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Boil Tips: Prick the Boil
Posted by Ellen (Pineville, Louisiana) on 05/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Boils/Staph" Most all of the treatments mentioned here are helpful, but the single most important thing I have found is lancing or pin pricking the boil AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE IT. Even if it doesn't appear to have any drainage in it, IT DOES. Clean the area with soap and water, let dry and quickly make about 3 quick needle pricks right on top of the thing, then take a dry washcloth and apply even pressure around the thing to get the junk out. You don't want to waste time in doing this step, because the tissue begins to swell right after the needle pricks and it will be more difficult to get it all out.

There is no good reason to wait until the boil has "come to a head". The sooner you put a stop to it the better.