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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Cysts and Warts
Posted by Humberto (USA) on 01/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Months ago I got a small wart on my finger. I also killed that with garlic.

Posted by Humberto (USA) on 01/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had a cyst behind my ear. I would pop it and white stuff came out that smelled really bad.

1. I cut a clove of garlic and smeared the juice on it.

2. I put a cut clove on it with a band aid and left it on for 15 minutes.

3. I minced the garlic and put some juice on it.

(DANGER) 4. I made garlic paste with extra virgin olive oil. Crushed/minced up garlic, add extra virgin olive oil. Put it in a glass jar. It turns into a paste (like jam or jelly). I left it on for 1 hour. I made a mistake. I should had left it on for only 15 minutes. I burned my skin.

WARNING: Only leave it on for 15 minutes. The cyst is gone. The garlic killed it.

Ear Infection
Posted by Nikki (Almeria, Spain) on 01/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

As a child on holiday in Spain, I had a terrible ear problem, infection i suppose, but can't recall anymore than the pain, and the fact that the local spanish staff took me into hotel kitchen and placed a hottish clove in each ear. pain gone and problem solved in a very short spce of time.

Now living in Spain full time, I generally eat a lot of garlic , but havent recently which may account for not feeling too great recently, so I am about to try some of the above concoctions. I do take acv each morning with honey though, which i now LOVE...

I havent tried this.. but have read on various cookery sites that if you split open the clove and take out the centre bit that is the part that first starts growing, it prevents the garlic breath after effects.

Gazpacho soup ( cold ) which is heavy on garlic, with fresh red peppers ( lots of vt C), cucumbers, tomatoes, all lquidized with some olive oilis a recipe I am going to adapt and drink loads of in near future,possibly with some extra cayenne pepper added.

I will see how it goes and let you all know.

Ear Aches
Posted by Brigitte (Houston, Texas) on 01/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic works to alleviate ear aches. You simply must be sure to take the garlic clove and expose the tender inner flesh by scoring the outer flesh of the garlic; then wrap the garlic clove in a light cotton gauze to prohibit the ear from making direct contact with the garlic clove and place this into the ear canal. Be sure that the garlic clove is large enough to prevent its becoming lodged in the ear canal. leave it there and you will find that the pain will disipate. I have used this remedy repeatedly with great success. When my oldest daughter was about two years old she found it so soothing that if the garlic fell from her ear she would pick it up and place it back in her ear all by herself. Garlic works to alleviate ear aches.

Sore Throats
Posted by John (Panama City, FL) on 01/20/2008
1 out of 5 stars


re: Raw Garlic for Sore Throats. This remedy DOES provide a certain "numbing" effect but for those unaccustomed to hot, spicy foods, BE WARNED: raw garlic IS hot! I had no idea just how hot it would be, never having eaten it raw, and my tongue was ON FIRE! Luckily, I had a cup of hot tea handy and this seemed to help soothe it. (Ice water was also handy and this did NOTHING to help.)

Sore Throats
Posted by Victoria Marie Homen (Eagle Mountain, Utah) on 01/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Ok so I have had a slight voice change for the last oh i suppose three days, with no pain no congestion and pretty much healthy feeling despite the fact that i sounded like a chipmunk. I initially thought something like lyeringitis ... but last night I started having a runny nose and a stuffed up head, So I thought decongestant. Well I woke at about four this morning and boy was my sinuses all dried up, so dry in fact that it was uncomfortable. So I made some tea and tried to go back to sleep. well the same situation happened when I woke for the second time. So I got online and looked for sore throat remedies and found this site, well I read that garlic can help with strep and since my little nephew had recently been diagnosed with step I thought I didnt want to take any chances. So i went to the kitchen and melted some butter added some minced garlic cloves, and made some garlic toast. Instantly my sinuses released and my head felt 100% less stuffy. It says to repeat for a couple of days, and I think that I will be greatly satisfied with the result... thanks for the idea ...and the relief!!! ... Victoria

Sore Throats
Posted by Jessica (West Brookfield, Massachusetts) on 03/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: strep. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I used raw garlic for my sore throat and although it burned at first, it took the pain away. After six days I am finally comfortable!

