Lugol's Iodine Supplements

| Modified on Oct 27, 2021

Pink Eye, Sinuses
Posted by Susan McFie (UK) on 10/18/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I use Lugol's iodine for everything...transdermally and orally. Initially, I had some mild detox symptoms but now just positive results. I have even used it as eye drops...conjunctivitis....just one drop of 5% Lugols well half a small glass of water. Very effective nasally too.

But I'm wondering if this might also work for people with sleep apnea.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Earth Mama (AL) on 07/27/2021

Epeach, do you have any updates?

Did your stubborn moles end up going away?

Ear Infection
Posted by Pam E. (Southern California) on 06/25/2021 39 posts


I had lots of wax removed from my ears a few years back, when the doctor told me my ear canals were the size of a child's. He was apologizing for not having instruments that small, as his office is set up to treat adults. And my canals were definitely red & swollen after that treatment. So, I can empathize with you.... I wonder if Coconut oil might help you topically, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & even anti-tiny-parasites! (It's also touted as loosening ear wax.) You could eat it at the same time, too, so 'come at the problem from both sides'! I've used it in my ears for fungal infection before....

Multiple Cures
Posted by Chey (Zachary, la.) on 03/28/2021

When you says drops, do you mean a dropper full or literal drops?

EC: 6 drops, not 6 dropperfuls!

Posted by John Scot (Scotland) on 01/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I use Lugol's also and feel it will protect against any Virus or disease. I normally have 10 drops in a glass of organic 3 times a week never taste the iodine and never seem to have a real cold or flu. Sometimes have a blocked nose but goes away very quickly. Jjust try it with Organic milk, tastes better. I use the strongest Lugol's Iodine 15%.

Ear Infection
Posted by Paul (Cortlandt Manor, NY) on 01/07/2021
2 out of 5 stars

I tried Jacquelin's method as well as a single drop neat, without any success at all. It appears that as I have stenoptic ear canals, any form of even slight inflammation, closes the ear completely.

The only treatment which seems to work for me, is diced/crushed Onion-juice into the canal & plugged with cotton-wool, overnight but sometimes, even that doesn't work!

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Shalom (Ca) on 10/09/2020

Marie, do you or your friend take it with other supplements to avoid the die-off effects? How often do you take it and how many drops? Can you give us more details and what benefits you saw. I tried it and had terrible die-off effects so I stopped taking it, but I was still feeling sick for a few weeks after.

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Marie D (Nc Usa) on 10/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

A friend of mine who has been taking Lugol's for 7 yrs. places the drops she takes into an empty gelatin capsule and swallows with water. I have tried her method and it works like a charm!

Side Effects
Posted by Baise (New York) on 08/30/2020

Hi Bill,

a quick question. I'm considering to start Lugol's Iodine protocol. Do you think it's safe for someone who has amalgam fillings. I know...Sigh. I'm planning to have them safely removed eventually but I won't be able to do so until 1-2 years or so. Should I wait until I have them removed or do you think it would be ok? Thank you for your time.

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Katherine (Vacaville Ca) on 08/13/2020

Don't take iodine at night. It is a stimulator.

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/03/2020

Hi Sue!

Iodine is not expected to disrupt the menstrual cycle or cause hot flushes from what I have read, although it can change hormone levels.

Are you 40 to 50 years of age? You may be experiencing the beginning of menopause.

There are herbs which encourage menstruation, herbs which delay it, and herbs which balance the hormones. You might consider using vitex/chasteberry in addition to the iodine to balance the hormones while the iodine does its work.

If it is indeed menopause you may consider black cohosh, maca, and sage leaf to relieve the discomforts.

You may also consider taking kelp rather than Lugol's iodine, as kelp offers additional nutrients your body may be in need of, as well as iodine.

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Sue (Malaysia ) on 07/02/2020
0 out of 5 stars

Started Lugol s iodine a month ago. Started slow with one drop for 1 week plus, right now I am on 3-4 drops daily (5%). I have adenomyosis and read about all the good of iodine. However, ever since started taking iodine, I don't seem to sleep so well, I have few / some hot flushes daily, and most of all I missed my period during month of May.

