deb (Lebanon, Oregon) on 12/04/2014

Having grown up with chronic constipation (a small amount once a month) I have been trying to remedy it for the past 20 years (I'm now 57). I've tried all the recommendations. A number of years ago I discovered powdered magnesium and I kept increasing the amount until I had results. Two tablespoons would keep me regular. Concerned about taking this much I kept searching but always would default back. Then I found chia seeds. I soak a tablespoon over night and put it in a 3 fruit smoothie for my breakfast every morning. It has been working for a year now with daily regularity (sometimes twice a day).

Vitamin Supplements
Posted by Elaine (Edmond, Oklahoma) on 09/05/2014
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As many of us with hypothyroid know, constipation is one of the symptoms of the ailment. I am one of those that has suffered for years with hard, rocky stool. Then I read about how if you are deficient in Thiamine or vitamin B-1 it can cause a "miscommunication" between the thyroid and bowels. I began taking 250 mg of B-1 everyday a couple of weeks ago and no more cement factory poops. It just may be coincidence. But, so far sooooo very good. I am actually not dreading to go do number 2. It's worth a try. I just hope my situation remains, eh hem, smooth sailing.

Castor Oil
Posted by Jay (Orlando, Florida) on 08/01/2013
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For constipation, I finally found relief by taking a spoon full of cold-pressed castor oil in the mornings along with my cup of tea. I now only need to take the oil about once a week or less.

I started with a strong cleanse (4 tablespoons) initially using the castor oil and gradually reduced the amount over time. Warning stay close to your commode!!!!!

The oil I use is 100% certified organic cold pressed Castor oil.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Openlyhappy (Mcdonough, Ga) on 02/25/2010

I'm sorry I am a person who had to have surgery and suffered from constipation all my life. Honey at the end of the day it is diet diet diet. I would only move once a week at most times. I had "poop envy" of my husband. I started following the rave diet and now i can 2 or 3 times a day. Beets Beets Beets is all i can say along with the ACV and just plain water but most of all it is diet. If you are that constipated like I was you were eating crap..i was or you are eating meat...i was. MY body could not digest meat and processed foods. By this time I had had enough of both to last me a life time. Don't miss'em... I like poopin' more... "Don't hate me 'cause I poopin" I chase a good movement like methheads chase a high. Start looking for what works for you and don't stop until you do you'll find that thing that works for you. BEETS BEETS BEETS oh yeah and cayenne honey and lemon, ginger and ACV all in one good warm cup of water. drink lots of water. Seriously, I know your plight but you have to change that diet to change your life... best of luck...

Posted by Cathy (Cambridge, Oh) on 08/28/2008
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Blackstap Molasses cured my constipation problem! I am an avid reader of your site and have received a lot of good info from all who post to it.

I have had bowel problems my entire life. I have been to numerous doctors and have been told that I have the longest colon they have ever seen and it has many twists and turns. After fighting with the doctors about my elimination problem they operated just to see what they could see. Low and behold, they found a large section of my colon that was folded over......leading to another operation to remove 18 inches of my colon. I thought that would solve my problem, but due to years of taking ovc laxitives just to survive and for all the meds the doctors thought would cure me, I developed a lazy colon. Well, to make a long story short....I saw and read the articles on Blackstrap Molasses and purchased some four days ago. I took a tablespoon in the morning and again at night. This has been the best thing that could ever have happened to me. After two days...I am having regular, soft, bowel movements. I am thankful and amazed. I will pass this on to all my friends who also have that problem. I will continue to read as much as possible on your site because I found the answer to a lifetime problem through it that even doctors couldn't help. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Dodie (LA, California) on 10/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking blackstrap molasses for a week now and thank goodness I've been getting 3 bowel movements a day!! I have a hard time getting bowel movements partially cause of the foods that I eat but I am working on it. Also, my father has the same issues. Also, my face is glowing and I've gotten a couple of comments and how good my skin looks! I hope it doesn't stop working for me.

Posted by Lydia (Miami, FL) on 12/06/2006
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I have been constipated for the past thirteen years due to meds and my years of suffering from anorexia and especially bulimia. I only eat healthy food and I HAVE tried everthing and wasted a lot of money to help my situation between doctors' visits, medicines and supplements. Lately the thing that is proving to be helpful is acidophilus (in the millions), All brand fiber cereal (I find it delicious) and magnesium (750mg/day) I have accepted mine as a hopeless case; however, this may help somebody out there!

Baked Apples
Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/18/2022
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For several days in a row, eating a diet of mostly, or only, baked apples can help for cleansing the body and for relieving constipation.

The apples should be eaten with the peel. (Before baking, they can be scrubbed a bit with a food wash or even dish soap, and then rinsed well, to lessen preservatives on the peel, since the peel should be eaten.) The apples, Cortland cooking apples, can be baked with olive oil drizzled onto the apples and also some spices such as nutmeg and a bit of cinnamon, but without added sugar. Since cinnamon can be constipating for some people only a pinch or so should be added per apple.

The apples can be baked at around 425 degrees Fahrenheit, for about an hour and a half or more. If the apples are baked until the inside starts to caramelize and turn brown, the apples will be sweet even though no sugar was added. (Even regular apple sauce can be simmered very slowly for several hours without added water or sugar. If the apples are good quality cooking apples, such as Cortland apples, the applesauce will be sweet.)

In the writings of the psychic, Edgar Cayce, we find reference to an apple diet. That is, eating only apples for three days, prepared any which way, after which one is to sip a quarter of a half cup of (hot) olive oil for body cleansing.

For many people, the Cayce apple diet is a hard program to follow.

A modified, mostly apple diet is easy to follow and satisfying. While such a program may not be as effective as a total apple diet, it is easy to try out.

