Health Benefits of Castor Oil


Posted by Becky From Ohio (Ashtabula, Ohio, Usa) on 12/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had great success with castor oil and baking soda. I believe it is an old Edgar Cayce remedy? You add enough castor oil to baking soda so that it makes a thick paste (to where you can roll it into a little ball like gum) and put it on the wart. Cover with bandaid. It took me probably a month or so for it to work, but I was not religious about appplying it every day. Sometimes I would forget for a few days.

About the last week (when I could see that it seemed to be dying) I got serious and applied it every day. I think if I had applied it around the clock (instead of just for 8 or 12 hours) it would have disappeared much quicker. I had had that wart for about 10 years (between my toes). I had tried just about everything- over the counter and a foot doctor. I thought that wart and I were going to grow old and die together! After 10 years I was so thrilled to finally be rid of it!

Posted by Elaine (Edmond, Oklahoma) on 08/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

As a teenager I had five "seed" warts on my right middle finger. They drove me nuts for a about three years until my mother suggested I use castor oil. I would soak small pieces of of a cotton ball in the castor and then place it on the wart held on with surgical tape. After about three weeks of this all of my warts had disolved. There was no scar and the surrounding skin was not effected. I hear that castor oil is also good for longer, thicker eye lashes.

Posted by Virginia (Cushing, OK) on 01/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A foot doctor said to put cold-pressed castor oil on a large wart on my sons' toe then put a sock on his foot nightly til the wart goes away. Amazing but it did within a week.

Where to Buy

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/05/2020

I bought a big name bottle of castor oil online that doesn't work nearly as well as the cheap bottle I got from the local store. It even tastes and smells weaker. Heads up.


Posted by Gita (Pune, India) on 03/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After reading about Edgar Cayce and castor oil I tried it on my mother's feet. She has been having a burning sensation on her feet which the doctor's medicine could not cure. I massaged her feet with castor oil and washed it off after half an hour. You can imagine my delight when she said the next morning that the burning was completely gone! I also told our maid to rub castor oil on a wound on her foot. She says it is better but since she went to the doctor after she started using the castor oil and the doc cleaned her wound with hydrogen peroxide I do not know to whom or what the credit should go.

Yeast Infections

Posted by Eleny (Graham, WA) on 09/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My son recently had a horrible yeast infection on his bottom. I did not notice it right away because it was right on the outside of his anus. The reason I did not notice it right away is because he had not been passing regular bowel movements and I had no need to wipe him there. I was giving him his bath and wiping him when I first noticed it. At first I thought it was feces but it would not come off and when I looked he had what looked like a horrible case of acne that was about to pop. Initially I thought it was a diaper rash but soon realized it was not. I took him to the doctors office the following morning and the doctor said that he had a yeast infection and prescribed some ointment. I was honest and told the doctor that I would not try the ointment until I tried a natural alternative first. I then went home and applied diluted _____'s Organic ACV on a cotton square and wiped him and also put some H202 on another cotton square and applied that to the infected area. I then decided to use Castor oil because of the many health benefits it has when applied to the skin onto the yeast and I kid you not within a 24 hour period the infection was COMPLETELY gone! And believe it or not since I have used the Castor Oil on his bottom he has been passing bowel movements regularly.