Would be pleased if anyone with experiences r able to advise.



Acid Reflux
Posted by Denise (Crescent City, Ca) on 10/15/2018 130 posts

Wonderful to see this post today, as it was today I just ordered Lugols Iodine. I know I need to be careful not to get too much iodine, so may I ask how much you take? Do you also do coconut oil, and a good salt for iodine content? The main issue I'm having is finding an amount to start with but like my other supplements, there is an amount. I believe the Lugols says 12.5 mg. So, maybe that answers my question;)

I still have some acid reflux, and I also have silent reflux, or sometime called LPR (Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and find the throat issues almost unbearable at times.

Thank you in advance for any further info on your progress and amounts you use daily;) Denise

Acid Reflux
Posted by Angela (Oh) on 10/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Like Michelle from Ohio, I too have been cured of horrendous acid reflux with Lugols iodine. I was using it for other reasons and after a few months I realized my acid reflux was completely gone. I have had problems eating oranges, bacon, onions, OJ, etc all my life and now I can eat or drink what ever I want. Glad to hear of someone else getting well with it. I read once that the body needs iodine to make stomach acid that actually stops the reflux.

Oral Vs Transdermal
Posted by Jb (Hosmer) on 09/26/2018

How do you "get rid of a root canal?".

Lugol's Vs. Nascent Iodine
Posted by Diane (Austin) on 06/16/2018

Stick with Nascent.

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Rosemary (Qld, Australia) on 02/27/2018

I put mine into my morning mix of brewers yeast and yogurt, taste is very minimal.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Dan (Lodi, N.j.) on 02/16/2018

Essential public service announcement.Thank you, Doctor!

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Hisjewel (Usa) on 02/14/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I remember inquiring for help concerning the tingly sometimes, burning feeling on my face. I had started thinking it was stress.

I got some advice that got me through that time.

Soon I stopped using some of my supplements then start back up again.

Well, I had stopped using the Iodine. I had been obviously taking too many drops for me, about 4 drops of 5mgs or 7mgs of Lugols Iodine in a glass of water.

Any way I wanted to kill an infection, so I started back on the iodine. One to two drops in water this time, plus a little on infected area. I began to feel that old tingly burning feeling in the face again.

It good to know what is causing a situation, then we wont be trying to fix it while still consuming the cause.

I only took it a few days this time. Just enough for my healing.


Multiple Cures
Posted by Epeach (Ga) on 02/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to update my success from use of Lugol's Iodine Protocol and other healthy ideas I have found on E.C.

I began using Lugol's and companion nutrients 7 month's ago. Starting with 1 drop of 2 percent until I reached 20 drops.(please read protocol here on E.C.) I tried to change my diet, but was injured and now at the mercy of my husband and children for purchasing and preparing most of my food. Anyway, I have been indulging a little in sweets, fried foods, and breads. I did eliminate diet soda. I only use the water purifier from the fridge. Hopefully, because we have city water, I will be able to get a good one for the entire house, soon.

I also use 1 tblsp. ACV (for weight control and kidney stones, which I have passed 3 pain free), lemon/lime in each glass of water, baking soda, and Borax (had a terrible anxiety attack 2 days ago from it and my face broke out, badly! ?). I take a borax/Epsom salt bath each day. I stopped taking P*x*l for anxiety and OCD, 4 months ago, after slowly tapering (1/2 dosage of 1 pill weekly, until completely eliminated), began using a non-fluoridated tooth paste, and switched to sea salt.


I am never tired during the day. I used to come home from work and take a nap, and sometimes sleep right through to the next morning!!!

My face is clear of acne. (except, that one day)

My seasonal allergies do not bother me, anymore.

Food allergies are not as aggressive. (Dairy)

No more breast fibrosis.

Goiter gone.

Toe nail fungus gone...fingernails not completely cured, but nails not afflicted, are long, strong, and healthy.

Frequent headaches gone.

Hand blisters gone (I believe a fungus).

Energy restored.

Gray hair (light amount) turned back to original color and thinning hair grew back healthier. It turned very dark/reddish for the first 3 months after beginning protocol(?) I was born blonde.

Eyebrows grew back to outer edges of eyes.

