Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Sty Remedy

Posted by Mona (Marietta, Georgia) on 03/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I felt my lower eye lid getting sore one afternoon last week and by 10 pm it was REALLY sore. I pulled back my eyelid. It was red and I could see the bump on my lid above the lashes. I took a q-tip and dipped in in Castor oil then rubbed it over the area letting some of the oil go into my eye. Almost immediately I got relief. I repeated this about 4 of 5 times before I went to sleep about every twenty minutes or so. My eye was not sore all night. The next morning upon wakening I could feel that under my eye it was swollen but no soreness and it was rather itchy. The sty had come to a head and I could see the white bump. I ran another Castored Q-tip over it with a light pressure and the sty drained. That was it! I had a bit of a dark spot (bluish) under my eye. The swelling went away within an hour and the dark spot was completely gone by next day. I've had miserable stys before that have lasted for days where my eye has swollen shut so this was nothing short of amazing!

Posted by Bee (Mo, Usa) on 09/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to share my success with using castor oil for stys. I frequently get little bumps around my eyes that look like whiteheads, had some particularly irritating ones just on the edge of the eyelid that rubbed the eye. Ouch! I tried the baby shampoo which got rid of most, but some stubborn ones remained so I tried castor oil. First of all it's very soothing and didn't bother my eyes like the shampoo, especially since it was unavoidable to get in the eye bc of location. I just used a qtip and smoothed it over both lash lines and around the eyelid and let it sit overnight. My stys cleared up around 24-48 hours. I kept at it a little longer, it feels nice and hopefully will prevent anymore.

Posted by CHD (PD, USA) on 12/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

STY - CASTER OIL REMEDY -I developed a big sty on my eye, it was in the evening and I did not have any sty medecine, I had read that caster oil would get rid of a sty so I decided to put it to the test, I put the caster oil on with a cue tip, within an hour my stye was half the size, I put some more on before I went to bed, and in the morning the sty had gone all the way down.


Posted by Sharon (Redding, California) on 08/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter sunburned the shin's on both legs. They had 3rd degree burns. Big yellow blisters. She could walk for about 3 days. I was told by an elderly man to soak gauze in Caster Oil and wrap her legs with the gauze and leave it for 3 days. The next day my daughter was able to walk. The 3rd day I removed the gauze and she was healed. Blisters gone. Her legs we just a shade pink. It left no scars. Awesome stuff.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Posted by Grace (La, Ca) on 04/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was ill for a 15 months before they figured out I had chronic appendicitis I was soooo sick that all my glands swelled up my ND told me to start rubbing good quality H--- health castor oil on my gland I would do while I was in shower (if you do this be careful it may make the shower slippery) I spray my shower daily to break up the oil. I also used a heating pad to get the oil to penetrate deeply within a few days all my glands returned to normal and my appedix was removed a couple weeks later.

Posted by Moorea (Santa Fe, New Mexico) on 05/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful for this site! Last night I woke with a swollen lymph the size of a tennis ball and was terrified. I'm 24 and have never had something like this happen before. But, did a google search and found your site and Castor Oil recommendation. It REALLY works! I placed castor oil on the area and placed a flannel rag over it and a heat pad. This morning my lymph was still slightly swollen, but after a bath of epson salts, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar as well as eating miso soup (a very alkalizing food) I feel 100% better. I had been sick with a cold for about two weeks and these remedies seemed to cure that as well. I think it is also important to note that these remedies work really well when you have a frame of mind that supports curing yourself, by re-focusing on the things that give you joy and the things that you love, can only help you be more grateful and less focused on the thoughts that created this illness to begin with. Thank you so much!

Posted by Bianang (Sarasota, FL) on 01/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the ACV orally plus the ACV, H202 & epsom salt bath to help reduce my son's swollen lymph nodes. I did this for 5 days and it did seem to help soften it a bit but the most improvement I've noticed was after I massaged the swollen nodes with CASTOR OIL. After applying the castor oil, I applied a piece of cloth (should be flannel), then a plastic bag then a heating pad. I also applied did the CASTOR OIL PACKS in the stomach area. This is supposedly outlined in the Edgar Cayce's readings (he was a healing psychic). There was a significant reduction in swelling (flattening) within 2 days after I started with the castor oil. If you do an internet search on castor oil for swollen lymph nodes it will give you the detailed procedure.


Posted by Alicia (Orlando, Fl) on 05/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with syringomas (tiny, skin colored bumps/tumors) under my eyes for quite a few years ago. I have had them removed by a dermatologist, but they not only eventually came back, but are multiplying! I decided to try castor oil after reading about the good results some people on EC have achieved on skin tags, warts, etc. I've been using it for one week twice a day, and they are almost gone! I have also started applying it to my entire face before going to bed each night. Castor oil is amazing! I plan to try liver packs next for congestion.

Toenail Fungus

Posted by Rejoice (Usa) on 10/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Put Organic Castor Oil on Feet after every shower/ bath will improve feet / toenails --- make them like Babies.. it is anti-fungal.

Replied by Lisa
San Jose

Sounds like a great idea, but please be aware of the slip factor when you apply any oil to your feet! Promptly put on socks, don't walk around in bare feet! A few years ago my mother applied oil to her feet and body after a bath and promptly slipped getting out of the tub. She cracked her head on the tile and got a nasty concussion. So please everyone be very careful when you apply oil on the feet!

