Health Benefits of Castor Oil


Posted by Sophey (Lax, Usa) on 08/23/2010

Hi I have been using castor oil on my eyes lids with warm compresses, it seems to be better but if I put in my eye it makes my eyes red in when I wake up, I read about sterilized no preservative castor oil eye drops that compounding pharmacy can mix together. I think sterilized drops is important so you don't end up infecting your eye. Anyhow my dry eyes are slowly getting better! I've also increased both Vitamin A and 25, 000 I. U. Of beta-carotene as well as fatty acids. I also read the of the B vitamins is important in treating dry eyes, but vitamin B6 aids in the proper absorption of magnesium. Magnesium assists the body in producing a hormone called prostaglandin E-7, which is necessary for tear production. I also take Vitamin C and D3. Apparently potassium is considered the most important mineral for dry eye symptoms, potassium is usually very low in dry eye patients. This is usually linked to low intakes of folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B6 along with high sugar consumption. You can take in at least 500 mg per day by increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables (one banana contains 400 mg). Anyhow perhaps this information will help someone else who is suffering from dry eyes.

Replied by Eva
St. Louis

Magnesium, potassium etc. are electrolytes. Dry eye is a symptom of hyperosmolarity, or low water=high salt, probably from evaporation of tear water and hence loss of electrolytes. So you are replacing them orally. Thera tears for contact lenses has electrolytes in it. Am using a drop, mother Oasis Tears Plus, one drop....has a lubricant and hyaluronic acid which attracts and holds water. This has worked.

I believe hyperosmolarity, and loss of electrolytes with Dry Eye mirrors what goes on in the lens that creates Cataracts. Can't figure out how to get the same cure to the lens. Suggestions?

Posted by Elise (Perth, Wa Australia) on 07/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with dry eyes all my life. I have always found that if the air is a little too cold or windy, my eyes immediately begin to water uncontrollably. I tend to wear mascara and eyeliner etc, so I would always have black under my eyes which was also rather embarrassing. I would also find my eyes would get red and start stinging in these situations. I heard about people putting a couple of drops of castor oil into each eye before going to bed. I tried this myself. The first couple of nights it can sting a little, but disappears when your eyes are closed. After about a week, my problem disappeared. It also made THE WHITES OF MY EYES WHITER, AND THE BLUE MUCH BRIGHTER! ! ! My eyes now look like my 1 year olds pure, sparkling eyes! Fabulous! My EYELASHES ALSO GREW THICKER AND LONGER within that week. Your eyes naturally have an oil layer. This helps nourish that layer of the eye. You can buy eye drops that are very costly, but the main ingredient in them is castor oil anyway. Save yourself some money and buy castor oil!

Posted by Paula (Miami, Fl) on 04/15/2010
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I am 42 years old and have had a yellow callous like spot on the white of my eyes. I grew up at the beach but never wore sunglasses. After reading how castor oil helps with cateracts and other eye problems. I tried it. I put a drop in each eye. After doing this for about 4 times in the course of 2 weeks, the yellow spot was completely gone. It really is gone.

Posted by Thelady (Port Of Spain, Trinidad ) on 01/16/2010

Re: Castor Oil for eyelashes

Tried and true. i used an old mascara brush (cleansed properly) and i apply some castor oil to the brush. Right before bedtime i apply it like you would apply mascara from root to tip of lashes. Be consistent and it works. I saw a minor change/improvement in about 2 weeks and i kept doing it for more results.

General Feedback

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 05/13/2016 173 posts

I'd never used castor oil before but here's my take on why it makes your skin feel so good.

Castor oil is like organic (I got organic) Vitamin E that hasn't been extracted from its "home"! It's like herbs, with all of the elements and compounds that tell the active ingredient what to do!! And you don't have to take it (or vitamin E) orally (YUCK) because your skin is kind of like a great big tongue and soaks it right up!

Heavenly on the skin but watch for other improvements. If you're suffering from a lack of vitamin E, there should be other changes as well. I'll report back after I've used it a while. I'm going to take a picture of some spots on my arm and a scar and use it on those to see what it can do.