Several moles have disappeared. (external use of Lugol's)

Brain fog lifted most days. (I still suffer with bad weather)

OCD tendencies are reduced.

No need for reading glasses. Dr. said my vision actually improved!
Emotions in check, for the most part. (situational)

Avoided all colds/flu/viruses that my family suffered.

So as you can see...E.C. posters (THANK YOU)...I am restoring my health without the use of Modern Medical Doctors! Did I say thank you?

Lugol's Vs. Nascent Iodine
Posted by Kitty (Niagara Falls, Ny) on 02/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I just read your very informative article about Lugol's Iodine. Would I be able to get an answer if there is a difference between Nascent Iodine and Lugol's Iodine? ..... I went to 4 different Dr's to get my thyroid levels checked, about 2 years ago, and all the test came back normal. But after researching it, I realized there was something wrong with my thyroid I had all the classic symptoms of a low thyroid. After more research I bought the Nacsent Iodine and started taking it, but found that taking it orally was not possible for me, too many side effects. I started applying it to my skin which worked much better for me. I started out with 4 drops, 1 each to my inner thighs, and the other 2, one each to my inner wrist. The first 6-8 months they disappeared rather quickly, sometimes within 2-3 hours. I used this method for about 2 years and have never felt better. After that, I only used it on my wrists, and now it depends, most times one drop will do it. But after reading your article on Lugol's I am wondering if it would be better if I used "it" instead of the Nascent Iodine. I very much would appreciate your help. I would use it in the same manner. Thank you very much. Kitty.

Side Effects
Posted by Joanna (Charlotte, Nc) on 12/11/2017

Can one be on LI therapy and Borax at the same time?

Multiple Cures
Posted by David (Springfield, Mo) on 12/11/2017

Following up on the cold shower thing. Wim Hof has over 20 world records for cold weather achievements, like running a marathon distance below zero in shorts and shoes alone. He uses cold therapy as significant factor in health restoration and recommends cold showers as restorative. He has a program out now, but you can read a lot about it without paying.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Queen (Cabañas, El Salvador) on 12/11/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Iodine for Fibrocystic Breast Disease, uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts and hypothyroidism

Hello wonderful people, I was officially diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD) about 2 years ago. I also was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid the size of a grape and one cyst on each ovary and hypothyroidism. I have had FBD since I was 19 years old. My breasts were so lumpy I was afraid to touch them. My breasts would become so painful before my period that I was forced to sleep wearing a bra. I have been on the iodine protocol for about 14 months now. I am a 42 year old woman who exercises like crazy (I am a triathlete). I eat very healthy now. I have eliminated dairy products, soy, caffeine, preservatives and processed sugar. I eat 95% organic and grass fed beef.

I started taking 100 mg of lugol's iodine for the first 3 months, then I was taking 150 mg for 4 months. After that, I went back to 100 mg. Now I am back to 150 mg. I believe my ovarian cysts have dissolved because I don't feel nauseous anymore and I don't have pain in my ovaries like I used to. And at some point I bled and it wasn't time for my period so I am assuming the cysts burst. Regarding the uterine fibroid, I am not sure if it has dissolved completely, but I know for sure it has shrunk because my period isn't painful anymore and I don't get lower back pain either like I used to. In terms of my breasts, they are almost free of lumps. I haven't done an ultra sound yet, but I can feel the difference in texture and pain. I can say pain is 95% gone during pms. My thyroid is working well now. I have energy and I don't feel tired anymore.

I have added castor oil packs on breasts and put an ice pack afterward. I alternate the castor oil pack on each breast every day and I am also taking a homeopathic tincture my naturopath recommended.

I read on this site how people have felt a difference with small amounts of iodine in a short period of time, but it has taken a while for me to see great results. I have read Dr. David Brownstein's book and I was surprised at how his patients improved with smaller amounts. It took 3 months (100 mg per day) after starting the iodine protocol to notice my hair wasn't falling out so much. I thought it was normal to lose so much hair. I read somewhere on the internet that people used to take between 300 mg to 1,000 mg of iodine to treat diseases before drugs.

