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Posted by Melissa (East Liverpool, Oh) on 02/13/2012
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I have to say that for me Bacon really worked! I had a boil in a very sensitive area from shaving, it hurt to even walk. I was debating on going to the emergency room but I knew that it would be painful to have it lanced. I found this site yesterday afternoon and saw the post about bacon, I was willing to try anything at this point! I placed the raw back over the boil and left it there all night. I woke up this morning and it was still sore so I took a bath in epsom salt. A couple hours later I went to the restroom and low and behold the pus pocket came out on its own! If I ever get another I know I will use bacon!

Posted by Da Mith (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 02/05/2012
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Out of desperation tried a piece of bacon fat on my boil. Had trouble getting bandaid to hold because of location of boil. Did manage to have bacon in place for a couple of hours. Awoke next morning and boil had started to discharge small and scab began to form. Pain almost completely gone. Next day boil incredibily itchy. Put some betadine ointment on and this eased itching. Day 4 and boil is healing well. Still a little redness and swelling but definately... this boil has been defeated.

Posted by C (Knoxville, Tn) on 10/30/2010
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Omg I swear by the bacon. I've had this boil in a pretty delicate spot for a week now. It hurt so bad I could hardly sit, or even walk. I'm a baby when it comes to pain, but I was really resisting the urge to take a kitchen knife and just rip it open. My mother-in-law told me to put a piece of bacon fat directly on the boil and then cover it with a slice of potato and leave it there. I really thought she was nuts, so I went online looking for information on how to lance a boil and stumbled on this site. I saw that other people suggested it, so I thought I'd give it a try. You know, I sat on a heating pad for days and tried to lance it... None of it worked, it didn't even soften up.

I put the bacon on it (the fattiest piece I could find), and I swear on everything that within an hour it had developed a head, and in less than an hour and a half it was draining. I decided to leave it on overnight, and now it's almost completely gone and I am free of pain. I know it sounds like a ridiculous idea, but seriously, try it for a day or two (leave the bacon on as long as possible). I wish I'd known about it days ago.

Posted by Craig (Carrollton, Texas) on 06/06/2008
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I had a cut on my arm that got infected and I was desperate because it was very painful and I didnt want to go to the doctor for an expensive bill. Someone advised me to wrap it in bacon and duct tape it overnight. I was desperate so I did. The next morning the infection was gone. The salt from the bacon is what kills it. I was amazed. ps dont eat the bacon.

Replied by Sherri

Lol!! Thanks for the p.s.!

Replied by Lexi
(North Carolina)

how long do you cook the bacon to put it on the infection?

EC: The poster likely used uncooked Bacon.

Posted by Linda (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) on 04/18/2006
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A slice of bacon (pork) put directly on boil. Cured the boil on my rear end.

Bacon and Onion

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Posted by Sarah (Fort Worth, Texas) on 01/25/2008 5 posts
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Bacon and onion. Cut a slice of onion and seer in a hot skillet till almost' transparent, one side. Remove and set aside. Cut a square piece off of a slice of bacon and put in the still warm pan for only a few seconds on both sides. Take the middle rings out of the onion large enough for the boil you are trying to cover, put the bacon closet to your skin with the seared side of the onion behind the bacon piece, wrap with gauze and leave on for as long as you can (hours). Repeat several times till the boil starts to drain or the plug comes out. Works very well.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Angela (Ohio) on 01/21/2014
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I have a boil in a very tender spot and I came here to see what I could do on my own and thank God I did. All I had was baking soda on hand. I was in tears trying to make the paste and I had put a "drawing" salve on the boil and kept it on there for two days. It got sooooooo much worse. When I made the paste and applied it, I felt my skin crawl. There was pain, but nowhere near as bad. It took about ten minutes to start working and the pain is soooooo much better and it started draining almost immediately. I hope this works and I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone. Good luck!

Baking Soda
Posted by Laurie (New Zealand) on 11/26/2006
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Baking soda cured a couple of boils before they broke on the skin. I have found that Hyper Cal lotion (hypericum calendula) applied to unbroken boils worked well, but experimented with baking soda. Was rather surprised to see that it worked just as well!! Baby boils are now just red spots.

