Natural Cures Using Castor Oil

Deep Sleep  

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Posted by Parag (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) on 10/29/2008
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Castor oil is great to get that deep, restful sleep. Apply about a drop of castor oil to your eye lids only. It is okay if it enters your eye. This is the normal, regular castor oil you get at the stores. Initially you will fall to sleep the moment you hit the bed. So make sure you are ready to sleep when you use it. If you plan to sleep only 3 to 4 hours, i.e. not you full normal sleep, do not use castor oil as it will make getting up very difficult indeed! I use it when I have anxieties or when I find it difficult to sleep. I and my wife have been using it for decades now.

Hope it helps you too. Wish you sweet dreams!

Replied by Katie

I am totally on the side of natural remedies. I believe if we can see through the malicious health menaces (they are everywhere) we could cure anything (except the obvious).

I say this with confidence as I cured my own cancer, after it had been " misdiagnosed" by about 10/15 doctors (including so called specialists) over many many years.

A long (but wonderful) story..

I love caster oil, but have never heard this one for people with insomnia!!!!

If this is the case WOW! WOW!


One of my friends has this problem just now. When I say "I sleep like a baby" she cannot understand that she cannot.

Thank you thank you thank..........I am impressed!


Replied by Holli

Katie, what did you do to cure your cancer naturally? What type and what stage was it?

Replied by Lucy
Far Rockaway

Yes, you can put castor oil on your dog's neck. It will improve his immune system.


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Posted by Francine (Playa Del Rey, Ca) on 07/19/2008
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I wanted to share my experience with castor oil. One week ago I discovered a large lump on the throat of my dog, the size of a golf ball. Remembering I had found info about castor on your site, I quickly started aggressively applying it to the tumor. I personally have been brewing and drinking essiac tea for years. I keep the left over sludge and started putting that in my dogs food. Remarkably, the tumor is now gone. A little of a week has passed and after applying the castor oil almost 5 times a day. Thank you so much. On a side note, I have been using the oil on my face for beautiful skin, on my strained veins on my legs, which have been disppearing, and my mother in law's dog with tumors also as well as an enlarged liver, has been applying it to her dogs tumors and liver area, after a visit to the vet, the second tests showed the liver had shrunk to normal.

Replied by Theresa
Glendale, Az, Usa

I have Shih Tzus and one of them isn't eating his food. I always try natural cures and use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in their food for the immune system and chinese herbs. I took Amos who is 11years old to the vet for blood work and will let you know his results. He had girgle lose fleem in his throat up to his nose. When I took him my retired vet he had him on medication but it causes stomach naseau, so my vet who I use for emergency operations if needed told me to stop the medcation which I did anyway. He is alway happy jumps around and eats. Maybe whatever he has is breaking lose in his throat as he had swollen lymph nodes/glands and now they aren't swollen.

My question is can I use castor oil on his throat area and just rub it in? as I know it has many healing advantages. Please let me know. I'm also getting chinese herbs as they help my one dog when her legs were dragging, been 2 years as she is fine.


Replied by Cheryle
Palm Springs

I've been reading comments about a lot of sick pets here. I stopped feeding my dogs commercial dog food. Well, both of them were my son's dogs until he gave them to me. I make all of their meals now. They eat everything that we eat (no junk food). Their bodies have redistributed their weight; muscle and fat redistribution. One that I wax allergic to no longer has that burning odor to her body. The 8 yr old shepherd looks like she's lost several years, and her mental health is better. The other shepherd is still very young so it's hard to make comparisons. She is happier, though.

I'll bet my dogs live a long time, and die from natural causes. That's how my Chow Chow went. She had not one physical ailment, not even weakened eyesight, when she got old and died.

I know the topic is castor oil. I just think that some of these ailments are caused by commercial dog food.

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia

You are spot on.

Replied by Mama To Many

I suppose it is the dog food producers who are saying the healthiest diet for dogs is dog food, when so many find that making your own dog food gives such good results.

