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Dietary Changes

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Posted by Maribel (Miami, Florida) on 12/03/2008
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You go to Whole Foods and in the bulk section you buy OAT BRAN, it's very unexpensive. it is like powder and you just put 1-2 spoonfuls in your cereal or in anything and it's like magic, in less than 1 hour you have a bowel movement and natural not forced like with laxatives.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mujahid (Tobyhanna, Pennsylanvia) on 08/31/2008
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I stopped eating meat, and started eating cabbage everyday, yes gas is part of what is expected, but my bowel movement is now regulated, my system is cleansed, stool is no longer dark and there is no unbearable smell. my weight is going down. And most of all I feel better physically. I juice 8 oz twice a day. And eat 1/4 pound per day. Basil and Fennel and black pepper for flavor.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jay (Altoona, Florida) on 06/01/2008
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After many years of struggling with chronic constipation the answer finally appeared from the ocean. Each evening before retiring I mix a (TBS) Tablespoon of powdered kelp and dulse flakes into 4+ounces of cold water and drink. I no longer get colds, acid reflux, or fever blisters. I buy my seaweed in bulk form.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jean (Calgary Alberta, Canada) on 05/08/2008
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Constipation Remedy: Eat your porridge! A bowl of oatmeal porridge every morning (preferably made with large old fashioned oats) will keep your body working regularly. Adding some pumpkin seeds and dried fruit is even better. Takes only 4 minutes in the microwave.

Dietary Changes
Posted by saab (vancouver, canada) on 04/28/2008
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Using sea salt/acv for constipation has worked better for me than following remedies: psyllium husk, extra fibre every night(wheat bran), water+b.soda+acv etc. I use 250 ml warm water, few sprinkles of sea salt (pinch)+1 tbsp organic ACV. This has also cleared up stubborn adult acne on the throat.I am just not sure of the long term use of salt every in the morning,if it would corrode the organs. Many heartfelt thanks, nevertheless for the site and its info.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Wanda (East Bay, CA) on 05/16/2007
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Have had some digestive challenges lately. Last night, used ACV in water just prior to a bowl of oatmeal. About an hour later, I swallowed a garlic capsule. This morning after swishing peanut oil for about 20 minutes, I drank the juice of one lemon mixed with about a TBSP of baking powder and water. My nose began to run. After a breakfast of French Toast, bacon, and strong coffee, there was an almost immediate cleansing. I'm not sure which concoction did the job, or if it was the harmonious work of them all. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and kudos for the good advice. I feel blessed.

Replied by Jan
(East, Va)

Coffee is well known to cause a bowel movement. Chances are, that did it or at least greatly contributed to it.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/02/2007
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Comment on helping constipation.

Simmer one half cup of raisins, or a half cup mixture of raisins, figs, and prunes with water and olive oil for a few minutes.

Or, pour boiling water and olive oil to just cover the raisins, or the raisins, prunes and figs mixture.

Or soak over night with tap water and some olive oil. (Check the figs to see that they have no bugs on or in them.)

Then add some toasted wheat germ and toasted bran to this mixture. (Krechmer's (the company that makes toasted wheat germ also makes toasted bran. For some people it may, help more than raw bran.)

Add one, two or three tablespoons bran and one or two tablespoon wheat germ to the mixture.

Add some organic Wheatabix (a cereal from England). (The Wheatabix may help more than Fiber One or Uncle Sam's or Good Friends High fiber cereal. May be because it is organic.)

Then add a little bit hot milk and maybe some sucanet.

Eat this every morning. It may take some time to heal the system but after a few days or a week there should be improvement. One can simmer, at one time, olive oil and water with a whole box of raisins or the raisin/prune/fig combination and store it in the refrigerator, taking out a half cup of the mixture every day. (Till the body begins to normalize itself and for emergency usage one can use polyethelen glycol (golightely) by doctor's prescription.

