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Posted by Queen (Cabañas, El Salvador) on 12/11/2017

Iodine for Fibrocystic Breast Disease, uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts and hypothyroidism

Hello wonderful people, I was officially diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease (FBD) about 2 years ago. I also was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid the size of a grape and one cyst on each ovary and hypothyroidism. I have had FBD since I was 19 years old. My breasts were so lumpy I was afraid to touch them. My breasts would become so painful before my period that I was forced to sleep wearing a bra. I have been on the iodine protocol for about 14 months now. I am a 42 year old woman who exercises like crazy (I am a triathlete). I eat very healthy now. I have eliminated dairy products, soy, caffeine, preservatives and processed sugar. I eat 95% organic and grass fed beef.

I started taking 100 mg of lugol's iodine for the first 3 months, then I was taking 150 mg for 4 months. After that, I went back to 100 mg. Now I am back to 150 mg. I believe my ovarian cysts have dissolved because I don't feel nauseous anymore and I don't have pain in my ovaries like I used to. And at some point I bled and it wasn't time for my period so I am assuming the cysts burst. Regarding the uterine fibroid, I am not sure if it has dissolved completely, but I know for sure it has shrunk because my period isn't painful anymore and I don't get lower back pain either like I used to. In terms of my breasts, they are almost free of lumps. I haven't done an ultra sound yet, but I can feel the difference in texture and pain. I can say pain is 95% gone during pms. My thyroid is working well now. I have energy and I don't feel tired anymore.

I have added castor oil packs on breasts and put an ice pack afterward. I alternate the castor oil pack on each breast every day and I am also taking a homeopathic tincture my naturopath recommended.

I read on this site how people have felt a difference with small amounts of iodine in a short period of time, but it has taken a while for me to see great results. I have read Dr. David Brownstein's book and I was surprised at how his patients improved with smaller amounts. It took 3 months (100 mg per day) after starting the iodine protocol to notice my hair wasn't falling out so much. I thought it was normal to lose so much hair. I read somewhere on the internet that people used to take between 300 mg to 1,000 mg of iodine to treat diseases before drugs.

In the nutshell:

Lugol's iodine (5%) 150 mg a day

Magnesium taurate 500 mg a day

Selenium 500 mcg a day

Sodium ascorbate 2.5 to 5 grams a day

B complex

Himalayan sea salt about 1 tsp a day

I take St. John's Wort, apple cider vinegar and baking soda in small amounts most days of the week. I am in the road to being completely healed and I am grateful for this site and the people who post their experiences. Thank you all and remember BE PATIENT.

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Posted by Epeach (Ga) on 08/22/2017

I began taking Lugol's iodine 2 percent last week (5 days ago) under the tongue 2 drops a day. I began using this this because I have a load of skin issues and other ailments I will address. This is what changes I have experienced so far...

I have blisters all over my palms and fingers and finger nail fungus. My hands exploded with tons more painful blisters and sensitivities/ fungus went rampant (getting worse before better for 3 days)... then all of them dried up. Now my hands look really dry like I used bleach to clean without gloves. I keep finding little spots all over my body like I dropped Elmer's white glue and they flake off. Not sure what was there to begin with that needed to go away.

I also have had many ailments described as what iodine deficiency does to some people and this is a small list of issues I have had: Fatigue, weight gain, sugar cravings, enlarged thyroid (no prescription meds), cysts, yeast, pimples, irregular women's cycles heavy or none, to mention some. Through research on Earth Clinic, Iodine should fix this, hopefully.

I did notice some improvement in energy, my skin seems to be clearing. I have also used it topically on a row of 5 moles on my neck, no bandaid just putting it on each morning. They are shriveled up a little so I know it is working. I am just going to keep applying. I will update soon.

Replied by Evelyn

Update on Lugol's... One of my moles were gone when I got up this morning. It was the smallest. I know it will take longer for the others. I did not prepare my skin around them for the treatment and the area is very red. It initially felt like a sun burn and itched. I do not care though, I know it is temporary.

I took a break for two days after the 5 days of the oral intake. I have been sick with a terrible cold since the 6th day. I am surely detoxing and am using zinc, magnesium, cod liver oil, baking soda and drinking either lemon water or orange juice hours after lugol's. I have been using Licorice root for the congestion and oregano oil for the cold or whatever it is. I am on day 13 and am still sick. I will keep pushing through it though because I want to rid my body of this candida and regulate my thyroid. I am very tired and only get the things done I have to do. The blisters on my hands have not returned, but my finger nail fungus is a battle. There was an eruption on the side of the nail and green pus came out. I am soaking my nails (all of them) in vinegar, everyday, now. I hope with all of these remedies combined I will get rid of this stuff.

