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Sensitive Teeth
Posted by Nina (Jonesboro, GA) on 03/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just returned from the grocery store and spent $26 on Tylenol rapid release, aleve, oral gel powder, toothpaste for sensitive teeth and something else that you you put in your cavity to temp. fill it. Any how after trying the powder and 2 aleve, the pain is still here. I don't know why I didn't try the internet first. Anyhow I tried the only thing that I had on hand---RAW GARLIC. I peeled and sliced it and rubbed it on my gums and tooth but I didn't stop there I got a really big piece of raw garlic and peeled it. I cut all the sides off so that the juices were flowing then I placed it on the tooth and bit down on it I couldn't even hold it in my mouth for a whole minute, it burned that bad but that was o.k. because I read that if it burns its killing the infection. So I spit it out and tried it again. IT'S AMAZING IT STOPPED HURTING. But this is the thing I also have a cavity on the tooth right above it to the top side when the pain went away it seemed to move up into the other tooth so i tried it again and it seemed to dulling the pain I'm about to repeat the process again because it seems to be coming back again But now as bad as it was!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for this web site. I'm going to make my husband try it his mouth has been hurting really bad lately, just until we can go to the dentist.