In the nutshell:

Lugol's iodine (5%) 150 mg a day

Magnesium taurate 500 mg a day

Selenium 500 mcg a day

Sodium ascorbate 2.5 to 5 grams a day

B complex

Himalayan sea salt about 1 tsp a day

I take St. John's Wort, apple cider vinegar and baking soda in small amounts most days of the week. I am in the road to being completely healed and I am grateful for this site and the people who post their experiences. Thank you all and remember BE PATIENT.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Epeach (Ga) on 10/13/2017

I thought I would share an update on my Lugol's regimen. It will be 2 months since I began. I am taking 14 drops of 2 percent in water each morning. I have had a lot of anger and anxiety for weeks. I am having difficulty sleeping through the night. I have also been reducing my anxiety meds at the same time. P*x*l is the brand I take and I have reduced it as slow as I have increased the Lugol's, cutting 1/2 of 1 daily pill every other week. It contains fluoride and I do not want it in my system, obviously. I am concerned about my behavior and OCD tendencies. I pray some (or all) of this may be detox reactions. Can anyone advise me on how to keep my emotions in check while I reduce this toxin? I am extremely happy with my energy level and over all feeling of health, though.

The moles that I have been treating all along that did not go away initially, are giving me fits, they tend to grow big and round and itch, but really do not seem like they are going to give up this fight. Any ideas? Should I stop? Try something else or persevere?

My skin and hair are very healthy. The fungus on my nails is still prevalent but seems to be getting better slowly. I have given up on topical treatments all together because it seems to work only temporarily and I cannot devote the time to it everyday. I believe it will get better in time when my insides are clear of yeast.

I have lost a total of 7 lbs. but have included ACV to my routine 3 weeks ago. My thinking is clearer. My vision is clearer, I hardly ever wear my reading glasses anymore. I feel clean. My allergies are almost completely gone and it is ragweed season! Normally, I would be taking Z*rt*c and Sudaf*d on a daily basis this time of year!

Thank you again Earth Clinic for this website! You are saving my life!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Epeach (Ga) on 09/16/2017

It has been a month now since beginning Lugol's. I feel so much better, now. I have much more energy than I can ever remember having in a while. I have lost 3 lbs., the fungus on my nails is clearing, brain fog is lifted!!!!!, and allergies are almost completely gone. I will sneeze some mornings but that is all of the symptoms I am having. I am up to 10 drops, now in a little water, it began to hurt the underside of my tongue now that I am using so much more. I found Brazil Nuts and bought enough for a month or so. That was the missing puzzle piece for me. I turned a corner by just eating 5 (a day) on the first day!!!!

I have removed 9 moles so far. Some of the bigger ones are being awfully resistant. I suspect they will go away eventually with continued applications.

My question is, during this journey, sometimes my neck and collar bones ache and throb. Does anyone have an idea for immediate relief?

Ear Infection
Posted by Kyle (Australia) on 09/03/2017

HI there

any chance you could find the link or publication details of the study on the african children? I've looked quite a bit because of your comment but could only find usage of povidone-iodine (basically Betadine), and some study on Rabbits showing that if too strong it induced hearing loss, but it was very effective (almost as effective as the Cipraflaxin (or something close to that) at the right strength/dose.

I'd really appreciate your help here!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Evelyn (Ga) on 08/31/2017

I have lost 3 moles. They have shriveled and felt off (while I am asleep or in the shower?) I never saw it happen. Thank goodness, for I am weak when it comes to things like that. I have began treating many more now, various sizes and locations.

My cold has almost subsided now and feel pretty well this afternoon. I had horrible pressure in my sinuses and forehead and woke late last night from barometric pressure headache from the dropping due to the storm that was coming from the hurricane from Texas. I have had to blow my nose all day and it was terrible green. Loads of it. I think I am cleaning or detoxing. (I am usually not this graphic, but you may experience these things and should know this is normal)

I never mentioned my fibroid breast tumors that the docs want to do images for every year (I have refused for the past 4 years to have mammograms and furthered images due to the amount of radiation and money in their pockets with the same results... no cancer). I began evening primrose from GNC for bad breast pain in May and had no pain 2 days after beginning that regimen but I ran out so I bought a brand from a local grocery store and wound up with terrible heartburn. So, I stopped taking it and the pain and lumps came back. Since using Lugol's, I have no more breast pain. I would purchase the primrose from GNC again because, upon further research the grocery store purchased one contained many ingredients not found in the GNC brand.