Replied by Evelyn

I have lost 3 moles. They have shriveled and felt off (while I am asleep or in the shower?) I never saw it happen. Thank goodness, for I am weak when it comes to things like that. I have began treating many more now, various sizes and locations.

My cold has almost subsided now and feel pretty well this afternoon. I had horrible pressure in my sinuses and forehead and woke late last night from barometric pressure headache from the dropping due to the storm that was coming from the hurricane from Texas. I have had to blow my nose all day and it was terrible green. Loads of it. I think I am cleaning or detoxing. (I am usually not this graphic, but you may experience these things and should know this is normal)

I never mentioned my fibroid breast tumors that the docs want to do images for every year (I have refused for the past 4 years to have mammograms and furthered images due to the amount of radiation and money in their pockets with the same results... no cancer). I began evening primrose from GNC for bad breast pain in May and had no pain 2 days after beginning that regimen but I ran out so I bought a brand from a local grocery store and wound up with terrible heartburn. So, I stopped taking it and the pain and lumps came back. Since using Lugol's, I have no more breast pain. I would purchase the primrose from GNC again because, upon further research the grocery store purchased one contained many ingredients not found in the GNC brand.

I know the detoxing is hard to go through, I work full time and went everyday. I wanted results and although I was completely miserable, it was and will be worth it, in the end. I have not bought any Brazil nuts, I understand we need Selenium but they are not sold at my grocery store. I will continue to look for them. I have been taking Cod liver oil for a couple of years now because the doc wanted to put me on Statins for cholesterol. I asked her to give me six months on fish oil, first. My numbers greatly improved and she told me to keep it up.:) I began taking Zinc about a year ago and magnesium about six months ago. I am taking baby steps and adding things that I know my body needs from research on E.C. Thank you Earth Clinic, I never really thought about my body needing minerals, only vitamins. I wish the doctors and schools would get together and learn for themselves so they may teach young people the vital importance of health through all of nature. I guess as we get older and we see life slipping away, we try to better ourselves. I suppose this is why I have turned to this site. I will share the love. God bless.

Replied by Epeach

It has been a month now since beginning Lugol's. I feel so much better, now. I have much more energy than I can ever remember having in a while. I have lost 3 lbs., the fungus on my nails is clearing, brain fog is lifted!!!!!, and allergies are almost completely gone. I will sneeze some mornings but that is all of the symptoms I am having. I am up to 10 drops, now in a little water, it began to hurt the underside of my tongue now that I am using so much more. I found Brazil Nuts and bought enough for a month or so. That was the missing puzzle piece for me. I turned a corner by just eating 5 (a day) on the first day!!!!

I have removed 9 moles so far. Some of the bigger ones are being awfully resistant. I suspect they will go away eventually with continued applications.

My question is, during this journey, sometimes my neck and collar bones ache and throb. Does anyone have an idea for immediate relief?

Replied by Epeach

I thought I would share an update on my Lugol's regimen. It will be 2 months since I began. I am taking 14 drops of 2 percent in water each morning. I have had a lot of anger and anxiety for weeks. I am having difficulty sleeping through the night. I have also been reducing my anxiety meds at the same time. P*x*l is the brand I take and I have reduced it as slow as I have increased the Lugol's, cutting 1/2 of 1 daily pill every other week. It contains fluoride and I do not want it in my system, obviously. I am concerned about my behavior and OCD tendencies. I pray some (or all) of this may be detox reactions. Can anyone advise me on how to keep my emotions in check while I reduce this toxin? I am extremely happy with my energy level and over all feeling of health, though.

The moles that I have been treating all along that did not go away initially, are giving me fits, they tend to grow big and round and itch, but really do not seem like they are going to give up this fight. Any ideas? Should I stop? Try something else or persevere?

My skin and hair are very healthy. The fungus on my nails is still prevalent but seems to be getting better slowly. I have given up on topical treatments all together because it seems to work only temporarily and I cannot devote the time to it everyday. I believe it will get better in time when my insides are clear of yeast.

I have lost a total of 7 lbs. but have included ACV to my routine 3 weeks ago. My thinking is clearer. My vision is clearer, I hardly ever wear my reading glasses anymore. I feel clean. My allergies are almost completely gone and it is ragweed season! Normally, I would be taking Z*rt*c and Sudaf*d on a daily basis this time of year!