Baking Soda
Posted by Jennifer (Milwaukee, WI) on 08/01/2006
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I have had boils on and off for a year or so, but this one was SO incredibly painful! I literally could not sit or walk without extreme pain for 3 days. I found your site when searching for a natural remedy, and the only thing I had on hand was the Baking Soda. I immediately tried it and felt a lessening of the pain within an hour or so. By the next morning the pain was almost nonexistent! I now have no noticeable pain. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable site!

Replied by Jake
(Asheville, NC)
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I also tried the boil baking soda method, by putting some BS on a rag, dripping some water on it, then placing it on the boil for an hour or two. It drew the infection out and it drained with very little effort. Thanks so much for this advice.

Baking Soda
Posted by Gabi (Jacksonville, FL) on 06/02/2006
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Baking soda combined with some essential oils like lavender and lemon as well as some vitamin E and hot compresses seemed to help bring it to a head, but at the time i had no insurance so i was trying anything. But now 7 months later i'm starting to get one again or its coming back. I saw my doctor this time and she just said to start the hot compresses again. so i'm doing that and i'm trying ichthammol.

Replied by Julie
(White Oak, NC)
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Thank you Gabi from Jax, FL. I had a boil to come up on my buttock 4 days ago. Today is Sunday and I was ready to get come relief. It was Labor Day week-end and I could not wait three more days to go to the doctor. I did a home remedies for boils search and found this website. I first tried the oatmeal and salt remedy for two hours, but nothing happened. I decided that I was going to try a different remedy every two hours until I got one that worked. Next I tried the grated potatoes, but again nothing happened.

I tried the baking soda, lemon and Vitamin E and within two hours, I was getting relief and the boil had opened up and started to drain.

I also drink the two cups of hot water mixed with one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of honey. Thanks. This is what I will try from this day forward and will pass it along to others.

Replied by Audrey
(Danville, Illinois)
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I have a boil at the moment on my chin. I just read about the baking soda for it, and I did it. And I think it's working cause lord does it burn!!!!

Replied by Adriel
(Paso Robles, California)

Yeah, I just started getting these boils in the last few months in my groin area and I am using the baking soda to help speed up the process of surfacing with my warm compress. The only time that my boils seemed to get infected or worse is when I squeezed the boils. Even if I got a lot of it out, it never got better fast by squeezing.

Replied by Darrow
(South Carolina, US)

Can you use lemon juice and baking soda on a boil? How long does it take to work?

Baking Soda
Posted by Anonymous (USA)
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I learned this from a make-up artist when I suffered from acne. For boils and large pimples make a paste out of baking soda and water. Pack it on the infected spot and it works to draw the infection.

Replied by Lea
(TAS, Australia)

I am just wondering if the Baking soda is the same as the bi-carb soda in Australia? or is it the baking powder?

EC: It's called bi-carb soda:

Replied by Morley
(Flanders, Nj)

Do you think mixing salt water and baking soda would be even better? Just a thought because of the bacon post...

Replied by Lorik
(Riverside, Ca)

A small pimple turned out into a large boil and I wanted to just let everybody know that do not try to do a home remedy-especially when the boil gets bigger. I had tried to put hot paper towels and compress them on the boil and also put 91% Alcohol to dry out the boil however; it was getting larger than a golf ball. Finally, I went in the emergency and had them lance it and drain the pus and turned into a staff infection. The boil was on my bikini line!!! Of all things where I shave on a consistant basis-this time got infected-next time I will clean with alcohol. Now I know why men use aftershave-it has alcohol in it. I just knew that if it wasn't getting better that there was immediate attention and not to take chances and allow your body to heal with that big of boil to pop on its own is crazy and also taking chances with getting admitted into the hospital. Please go to a doctor, it can be very deadly and also, if you have diabetes, more severe chance of recovery. I don't have diabetes however; was worried when they tested me for it instantly. I am on Kfex and some other antibiotic including a pain reliever.

Replied by Terry Chism
(Santa Paula, Ca)

Do you drink enough water because you may have mrsa boils caused from your body being to acidic from not drinking enough tap water. I used to only drink bottled water. Bad choice its acidic if you dont believe me just get some water tests strips like I did and you will see the link. Mrsa cant live in an alkaline enviroment. Get your body alkaline no more boils! Study this. Very interesting.

