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Most Effective Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Posted by Art (California) on 11/18/2023 1962 posts

A friend's sister from Texas was out visiting her sister near me about 8 months ago and she was telling me that she thought this would be her last time coming to visit her sister because her arthritis hurt so much that the travel by plane to visit her sister was really difficult and painful because of her arthritis. I suggested that she might give some consideration to borax, but she seemed really reluctant at first so I told her that I have used borax to keep my arthritis in remission for about 15 years now. She told me she would try it because the pain was really getting unbearable. By the time she went home to Texas, she had started taking borax water at 1/8th teaspoon per day on the weekdays with weekends off.

I picked her up at the local airport last week to take her to my friend's house. I told her that I thought she wasn't going to visit her sister any more because of her arthritis and she said that was her plan, but since being on borax for about a month or so, she no longer has any arthritis pain, so she can now come visit her sister regularly again, thanks to borax! She told me she still takes it and has recommended it to her friend's mother in Texas because it has worked so well for her.


Posted by Angelsag1 (sun valley, ca 91352) on 11/15/2023

So much water? dehydration is the issue with any mineral. Dr. Beverly Oneill youtube on salt-water talk is brilliant. We take Celtic salt before drinking water, one finger tip wet, dab and I put it in my mouth with a pinch of Boron, swish dissolve with 1/4 cup of water so the cells accept the hydration directly into the bloodstream to the organs. Old book: He's not ill he is dehydrated and a revised issue is the testimony basis. AngioSarcoma of scalp healing patient. love your posts to all. AT.

Posted by Mark (Wilmington, NC ) on 08/27/2023

Follow-up from my 1st post 3/19/23. Today is 8/27/23, and I wanted to give a follow-up report. I'm still taking the borax, I'm now taking 1/8 teaspoon a day, Mon-Fri, and none on weekends. I'm still pain free, no arthritis, no sciatic nerve pain in back and legs, and no carpet tunnel. I initially felt a surge of energy and well-being, but that reduced after about a month of taking borax. Although I was basically pain free, I started to have less energy like I had before taking borax. But I tried changing my diet, and so far I've felt better and have more energy. I've gone basically (added)sugar-free, wheat-free and corn -free, and I definitely feel better with more energy!!! I still eat some potatoes, some rice, fruit, but I try to eat half the portions I use to, and this has helped my energy a lot!!! I've cut out sweets, candy, cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, cereals, milk, (everything I love! ). If you have low energy, you will know in 2 weeks if this diet change works! Do not try to go carb-free!!! It will ruin your metabolism like it did mine years ago!

Posted by Golfwrench (Tigerville, South Carolina) on 07/22/2023

I've been a wrench (mechanic) for nearly 40 years and over that time developed arthritis in my hands to the point that if I tried to make a fist, my knuckles weren't even visible. I started using the recommended dose for women several weeks ago and within the first week my knuckles became visible again and it hurt less to make a fist. Well now, I'd say most of the swelling is gone and the pain is not nearly what it once was.

I also had pain in my shoulders and neck from various injuries over the years and the pain seems to be lessened in those areas as well. My range of motion seems to be increasing week by week and I'm gonna stay on the borax for life as long as I see no adverse reactions, and so far, there have been absolutely none! I can't thank you enough for this website! Gonna try other remedies I find here as well!

Posted by Jojo (United Kingdom) on 06/17/2022

I have been taking Borax now for several years after reading an Australian doctor's trial result. It has certainly reduced my arthritis symptoms in my hands and if I miss a dose for a few days, the pain quickly returns.

I was unable to knit for many years, now it is easy again. I would recommend it.

Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 03/28/2022

Thought I would share my new borax method with the EC community as it's working so phenomenally well, and fast, I am quite stunned actually. I have been applying to my lower spine where I was having severe tailbone and sciatica the past few months as well as on my hand and knees. No more pain, no stiffness. I actually forgot I had a bad back yesterday! I am only on day 4 of this and started seeing results after the 2nd day. This works much faster than the internal borax method, in my opinion. Plus absolutely no side effects.


  • Bottle (I use a 4 oz amber bottle)
  • Borax
  • DMSO (buy on Amazon - 99.99% purity)


  • Fill the bottle with 4 oz hot distilled water.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of borax (20 Mule Team is what I use)
  • Shake vigorously until the borax is dissolved. Make sure to shake vigorously every day before use.

Application Method

  • Shake, and then pour some of your borax solution into the palm of your hand and then apply to any problem areas you want to treat. Make sure to apply to clean skin before you do this because DMSO is a solvent. Right after a shower is a good time.
  • Massage into the skin until most of it has been absorbed.
  • Add a few drops of DMSO to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then apply the DMSO on top of the borax. Massage into the area and then allow the area to dry before you put on any clothes.


No pain in the hands.. increased flexibility in the joints.. no clicking when I open and close my fingers. (Note: my hands are achy from years of karate as an adult and intense gymnastics as a child.)

Back pain - gone.


  • One need apply the borax and DMSO solution only once a day to see results. Perhaps twice is better but one time works for me.
  • The targeted application seems to work much faster than drinking an entire liter of borax 5 days a week.
  • I tried Art's borax arthritis topical cream method last year but had a hard time dissolving the borax, so this distilled water method works perfectly for me. Thanks for the original suggestion, Art!

Try this, please. Would love to hear results from other people.

Posted by Sue (IL) on 10/13/2021

I started using Borax the powder about 2 months ago. I have been dealing with arthritis in my knees, pain in my ankles, and I had one hip replaced. I used the one teaspoon dissolved in about a liter of water and I was initially taking two tablespoons once in the morning. In two days, the pain in my lower body disappeared. I kept waiting for it to return, thinking this is too good to be true. It has not returned and I'm walking like I did 20 years ago! I love Borax! After about a month I reduced to two teaspoons a day. I call it my magic potion!

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/08/2020

ORH here,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hands now ache and SJS, I figured it out on my own. When this stuff started, then I bought a water filter. We have used our well water going through an Alkaline Ionizer for some 10 or 12 years. The world is coming to an end so you must have a filter that will clean up water from a cow track. So I bought one. We then stopped using our alkaline ionizer to fill our half gallon of water with a 1/4 tsp of borax. What a miss step that was. After 3 months of no borax, my hand joints now ache. The joints are all headed in different angles. I have out-smattered my self. Not a problem........ I said I would be smart at age 85. and have one and a half years to get there. I so smart that I's going back to before I got so smart. Does that make sense?


Posted by Mike (Nyc, Usa) on 12/20/2016

For arthritis, I would add some 'borax' to the mix. Borax is touted as the single miracle cure for arthritis in some circles. It is said to balance all the hormones, too. Some call it the natural viagra. There are dozens and dozens of links with all sorts of testimony's to peruse. I use the "Mule Team, " brand you find in the supermarket near the laundry soap section. Good Luck!

Posted by Ermintrude (Uk) on 11/10/2014

I have been taking borax 4 teaspoons of a solution of one teaspoon in 1 litre of water per day. Hence it has taken more than a month to consume a single teaspoonful of borax. So far no adverse side effects, only good good good. Arthritic pain in fingers gone for first time in more than 40 years. Can move my fingers better than when I was a child. Stronger fingernails, they have always been very soft. Feeling warming, I have been feeling cold for years. Feeling very fit, moving much more easily. Increased energy generally. Life is altogether better. Problems with candida seem to be improved as well.

This is a trace element, are people taking too much? It is also in food, so depending on your diet and water supply you may not need much.

1/4 of teaspoon in a litre of water and then drinking two litres is a huge amount of borax; suggest some people are overdosing.