WOW! Castor oil! Amazing!

Posted by Redman (Adelaide, South Australia) on 04/10/2011

Hi this is Dr Red from Waterfall Gully South Australia. You may not know that the A.R.E. of Edgar Cayce Virginia Beach did a study supervised by Dr William Magarey many years ago. They found that 'T' cell Lymphocytes accumulate in the thousands where a castor oil pack is applied. The castor oil does not osmose into the skin, it is too viscous, however it acts as a giant ultra sound unit attracting 'T' cell to the area which do the healing. The A.R.E. have this on record as a double blind study. Hope this helps you all... Dr Red.

Posted by Esprit64 (North Yarmouth, Maine Usa) on 03/24/2011

I am reading conflicting recommendations regarding castor oil and use of packs. Once a castor oil bottle is opened and first used, how long can you keep reusing the oil that you have put into your container for packs? As for the packs themselves, how many times should you use the fabric pack until discarding (I'm reading 30 times max, others write 3-6 months). Finally, once you have initially set-up your castor oil and packs for use, is there any need to continue adding castor oil for "refreshening. " At what point do you throw the oil out and begin again?

Replied by Phoenix23002
Amelia, Va

Hi, Esprit64... I responded to your other questions about castor oil packs above. Sorry I didn't cover everything for you.

I have used castor oil packs for many, many years. As to your question about how long you can use an opened bottle of castor oil?... til it is gone.. Lol. After I have my heating pad laid out, plastic on top of that and flannel on top of that.. I trickle more castor oil from the bottle onto my pack and turn on the pad, letting the whole pack heat up a little. Then I apply it to my tummy.. flannel pack first, then the plastic, then the heating pad.

"how many times should you use the fabric pack until discarding?" I have used mine for years. If it gets too runny/sloppy/messy, you will probably have to discard it and start over. And not because there is anything wrong with it but just because it will make a big mess and leak out everywhere.

"is there any need to continue adding castor oil for "refreshening. " At what point do you throw the oil out and begin again?" Unless you have just absolutely soaked the pack, you do need to renew/refresh the castor oil each time you use the pack. I have never thrown out any oil that I can remember, except for a bottle or two maybe some years ago. I used to buy the drugstore variety and, if it had been a while since I had used a pack and if the castor oil smell was really, really overwhelming AND if I had plenty on hand, that smelly bottle might hit the trashcan. But if you are a regular user of the packs, you will probably use up your supply on hand long before you have to worry about it getting too old to use.

One trick I use is... I try to rub the castor oil into my skin directly where I will be putting the pack. Continue to rub in the oil, letting the skin absorb as much as possible. If you rub briskly, everything gets a little warm and enhances the absorption. Then I apply heating pad/pack as usual with renewed oil on the pack also. I think it just gives you/your pack a jumpstart.

Just let me know if you have anymore questions, my friend, ok? phoenix23002

Replied by Medbear
Martinez, Ca/usa

I use absorbant pads which have an absorbant side & a non-absorbant plastic other side. Apply oil directly to area or to absorbant pad, then place pad on area & heat pad to plastic non-absorb side. I treated a leg problem & wrapped the pad & taped edges. Then applied pad & secured it with rubber band or string. I buy the pads from the dog store or dog supply area of a store as I assume the pads for humans are more expensive. They are usually called indoor training pads & come in various sizes. Price for 50 is about $10US. I don't like wasting the oil, so I keep it refrigerated which thickens it up, then apply directly to skin area. They make perfect wraps for those areas needing a wrap versus a flat application for which they are also good.

Posted by Stacey (Berlin, Germany) on 09/14/2009

Cold-pressed oil is considered superior to other methods of oil extraction because heat and solvent based processing often destroys the active ingredients in beneficial oils. You can find cold-pressed oils at a healthfood store. They are often organic as well, so expect to pay more. The are better than regular oil, but regular castor oil is better than nothing.

