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Posted by John (Virginia Beach, Virginia) on 09/12/2007
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vco has been giving me bad stomach pains and diarrhea. I've only been taking it for several days now but i'm hoping these side effects subside in the near future...

Side Effects
Posted by Sco (Jefferson, NJ) on 09/01/2007
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I've used one 29 oz bottle of coconut oil inconsistently over a 6 month period. Used it to cook eggs & yam fries. Also regularly put 1 tbs in my hot oatmeal. Haven't noticed much change in my weight, but I eat a lot of junk food at night, every night, cause I'm always on the road. Yesterday I had some negative side effects that I'm guessing came from the VCO. In the morning I had it in my oatmeal along with green tea extract and raw cocao. No problem. Later in the day I tood two spoonfulls prior to heading out for work. About ten minutes later I stopped at Wendy's and got a small chili and downed that following the instructions of a popular TV Cure-All guy who says to eat it before a meal for weight loss. Well, not sure if the added saturated fats in the chili meat affected me or the VCO or both but soon after eating the chili I started feeling light headed, weak (like I wanted to pass out), dizzy and chest pains. Thought I was having a heart attack. Finished work, went home and right to bed. Slept pretty well but upon arising still felt dizzy & weak. Ate only veggies all day today and no VCO and still had the symptoms most of the day. Around 8 at night symptoms started subsiding noticably. Now at 2 a.m. i'm feeling pretty much back to normal. I'm thinking the two spoonfuls was too much too fast. I never took that amount before. Forgot to mention, the night prior to waking up and having it in my oatmeal and later taking the 2 spoonfuls before the chili, I did use it as a spread on my dark wheat toast with honey about an hour before bedtime. Noticed a very restless sleep, as though I'd drunk a cup of coffee before bed. All-in-all it seems like I o-d'ed on VCO. I'm going to try reintroducing it orally in a more gradual and regular regiment and see what happens. Also - I've been using this stuff on my face after a shave in the winter and it really gives my face a glow. Haven't experienced any zits; but I only shave every three days so I'm only apply the VCO that often.

Side Effects
Posted by Nina (West Midlands, UK) on 08/02/2007
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I took coconut oil last year for my CFS. I ended up off work for 4 months because it made me so ill. I think it works if you have a slight underactive thyroid, but it made my nerves bad.

Replied by Amanda
(Hot Springs, Ar, Usa)

can you explain what symptoms you were having?

Replied by Amanda
(Hot Springs, Ar, Usa)

it has been almost two weeks since i got off the coconut oil. i had still been feeling very bad yesterday, so i bought some magnesium oil from the health food store. after putting it on my feet a couple of times, i slowly started feeling better. i put some once on my feet today. i think i need another dose again. i will update how it goes. my naturopath said that maybe i caused an imbalance and suggested fish oil and magnesium. the oral magnesium (glycinate) which is highly absorbable didn't seem to help. i don't think i was absorbing it.

Side Effects
Posted by Michael (USA) on 07/12/2007

The other controversy with Coconut Oil... some experience a body odor, while others find it's a pleasant light scent. The minority reporting that they EVENTUALLY acquire an odor from using the product, are more then likely experiencing the toxins that the oils absorb from the skin, while other don't have that issue.

Depends on one's diet and functioning of organs again. The skin is an organ of elimination and when other organs are congested, the skin will take over to eliminate the toxins (backup into blood and end up in skin). Did these individuals clog their organ detoxification systems and need more internal cleansing then others that are maintaining better diets?... you bet. Mike G. Website:

Side Effects
Posted by Deborah (Denison, TX) on 07/12/2007

I have read a lot of the comments about the VCO and its problems. i have been taking VCO & ACV (Read my testimonial) for over 10 years. In addition to both of these natural cures I also take 1/2 lemon & 1 tbsp. of Sea Salt each day with 8 oz. of warm water. This lemon/sea salt drink is a natural cleanser for your liver & digestive tract. If anyone is scared of the VCO causing liver problems then this might benefit them. The VCO does give you a oily discharge and gas but the benefits far outweigh the negative. I have taken several body cleanses and the natural, cheap and easiest way to do a body cleanse is to take the VCO twice daily (I mix mine with vanilla yogurt) and you will dispel the parasites that cause illnesses and clean your intestinal tract that when old food is not dispelled causes diseases. I do the lemon drink first thing then my VCO with yogurt and then my ACV & water and I am ready with so much energy to start my day. I have my thyroid and weight under control due to this regimen.

