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Blood Pressure
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 11/08/2021
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My blood pressure has been going up over the last 8 years or quite bad about 4 years back, so they put me on losartan. Still, it would sometimes be all over the place -- as high as 175/92 and as low as 126/74. And most times at the docs it would be high, then 20 points lower later that night at home. I mentioned this to a friend and he said his blood pressure got into the HUNDREDS, until he STOPPED taking coconut oil. So I did the same, and it dropped down to an average 135/80 or so, which is fine for someone in their 60's. Until tonight -- I just took it and it came back 162/74! And what have I been taking again, but in smaller amounts -- caprylic acid (for candida), which is made from coconut oil! I'll stop it right away, go back to olive oil and will try to remember to post back again in a few weeks. Anyway, in my case -- and that of a good friend -- coconut oil RAISES our blood pressure.