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| Modified on Feb 03, 2024
Application Tips
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/03/2024 404 posts

Greetings! Just a tip for castor oil packs required in geometrically challenged places. You can stick a gauze pad onto a piece of "Press-n-Seal" cut a bit larger than the pad, put the castor oil on the pad, place it where it's needed, being careful not to get oil on the outside of the Press-n- Seal and tape it all down with K-Tape - I.e. kinesiology athletic tape. It sticks through thick and thin (even to the bottom of the foot and between the toes! ) is hypoallergenic and comes in lots of pretty (or macho) colors. SUPER handy for keeping things in place, on the skin.

Side Effects
Posted by AliB (Wales) on 01/31/2024

Yes. I agree.

Castor oil is a ‘drawer'. It can pull toxins out - or enable the body to push them out by its ability to increase white blood cell status in the area - and many of us have used quite toxic cosmetics & products over the years. Conjunctivitis, like anything coming out of the body anywhere, is a purging symptom. It's likely to only be a temporary issue.

Often, reactions we get to a natural substance comes not from the substance itself, but what it is doing to help cleanse & detox the body. But people assume it's the substance they are reacting to & stop using it - which of course appears to resolve the problem. But the toxins may still be present, secreted away in the tissues.

Heart Palpitations
Posted by AliB (Wales) on 01/31/2024

Yes, & stress & trauma of any kind drains the body of the ‘stress-management' nutrients including Magnesium & the B vitamins.

Diabetic Feet
Posted by AliB (Wales) on 01/31/2024

Hi Philippa. I am 67, also diabetic, but reversed the neuropathy in my feet 16 years ago with diet & supplements.

i dumped highly refined wheat/gluten & sugar & adopted a natural unprocessed whole food diet with some supplements, especially the B vitamins, so crucial for nerve support & repair.

But I also do use Castor oil, & yes, it has made my feet beautifully soft too. I'm also using it on my eyes to (hopefully) heal the cataract & bit of retinopathy I have in my right eye.

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 01/30/2024 404 posts


I love reading the castor oil sections on Earth Clinic! It's nearly all fantastic outcomes and just makes me extra happy! Sort of like an attitude adjustment!! (I also enjoy Sunflower farm baby goat videos, LOL)

Anyway, I don't usually get this far through the castor oil reports but it's evening and there's nothing going on so I saw your comment (2 years later!! ) and was thinking about all of the other times I've used castor oil since and it occurs to me that I used it on something a bit different, several months ago - just for a day, after which I got distracted and forgot all about it - but the issue was resolved! And I didn't even notice!

A few years ago I SUPER "stubbed" a toe. As in I really jammed it back into my foot somehow, not sure what condition it was in BUT, it was shorter and the nail, although it didn't turn black or fall off, stopped growing and the dang thing would just plain hurt sometimes.

ANYWAY, it was particularly painful one day and I was wondering about ways to resolve the matter. Obviously, it was some sort of "dislocation" or something so not something I would usually treat with something like castor oil but I figured, what the heck? Let's see what happens! And I did but didn't. "See", that

3 or 4 times, that day, I alternately applied castor oil, then a couple hours later I would apply 4 or 5 drops of DMSO and went back and forth like that, all day but, like I said, I totally forgot about it afterward and this was several months ago but I just realized it hasn't hurt since I did that and seems perfectly fine which is sort of weird, isn't it? It MAY have even been broken, I don't know, but it was absolutely super jammed or dislocated or something for several years and now it isn't. And I didn't even notice that it isn't until I saw your query about further castor oil adventures!

It's just such awesome stuff and all of these reports are so awesome and I just received some ozonated olive oil today and am looking forward to a need for something of that sort again so I can compare THAT to castor oil as I've been studying the various ozone treatments - which are used all over the rest of the world - and appear to be equally fantastic.

I still can't believe I believed it when I read, repeatedly, that there are no studies regarding ozone treatments when, in fact, there are THOUSANDS of studies. Just not in the US. And I should have known better!

ANYway, lots of high-fiving and WOOHOOing in this report but there it is. Super simple, super effective. Put simply, castor oil well and truly rocks!

Ankle Pain
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 01/26/2024

Hello EC and Everyone,

We had a few dipping cold days and snow in New York. Well I was determined to still go out for my walk and maybe a bus ride. This is what the seniors in New York love to do, after the rush hour we are out there helping others and being young again ( some still get out before day).