I grew up with a dachshund. She lived to be almost 17 years old and rarely needed a vet. The older she got, the less dog food she ate. My mom gave her our table scraps. When our dog was quite old I remember my mom scrambling eggs for the dog's breakfast every day. Our dog hated dog food. (Who could blame her?)

My grandparents lived on a farm. There was a very nice German Shepherd dog that belonged to a neighbor officially, but my grandparents fed him their home grown table scraps for many years as he was always hanging around their house. That dog probably never saw a vet but got oodles of exercise by all appearance was very healthy for many years. (And such a sweet dog.)

Dogs back then (70's) also had much fewer vaccines, which may have given them a health advantage as well.

So, I do agree that dogs do well and better on diets other than dog food!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Jes (Alloway, NJ) on 08/14/2007
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I am not sure if i read this cure from this site or not but if i did i want to thank whoever it was that posted castor oil as a substance to shrink tumors in dogs. it really really worked! my vet told me that the lump on my dog's paw was a non-cancerous tumor and that it should be removed because there is not enough skin on the paw to stretch for the growth of the tumor. i decided to see if there was any way i could shrink it before i decided to put him under for surgery. and so i tried the castor oil twice a day for three days and and the tumor is gone, with the exception of just a little left over skin that stretched from the growth of the tumor, its completely gone!!!! i spent $2.59 on castor oil instead of $200 for surgery. plus i saved my 10 year old boxer from having to go under for surgery.

Replied by Michelle
British Columbia

Do you apply this to the Dogs tumor neat or as a pack?

Replied by Denise
Westboro, Ma
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That is such a good story and the one by Francine. I love the way we share our stories. It seems there are more and more things we are finding that are simple cures. Surgery puts so much stress on the animals, even going to the vet does. Vets don't even know of these cures - they don't teach them that in the colleges.

Replied by Denise
Westboro Ma
10 posts

I wonder if it works on human tumors as well?

Replied by R Chloe
Denver, Co

Several we know have avoided surgery by using hot castor oil pkts. Also 4 knees/backs, on humans. 4 tumors I have used dmso (read precautions 1st), followed w/frankincense oil, & they disappeared in 3-4 days! Were on chest, & the size of marbles.

Replied by Lynn

I have been treating my 13 yo toy poodle for a brain tumor for the last 3+ months. She's still having seizures but they have lessened and don't last as long. She's on anti-seizure meds and prednisone (along with a Native American Indian natural supplement) and seems to be holding her own. But after reading these very interesting posts, I'm wondering if I can somehow use castor oil for her. Any suggestions how to go about it? Internal, external? TIA And I'm going to start using it on my face! :)

Replied by Gll

Please send me more info, was castor oil included in dmso/frankincense therapy regime?

Currently dealing with numerous arising lumps on chest/underarms area, surrounding breast cancer area I'm fighting.

Welcome your wisdom asap.

Eye Blister  

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/06/2017
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Last evening at bedtime I felt like I had an eyelash in my eye. I checked in the mirror and did not see an eyelash. I finally realized I had a tiny blister looking thing on my eyelid, the part between the lashes and the eyeball. It made my eye feel like it had sand in it. I was so tired I didn't want to look up what it was or what to do for it. (It didn't look like a sty - it was not red or irritated.)

Then I remembered castor oil for eyes, cysts, pimples, etc.

I put a drop into my eye and went right to bed.

I woke up this morning and forgot about it; the irritation was gone. I think the little blister thing is, too.

I tried looking up what it was today and was not able to figure it out.

But you don't always have to know exactly what you have to find a solution.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tom
Los Angeles


I have a similar issue in my eye and keep getting the stye(boil) between eyelash/ eyelid on and off. I want to use the castor oil like you did.

Can you please suggest what type of castor oil did you use and did you put inside the eye or on eyelid. I bought cold pressed castor oil last night but I think I cannot use inside my eye.

I will appreciate your reply .

Thank you!

Replied by Mama To Many

Cold pressed is what I use as well. I put it into my eye for the eye bubble. I used it nightly in my eyes for months previously with no side effects.

