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Castor Oil

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Posted by Karen (Los Angeles, California) on 01/23/2012
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What works for me for severe constipation is Castor oil. One tablespoon. But if you try it, take it only on a weekend you have off. Stay home because you don't know when it's going to work.Works on me like drain-O on a drain.

Castor Oil
Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE) on 06/20/2008
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One teaspoon of Errand oil (oil of ricinis communis) is very helpful in relieving from the constipated condition.

EC: Errand oil is another name for castor oil in Marathi.

Castoria, Syrup of Figs

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Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, USA) on 12/05/2010
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One day Castoria the next day syrup of figs. From a few drops taken all day long, to a half tsp taken once a day. It all depends on your body and how constipated you are.


Posted by Sasha (Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland) on 08/29/2012

Hello, I have been suffering from constipation for quite some time and I am also very underweight. However lately I found out I had Celiac Disease. My small intestine is damaged from years of ingesting gluten and I just found out. The happy thing though is the fact that I now know the cause of my illness. I am going to see an herbalist to help with healing my intestine. Forget about the regular doctors. They are only trained to sell medications and do surgeries, eventually also being a sales rep for the funeral homes.

Replied by John
(Boston, Ma)

Sasha, You have the right approach. You will want to take a good pro-biotic. Look for one with a broad spectrum of strains (8 or more)and active cultures in the Billions (15B or more). You may have to adjust it up or down according to bowel tolerance.

The cheaper ones are under 5 billion and have fewer strains.

You should also look in to a good pre-biotic which is food for the good bacteria to thrive. Some common ones include FOS and inulin. You can also get pre-biotics from eating onions, leaks, garlic, and bananas.

An herbalist may also give you some herbs to soothe the digestive tract like marshmallow tea and anti-inflammatories like ginger tea.

It will be a good idea to take digestive bitters 15-30 minutes before eating. These are herbs that help stimulate the digestive juices to make sure you are digesting well. Another alternative is to take digestive enzymes and Betaine (HCL) if you need it.

Replied by Jennifer
(Napa Valley)

Caffeine causes chronic constipation. If you really want to stop this cycle, ween yourself off caffeine asap (takes about 8 days slowly tapering off and then switching to decaf for a week or so before quitting). I was an avid coffee drinker that swore I would never give it up but I promise there is a rainbow at the end of the dark coffee withdrawal tunnel and you will be more regular than you have ever been in your life. Caffeine and coffee (yes, even if it's “just one cup in the morning”) has a detrimental effect on your entire health, nutrition absorbtion, cortisol level, weight loss efforts(if you want to lose 10 pounds without even trying, quit all caffeine for 2 months and it just falls off)

Forget any “health expert” that tells you caffeine is ok, it's slowly destroying your health, do some research on “quit caffeine” and listen to people who have quit after many years of thinking it was harmless or that they could not think they would survive without it.

when is the last time you slept 8 hours straight without waking up once? That starts at about day 6. Happy sleeping, happy health!


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Posted by Don (Michigan, USA) on 12/23/2019
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This Holiday Season you may become “irregular“ from festive meals. Don't waste money on harsh chemicals like Miralax which is pretty much antifreeze. First thing in the morning on a empty stomach juice, blend or eat 2-3 ribs of celery with a large glass of water and in no time you will be your regular self.

Chia Seeds

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Posted by Deb (Lebanon, Oregon) on 12/04/2014

Having grown up with chronic constipation (a small amount once a month) I have been trying to remedy it for the past 20 years (I'm now 57). I've tried all the recommendations. A number of years ago I discovered powdered magnesium and I kept increasing the amount until I had results. Two tablespoons would keep me regular. Concerned about taking this much I kept searching but always would default back. Then I found chia seeds. I soak a tablespoon over night and put it in a 3 fruit smoothie for my breakfast every morning. It has been working for a year now with daily regularity (sometimes twice a day).

Chia Seeds
Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 04/29/2013
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Recently, I read on another health Site about the benefits of Chia Seeds for helping heal constipation. The writer wrote that she came across an article about Salvia (Chia Seeds) ending constipation. She wrote that it sounded almost miraculous. She ordered the seeds, made the gell, and took two heaping tablespoons every morning. (1/3 cup of seeds in 2 cups of water, stir, wait 5 minutes, stir again, and store in the refrigerator - for some people it is best if soaked overnight, especially for intestinal comfort ) At first it took six days to help, then two days, then every day, all without any strain. The seeds can also be more diluted - ex: one tablespoon in a cup of water - immediately stir a few times, then a little while later, pour back and forth between two cups - this way of mixing prevents the gell from breaking up, which might increase the benefit. The seeds must be soaked in water. If taken dry they can swell up in the intestines and cause a blockage. The Chia Seeds really help in a natural way.

Replied by Yellowbird
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SIDE EFFECTS: Caution with Chia Seeds (and Flax & Primrose Seeds) for those with HYPOtension (very LOW blood pressure)...