Gum Infections

Posted by Cajun62234 (Opelousas, Louisiana) on 10/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

As a proven believer in Castor Oil, the other morning I awoke with a very sore gum in the vicinity of my right canine tooth. A look in the mirror indicated it was blood red, very tender, but no blood excreted when massaging. I generally 'oil' with Sesame Oil, but thought 'Why not try CO?'... Two 20 minute sessions [about 3-4 hours inbetween] and a session at bed time. I excreted all of the 'oiling', but let the CO coating remain in my mouth over night...the next morning it was 95% better; a repeat of the previous day's treatment produced a 100% recovery by the following redness, no tenderness and a normal, healthy gum..

Gut Issues

Posted by K.C. (Portland, Oregon) on 06/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had gut problems for years. (I have an extra-long colon, like twice normal length.) General inflammation, sometimes burning an inch or two below my sternum ( a good remedy for that is pancreatic enzymes), a pointed ache in the gall bladder area (just below right ribs) whenever I ate anything with fat, and a pain in the left lower corner of the abdomen aftter eating. I did an all night castor oil pack and all of these symptoms have disappeared and have not come back.

Replied by KT

Dear EC,

I feel like I have fibroids in my GI tract. I know I have adhesions from multiple surgeries and at the same time I have seen and felt evidence of intussusception and/or volvulus.

Even though I no longer have one, I have been trying the remedies for fibroids in the uterus (BSM & ACV w/BS). I could not find a separate listing for GI tract problems other than constipation.

I swallow chopped up garlic gloves for possible ICV problem. I did read about hot castor oil packs...I need to know exactly where to go get what I need...I'm going to make attempts to go to the's just hard right now...I have to "bite the bullet", run into a store grab what I need and get back home.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I feel so bloated and full of fluid. I have also been taking more vitamin C. I also purchased a lumbar vibrating pillow for my husband and have been using that on my abdomen...I thought it was helping but now I wonder.

Replied by Rsw


If you can wait a few days for delivery, you can find everything you need on Amazon by googling "buy castor oil packs." I hope you feel better soon. Serrapeptase is supposed to clear adhesions and scar tissue in the body and may also give some relief.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear KT,
I am hopeful that the castor oil packs will help you!

I just use several layers of flannel (cotton) or even an old towel will do. I get hexane free castor oil from Amazon but if you want to start with whatever the closest drug store sells that would be fine I think.

I wet the cloth but not to dripping. I apply to the skin and cover with plastic wrap and close fitting clothes. I use a heating pad on low for overnight but not if you would be prone to a burn from that.


~Mama to Many~

Replied by KT

Thank you Rsw & Mtm,

I have the Serrapeptase but I cannot ingest capsules. Depending on the size, each capsule contains 11-14 mg. of MSG. I am extremely sensitive to hidden sources of MSG. "Capsules" are considered generic but they are not. Many do not realize how much trouble capsules can cause much the same way the flowing agent in common table salt.

It was by the piecemeal process of elimination that I learned what I had been told was true. I trust the people who had the food industry test their own products and in some cases paid for testing themselves.

About the packs:

I don't understand how the "oil" becomes more of a "paste" for application. I think I'll order from Amazon. Delivery of ready-made packs would be better for me. Would I apply these packs directly to my skin or is that why MtM recommends using flannel or a towel first? Then, where would the plastic wrap be applied? Is that to protect the heating pad from the oil? Please provide the order of layers suggested. I'm having trouble processing this. Thank you so much in advance. :-)

Replied by Rsw

Hi KT,

First let me say that Mama to Many is the real expert on the castor oil packs, so she may want to add or change something I say. I have used the castor oil packs occasionally, and bought my products in a pack. The material for the castor oil pack came with one side as an absorbent, cotton-type material, with an attached waterproof, plastic type backing on the other side. I cut mine with scissors to fit the area to be covered. Add the castor oil to the cotton side fairly liberally, and place that wet side against your bare skin. The attached plastic backing is facing outward. The castor oil does not turn into a paste on mine, but remains an oil. Wrap plastic wrap around your body, covering the cotton and plastic pack so that the oil doesn't leak out the sides. Maybe wrap a towel or shirt over this, or an elastic bandage to keep it in place and catch any leaks. Place a heating pad over all this, and let the castor oil warm up on your skin. I would leave the heating pad on for at least a half hour or more (several hours would probably be OK). When you are finished, you can put the used castor oil cotton/plastic pad in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator to use again. You might have to add a little more castor oil when you re-use it. I hope this helps. Best wishes!