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Rsw (Ohio) on 01/11/2016

I am a fan of the advice to put hexane free castor oil in the eye for dryness. However, I had a lingering anxiety about the safety of doing this. A pharmacist and my own doctor had reservations. So today, when I was seeing an opthomologist (MD) for a checkup, I asked if she thought there was any problem with using castor oil in the eyes to relieve dryness. She said she felt there would be no problem with it.

Replied by Tikell
Monterey County

My Opthalmologist said "absolutely not" and gave me a prescription for restasis. Grrrrrrr.

Replied by Deb

Many people have used castor oil. It will make your eyes blurry for awhile, that's why they say before bed. Dr. Shealy (not sure about spelling) recommends it. I think the back is suppose to say USP.

Remember Drs are taught by pHARMa, that's all they know.

Do some Google searches. There was a good homeopathy eye drop, but the FDA made them take it off the market. Good luck!

Replied by Peggy
5 out of 5 stars

I use castor oil for eye dryness. Opthamologists do not recommend it, but it works. Restasis contains castor oil.

Replied by Someone

For eye dryness use Acacia honey

Posted by Mama To Many (Middle, Tennessee, USA) on 05/31/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My teenage son was doing some woodworking yesterday and got a piece of wood in his eye. He was outside for another hour before he came in. I think the piece of wood had absorbed the fluid on his eye because now it was stuck to his eyeball. It was the size of a pin head. I could touch it but it woudn't move. First we tried rinsing it out with any eyecup I have for this purpose, but it woudn't budge. I put a drop of castor oil in his eye. After a few minutes, the piece of wood was able to move again. We were able to carefully work it to the corner of his eye and remove it. We would probably have not worked with it had the wood not been on the white of his eye. We would have waited for blinking and such to work it to the corner of his eye.

His brother once got some sawdust in his eye. His eye was very irritated. I think the sawdust worked its way out, but his eye was still very uncomfortable. (And he isn't a complainer. ) I tried an over the counter product that was supposed to sooth they eye and it seemed to help. When that has happened since, I just use castor oil. I think it is safer and more natural and also something I always keep in the house.

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 03/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I use castor oil around my eyes, mixed 50/50 with organic coconut oil as per Bill's remedy. I don't get puffiness or any irritation. Also make sure you are using castor oil labelled as hexane-free.

Posted by Cajun (Opelousas, La, USA) on 05/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I began applying [castor oil] to my eyes nightly, beginning Mar. 2, 2012 for the purpose of providing dry-relief to my eyes, which began to feel dry for the past few months.. Not only has the dryness disappeared, but I just noticed [a few days ago] that my 'floaters' have diminsished.... I normally had 3-5 floaters but now I only have 1-2 and their density has gone from a grayish speck to a transparency... There is no other reason for this to occur... I'm not recommending that this is going to be successful for anyone else, but I'll keep putting CO in my eyes at bedtime.....

Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 02/23/2012
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NAY I'd like to also add to this and say I've been using castor oil for my face and eyes for a couple of weeks and every morning my eyes are red and puffy. Didn't attribute much to it until I woke up with conjunctivitis this morning and started researching.. yes, the risin in castor oil can cause conjunctivitis! :( Will keep going on the face but will avoid the eye area.

Replied by Anna
Austin, Tx

Has anyone ever thought that it could be a "Herxheimer Reaction" (healing crisis)? I have been using castor oil for one week around my eye area but not in the eye. The first 4 to 5 days I woke up with a lot of sleep in my eyes, which never really happens. I do not get it any more so I'm assuming my eyes are healing. I am still using the castor oil but will start putting a drop in each eye. Just a thought, as with all natural remedies there is a healing crisis period.

Replied by Margo

I find castor oil is too thick for sensitive skin underneath the eyes and causes extreme puffiness for days if I put it anywhere near my eyes. But I am extremely sensitive to most eye creams and can't use them. Perhaps cutting the castor oil with avocado oil or another carrier oil would be gentler. Not in the eyes of course, just around the eyes.

Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 02/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil is great for dry eyes and, I've heard, cataracts too. But make sure any castor oil you either apply to the skin or drop in the eyes is cold-pressed, so perhaps try your local health food store. I've been experimenting with castor oil recently, rubbing it on the face, scalp and lash area and my eyes are certainly brighter and bluer. It's been ten days. :)

Posted by Michy (Vancouver, Bc Canada) on 04/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for all the great info about castor oil! I have found great relief to my many months of dry eyes and hopefully will be seeing some wrinkes disappearing too!

Posted by Sophey (Lax, Usa) on 08/23/2010

Hi I have been using castor oil on my eyes lids with warm compresses, it seems to be better but if I put in my eye it makes my eyes red in when I wake up, I read about sterilized no preservative castor oil eye drops that compounding pharmacy can mix together. I think sterilized drops is important so you don't end up infecting your eye. Anyhow my dry eyes are slowly getting better! I've also increased both Vitamin A and 25, 000 I. U. Of beta-carotene as well as fatty acids. I also read the of the B vitamins is important in treating dry eyes, but vitamin B6 aids in the proper absorption of magnesium. Magnesium assists the body in producing a hormone called prostaglandin E-7, which is necessary for tear production. I also take Vitamin C and D3. Apparently potassium is considered the most important mineral for dry eye symptoms, potassium is usually very low in dry eye patients. This is usually linked to low intakes of folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B6 along with high sugar consumption. You can take in at least 500 mg per day by increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables (one banana contains 400 mg). Anyhow perhaps this information will help someone else who is suffering from dry eyes.

Replied by Eva
St. Louis

Magnesium, potassium etc. are electrolytes. Dry eye is a symptom of hyperosmolarity, or low water=high salt, probably from evaporation of tear water and hence loss of electrolytes. So you are replacing them orally. Thera tears for contact lenses has electrolytes in it. Am using a drop, mother Oasis Tears Plus, one drop....has a lubricant and hyaluronic acid which attracts and holds water. This has worked.

I believe hyperosmolarity, and loss of electrolytes with Dry Eye mirrors what goes on in the lens that creates Cataracts. Can't figure out how to get the same cure to the lens. Suggestions?

Posted by Elise (Perth, Wa Australia) on 07/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with dry eyes all my life. I have always found that if the air is a little too cold or windy, my eyes immediately begin to water uncontrollably. I tend to wear mascara and eyeliner etc, so I would always have black under my eyes which was also rather embarrassing. I would also find my eyes would get red and start stinging in these situations. I heard about people putting a couple of drops of castor oil into each eye before going to bed. I tried this myself. The first couple of nights it can sting a little, but disappears when your eyes are closed. After about a week, my problem disappeared. It also made THE WHITES OF MY EYES WHITER, AND THE BLUE MUCH BRIGHTER! ! ! My eyes now look like my 1 year olds pure, sparkling eyes! Fabulous! My EYELASHES ALSO GREW THICKER AND LONGER within that week. Your eyes naturally have an oil layer. This helps nourish that layer of the eye. You can buy eye drops that are very costly, but the main ingredient in them is castor oil anyway. Save yourself some money and buy castor oil!

Posted by Paula (Miami, Fl) on 04/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I am 42 years old and have had a yellow callous like spot on the white of my eyes. I grew up at the beach but never wore sunglasses. After reading how castor oil helps with cateracts and other eye problems. I tried it. I put a drop in each eye. After doing this for about 4 times in the course of 2 weeks, the yellow spot was completely gone. It really is gone.

Posted by Thelady (Port Of Spain, Trinidad ) on 01/16/2010

Re: Castor Oil for eyelashes

Tried and true. i used an old mascara brush (cleansed properly) and i apply some castor oil to the brush. Right before bedtime i apply it like you would apply mascara from root to tip of lashes. Be consistent and it works. I saw a minor change/improvement in about 2 weeks and i kept doing it for more results.