Thank you again Earth Clinic for this website! You are saving my life!

Earth Mama

Epeach, do you have any updates?

Did your stubborn moles end up going away?

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Posted by Melissa (Oklahoma, US) on 02/20/2015

How much Lugol's do you give a 3 # dog?????

Replied by Carly
(Pnw, US)

Hi Melissa....

When our Chihauhua had Cushings and massive skin issues.....I used "betadine solution" 10% Providone-Iodine solution / topical solution iodine on his skin. From what I remember reading at the time, it was considered safe. This would be transdermal, and maybe a good way to go, depending on what your dogs health challenges are.

Ours was a couple of years ago, so you may want to research it on your own. The iodine was sold at a local store with a pharmacy For about ten dollars I believe. Good Luck!

Replied by I 4 Me And U
(Great Plains, US)

If dose is relative to weight, the equivalent dose to 20mg for a 200lb man, would be 0.3mg for a 3lb dog [20/200 = x/3 ] and [ (20*3)/200 = 0.3 ]

To measure out 0.3mg iodine in terms of oz. of water:

Since one drop of Lugols 5% is about 6.3mg total iodine, put one drop in about 10oz of water and dispense only 1/2 oz for the dog for about 0.315mg total iodine.

If using Lugols 2%, one drop is about 2.5mg total iodine. One drop in 10oz of water, dispense about 1.5 oz for about 0.37mg total iodine

For higher doses, multiply the amounts of dilute Lugols in water above.

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Posted by Gokhals (Ca, Usa) on 03/07/2014 34 posts

I was sick with a bad cold last week. This was very surprising, as I have not been sick in four years, ever since I started eating a nutrient dense, WAPF diet based on Nourishing Traditions (by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig).

The only recent contributory change I made in my lifestyle was that I started finishing off with icy cold showers. These have been amazing for my skin, digestion, lipomas, stamina, muscles, hormones, libido and overall energy, but a few deleterious things happened along the way - I lost some weight I did not want to lose, I developed throbby wrists, I suddenly menopaused (or thought I did), and my sleep became disturbed. I would wake up at 3:00 am, and during the day felt tired as a result. If I cold showered in the evening, it had the effect of two cups of coffee on me. I'd be wired. I think cold showers affect you in strange ways. And finally, I got this cold. Probably after going out into the cold after one of my cold showers in the am.

Anyway, I started with a dropperful of 7% Lugols' in the middle of my cold. The effect has been nothing short of incredible. For the first time in several months, I've been sleeping like a baby. I un-menopaused. Was it really iodine my body needed to fix sleep problems I've never had in my life? When I sleep well, everything else sort of fixes itself. My skin has become wonderful. My cold melted away. Chest phlegm disappeared. Insomnia I suspect is at the root of many mental and physical ailments. Sleep repairs, restores. Iodine is now going to be a regular part of my life. Now, if I could get my partner to try some, the thyroid issues I suspect in his body might resolve themselves.

I should also add my sense of smell (which had gradually eroded over the last decade) is coming back.

Replied by David
(Springfield, Mo)

Following up on the cold shower thing. Wim Hof has over 20 world records for cold weather achievements, like running a marathon distance below zero in shorts and shoes alone. He uses cold therapy as significant factor in health restoration and recommends cold showers as restorative. He has a program out now, but you can read a lot about it without paying.

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Posted by Bladey56 (Brisbane, Australia) on 09/23/2011

For the last 4 months I have been on iodine worked up to 50mg daily (lugols) blood test awaiting for complete thyroid check. Along with companion nutrients (selenium, vit c) along with mag/cal/boron/, lysine, b complex and naicin, omega 3/6 ratio correction in my diet and removed as much fluoride and bromide as possible (reverse osmosis) less processed food. My transformation has been amazing. I was 105, and now down to 85, my skin is repairing from the sun damage, face sunspots are peeling from lips, cheeks, arms. I now sleep without waking during the night, my body temp now regulates correctly.

I started my father on the same diet, he's got a history of high blood pressure and cholesterol, now after 1 months his blood pressure is normal and cholesterol is now within normal range. I have achieved this with no extra exercise, other than my daily job. The last time I lost weight with the gym and just eating "well" made me tired and I just gained the weight again, I am 25 years old and I feel the benefit everyday from this very powerful supplement, being tired at the end of the day is a thing from the past, no brain fog, just clean thinking.