Tooth Abcess, Infection
Posted by Chanana (Aubrey, USA) on 02/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My mom had a severe absessed tooth a few months ago (almost a year). It was so bad she could not sleep at night. She used garlic and it cleared the infection and it has not returned. She cut raw garlic and rubbed the cut edge on the tooth and gums a couple of times a day and also ate a whole clove a couple of times a day and then gradually reduced the garlic intake as she felt it healing. She also used whole cloves (the spice you use in pumpkin pie etc. )as a local pain killer. If you bite down on the whole clove it releases a potent pain killer. just wanted to chip in some info that can hopefully help others, this is a great site...

Hints and Tips
Posted by Shelley (Olney, Illinois) on 01/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I like to put olive oil on my feet and then cut up diced garlic between my toes and all over the bottom of my feet. I then put my socks on and go to sleep. This helps distribute garlic throughout your body..IN can even taste it after several minutes!!

Hints and Tips
Posted by Wendy (Houston, TX) on 01/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

If you are unable to eat garlic, rub vaseline on the bottom of your feet and put crushed garlic over the vaseline. Cover with plastic and socks. The garlic is absorbed through the feet. Works best over night if you can stand it. This also works great for children.

Hints and Tips
Posted by Gabi (TORONTO, CANADA) on 02/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have one tip for persons using garlic: drink lemon juice or eat few slices of lemon. It kills garlic breath, cures stomach ulcers (for sure prevents them), keeps you safe from colds and flus!

Posted by Stephen (Wichita, Kansas) on 02/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Garlic is and has been a miracle cure for a entire host of ailments. Candida, which causes a condition known as candida albacons is caused by the continued use of underarm deoderants, toothpaste, mouth washes, many prescription medications and the list goes on. There are enzymes in the body and its blood supply and organs. The use of the above mentioned products kills the enzyme that would otherwise be present to devour yeast in the body. When this happens, the yeast will over produce and is linked to over 98% of all known cancers (Meaning 100% of all known naturally occurring cancers). The enzymes found in raw garlic replaces the body's naturally occurring enzymes and takes on the role of instantly killing the yeast. When this happens, the bloat in your body will then shrink, you will breath much better, your kidneys will love you for garlic consumption. Your liver gets along with garlic very well as does the heart. Mixing cayenne pepper with the consumption of raw garlic helps to dialate blood vessels all throughout your body. This combination is extremely effective for impotence. I have learned this information from trial and error and have it down now as a proven fact. ENJOY GODS gift of Garlic.

Fountain of Youth
Posted by Douglas (Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A.) on 03/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 41 and people think I'm in my mid twenties, really.

I started using natural health remedies when I was about 12, probably younger. I learned about them from my grandmother who seems to have a kitchen antidote for all my summer ailments of fever, cold, nerve tonic; she even burned her own natural repellents.

I consider myself self-taught, and garlic is something I think no one should be without.

My studies over the years has lead me back to garlic everytime I treat an ailment for myself or recommend to someone else. From the common cold to prostate problems to longevity.

What makes garlic uniques is that it increases the potency of whatever you combine it with. For example if you take a multivitamin that has 500mg of vitamin B1, taken with garlic the potency of B1 will increase 5 to 10 times 500mg. It is the case with other essentials.

Currently, I'm taking garlic (including my multi) for a concussion after a nasty winter ice fall. Of course, I went to the hospital for treatment, nothing broken or torn, yet the pain and damage at the cellular level which doesn't show up on an X-ray, I know is there because of the dizzy spells and aches and pains I'm experiencing.

I know I need rest, water and garlic, for now.

Stomach Pain
Posted by Will (Houston, Texas) on 03/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Two days ago, I was having sharp pains in my abdominal. I swallowed a whole clove with cranberry juice and the pain went away.

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