I know the detoxing is hard to go through, I work full time and went everyday. I wanted results and although I was completely miserable, it was and will be worth it, in the end. I have not bought any Brazil nuts, I understand we need Selenium but they are not sold at my grocery store. I will continue to look for them. I have been taking Cod liver oil for a couple of years now because the doc wanted to put me on Statins for cholesterol. I asked her to give me six months on fish oil, first. My numbers greatly improved and she told me to keep it up.:) I began taking Zinc about a year ago and magnesium about six months ago. I am taking baby steps and adding things that I know my body needs from research on E.C. Thank you Earth Clinic, I never really thought about my body needing minerals, only vitamins. I wish the doctors and schools would get together and learn for themselves so they may teach young people the vital importance of health through all of nature. I guess as we get older and we see life slipping away, we try to better ourselves. I suppose this is why I have turned to this site. I will share the love. God bless.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Evelyn (Ga) on 08/28/2017

Update on Lugol's... One of my moles were gone when I got up this morning. It was the smallest. I know it will take longer for the others. I did not prepare my skin around them for the treatment and the area is very red. It initially felt like a sun burn and itched. I do not care though, I know it is temporary.

I took a break for two days after the 5 days of the oral intake. I have been sick with a terrible cold since the 6th day. I am surely detoxing and am using zinc, magnesium, cod liver oil, baking soda and drinking either lemon water or orange juice hours after lugol's. I have been using Licorice root for the congestion and oregano oil for the cold or whatever it is. I am on day 13 and am still sick. I will keep pushing through it though because I want to rid my body of this candida and regulate my thyroid. I am very tired and only get the things done I have to do. The blisters on my hands have not returned, but my finger nail fungus is a battle. There was an eruption on the side of the nail and green pus came out. I am soaking my nails (all of them) in vinegar, everyday, now. I hope with all of these remedies combined I will get rid of this stuff.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Epeach (Ga) on 08/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I began taking Lugol's iodine 2 percent last week (5 days ago) under the tongue 2 drops a day. I began using this this because I have a load of skin issues and other ailments I will address. This is what changes I have experienced so far...

I have blisters all over my palms and fingers and finger nail fungus. My hands exploded with tons more painful blisters and sensitivities/ fungus went rampant (getting worse before better for 3 days)... then all of them dried up. Now my hands look really dry like I used bleach to clean without gloves. I keep finding little spots all over my body like I dropped Elmer's white glue and they flake off. Not sure what was there to begin with that needed to go away.

I also have had many ailments described as what iodine deficiency does to some people and this is a small list of issues I have had: Fatigue, weight gain, sugar cravings, enlarged thyroid (no prescription meds), cysts, yeast, pimples, irregular women's cycles heavy or none, to mention some. Through research on Earth Clinic, Iodine should fix this, hopefully.

I did notice some improvement in energy, my skin seems to be clearing. I have also used it topically on a row of 5 moles on my neck, no bandaid just putting it on each morning. They are shriveled up a little so I know it is working. I am just going to keep applying. I will update soon.

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Sarani (North Carolina, Usa) on 03/21/2017

You can make your own distilled water with tap water. RAIN WATER CONTAINS CONTAMINATES COLLECTED FROM THE AIR. Search YouTube: How to make distilled water. It says use a clean, big tall stainless steel pot as others can contaminate. Add tap water 1/4 up from bottom. Put a glass bowl which floats higher than the water level in. Place the clean lid upside down on top of the pot. Get a bag of ice ready. Turn the stove on to a boil. Put ice cubes on top of lid. The steam will rise, hit the cold lid, n drip distilled water into bowl. When the ice cubes melt, use a potholder n empty the lid. Don't let the distilled water in the bowl boil so lower the heat. Keep repeating with ice until u hv the amount of distilled water that u need. Use a big lid so u can put a bunch of ice on. Turn off the stove, let cool and use a clean ladle to put the distilled water in a mason jar. Place it in a dark storage/cabinet. Good luck!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Darlene (Alaska) on 12/30/2016

I applied Lugol's 5% to a skin tag twice daily for a month and it was gone, never to return. Caution, don't apply it on a cotton ball or anything like that and tape it to the skin, it will blister.