These seeds are known for their ability to reduce blood pressure via vasodilation- a good thing for folk with HYPERtension (=High BP), but the quick reduction can be dramatic- even dangerous- for those who live with very low blood pressure already.

Much as I loved them, I had to stop using chia becoz of this effect. Everytime I tried them, within minutes my allready low blood pressure would fall thru the floor: veins overly dilated, throbbing sensation in neck vein, dizzy, faint, anxious, knot in chest, breathless, fluttery heart, skipped beats, light & dark spots before eyes. Classic signs of blood pressure plunging too low, too fast.

Replied by Loiz

Yes chia seeds also cause low blood pressure for me

Replied by Jillybeans
(somewhere in the south)
89 posts

I like seeing that you noted a general improvement and documented it. We all work differently and we must keep this in mind for how our bodies react to remedies.

Chia Seeds
Posted by Tina (Princeton, N J ) on 09/25/2011
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Chia seeds are very good in curing constipation, since they are full of fiber. It is also the richest and only unprocessed whole food source of pure Omega 3. Chia seeds 'scrubbing' action also help remove toxins from the small intestine. Plus they are high in protein, so they keep you feeling full longer and make you feel so energetic! Best of all, they are quite inexpensive and can be found in health food stores. Remember to drink lots of water when you eat chia seeds, as they absorb ten times their weight in water.

I soak about two scoops (from the scoop provided in the container) in water overnight and the next morning it is almost a jelly consistency. Eaten with some organic raw honey and fresh lemon juice, it makes a delicious and filling breakfast. Best of luck!

Club Soda

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Posted by Doc Sheila (Toronto, Canada) on 08/09/2009
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Club Soda cure, I have been using ordinary club soda for many years now for urinary infection, burning sensation on urination and also constipation. I am a homeopath and I suggest this remedy to my clients it work magic each time.

On reading the ingredients in club soda I notice that the main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate,sodium citrate, potassium sulphate( potassium sulphate is known as Kali sulp) a homeopathic tissue salt for urinary infection detox and diabetes,other ingredients

they also add carbonated water for the fizz. Try two eight ounce glass daily, you may add lemon for addition flavour.

Please let me know if other individuals have this experience.


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Posted by Rw (Southwest Virginia) on 12/13/2017
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I'm on a low carb diet to keep blood sugar down and I make this concoction when I want something sweet. I discovered it cured constipation--I think it's the coconut that does it. I take about a Tablespoon of natural peanut butter (the kind that's runny), mix 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut, some stevia, and add a few chopped pecans (optional). You have to smush it with a spoon and it's like a cross between sort of a granola and fudge--sort of. Well when you're not allowed sweets you lower your standards.

Replied by Rw
(Southwest Virginia)

P.S. Just be aware that if you have candida, this can kill the candida and cause unpleasant die-off detox symptoms. Maybe go slow with it until you know and if you have symptoms, back off a little.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Jessica (California) on 02/13/2021
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I have been struggling with constipation since switching to a more carnivore diet due to a health issue I'm working on. Often, it will be 3 to 4 days before I have a BM. I've tried drinking more water, adding lemon juice to the water, using Cascara Sagrada or psyllium periodically. Laxatives work but they take time and I don't want to rely on them. After reading the post about the coconut oil suppository I decided to try it after several days of not eliminating.

I used coconut oil that was solid at room temperature. Since it was wintertime it was not liquid like in the summer. I simply carved a few pieces of oil totaling about 1 tablespoon. I inserted about 2-3 pieces easily into the rectum. They melt a little as they are being inserted so it is not uncomfortable. Within 5 minutes I had a bowel movement. I did it again the next day because I could tell I wasn't going to go that day. In 5 minutes it worked again. I told a friend who had been having similar issues. It worked for her in 5 minutes. My goal is to try some spore probiotics which I've read can help correct the problem. But it's a godsend to know I can use this cure if I can't go for several days. I used a quality, organic coconut oil from the health food store. I now keep my coconut oil in the frig so it always stays solid. I used refined coconut oil but I don't think it matters if it's refined or unrefined.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Jessica,

On the issue of constipation treatment....

Liquorice / licorice is defined in my dictionary as: "The dried, black root of a Mediterranean plant used as a laxative and in confectionery". Also "A chewy black sweet with a strong flavor".

I seldom get constipated but if I do, I go straight for a couple of sticks of Licorice (which I rarely eat because of the sugar content! ). Also, increase the water intake, especially in summer and more walking/ activity really helps.

Seems to work fine for me.

Not too good for persons with high blood pressure though!

On another (related) matter:

I have recently given up cheese and butter in favor of coconut oil spread on bread in an attempt to ease sinus congestion but even after five weeks there is no discernible result. Pity, but I intend to stick with the CO as I think it is beneficial on a number of fronts anyway.

Readers could do worse than research the multiple benefits claimed for CO.