Replied by Missy

Bottled (spring water) is acidic? Tap water has fluoride (a toxin.. Read your toothpaste label), peoples waste (medications), now they say rocket fuel(?), metals that the FDA has set the rates as being approved? Who trusts the FDA? Read your local water contents on it's web site. Then, you be the judge with what you want to put in your body. Best to filter your tap water before ingesting in the best way possible.

Replied by Mustardseed
(Bells, Tn)
5 out of 5 stars

Re: Boils and bleached underwear

I was plagued with boils on my bottom for years. I stoped using bleach when washing underwear (and disposed of all old underwear) and have not had a boil in 3 years. I think chems in bleach stays in the fabric and creates a imbalance with the skin on contact. I rarely use bleach now except to clean counter tops and toilets.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Instead of using bleach to clean counter tops and toilets you would be better off to use something natural like white vinegar or even 100% eucalyptus oil (diluted in water).

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

re: countertops - I use Borax on my countertops. Use it like "comet", but it won't blanch your clothes like bleach will, and no horrid smell or toxicity. As a bonus it will get rid of any "house" that bugs have that are pestering your kitchen. Just use it like you would a normal abrasive. PS baking soda will make your sink shine like no tomorrow.

Boil Cores

Posted by Jaqueda P (Joliet, Illinois) on 01/27/2010

How do I know when the core is out of the boil? What does the core look like?

Replied by Blanche
(New Iberia, La)

When all the pus is gone, there will still be a whitish lump in the middle. It is like a small piece of cottage cheese. If you're very careful about sterilizing, you can lift it out with the very tip of a needle.

Boil Outbreak Theories

Posted by Ginger (Brownstown, MI) on 06/10/2008

CLIMATE CHANGE...Did not get boils until I moved from New York to Maine (in my armpits)and then I moved from Michigan to Texas 25 years ago. When I arrived in Texas- I blew up like a balloon on my right eye and my breast. Once I became adjusted to the climate they weren't near as bad. One here and one there. They only come up in spring and fall for some reason. Now I am going through menopause and have a lot popping up. I use Desiten cream to keep them dry AS soon as I notice one and wash the area a lot to keep them at bay. But do NOT shave any areas that they are present. Also, the deodorant I use is natural salts found in health food stores. That helps immensely. Don't change soaps- Use Caress or Dove only. It's a ongoing challenge...I am going to try to Tumeric- Thank you for this website.

Replied by Ted
(Exmore, VA)

Boils are caused by a small (very small) parasitic microbe called Collembola ...You cannot see them without 10x magnification ... They enter the skin through the hair pores and cause boils ...

Prevention is simple ...
1) Cleanliness ... soap and water ...
2)Natural skin care creams containing sulfur ...
3) Turmeric and cayenne internally ... (sources of sulfur)
4) Cover the boil with something (Bandaid, tape or cream) so they do not reinfect the area ...
5) also antiseptic oils like tea tree and peppermint help to keep the area clean and repels those critters ...

Boils are very difficult to cure, because these bugs re-infest the area over and over again ... stop the bugs from returning and the boils will then be able to heal ... otherwise they can take months or more...


Replied by John
(Anderson, SC USA)

Ted would Borax work to kill them?

Replied by Patricia
(St. Louis, Missouri)

The only parasite you can see with a microscope is malaria. I don't like all the parasite talk on natural health websites - it makes doctors think natural cures are all mumbo jumbo.

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl, Usa)

Patricia: Tune once in a while the program at Animal Planet "monsters inside me" or TLC's "Mystery Diagnosis", you'll be surprised how many parasites are out there. Doctors are aware of these little monsters. It takes them a while to diagnose but they (doctors) do. Parasites are not mumbo jumbo, they are a reality.