Side Effects
Posted by Darlene (Alaska) on 12/30/2016

I had the sore throat and coughing also when I first started taking the Lugol's in water. I stopped because of it for over a year. Now I am taking 16 drops in my morning shake and don't even notice any problems at all. Try taking with something besides just water.

Oral Vs Transdermal
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 11/27/2016

I've never heard of anyone talk of 'drinking' Lugol's Iodine. It is added to water (not tap), by the drop - a tiny amount. If it's Lugol's iodine, it will say it on the label; if it only says 'BP' then it's not Lugol's - Lugol's is a recognised process of making and mixing iodine and iodide, not a brand name.

Transdermal Absorption
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 11/27/2016

Put it on a different place every day.

Ear Pain, Tinnitus and Deafness
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 11/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I posted previously about this subject. I got an old eye drops bottle - tiny. Cleaned it and put 1/4 of Lugol's (I used 7%) but 5% will be ok. Fill up the rest of the bottle with cooled, boiled water and then stick the dropper bit back on. I put 3 drops, into the ears 3 times a day for the next 4 days and the pain from a severe ear infection, tinnitus and deafness all vanished, never to return. That was several years ago and it still hasn't returned, and had suffered every year, for many years, and it was untouchable by antibiotics. It should work against a fungal infection, too. Lugol's is always in my cupboard. I also got rid of a urine infection last year with it.

Oral Vs Transdermal
Posted by Philip C (Ireland ) on 11/10/2016

B.P. stands for British Pharmaceutical so it sounds like it's safe for human consumption. However it may need to be diluted with distilled water.

I bought a bottle of this recently and have been researching whether it's safe to drink.

Look up BP USP EP.

Hope this helps

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/10/2016 2083 posts

M: I add Iodine to a gallon of purified water in a plastic jug and last 2 or 3 days, so there's no bad taste problem. For additional Iodine one can take Kelp tablets or Potassium Iodine tablets.

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Magnolia16 (Virginia) on 11/09/2016

Thank you. That is what I have been doing, but didn't know if the heat killed the good stuff! I upped my dosage and think this is what I needed. Love this site - have recommended it to many!

How To Take Lugol's
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 11/08/2016

Dear Magnolia,

I think some people put it in coffee. I have done that. You don't even notice the taste of one drop. (Or, at least I don't! )

I agree - it does taste dreadful! :(

~Mama to Many~

How to Take Lugol's
Posted by Magnolia16 (Virginia) on 11/08/2016

Could someone tell me how to take these drops that masks the taste? Is it safe to put in the morning coffee, juice? It really makes me gag but offers so much. All I have seen is to put it in water and that is hard for me to swallow.

Transdermal Absorption
Posted by Dana (N.e. Ohio) on 11/01/2016

Did you ever find your answer?

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Dee (Atlanta) on 08/26/2016

I learned that ingesting 5% is too strong. I was instructed by my alternative health care professional to make sure that I take Lugol's 2% or 2.5%. I hope this helps.

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Lauren Lee (Riverton, Nj) on 05/03/2016
0 out of 5 stars

Hi. I had the same thing happen. Did you continue use?

Ear Infection
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 03/26/2016

Hi Mmsg,

I don't know, as my tinnitus was purely a side effect of the ear infection, so of course, it vanished when the infection did. No harm in trying it, as technically, it's external use. Try and find something on curezone or earthclinic that might guide you.

Topical Application of Lugol's Iodine
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 02/12/2016

Hi, I used a Lugols solution in boiled, cooled water in an previous-eye drops bottle. I 1/4-filled the bottle with Lygol's 7% (you might need slightly more for 5%), and then topped up the bottle with the sterile water. I then applied 3 drops x 3 times a day.

This completely cured a severe ear infection, causing deafness and tinnitus and severe pain, that I'd had for 4 months (I used to get it every winter). This ear infection had survived 3 courses of antibiotics, but it didn't survive the iodine drops. I have never had an ear infection in the 7 years since.

