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Dry Skin
Posted by Kallu (Omaha, Usa) on 11/16/2010
4 out of 5 stars

This is for Extreme dry skin and possibly dermatitis. I had a allergy patch around my neck. After two weeks I go to the doctor(Tried ACV which helped but did not cure). They suggest fungal medicine until the test results come back in two weeks. After two weeks, we find out it is not fungal and they prescribed Steroids.

On the sameday someone suggested Coconut Oil. I applied it all over my face and neck(At this point my face was full of dry skin and dark circles due to skin allergy under my eye). Amazing. Its been five days now and its almost gone. Dark circles are better but still there, patch around my neck has healed but still have the scar. I also soaked my feet in Epsom salt at night. Drank Cinnamon tea at night. I think Coconut Oil might be the cure for lots of ailments. I will have to wait and test it out on my other issues.

PS. A year ago when I tried to intake coconut oil I had loose stools and I also thought I was allergic to coconut oil. That might have been something else.

Now about the Doctor I went to: Barely checked me, kept suggesting products, did not check me for issues I had mentioned to the nurse, did not even look at the two big moles the nurse thought looked curious. He scanned my chart, suggested products and allergy tests to be done for a week with three doctors visit($120 copay and of course later for checkups and visits). I think the medical business needs to be checked into by some experts. This is not the first time I see this kind of a scam. Somebody's got to stop this human abuse and exploitation. I should add here that I do have wonderful doctor friends and family and my above statement is only for those who exploit general public.

Dry Skin
Posted by Mary (Magnolia, Tx) on 05/12/2008
4 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil and Dry Skin: I have only been using CCO for 3 days. I have something wrong with my complexion. No dermatalogist has been able to figure it out. I am hopeful.I bought the brand Nutiva organic extra virgin CCO at walmart because it has no pesticides in it and although I hate the taste of CCO I am willing to give it a try. I have read some testimonies of bad reactions to CCO but I have suffered none thus far. It has reduced the wrinkles around my eyes. I am 45 but have been told I look 36. However looking even younger is better! Good luck to you!