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Posted by Dean (Collinsville, Il) on 08/17/2011

I have been supplementing with iodine for almost a month. I started at 25mg and now I am at 100mg. Iodine has helped me lose my problem with cold legs in an 80 deg F. room when I was in bed. No more cold legs. Also a long time problem with postnasal drip is gone. My brain seems to be working in a clearer fashion and my vision is much better. It really seems that every facet of my health has been improved. I use Iodoral, Iosol, and potassium iodide now but will eventually use Lugol's (liquid iodine) at home and Iodoral (tablet version of Lugol's) when travelling.

BTW, I don't think I will go higher than 100mg as I am getting very good results now. I don't worry about ODing at all. Please Google "Dr.Brownstein and iodine" for more info. You do need to take companion supplements like magnesium, zinc, lipoic acid, vitamins B C D E K, selenium, fish oil, zeolite, chlorella, to help with the detox that high levels of iodine will force to happen. You will excrete lots of bromine, chlorine, and fluorine, that your body has been storing/accumulating for decades. I can smell the stuff when I pee. Join the Yahoo iodine group.

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Posted by Mesem (Toulon, France) on 12/20/2010

A pharmacy prepared a bottle of Lugols for me no problem for 2.60 euro but another pharmacie were very unlightened and cautious and another pharmacist assured me that I couldn't take it internally! I told my doctor who seemed completely uninterested but results were quick; my severly chapped lips have healed, skin gradually less itchy, hair even seems to be changing (sebaceous glands) and eyes less sensitive. As far as female gland activity well lets say that its high tide!

Replied by Mesem
(Toulon, France)

Lugol's has a shelf life of 1 month after being prepared. I keep mine in the fridge door too to slow oxidation. It has also stopped my huge allergy type reactions to every change in the weather - wind, rain.

Replied by Isabelle

hello to all! I like to point out a link on curezone concerning the shelf life of lugol because I really think that some pharmacists want you to discard the product early so you can buy more often. lugol made with distilled water can last for years! Peace, take good care of yourself www.curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=846547

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Posted by 14ana (Toogoolawah, Queensland Australia) on 06/13/2010

I have used lugols Iodine for many years, for different ailments such as skin tags, detox for all unwanted chemicals in my body, keloids removal, cuts, grazes, and other wounds. I also use it if I feel a bit out of sorts, down, lacking in energy. I use non-ingestable Iodine for all other ailments and have done sine I was a child and learnt from my mother. I am 66 yrs old and am still working. If I find I may have eaten or drunk stuff with nasties in it I detox and use 6 drops of lugols in a glass of water daily for a couple of days. That does the trick for me, other wise I have a glass of water with 2 drops daily for good health.

Replied by Tee
(Chicago, Il)

I would like to know how did you use the iodine for keloid scars??

Replied by Hersche Chocolatte
(South Africa)

Interested to know how it worked on the skin tags, keloids

Replied by Darlene

I applied Lugol's 5% to a skin tag twice daily for a month and it was gone, never to return. Caution, don't apply it on a cotton ball or anything like that and tape it to the skin, it will blister.

Replied by Chey
(Zachary, la.)

When you says drops, do you mean a dropper full or literal drops?

EC: 6 drops, not 6 dropperfuls!

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Posted by Truerae (Moberly, Mo) on 02/04/2010

Food Poisoning, Salmonella, Flu, Shigella

Lugol's Iodine (not a brand but a type, not readily available anymore) for Food Poisoning, Salmonella, and/or Shigella & baby parasites & FUNGUS, plus arthritis etc. based on actual experiences & research. See Hulda Clark's "A Cure for All Disease" and "A Cure for All Cancer" and the website about Cancer is a fungus and you can see why this is an ingredient every home should have.

For food poisoning/S/Sh take 6 drops in a 1/2 glass of water to repeat 20 min later and again if needed.

This was used on a health food employee that became acutely ill after eating a (tainted) salad, probabally the sprouts. It worked like a charm. Also, I became very sick (nausea/vomiting) after eating out and went home and did this and had no more problems. I later found out that a friend that had eaten what I had ended up in the hospital for 4 days on IVs and came out of it with lingering effects!!! Conventional medicine does not have all or even most of the answers and I am a nurse.

There was also a research paper done on a three month/nine drops a day therapy to reverse arthritis among other health maladies. This is an antifungal so you can see why it would be good for those who are NOT allergic to iodine. Check out the research on this before you do it of course!

My dentist told me that it is the best for any kind of infection in the mouth. Iodine adheres to tissue (seen with how it stains) and therefore stays in the designated area (stomach for oral or mouth for topical).