As Lugols is effective against yeasts and fungus, I it's certainly worth trying, and won't do any harm. Something you should be aware of though, is don't apply it if you have an open sore or wound, as the iodine will cause intense stinging and might prevent the wound from healing. If the skin is intact, then it's ok.

Transdermal Absorption
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 12/16/2015 2083 posts

Lorraine: You show many signs of toxicity. Iodine increases cell voltage which sorta-like supercharges cells into recovery, which enables them to "throw off" or displace toxins stored from weak conditions. Since your digestive system, especially the lower or colon, cannot properly excrete these toxins they are recirculated back into the bloodstream and ending up on the surface or your skin. All this condition is called "herxheimer reaction" and is the first step of the healing process.

Your next step in recovery is cleaning & optimizing the digestive system. Under the "Ailments" or "Remedies" E.C. section at top page, go to Gallstones, Parasites, and Colon.

This takes some time & commitment so feel free to come back and post your progress and for some extra help you may need in this endeavor.

Transdermal Absorption
Posted by Lorraine (Uk) on 12/16/2015
0 out of 5 stars

Just read comments about iodine. Can you help me please!

I started using Lugol's iodine from Amazon, it states external use, so I started to apply it on the skin, starting with one drop a day. The patch went after few hours. I increased to two drops a day, then three drops a day over a period of about six weeks.The patch still disappears before twenty four hours! On average between sixteen to twenty hours.

However, where I was putting the iodine on my skin, inner leg, I have got a itch rash now, lumpy and also two or three dark spots and I have come out in a couple of facial spots which is unusual for me. I have had some metal taste in my mouth, but not sure whether that was anything to do with iodine as that happened a few days after I stopped taking it!

If it is true that your deficient if the skin patch goes before twenty four hours then it suggests I am deficient still with three drops a day, but now I have this itchy skin. What can I do? I did drop down to one drop and the skin patch went quicker, so I am not sure how I can get it into my body now I have had this skin reaction! I am reluctant to take in orally as its states external use, although some people on Amazon have reviewed the product and said they take it orally.

I have dodgy digestive system so I have to be careful, I have severe M.E my body is very fragile.

Why would I get this skin reaction after six weeks! Any ideas how to proceed please!

Lugol's Formulation
Posted by Brianh (Austin, Tx) on 11/07/2015

If water evaporates from Lugol's the solution will become more concentrated and one drop (generally = 0.05ml) will contain more than 6.25mg of total Iodine + Iodide in a drop. But keeping the bottle covered should make this not a problem.

Posted by Karlie (Mesa, Az) on 10/27/2015

Angela (New York, US), I see that this was in 2014, so I hope you still get this, but try water kefir. It has probiotics & B vitamins. It should help with your gluten and dairy intolerance, give you energy, which the low energy is probably causing your dizzy spells. And is a sign of B deficiency. Buy the kefir water grains, very cheap, go to youtube, and learn how to make water kefir. Cheap, easy, and a continual supply.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Rodger (Canberra) on 10/03/2015

I buy Lugols regularly in Australia I have purchased it in Canberra and Adelaide. To succeed you must find a compounding chemist. Read the label carefully, mine is named Aqueous Iodine Solution APF. It contains Iodine 5%w/v and Potassium Iodide 10% w.v. In all cases I have purchased it the chemist has not made it, the brand is "David Craig Galenicals". When you actually get to talk to a pharmacist they will know what you are looking for. I have never found a helpful chemist who will direct you to another chemist who sells it. When asked why you want it the safest approach (which was true in my case) was to say that the doctor says my thyroid is a little low. When asked do you know how to take it it is 16 drops per day for 2 months and then 2 drops a day as a maintenance dose. Everyone is happy and then use it as you like. It must have both types of iodine to be Lugols solution and it is fantastic stuff.

Where to Buy: Philippines
Posted by Serlinia (Capiz) on 10/02/2015

Thank you so much Bill for making things easier! Keep posting and answering quries as Ted is still recovering. The world is praying for him. Thank you so much for the two of you, so with Deirde not sure of the spelling though. May God continue to preserve @ bless you all with God health and long life so people all over the world will have the greatest benefit from so so brilliant minds.