I also use VCO instead of body lotion or hair conditioner. I had very dry hair, skin and cuticles due to a thyroid problem but once I started the VCO it went away. I also make a VCO & Sea Salt scrub that does double duty because it opens your pores of the skin to dispel toxins and softens your skin. I am a 48 year old red head grandmother that looks in her 30's because of this great oil. I have 3 incurable diseases that I take no medication for except for my thyroid medication and my dosage keeps getting smaller & smaller each time my blood work is done.

I have found many cures for illnesses that are natural and have not been to a doctor in 4 years except for my yearly Lupus physical.

Side Effects
Posted by Michael (Getzville, NY) on 07/05/2007

Why the Coconut Oil Side Effects include heart palpitations and digestive issues... I am a natural health practitioner, I have been reading posts about the side effects of Coconut Oil and wanted to share some insights. If the liver is not flushed clean using a liver flush procedure or perhaps being on Lecithin for a pretty good length of time, one will not be able to digest it since the Liver plays a role with digesting fats.

If the liver is clogged you will have undigested fats causing not only digestive upsets, but elimination problems with disrupting bowels. Since the liver is a filter that cleans our blood of used fats, if the liver is clogged, we will have a backup of fats in the blood.

This backup of fats causes the heart to over work to pump the thicker blood and cause possible headaches (small capillaries in brain/ micro-circulation) and bloating (partial digestion and hence rotting), among other issues dependent on individual and what they manifest with their particular condition and body type.

The answer is to clean the liver then introduce the good oils that will then be absorbed to improve over-all health tremendously over time.

Many times it's the order in which we do things which depends on what that specific individual needs. Organs need to be cleansed and restored in a specific order dependent on findings when working w/ clients. Hope this helps shed some light. Michael G. Natural Health Center, NY

Replied by Faithinhealing
(Forest Park, Ohio, Usa)

Anyone experiencing problems with taking it orally can use it transdermally because it is absorbed through the skin. So you can rub it on your skin, use it in your hair, gargle with it or do oil pulling, etc. and it will not have to be filtered by the liver this way. It will instead go directly into your blood stream and start working it's magic!

Replied by Candi
(Newalla, Ok)

You said applying coconut oil will go into the bloodstream doing its magic able to bypass a possibly clogged liver? I alway thought that everything in the bloodstream ad a common path... One bing the Liver. Is that no correct?? So o my way of thinking applying on the skin would not get around a clogged liver problem. Of course I may be wrong.

Side Effects
Posted by Anna (Kahului, Hawaii) on 07/02/2007
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I read all of the information and people feedbacks on your web site. Now TED is saying only hydrogenated coconut oil will cause heart palpitations etc. That is so NOT true! I took virgin coconut oil for one week and my heart started to race. Please watch what you advise people.

Side Effects
Posted by Janea (Grand Prairie, TX) on 06/07/2007
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I have hypothyroidism. I started taking EVCO. For a week, I was fine. No real improvements noticed. But the second week, I started having heart palpitations. I can only point this to the EVCO. I will go off of it and see it the palpitations stop.

Replied by Bob
(Kingston, PA)

Heart palpitations are caused by a lack of potassium. Magnesium supplements also act similarly, but potassium is recommended. If taking a couple of potassium pills doesn't help within the next day, then stop. Running out of calcium, potassium or magnesium will cause most of the adverse effects that are listed here in the "side effects" part. What is most likely happening is the coconut oil is using these alkaline bases and will burn them out, as happens also with overuse of protein, depending on usage and individual chemistry. As there is no way to determine this ourselves, caution would be recommended as with anything used habitually.

Side Effects
Posted by Cynthia (San Diego, CA) on 04/19/2007
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Coconut oil, and I used virgin non-hydogenated which I bought at a whole foods store, caused similar reactions in my body to the reactions sheena from belize had. I got tachycardia which went into atrial fibrillation which landed me in the hospital. I feel this is a serious problem that some get and should be researched and addressed.

Side Effects
Posted by Shawna (Springfield, MA) on 04/02/2007
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I mixed about a spoonful of coconut oil in a protein shake before going to bed. In the am I had terrible stomach pains and diarrhea.

Side Effects
Posted by Deborah (Swansea, SC) on 04/01/2007
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I and also my dog have tried the coconut oil capsuls. I took them as directed, 3 with a meal...for the first 2 days I was a little nauseaus, but not too bad..the 3rd day I became severely bloated with terrible heart raced some but not bad. I have stopped taking them now, but wanted to give them to my dog because I read where it would cure his bad hip problem....I gave him one coconut pill a night, for the first 2 nights he felt great and walked better, after the 3rd dose, he feels terrible has diareaha and his hip problem is so bad he can hardly move and cries if he does. I was shocked to see so much negative feedback on coconut oil and realized I wasn't alone, but don't understand why it continues to be praised as a miracle cure. I am all for natural cures and continue to try different things, but I firmly believe coconut oil does more harm then good to people and pets.