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Posted by Robert (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 08/19/2009

Iodine ( lugol's solution 2%) : i have been drinking 16 drops of lugol's solution in distilled water daily for over 2 months. my blood pressure has dropped from 145/90 to 120/70 and lower. i also had acid reflux but that is gone also. my allergies have improved greatly (non-existent ). i also have better energy as well.

i gave it to my dogs when they had the parvo virus and they regained their health. i also gargled with provodine iodine when i had strep throat, 3 times a day and that was cured.

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Posted by Lisa (Coto de Caza, Ca) on 11/27/2008

Cold, Flu, and food poisoning, 6 drops Lugol's solution (iodine) in a cup of water twice a day. Do not take if allergic to Iodine. Lugol's will cure salmonella, purify water ( in case of emergency or traveling overseas), and stop diaherra. Use lugul's not iodine tincture or providone iodine.

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Posted by Betty (Cascade, MT) on 01/03/2008

I have been on Lugols iodine since June, 2007. It has helped my chronic sinus congestion, hypothyroid and hot flashes. However, my Holistic Nutritionist is unable to get it now that the FDA has gotten their way again!!! Where can I get it now? Betty

Replied by Mia Nony
(Vancouver, B.c., Canada)

Canada has not clamped down yet on the miracle of iodine. It requires no prescription either. Lugol's 5% or Dr Greenbergs colourless.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

There still seems to be some confusion or disinfo here about the legal availability of original 5% Lugol's Iodine solution in the USA from retailers since August 2007.

One internet retailer has the actual 2007 DEA notice up, which clearly states that it still is legal in USA, after August 1 2007, to buy up to 1 30-ml bottle of original 5% strength Lugol's per person per transaction or shipment (that is,the aqueous 5%/10% mixture of the 2 forms of iodine called Lugol's since the early 1800's):

Additionally, the final rule exempts
transactions of up to one-fluid-ounce (30 ml) of Lugol's Solution.
Comments Regarding Iodine Products Used for Nutritional Supplementation

Twelve comments expressed concerns that the proposed regulations would adversely impact the availability of products for use as a dietary source of iodine. These comments detailed the use of iodine products as part of a nutritional program to supplement iodine levels for various health purposes (e.g., the normalization of thyroid function, prevention of breast cancer recurrence, or supplementation during pregnancy as a program to prevent autism in offsprings.)

Eleven of these comments expressed concern that the regulation would adversely impact the availability of a specific formulation known as Lugol's Solution. Lugol's Solution is a 5 percent aqueous solution of iodine in combination with 10 percent potassium iodide.
The maximum strength of Lugol's allowable for purchase in solution amounts over 30 ml in USA is now 2.2%, since August 1 2007.

As of May 2010, I believe this DEA rule is still in effect, otherwise it would have been updated or removed on this retailer's website.

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Posted by Tel (Dewey, AZ) on 10/07/2006

Lugol's iodine cured food poisoning in less than an hour: 6 drops in a cup of water. Also cures, Cold, Flu, and the blase feeling, same dose 6 drops in a cup of water... do not take if allergic to Iodine. Dr Clark in all of her books, recomends Lugol's for many things including thyroid problems. It now sells under a prescription in most states. They know we are being healed with 6 drops and it is taking away from their huge profits.

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Posted by Pamela (Pueblo West, CO) on 02/15/2006

Iodine cured Fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, fatigue, depression, over all poor health. Painted my stomach with iodine, and had a similar reaction as Candace. So now I paint my inside forearms, alternating each time... no problem now. Started taking Lugols at 2 drops daily increasing to 5 drops at this time. Within days I noticed a vast improvement in my breast tissue, my energy level etc. Within 10 days my breasts were normal. Energy still good, depression gone, better immune response. I always tested within the normal range on thyroid tests, however, I had all the symptoms, that is why I started taking the iodine. I was desperate to be normal again. I started Weight Watchers in October and lost 5 pounds in 4 months! It was almost impossible to lose weight even though I lifted weights and walked 6 days a week. Once I started the Lugols drops, the first week I lost 3.5 pounds. The second week I lost 2.8 pounds. It must be the iodine. I feel great. I am telling my family about Lugols because, my mother, grandmother, and both aunts have thyroid problems as well as other health issues I think the iodine could help. I'll lower my dose eventually to 2-4 drops but kick it back up if needed. This stuff is great!

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Posted by Heidi (Jackson, WY) on 01/14/2006


I used Lugols iodine for a couple months, had more energy and acne improved, then I got a rash. I quit for 3 weeks and have started again at a lower dose.

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