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Effective Natural Arthritis Remedies: Relief & Healing

Raw Milk
Posted by Thehuntz (Donnelly, Mn.) on 07/10/2012

Another very simple cure for arthritis is glucosime and chondroitin. And the simplest way to get it? Raw Milk. I suffered from advanced arthritis for years until my chiropractor told me glucosime and condroitin was the simplest way to defeat it. And one of the simplest ways to obtain that is raw milk. As there were several people milking near me, I was able to get the raw milk easily and far cheaper than regular milk in the store. For nine years I had no problem until both milkers shut their operation down. My pain came back with a vengeance as if someone were cutting thru my arm socket with a knife. Sleeping was impossible. I finally found another person with raw milk and after 3-4 weeks the pain went completely away once again.

When they pastuerize milk they take away all the good vitamins. Raw milk has those in it. As long as you find, preferably a small independant milker, one that's clean, as they almost all are, you will have no problem. There are no side effects from milk unless you are lactose intolerant, other than good ones. It's a simple, cheap, and very easily absorbed into your bloodstream. You won't be disappointed.