One should start eating the baked apples in the morning and if in the evening one feels the need for other food one can eat a small amount of light food such as a few spoonful's of small curd cottage cheese and maybe some hot water with blackstrap molasses with some spices, and a bit of milk (a small amount, such as an eighth or a quarter teaspoon, of salt, added to the molasses drink makes it taste better), or one can drink a tea with some honey in it. Throughout the day, if one feels the need, one can also drink molasses with hot water, or coffee, or tea.

Baking Soda
Posted by winful (Alberta, Canada) on 11/26/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Nat,

I'm using 1/2-1 tsp baking soda every morning on an empty stomach and wait about an hour before eating. Now, after a lifetime of constipation, I finally have quick relief... Baking soda doesn't raise blood pressure as some believe and it's ok to take every day, in fact, it's beneficial to do so!

Posted by Nancy (Albemarle, NC) on 08/25/2021
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The best thing for constipation is flaxseed. I tried otc drugs, supplements, magnesium, nothing worked. One teaspoon of flax seed ground works put in coffee or tea or Sprinkle on food.

Posted by Natural in NY (NY) on 03/30/2021
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I did not really Susan's post about acupressure on the arm from 2008 would work for me, but decided to give it a try. When I first pressed on the spot on my left arm, I could feel something in my stomach area. That was encouraging and so I kept switching back and forth for a bit. I still did not think it would actually work. However, within about 10 to 15 minutes from starting, I had the result I was looking for! I highly doubt this was by chance. To be fair, I did lightly massage my abdomen just below my belly button once. However, I really think it was the points on the arms described by Susan. I also was not sure I had the spots right and just kept rubbing in the general area, trying to cover enough ground to get it to work. I guess you don't have to be perfect. Thank you Susan and earthclinic!

Epsom Salt
Posted by Lightbelly (Uk) on 02/12/2018
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Hi- am reporting in that Epsom salts (ES) are the stars - had tried Senna tea, fibre, flax seed, water, lemon etc etc but to no avail. Had trouble locating it - pharmacies in the UK don't seem to sell the raw ingredients any more, and when it finally arrived (ebay) I tried it and nearly threw up. This was probably from having done maybe too many liver cleanses and developing an aversion to the taste. Thanks to EC - someone had suggested putting some lemon juice to hide the taste (why didn't I think of that?! ) and it really did the trick - a few drops of lime juice and no ew before bedtime. The morning relief is amazing, I'm sleeping again and the tension has gone, I feel lighter, more vital and ready to take action!

Posted by Search4truth (Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, Philippines) on 09/23/2017 1 posts
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I have tried numerous constipation remedies to create daily bowel movements as part of a detox protocol, but nothing worked consistently.

Until I read about drinking 1 liter of filtered water first thing in the morning when I woke up. It worked. After drinking my morning liter of water, I'll have an easy bowel movement usually within an hour or two. Sometimes just minutes. It used to be days. I don't know if the type of water is a factor, but I drink filtered mountain water where I live.

I do also have chronic health problems often characterized as Fibromyalgia which may be of some consequence.

Posted by Lisa (Raleigh ) on 01/26/2017
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Celery juice for constipation.
I'm always constipated and I have tried everything - prunes, ACV, miralax, and beyond. I have hard time pooping. Literally.
Then, I stumbled on celery juice with ginger.
Who knew?
Works like a champ.

Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 08/19/2022

Hi Nat...I take senna leaf tea every once and a while, been doing that for many years. For me, if I drink senna tea in the evening then I will definitely have a substantial poop the next morning. My poop urgency isn't that huge and the poop itself comes out soft and quick but not explosively.

On the other hand when my wife drinks the senna tea then she will have a stronger poop urgency then me (yup, she runs to the toilet! ) and will have between 3 to 5 poops the next morning and they can be rather explosive. So my wife is quite sensitive to senna's effects in the intestines, whereas I seem to have few problems using the senna tea. Horses for courses, I guess.

I've also read that you must never take senna everyday because doing so will harm the liver. But once in a while is OK. I also like using senna because -- from all the research -- it also kills a wide variety of bad bacteria and parasites in the intestines.

I must also disagree with what you said about magnesium supplements in general in this thread. I've been taking magnesium chloride -- at a higher dosage -- twice a day for about 15 yrs. I also use mag chloride combined with DMSO for tired or aching muscles and I can confirm that it works a treat!

Ted is also quite correct when he says that we eat far too much calcium in our supermarket diets. All the grains, bread, corn flakes, sports drinks etc that you buy in the supermarket are all over-fortified with too much calcium and no magnesium. That's why I take magnesium chloride regularly, which helps to balance and regulate any excess calcium in the body.

And for sure you better be very careful what you are led to believe about RDA dosages from the FDA. About 50 years ago the advised dosage for magnesium supplements was only about 200 mgs per day. The RDA dosage that the FDA now recommend is between 350 mgs and 420 mgs per day, which I think is still way too low -- it's just a clueless guessing game for the FDA because they really don't give a single hoot about proper mineral nutrition for the body. That's also why, on some days, I take much higher dosages of magnesium. And if you take too much magnesium the worst that can happen to you is that you get loose stools or diarrhea. And the intestines and kidneys will always act to self regulate proper electrolyte levels(including magnesium) in the blood.

I'm 72 y.o. and I've been taking high dose magnesium chloride(and Borax) regularly for about 15 years. And that's probably why I have no arthritis, rheumatism or any other aches and pains in my body right now. And there are more than a few days when my combined magnesium intake is probably above 1000mgs per day. That gives me soft stools with no other noticeable side-effects. But I'm not you. So it's like I said, horses for courses. That means that you should always find the best dose for yourself. Call it your own, personalized, orthomolecular dose if you like...that's the way to do it because your body always knows best.

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