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Skin Issues
Posted by Jayjay (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 06/01/2010

I am new at this so hopeful this makes sense. I really need some information on using VCO. I have a skin condition that is like psoriasis, but worse. Having tried so many prescription medication that did not work (now I don't take any prescription medication for the condition), I wanted to try a natural remedy. I have been using VCO for about a week all over my body. At first my skin seems to get smoother. Now it is tightening and then swelling. If you can imagine having a bump with a head on it that is being squeezed, well that is how my face and neck feels. The VCO seems to be drying my skin. I have been applying the VCO literarily day and night.

1. Can you use too much VCO on the skin?
2. Have anyone's condition gotten worse before seeing results with VCO?
3. Should I take the VCO internally?
4. What are the side effects, if any, of using VCO externally?
5. How long should I be using the VCO before I see postive results?

Skin Issues
Posted by Sue M. (Worden , Il. Usa) on 01/24/2010

This is just a feedback to Che from Roxas City, Phillipines of June 26, 2008 post. I followed her formula for the facial and just beware before you try it. The turmeric burned my face and left it with a yellow tinge, no matter how much ACV and hydrogen perioxide mixed with water I used. My face now has red spots and a rash....hopefully the VCO will calm it down. If not, there's always make-up. ")

Skin Issues
Posted by Leah (New York, New York) on 07/26/2009

I used coconut oil on my face today and yes, I turned reddish. But so far so good, it seems to be clearing up some pimples. HOWEVER, I started to get heart palpitations and I immediately took 1 tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses to stop the palpitations. So even if you use coconut oil topically, it can cause palpitations. Be careful!

Skin Issues
Posted by Christine (Tokyo, Japan) on 10/08/2008

I have been using organic virgin coconut oil on my face and body for 2 weeks now. It has improved the texture of my skin however I seem to always looked flushed on my face and neck, almost looks like I am sunburnt. I have very fair skin and have been using only a medium coverage amount on my face and neck so that it absorbs almost completly. Has anyone else experienced this and does it calm down? Is it removing the dead skin layers as it seems to look like the effects of a light chemical peel?

Thank you