It is not habit forming and will even help for a few days after its use is stopped, but if one uses it for more than two weeks it can cause electrolite imbalance. It can then bring about some hyperactivity, jumpiness or wakefulness. Nevertheless, until the body normalizes itself, it is less harmful than other laxatives. In an old Prevention magazine a reader once recommended, as a powerful remedy for constipation, drinking, twice a day, hot coffee with two tablespoons wheat germ and two tablespoons unprocessed (raw) bran in it. This can be taken first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon. One can add some sucanet or xylitol sweetener, or molasses. Even a bit of milk to make it palatable is all right for most people. One can take the hot coffee drink and then the raisin/olive oil/hot water/bran/wheat germ/wheatabix mixture afterward as a morning cereal. Hot fiber liquids (example hot oily bean soup, hot pumpkin squash soup ( blend the soup with the seeds) and hot sweet drinks (not chocolate) are very helpful. Raw fruits and vegetables. Papaya has helped some people when other things did not. Avoid low fiber foods such as starchy bakery foods, rice, pasta. Avoid chocolates, and too much protein. It seems once that for a time a mixture of an eighth of a tsp each of carnitine powder, TMG powder and calcium pyruvate helped. At this time it may not be really helping as it was before. Chewing dry a tablespoon of toasted or raw bran. Follow a little while later with a hot drink

Dietary Changes
Posted by Carol (Southern NJ) on 10/29/2006
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I eat about 1 cup of raw Savoy Cabbage a day with a meal. It relieved my roller coaster episodes of diarrhea in one day...and constipation for the next week. Also it helped with PMS. I can think more clearly, I have a higher energy level, my mood is improved, and I feel really healthy.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 10/08/2006
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I was going to try one last thing before surrendering to taking a laxative. I ate raisins all day and drank water. It worked, I didn't have to take the laxative.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Marcel (Diamond Bar, CA) on 07/12/2006
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I half cooked a bunch of leafy vegetables with coconut milk. Coconut milk adds flavor to my cooking. I added some fresh herbs like basil, ground pepper, garlic, and onion. I did not add salt as I stopped using it salt since 1980. When done, I ate it alone the whole day. In one day, I tripped to the bathroom 3 times and really did a good job on emptying my guts. My bowels looked greenish, long formed and at about 1 1/2 inch in diameter. The bowel was greenish because the digestion was fast and did not have a chance to change color to brownish. I felt good and light all day long. The green leafy vegetables can be Kale, spinach, water lily (kangkong). I will try other green vegetables with the coconut milk and see its effect.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ami (Harlingen, TX)
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If you want a simple way to solve your constipation problem eat a bowlful of 100% bran cereal for breakfast each day.Or you if that doesn't taste to your liking them try cutting back on dairy products especially cheese, and yogurt. Then try adding more leafy green veggies such as salads and spinach(salad). Also cut back on certain fruit products such as apple juice and apple sauce. Then and more fiber to your diet. It works!

Replied by Autumn
(Louisville, Ky)

Hi Ami. That sounds like a good start for sure, by eating 100% bran cereal in the mornings. I think I can handle that. I try not to eat breads but I do eat meats & cheeses almost daily. Veggies I am not so great at but I have a Nutri-Bullet which I am trying to use to get those in and more fruits as well. Great advice!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Delores (Atlanta, Georgia)
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1/4 cup of pure Pomegranate concentrate with 16 oz. water, twice daily. Adjust as needed. This works wonders for constipation.

Dry Mustard in Water

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Posted by KT (The Usa) on 05/30/2013
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Constipation: I had read an old "grandma" recipe of 1/2 tsp of dry mustard in 1/2 Cup cool water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, before breakfast, would get things moving. It worked great for me and I thought I had posted that here, on EC, but could not locate it so I'm posting it again hoping it will help someone else.


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Posted by Diane (Lake City, Ar) on 04/26/2011
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A relative had a stroke several years ago. He has had extremely severe constipation recently due to complications caused by the stroke and was hospitalized. The hospital administered an enema made of only plain milk and molasses. It worked TREMENDOUSLY! Fast relief!

Replied by Smoggy
(Northern, Ca)

No matter the magnesium dosage, Magnesium Oxide only produce 4 mg bioavailability in the body. It is the lowest producing Magnesium out there. Magnesium Citrate produce 16mg bioavailability in the body and is used for "chronic constipation. " Be careful as Magnesium can be toxic and you can use too much.

Replied by Beth A
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Diane, thanks for posting about the M&M enema. Yes, it does work very well and is fast. It is a old remedy.

I hope your relative is better now. Blessings.

I have given a Milk and Molasses enema twice at home to one of my kids. Was constipated and harden stool. Nurse recommended giving him a M&M enema. She gave me the instructions for how much milk and molasses to mix and how to give it. Not hard to prepare and give.

It worked and he felt much better after he got the M&M enema.

You are right, it works very fast and may cause some cramping in the tummy. So be able to take the one who got it to expel right away.

