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Wild Oregano Oil
Posted by Daisy (Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a) on 09/24/2012 8 posts

Last night I was searching this site for something that might help some really annoying bone and muscle pain I have been having in my right arm. Some of it is arthritic (the wrist) but most of it is tendonitis from overuse and poor typing posture. It seems like once you get tendonitis in a certain place it's forever after ready to spring into recurrence. And for whatever reason, last night both were really, really hurting -- to the point I doubted whether I'd even be able to sleep with my forearm and wrist both aching like that. It hurt even to touch those points.

So I looked here on EC and happened to see this post, and since I already have some oil of wild oregano I decided to try it. I started with the wrist because that's where the arthritis is, rubbing a few drops of olive-oil-diluted wild oregano oil into the skin. Then I wondered if it would help the tendonitis areas too, because of what one of the posts said about its opiate-like qualities, so I rubbed some in there too. I thought I'd smell like a pizza, and I sort of did, but it wasn't that bad.

And within 10-15 minutes, BOTH pains were greatly reduced -- within a half hour almost completely gone. I can't say it was a complete 100% relief, but it was definitely 80% - 90%, and I'll take that any day. What I could barely touch a half-hour earlier I could then press hard on without pain, both the wrist and the worst tendonitis points, and the steady sharp aching was almost completely gone, enough so that I could easily ignore it and go to sleep.

To counter the smell a bit, I rubbed some lavender extract into the same areas (it also has anti-inflammatory properties) and slept like a baby, but the oil of wild oregano had been on my arm for an hour before I added the lavender so I know it works on its own. I'll do the same again tonight, it worked so well!

I would add that if you've never used oil of oregano on your skin before, check your bottle carefully and see whether it's full strength or already diluted. Mine is already diluted; not all are, and if yours isn't you're going to be stinging if you put it on full strength!

Thank you EC, and to the people who posted this lovely remedy as well! (Maybe you could post this in the tendonitis area too; I don't think oil of oregano is mentioned over there. Thanks! )

Wild Oregano Oil
Posted by Pat (Tupelo, Mississippi) on 06/04/2008

I have an arthritic knee with chondromalcia patella. It was really bothering me one night at bedtime so i rubbed coconut oil on first around my knee then a few drops of oregano oil. Within five minutes my knee pain was gone. This is wonderful stuff.