Posted by Patricia (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) on 08/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed a question about using caster oil with nail fungus. I have a story you might find interesting. I had read about its anti-fungal action, and when I began to notice some nail damage, I began applying caster oil twice a day. As I was about to travel and I worried about getting more damage, I went to my podiatrist. He looked at my nail and said that he was sure it was a fungal infection but that he would take a sample for testing. When I returned a month later, he checked back on the test, and was shocked to note that there was no fungus there at all. He wanted to know if I were sure that I had damaged my nail --in other words, he began to look for another reason for the nail problem. There was no other problem and no fungus! caster oil works for nail fungus prevention and most likely treatment.

Posted by Ann (Algonquin, IL) on 04/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have successfully used castor oil to treat toenail fungus. My baby toenail was completely taken over by fungus. It had a black line running through it as well (another sign of fungus). I did this treatment twice per day until the nail grew out: First, I put two drops of vinegar on the nail. Then I placed a bit of cotton soaked in castor oil directly on the nail and kept it in place with a bandage. The nail is completely healthy. It's been almost two years since the treatment.


Posted by Mi (Danton, TX) on 03/10/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had a non-cancerous tumor on a salivary gland. I tried castor oil packs before surgey to no avail, but 2 weeks after surgery I had fluid build up in my neck, I had my doctor drain it and it came back. I did a castor oil pack for one hour and when woke up the next day and the fluid was gone. I have since continued the packs every other night to help me not form keliods or scar and every night I do one I see an acceleration in healing the next day.

Vaginal Cervix Scar Tissue

Posted by Viola (Sparks, Nv) on 02/15/2015

I have a history of surgery in the abdominal area (appendectomy, oopherectomy of left ovary) and vaginally (conization, other). Bottom line is that I have lots of abdominal adhesions and the os of my cervix is scarred over.

The adhesions are the reason I had the left ovary removed and they are adhered to my bowel as well, causing what is called a tortuous colon. I have used castor oil to eliminate some of the abdominal adhesions. I have experienced the release of some of these adhesions as others have described.

The scarred-over os is a recent discovery through a pelvic exam and the ob/gyn is already talking about a total hysterectomy since we can't monitor what's going on in the uterus AND there is no ability for the uterus to perform its normal drainage function.

As I see it, a vaginal hysterectomy is out of the question because it isn't possible to know where the adhesions have connected to surrounding tissue.

A laproscopically performed surgery is out of the question because previous attempts have shown that there is so much of this scar tissue it's impossible to tell what's on the other side of any particular adhesion (I actually have a video of the last laproscopy showing this.)

That leaves abdominal surgery as about the only option and one that seems bound to only make things worse in the long run for all of the obvious reasons as indicated by the previous outcomes PLUS I won't have a uterus, fallopian tubes, ovary, or cervix.

In addition, I am awaiting a biopsy on cervical tissue. Presence of HPV is confirmed, I'll know more about the biopsy soon.

In addition to doing some further abdominal application of castor oil packs, I am considering using castor oil vaginally to see if I can break up the scar tissue on the cervix to open up the os and restore access to the uterus. My question is what might be the best way to do this. I am particularly concerned because however it is applied internally in this sensitive area, it is not likely to facilitate the preference I see for applying for a few days and then not applying for a few days. Once its in there, its in there. Also, how to best apply - perhaps a saturated tampon? a syringe of some sort?

I'd appreciate any ideas and or feedback you might have. My goal is to either 1) improve this condition and avoid surgery all together, or 2) provide the best possible circumstances for a good outcome should surgery prove unavoidable.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom-sharing.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Viola, read up on this site about Serrapeptase disolving adhesions.

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Viola,

I have had 5 abdominal surgeries and scar tissue from it as well. You have my sympathies!

You can get castor oil in a gel cap. You could then just insert that vaginally each night to get the castor oil to the os. And regarding your concern that once the castor oil is there, it is there--well, it will absorb into the tissue. I use castor oil on my face at night. By morning it is all absorbed. So you could do this 4 nights in a row and take 3 nights off.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jane
Spring Valley, Ny

Try AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound, a mushroom compound) for the HPV. It works!

Replied by Terri
New Zealand

Research serrapeptase and its use for internal scaring and unblocking Fallopian tubes people report 6 months to fix taking high doses. Hope that helps along with the castor oil, helped with people infertility too.

Vaginal Itching

Posted by Mm (Bangalore, India) on 04/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil works like magic for vaginal itching. Simply wash and clean the area and apply castor oil liberally. The itching stops immediately and if it recurs apply again.... In a day or so the itching disappears altogether! :-)

Vaginal Polyps

Posted by Nicole (Chantilly, Va) on 06/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had vaginal polyps that were causing a large amount of bleeding during and/or immediately after intercourse which was very disconcerting. I did not visit a doctor as I'm rather disenchanted with allopathic doctors and figured I would try natural treatments first..for whatever this growth was. Research led me to either polyps or fibroids...I'm assuming it was polyps.

I did a castor oil pack for 3 nights in a row...I slept with them actually...and would take them off sometime in the middle of the night in my sleep stupor.

I never bled ever again during intercourse and that was 3 years ago (I never had to repeat them either) . My lower belly also went down in size. Pretty amazing stuff.

Replied by Darla

Thank you sooooo much for posting this and I am so glad I found this! My recent pap has revealed a vaginal polyp to add to my abundance of lumps and bumps my body is making! I am trying frankincense and myrrh for the breast lumps but wasn't sure what to do for the fibroids in the bottom half. You have given me hope I can do this hopefully before the specialist.