Side Effects
Posted by Sheena (Belize, Belize) on 03/21/2007
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I first tried coconut oil to combat the symptoms of hypothyroidism 2 weeks ago.By the first day, I had fantastic energy and felt like I've never felt before! One week ago however, I started having heart palpitations, high blood pressure and tachycardia (rapid heart rate), even at rest, that landed me in the ER. I had never had these problems before and I am wondering if the oil boosted my metabolism so much that it is causing these symptoms. Is there anyone else that has experienced this? I feel great otherwise, but my unbelieving doctor has told me to stop taking the oil and put me on antihypertensive meds. I was taking a tablespoon with every meal. Was this too much? Can somebody please help me?

Replied by Sherry
(Birmingham, AL)
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I have taken vco for about 5 months. After I got over the candida die off effects I started to notice my heart racing and pain in my chest area. I just didn't feel right anymore. I started taking my bp when I went to a store that had a monitor and it was high. I have never had bp problems before. It was always around 118/76. I stopped taking the oil (which was only 1 tbsp. a day) and started drinking the apple cider vinegar and my bp is normal (actually a little better than normal 115/74) and the heart and chest pains are gone. I decided to take another tbsp of vco last night and when I went to bed my heart started racing and hurting. I since then had bought bp monitor and got up and took my bp and it was 155/81. It was always the top number that was high (weird, I know). So I am now sure that the vco contributed to my high bp. I actually feel so much better and more energetic now that I am taking the apple cider vinegar. Also I had blood work done a month before I ever started taking the vco and my chol. tests were great, then when I started having the chest pains I had a follow up blood work and my chol. had jumped up 50 points. I am not familiar with chol. tests but I am sure that is alot! So unfortunatly I will not be taking the vco anymore but will def. use it for the other benefits I have gotten from it such as clearing acne, hair cond and my husbands toe nail infection. It works great on the outside, just not the inside.

Side Effects
Posted by Tammy (Roseburg, Oregon) on 01/11/2007
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I avoid anything with coconut oil in it! It gives me terrible migraine headaches. My whole family runs this allergic reaction. Now, I don't know if it's "virgin" - it's the C.O. you see in lots of products (candy, esp.) A small amount can set me back for a day; more has caused me a visit to the ER! I did not run across anyone else who said they had the same reaction, but my dad, aunts, cousins, etc. all are allergic to C.O.

Replied by Herbzy
(Ontario, Canada)
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I think I've finally discovered the cause of my awful migraine headaches - VCO. I couldn't put my finger on it because I was taking so many supplements. After eliminating almost everything else I think VCO is the culprit. The reaction only happens when I take a couple spoonfuls of it but it's awful. Like Tammy it's the kind of headache that sets me back a whole day.

Side Effects
Posted by Julie (Mackay, Qlad, Australia) on 12/10/2006
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I thought I was doing my friend a favour by massaging his back and face with organic cold pressed coconut oil. Two hours his skin was burning. The next morning his face had come up in numerous blisters which took a couple of weeks to heal. Please test for allergic reactions before using.

Side Effects
Posted by Kerry (QLD, Australia) on 06/24/2006
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I tried coconut oil to kill intestinal parasites but it made me feel ill..I used Parachute 100% coconut oil...Is this Ok to use, it doesn't say whether its virgin or not...Do i persevere when feeling sick? Thanks

Replied by Shafia
(Hyd, India)

Hi, I just read that somebody used Parachute coconut oil internally and fell sick. Parachute coconut oil is a well known hair oil brand in India and I am sure it's written somewhere on the pack that it is not meant for internal use. 100% pure doesn't imply virgin oil. I am sure you understod why you fell sick. Its a hair oil.

Replied by Sandy
(Bangalore, India)

Parachute 100% coconut oil is edible coconut oil. It can be used as food. It says on the pack also in the instructional text that it is 'edible oil'. Its a misconception that Parachute coconut oil is a hair care oil only. I have used Parachute coconut oil on my food for many years, and its safe.

Replied by Blondemama
(Kansas City, MO)

I believe that almost any time you detoxify your digestive system, you're likely to feel ill. maybe not violently ill, but you're body is going to force stuff out and learn to cope with issues in a better way. Yucky feelings= changes

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