The molasses will harden up if it cools down. Give at body temp. Once you prepare the solution (milk and molasses) you have to give the enema right away...or keep it warm till ready to give the enema.

The molasses will stop up the hose on the rubber enema bag type of enema and is hard to clean after the enema.

I used a rubber enema bulb syringe to give the M&M enema. The bulb is easier to clean than the bag. I had to rinse it a few times with hot soapy water to get the molasses out of the enema bulb syringe. Rinsed with clear water and let it air dry.

Check with your medical professional before giving a M&M enema or any home enema.

Replied by Joan W
(Ohio Usa)

There are many home remedies for constipation. Change of diet. Stop gluten. Fiber. No junk foods. Drinking more water and getting exercise. To me it is important to find out why there is constipation in the first place. Then treat the constipation.

Constipation is with holding of toxins which can cause other problems. Tummy aches, grouchiness, bad mood, bad behavior, loss of appetite, other illness, and more.

Enemas are a great home remedy for constipation in kids.

I found the milk and molasses enema interesting. I have read some about it. I have not given a milk and molasses enema. But have read they are very effective and fast working.

As soon as I notice some of those signs listed above in mine I immediate suspect constipation. If needed enemas are given.

I have given a mild soapsuds enema a few times to mine. The solution is made with goats milk soap bar. Make a pan of warm soapy water by swishing the bar of soap around in the pan of warm water or rubbing the bar between your hands while the water is running into the pan. Made a mild, very mild, soapy water solution. Once you see the water turn milky like, the solution is ready for the enema. Best if the water is body temp.

I have also given plain water, either cool warm to tepid temp water, enemas for fevers and constipation.

Nancy - Herbal Mom

Yes, best to find out why he is constipated in the first place. Could be many reasons. Not enough water or exercise. Poor diet or eating habits. With holding poo is common in some. Especially in boys at toddler age.

Best to have a good holistic provider and work with him/her when needed. If in doubt call and discuss with doctor.

Agree, the enema is a very good, and effective, home healing tool to have in the home and used often.

Not medical advice. Consult with your doctor beforehand.

Every mother should have a rubber enema bulb syringe in the home. And for the older ones, a enema bag. Best to have both in the home.

It is important to know how and when to administer the enema. Best to talk about the enema with him before he needs to be given one. Show the syringe and let him know it is for healing and health.

Does not hurt and will make him feel better after getting it.

Talk with your doctor about how to give one. The old home nursing books are great for having instructions for preparing and giving the enema.

It is a good idea to give him an enema before he is sick or constipated. Taking time to prepare and give it now makes it easier later on.

Giving him “the practice enema”will build your confidence. And he will know what it is like. That way he will already know what it is and how it feels to get it. Nothing is worse than telling a grouchy child when he is not feeling well he is going to be given his first ever enema!

omg glad you told of the soapy water enema!

I will write more when I have some time.

Replied by Sue A Herbal Mom

Diane, pray your relative is better now and totally recovered. Glad it worked and helped.

omg I haven't heard of the milk and molasses enema in years! Yes, very effective to relieve constipation. Yes, does work very fast. The only downside to the milk and molasses enema is it can cause cramping. The one who was given it will want to expel it almost as soon as he gets it. Like in about one minute or so has to go.

My experience with this enema is limited. I was given one and I gave one.
A neighbor and I were talking healing and remedies. We talked about most anything.

She was a nurse. When she told me of this enema I thought she was joking. I asked her to teach me and give me one. So I could learn it if I ever had to give one. We decided on the next morning for me to get it.

In case others want to administer this enema here is how we prepared and did it….may have forgotten something..if so sorry..been awhile.

She prepared the bed first. Removed all linen. Then put plastic sheet on bed. Then towel on top.

She had me disrobe and put a robe on. Explaining when it is prepared it must be given before it cools too much. So I had to be stripped and ready for it.
It was interesting watching her gather the needed items.

Enema bulb, Vaseline, towel to lay on, two pans — explain later. Of course milk and molasses. She told me the day before to buy some.

She put some water in one of the pans. About half gallon. And slowly heated it. This was to keep the enema warm while she carried it to the room where patient was getting it.

Then prepared to solution. Mixing half milk and half molasses. About a pint of each. Smelt good lol.

Telling best to first warm the milk then add the molasses. Heat the mixture very slowly! Till warm. Stirring often. Once prepared she filled the 8 oz syringe full of the solution. Then sat the filled enema syringe up right in the pan of warm water. This keeps the solution warm when carrying it to the patient's room or treatment room.

