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Apple Pectin for Arthritis

| Modified on Mar 11, 2024
Apple Pectin
Posted by William (Lexley, Alabama) on 09/30/2006

Apple Pectin:

Two 500 mg caps per day taken with either grape or orange juice (Vitaimn C) cures Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Gout, TMJ and Arthritis.

I have given it to over 50 people in my job as EH & S engineer for a manufacturing company as well as having used it myself for the past ten (10) years with complete success for pain in both of my thumbs. Lasting results have occurred within 48 hours. Will correspond. WEH

Apple Pectin
Posted by Quyen (VIC) on 02/03/2022


Thanks so much for your advice. Your advice helps my husband tremendously. I've tried a lot of alternative medicine but only reduce his RA pain. Taking apple pectin pills helps slowly so I decided to double up the dose. I've given him ACV protocol (3 Tb raw ACV+6 Tb white grape juice+12 Tb organic apple juice) twice a day with 2 apple pectin 700mg pills/each time (4 p/day) and eat 1 fresh apple right after that. Maybe you won't see this comment 16 years later, but I still put it here with the hope of helping someone and a big thank to Earth Clinic for this soooo useful site which has been helping numerous people in the world.

Apple Pectin
Posted by Daiva (Los Angeles) on 10/20/2021

One average apple (about 140 g) provides 2 grams of pectin, when eaten with a skin. So 1.4 g (1400mg) can't be too much. Pectin is fiber, so if you are not used to eating lots of fiber, it can cause some gas and other discomfort as gut bacteria adjusts.

Apple Pectin
Posted by Amanda (Usa) on 07/25/2017

What type of pectin did you take? Amazon has 700 mg of pectin. Would 1400 in one day be too much?