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Posted by Velvet (Mountain Home, Arkansas) on 12/30/2007
1 out of 5 stars


Coconut Oil. I have been using CO for a year now and I have no outstanding reports to make on it, but today I tried the CO bath. Now I am disabled and I have a handicap hand rail and I use the non skid mat in my tub and I never gave it a thought that when I went to get out I could not. I used my wash cloth and a towel for more traction but I was not strong enough to overcome the oily tub and mat. I struggled for a long while and it took awhile for me to get turned over on my side so I could use my painful knees, but I finally made it up and out. This is just to let others who are disabled in their legs, knees, etc be careful and know that you are going to be very slippery. I am laughing now, but it wasn't funny at the time. For the record I have used CO on my face for a year now and I cook everything in CO and I take it 1 tsp at a time in my protein drinks. I do not do the TB amount. so far I have no bad re-actions. I just hope it is doing something good inside.