Where to Buy: Philippines
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/01/2015

Hi Serlinia...For a full list of where you can buy Lugols Iodine, Borax, FG Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver, Magnesium Chloride etc -- see this link:

Nutrient Sources in Manila

Where to Buy: Philippines
Posted by Serlinia (Capiz) on 10/01/2015

Bill where can I buy lugols iodine in the Philippines? Been looking for it some 3 years ago but to no avail. Please do tell me the place to buy buy it. I went to SM alternative shop but there was none.

Ear Infection
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/26/2015

Jacqueline, would you know if this would clear up a long-standing tinnitus?

Other Supplements and Lugol's
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/26/2015

Hi John1974...Some information for you about the added nutrients you will need to take when you start supplementing the Iodine Protocol:

The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine(Stephanie Buist)

More Info on the Iodine Protocol

Ear Infection
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon, Uk) on 09/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there,

I used to get horrendous ear infections a few years ago. After 3, ineffective, courses of antibiotics and 4 months of near complete deafness, pain and tinnitus, I decided to use my Lugols 7%. that I had used orally a year or so previously.. I got an old eye dropper and cleaned it out with boiling water. I filled it 1/4 full of Lugol's and the rest with the boiled, cool water. I put 3 drops, into the ears 3 times a day for the next 4 days. The pain vanished completely, my hearing returned and the noises went away, never to return.

I got the idea to try this from reading a clinical trial conducted on children in the remore African bush, obviously far from the nearest doctor. They administered the Lugol's neat, and 10 drops a day, but I thought that sounded a bit harsh, so adapted down. They had complete resolution of ear infections, even supporating inner ear infections; they all went away - the trial must still be on the internet somewhere.

Hope this has been helpful. I know that if I ever get a painful ear again, I won't be going to the doctor, I'll sort it myself.

Other Supplements and Lugol's
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon, Uk) on 09/25/2015

Look up the Iodine protocol. It will tell you all the other stuff you should be taking.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 08/12/2015

Hi Celine...It's been a while since I bought lugols iodine in the Philippines. Here are some possible places in Manila where you might be able to buy it:

1039 Banawe st, Manressa Quezon City
tel (632) 3622024; (632) 4758212; (63) 908 4599829
They sell 5% Lugols Iodine

San Francisco
930-G Del Monte Ave,
1104 Quezon City,
Tel: 632-4116692

Posted by Celine De Jesus (Manila) on 08/11/2015

Hi Bill,

I would like to purchase Lugol's Solution 5% to treat my diabetes, GERD and my sinusitis. I'd tried to purchase in amazon but my address is not accepted. Kindly reply where I can purchase here in Manila. I really badly needed your help.


Lugol's and Vitamin E
Posted by Mzchynna (Detroit, Mi) on 06/24/2015

How do you feel since you have been doing this. I am very hypothyroid

Where to Buy: Ghana
Posted by Renas (Ghana - West Africa) on 06/19/2015


Please, I need lugols iodine solutio in Ghana West Africa. I want to know if its possible. I count on a favourable response. Thank you, Renas.

Lugol's and Vitamin E
Posted by Geraldine R. (Turkey) on 06/11/2015

How much vitamin E is necessary daily and can you recommend any particular type?

Lugol's Iodine Side Effects
Posted by Rosina (Debary, Fl) on 04/28/2015

Yes, it can do this and it is normal. Your body is trying to stabilize your hormones and this may cause your periods to be irregular. With continued use, it will stabilize.

Where to Buy: Canada
Posted by Sheila (Toronto) on 04/26/2015

You can definitely order Lugol Iodine from any compounding pharmacy. Only they can order it from in Canada for you. You can get it in 2%, 5%, 7% concentration.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/10/2015

Hi Fats1964...The amount of iodine per drop would also depend on what percentage strength lugols iodine you are using(which you never mentioned). For example, if you're using 5% LI then the amount per drop would be 6.25 mgs. But if you are using 2% LI then the amount would be 2.50 mgs iodine per drop.

For the full range -- see the drop to mgs table in this link.