Cheers from Down Under (where the drought seems to finally have broken! )


Coconut Oil
Posted by Cathy (UK) on 05/05/2020
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I'm usually very regular, owing to a wholefoods vegetarian diet. However I have been suffering from constipation for about 4 days...I'd been eating badly and not drinking enough water. I knew I was becoming impacted and a very painful BM was on the horizon. I took a tablespoon of solid coconut oil, formed it into a suppository shape and put in in the freezer to firm up for a few minutes. I then went to the bathroom and inserted it rectally. I held it there for a few moments and, to my surprise, it took effect instantly. Everything expelled smoothly and painlessly...I felt much better and lighter straight away.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Tori13 (Kelowna, Bc, Canada) on 12/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

YES... I finally found a natural remedy for constipation that works amazing for me! It works so well for me that I just had to write a post to help others. I am eager to hear if it works for you too.

My story: I have had CFS/Fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. This condition has left me with a wide range of varying symptoms affecting many systems in my body, including slowed digestion, and very sluggish bowels. Constipation had become a daily struggle and so I have searched endlessly to find a natural remedy that I wouldn't have to worry about taking regularly. Some of the remedies I have tried: molasses, various cereals designed to move bowels, chia seeds, hulled hemp hearts, acidophilus, prunes, herbal remedies, large quantities of vegetables, juicing, various sources of fibre, food-combining diets, vegetarian diets, and also vegan diets. I've had some degree of success but results were either inconsistent, short-lasting, or the remedy was difficult to stick with (as in the case with restricted diets).

I started taking coconut oil for other health issues but what I discovered is that it resolved my constipation! I have been taking coconut oil for approximately 1 1/2 months with terrific results. The reason that I know for sure it is the coconut oil relieving my constipation is that I have accidentally missed a dose on a few occasions and the constipation returns every time. Then, I resume my regular dosing and I'm back to being regular.

Here is the dosage that works for me:

1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil, 2 times per day. I found it easiest to put it in my morning smoothie. In the evening, I would often melt the coconut oil on a piece of toast before adding honey & cinnamon or jam.

*The secret for me has been taking it twice daily. Increasing the dosage and only taking it once per day did not achieve results for me.

TIPS: Coconut oil can have a die-off effect when you first begin taking it. I found researching the die-off symptoms prior to beginning treatment helped me know what to expect and adjust accordingly.

I started with a tiny dose and built up SLOWLY. For some people, slowly may mean taking a tiny dose once every 3 or 4 days until they are able to comfortably consume it on a daily basis. My understanding is that other people experience no die-off effects and can comfortably consume several tablespoons in a day. Again, the dosage above is what worked for me, by listening to my body, adjusting accordingly, and monitoring the results.

I wish you the best of success and hope this post offers you some hope and relief.

Replied by Lawrence
(Fairfax, Va)

Can you be more specific. What die-off effect are you referring to? Candida? Thanks.

Replied by Tori13
(Kelowna, Bc Canada)

My understanding is that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and so there are toxins released as it kills off bacteria, viruses, etc. I would guess that candida would be included in this mix, but I'm no expert. When I started taking it I experienced headaches and flu-like symptoms. I felt pretty crappy so I cut back to where it was comfortable and worked up from there.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 02/22/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had candida, and one of my symptoms was constipation -- I was lucky if I had BM or went to toilet once in 4 days. And my stools were painful, dry and hard. As part of my own protocol to both kill the candida as well as to get rid of my constipation, I took 1 tbspns virgin coconut oil 3 times a day in my coffee or raw. I also alkalized at different times daily, using Ted's baking soda alkalizing remedies.

The effect of the coconut oil and baking soda can be explained like this. When the ingested coconut oil moves from the stomach to the duodenum, the pancreas squirts out its enzymes for digestion in bicarbonate solution into the duodenum. The bile from the liver breaks the coconut oil down into small droplets and the excess alkaline bicarbonate from the pancreas combines with the coconut oil to make a form of "soap" that greatly aids in passage of faeces down the intestines. But if you are lacking in bicarbonates stored in your pancreas or the food you eat is too acid, then you will need to increase your bicarbonate intake to increase this store.

I would normally take the coconut oil directly before or directly after meals. I would take the Baking soda remedy (any will do from this site), either one hour before or 2 hours after meals.

This had quite an effect, my stools soon became smaller and much softer as a result, and after a few months of this protocol, I became regular again, with BM every day.

It was, therefore, a combination of both taking coconut oil and increasing my bicarbonate intake(Baking Soda) that helped cure my own constipation problem.


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Posted by Trisha (Berkeley, California) on 07/22/2008
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In response to a reader's constipation problem: Try coffee! It may seem obvious, but in case you haven't tried it, a cup of coffee will get you going in no time at all! I drink it black every single morning and I am very regular. It always prompts digestion when I've eaten too much as well, and makes my stomach feel calmed.

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