Replied by Gavin
(Dallas, Tx)

Well Ted I see you are like many on here with web education on a subject that is life threatening and you are stating that boils are cause by these micro org exogenously, incorrect. This was the medical field explanation for yeears, but looking at the reality of inception to exod of skin surface, we know scientifically and easy to prove to ourselves that is is WBC, doing their kob, but dying nonetheless, and when there is suppression of immune layers, you get colony formation. So Either myself and all my team trainers, all my team dr's, all my modern litereature, and the great Dr. Mehmet Oz who covered this a couplle months ago and I have had both pleasures of great education in health and nutrition, kiniesiology, human performance, etc, to having 4 boil surgeries in a bout of MRSA with hundres of open wounds, one ofthe most aggressive MRSA cases my dr's ever saw. I went 100% healthy 6day wk workout to next day sick, day after ICU kidney failure, liver not well, 104... Checking out, then I used my little nutrition brain, said to person to the right, go get me about 6 liters of Alkaline 9. 5 water. I'm writing you because of my knowledge of that SIMPLEST of fact. Alkaline body can fight and will stop raveging infection. Antibiotics are acidic themselves, MRSA will cause blood acid levels to skyrocket. Seem like a good longterm? Anyway, boil didn't crawl in you, you caused it, just like I did. This is nature bro, not fair. You are not, nor am I, smarter than that strain of bacteria that has lasted millions of years throught thousand degree tep surace on Earh to the Ice Age. We evolved because of them.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2073 posts

Gavin, so I suppose that we (humans) are personal only as a secondary trait from our evolutionary predecessors, as your post may suggest??? Which begs the question of how can one properly get personal over boils (which are impersonal)???

Boil Prevention Tips

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Posted by Samantha (Lebanon, PA) on 09/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I "grew" a horrible boil 2 days ago and was trying many different tricks to rid myself of the absess. I eventually broke down and went to the Dr because of a MRSA outbreak in my office. Fortunately, I don't have MRSA but I do have a very helpful tip from my doc.... When you bathe wash your face last or with a completely separate wash cloth. He stated that the bacteria in your nose causes outbreaks of skin absesses. Dry the same way, face last or separate. He said the amount of Bacteria in your nostrils is a main cause to many issues. Make sure you wash your hands before and after you use the restroom as well. I hope this helps anyone prevent painful boils.

Replied by Morley
(Flanders, Nj)

Are you sure you should wash your face last? i always try to do it first bc i thought last was like rubbing your genitals, feet and armpits all over your face.

Boil Tips: Prick the Boil

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Posted by Ellen (Pineville, Louisiana) on 05/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Boils/Staph" Most all of the treatments mentioned here are helpful, but the single most important thing I have found is lancing or pin pricking the boil AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE IT. Even if it doesn't appear to have any drainage in it, IT DOES. Clean the area with soap and water, let dry and quickly make about 3 quick needle pricks right on top of the thing, then take a dry washcloth and apply even pressure around the thing to get the junk out. You don't want to waste time in doing this step, because the tissue begins to swell right after the needle pricks and it will be more difficult to get it all out.

There is no good reason to wait until the boil has "come to a head". The sooner you put a stop to it the better.

Replied by Mcneillmama3
(Asheboro, NC)
1 out of 5 stars


I would be cautious about picking or pricking any boil. Most instruments that you would use in your home are not sterile, no matter how much cleaning or heating you do to the instruments. Furthermore, sticking a pin in a boil will just drive the bacteria further down in to the hair follicle and cause a wide spread systemic infection that could be worse than the boil itself.

The best thing to do for a boil is to use topical heat, topical broad spectrum antibiotic ointments, the turmeric paste works well, and mixing Epsom Salts in warm water and soaking a gauze pad that you apply to the boil several times a day. Keep the boil covered with a band aid, and eventually it will resolve itself with minimal scarring. These pesky little things take about 10-14 days to run their course and completely heal.

I am a nurse and I caught the bacteria that causes boils probably in a nursing home that I worked in and I think I picked it up from the telephone at the nurses desk that never gets sanitized (also the most used piece of equipment) I break out on my face with them, so I wouldn't recommend picking or pricking a pimple or a boil

I was also reading a Western Civilization text book and it mentioned King Hezekiah of ancient Judah. So I incientally got my Bible out to verify the account in the history book, and as I was reading the Bible, there was an account of King Hezekiah having a painful boil, he was sick almost "unto death" and the priests applied a "fig" to the boil and the Bible says that Hezekiah was cured. So I am, today, looking up the fig/boil connection. Has anyone else heard anything regarding this natural remedy for boils?

Replied by Beverly
(Sarasota, Fl)

Thanks for informing me of the bible cure for boils. I will now buy some figs. :)

Replied by Charity
(Stockton, California)

I have a book on natural remedies that recommends applying warm fig pulp to a boil. It also promotes healing so it may be better to prevent scarring.

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