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Rsw,

Thanks for your details about the castor oil packs! I did not know that the store bought packs had the plastic built in. That is great and I am sure more tidy/handy than what I do. I will be looking in to that further!

Thanks! Always something new to learn...

~Mama to Many~

Hard Hits and Bruising

Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tennessee) on 04/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

While I was gardening I hit my small finger nail and to my surprise the nail was broke in half.... Across the nail. It was really painful and and the upper part of the nail was going to come off. It was blue, sore and the nail was all puffed up. I didn't know what to do and thought what the heck, I'll put castor oil on it. After putting it on , I think I forgot all about it and started cleaning the house. When I took a break my nail wasn't blue or sore. I applied it 2 more times and now the nail sort of connected back. I was amazed!!!! Love this stuff!!!!

Posted by Soulon (Dittmer, Missouri) on 03/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

If you've ever been hit by a ball or smashed your finger then "Castor Oil" is your best bet. As soon as the hit or smash occurs, saturate the entire area with Castor oil and leave on. Really lay it on! This has been advice that was given by a medical practitioner some 40 yrs. ago and it works. It will also remove blood blisters, take the swelling down and stop the pain. I was hit in the arm muscle with a zinger grounder and immediately applied my Castor oil. It took out the pain and never swelled and where I did not go down my arm far enough it did bruise, but where I applied the Castor oil it did NOT bruise. It's awesome for toddlers who constantly are falling. Apply ice on top of the Castor oil if you wish, but many times it's unavailable and the oil is handy to carry on you in a small bottle.

Heating Pads

Posted by K.Lynn (Mt. Healthy, Ohio) on 03/15/2009
1 out of 5 stars


I've noticed at reading some of the posts that alot of people use heating pads for their ailments. and that's understandable because heating pads are comforting. But PLEASE ask yourself if your ailment could have an infection at it's source otherwise, you could mistakenly SPREAD an infection. I did this with myself, when I should have been using an ice pack to contain the infection. GOD BLESS!!!!

Replied by Katie
Seattle, Wa, Usa.

Actually, your body heats up the area on purpose, as many infectious agents don't do well at high temperatures (they don't do well at low temps either, but neither does your own body) A feverish area is good, as it means that your body is doing what it is supposed to. Also, while applying a hot pad may increase inflammation in the short term, in the long term, you will be better for it.


Posted by Jon (Singapore) on 06/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had severe piles (internal) & haemorrhoids (external). Visit to doctor who gave some creams & advised surgery if the haemorrhoids didnt shrink. Read about castor oil and tried it as last resort as I didn't fancy the idea of surgery. A friend of mine who had piles surgery discovered he couldnt control his bowels well sometime after surgery.

Anyway, what i did was to coat the rear area, especially the inflamed tissues with castor oil twice a day after visiting the bathroom. Amazingly, after a couple of days, the area went back to normal and I did not have to go back to the doctor.

I will try castor oil for other various problems that I read about on earthclinic. Castor oil rocks!

Posted by Gabi (TORONTO, CANADA) on 02/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Use Castor Oil to cure hemorrhoid. Make small CASTOR OIL PACK. You can use even cotton ball saturated with Castor Oil. Lie down and apply it to the hemorrhoid. You can walk with it if you have to. It brings very fast relive and swollen hemorrhoid shrinks fast.

Did anybody tried Castor Oil to cure skin or toe nail fungus? It seems that Castor Oil really is one of nature wonders. I have one tip for persons using garlic: drink lemon juice or eat few slices of lemon. It kills garlic breath, cures stomach ulcers (for sure prevents them), keeps you safe from colds and flus!