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Brazil Nuts
Posted by Ninegps (Atlanta, Ga.) on 02/02/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from constipation for many many years throughout much of my 40s fore sure. I am stunned that Earth Clinic does not have Brazil Nuts as the number one remedy for constipation. I have tried apple cider vinegar I use magnesium on a regular basis and they do not work for me. I have a very clean diet I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and high fiber every day. I do not, however, drink as much water as I should. One day I was watching a physician show on a major television networks and one of the doctors said that we must have a balanced amount of selenium in our diet. Who knew? He mentioned Brazil nuts. I immediately went to Whole Foods and grabbed a bag. They work but you must be careful about how many you consume. They can be toxic. I only eat 3 a day.