I wondered what I had asked for!

Once we got to the bedroom got on the bed. Told to get into the knee-to-chest position on the bed. That is on knees. Head on the bed. Bent at waist.

She put the Vaseline on the nozzle. Then moved it in. Told to take a deep breath and relax.

I had enemas before but not one like this one.

The milk and molasses felt soothing and warm going in. I thought that wasn't bad after all. She gave it slowly.

In about less than a minute after getting the full syringe I had a urge to go. A bad urge to go. Went to the bathroom and immediately expelled. Omg a fast and total clean out! Some minor cramping.

She told me some patients had bad cramps from the M&M enema.

I thanked her. She showed me how to clean the syringe. Using warm soapy water in the kitchen sink. Rinsed a few times with plain warm water. So the molasses didn't harden in the syringe. Air dry it for a few days.

also, After giving the enema put the empty bulb in the pan of warm water. It will float in the water.

That prevents the molasses from Harding up. Which makes clean it harder.

She told me not to use the enema bag for it.

It is very effective and works immediately! Get ready to expel fast and all. A clean out!

Years later my 9 yo b was constipated. The doctor asked me if I knew of the M&M enema.

When we got home he was given one. Like me had to immediately expel. But cleaned out good.

Constipation is immediately gone!

check with your doctor before giving an enema.

Karen H

Omg I haven't heard “milk and molasses “ enema in years.

I recently asked my neighbor if it was still given. To my surprise she told me in some places still given.

She told “it is a very effective enema for constipation. Especially for the child. Given a few to boys toddler age.”

The only time I knew this enema was given was when staying with my girlfriend. Her little toddler brother was constipated. We are 6 years older than him.

Poor baby. Her mom kept telling him he was going to get an enema if he didn't go soon.

Then saw his mom mixing milk and molasses in a pan on the stove. Heating it slowly. I saw the red rubber enema bulb syringe sitting out on the table. She had placed a towel on the table. With jar of Vaseline.

I knew he was going to get a enema!
she removed the pan from the stovetop. And went and got him.

Held his hand while walking him to the kitchen.

Yes, I was, and still am, curious about enemas. Slap me.

She closed the kitchen door as I heard her telling him he was going to get an enema and no fussing going on.

poor baby I knew what he was going to get.

my girlfriend told me he was going to get an enema!

I asked my girlfriend about the milk and molasses I saw out.

my girlfriend told me her mom gave a milk and molasses enema.

she got a milk and molasses enema from her mom once or twice.

She told me it worked fast and she had to immediately go potty. Her tummy hurt some from it.

That was the first time I heard of a M&M enema!

few minutes after taking him to the table, her mom was taking him to the potty.
omg did he go! Finally went!

Being nosey, I saw the enema bulb floating in the sink. Floating in pan of warm soapy water.

my girlfriend told me it has to be cleaned in warm water so the molasses didn't get hard.

her mom cleaned the bulb a few times in warm soapy water, rinsed in warm water.

she put the bulb in the opened kitchen window. To air out

I was curious how it worked. Later read it worked fast and caused cramps.

Vicky A
(Indiana USA)

Karen, I also haven't heard of the milk and molasses enema in years.

I remember it being given a few times growing up in the late 50s.

It was given for the constipated child and even grownups.

It was (is) very effective. For some caused cramps. Few things to be aware of:

-it works very fast! Have the patient receiving the milk and molasses enema close to a toilet.

-be ready to administer this enema as soon as the mixture is ready to give. Once away from heat, either on the stove or in a pan of warm water, the mixture will harden up.

-best not to use the enema bag for this enema. Best to use a enema bulb syringe.

-clean the syringe in warm soapy water as soon as the enema is given. Rinse few times with warm to hot water. Air day few days.

How you told of him getting a milk and molasses enema reminded me of how it was given in our home and other homes.

Epsom Salt

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Posted by Science (Cyprus) on 03/07/2022 15 posts
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I am a researcher. Epsom salts for constipation. Simply the best curement. Ask Epsom Salts for human consumption AND NEVER BUY EPSOM SALTS THAT IS NOT MADE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Two to three times a week one tablespoon per day, will work excellently. Do not take 7 days per week, since we do not know yet the long term effects on the body.

Replied by mike m.
(Kent Lakes, N.Y.)

How about just drinking prune juice as needed or eating stewed prunes (I love it with heavy cream). Worked for me whenever I needed it over the years.