Well, on the day of the first frost, my ankle got a few sharp pains for seemly no reason. And that night my ankle hurt so bad I could not get a good night sleep. The next day I put a mixture of oils on it before going out. However, the pain continued, and I had to stop walking serval times because I felt like my ankle was going to give in under me with the stabling like pains. When I got home this time, I remembered Castor oil. The Castor oil stopped the pain quickly and I got a good night's sleep. The next day I massaged in the Castor oil once again, . It's at least a week now and no more ankle pain.


Abscessed Tooth
Posted by jedeyemeyend (phoenix arizona) on 09/11/2023

How exactly did you use it to clear the infection in your jaw? just apply it topically over your jaw and swish with it?.... thanks for the extra details

Abscessed Tooth
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 09/09/2023

Hi Alison

Get a small cotton ball and soak it in Caster Oil and wedge it on the tooth, do this as many times as needed. Even at bedtime over night.

keep healthy


Abscessed Tooth
Posted by Alison (Uk) on 09/08/2023

Hi may I ask how to use the oil to get rid of a jaw infection? Do you dab it on gums or do oil pulling with it?

Emergency Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Susan (Usa) on 08/25/2023

I heard of people using menstral pads. Load it up with castoral and it sticks to the skin

Liver Transplant Preparation
Posted by Marina (Miami) on 08/20/2023

  • Castor oil taken internally induces labor. Castor oil packs not on a belly area should be fine.

Liver Transplant Preparation
Posted by Asma (Sydney) on 08/20/2023

Hi There, please must answer. As you said that youtube daughter in law used to use castor oil in pregnancy. Is it safe to use in pregnancy? On this website, I read that do not use pregnant women. Please tell me how did she use and did she get any side effects?

Heart Palpitations
Posted by Dr Howard (Torrance CA) on 07/22/2023

Mag phos 12 X or C potency homeopathic great for the heart and negative symptoms. Helps cramps twitches, etc. Magnesium works on the white motor nerves giving them rhythmic harmony as they prolapse and contract.

Watch alcohol as it diminishes magnesium.Note when drunk people have a hard time even walking that's because the alcohol destroyed or used up most of their magnesium so they lose body or muscular control to some degree.

Helps with sugar issues, including cravings.

Can reduce desire for alcohol too. I have seen all of this treating people.

One client said he was getting free drinks on his bday. I proffered mag.phos 3X. He took a dose every 30 minutes. He was the only one to not get drunk. He was amazed. He was replenishing the magnesium the alcoholic drinks were using up!

Activates T Lymphocytes
Posted by Marcelle (South Australia) on 06/29/2023

That's incredible. Thank you for sharing that information.

Heart Palpitations
Posted by Adastra (Seattle, USA) on 05/30/2023

Castor Oil for Heart Palpitations/ Arrythmia

I had been having constant heart palpitations for over a month following an especially stressful time in my life! They would worsen or improve but I was still having them daily and nothing was really helping. Finally in desperation, I made a large castor pack over my heart and mid-chest and upper abdomen, thinking maybe I can clean out that area, get more blood flow, calm my vagus nerve... Well, after an hour, palpitations were 99% gone and I slept peacefully all night (I kept the castor pack on). And didn't return the next day. I will continue using the pack if something comes up again but I'm so happy to have a normal heartbeat again!

Scars, Age Spots
Posted by andri (Naples. Fla) on 04/02/2023

Nothing like castor oil for many things. Also great to help with Cataracts!

Caution: Risks of Spontaneous Combustion with Castor Oil
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/30/2023 404 posts


Double bag and seal up your castor oil pack when not in use. It CAN ignite/spontaneously combust - no spark or heat source required - if left out and folded to oxidize in the air and light. You will smell it before it actually ignites but only IF you're at home, awake and in the same part of the house. And, no, I didn't set my house on fire. It just occurred to me as I was pricing "oily waste" cans

Anyone who does woodworking or refinishes furniture using linseed oil probably already knows this. The furniture doesn't catch fire, but the rags used to apply oil can.

Also, if you ever feel a sense of warmth in some spot in your kitchen that you can't identify or figure out, check for oil. A rag or paper towel with oil on it, spilt oil and whatnot.

You may also want to double-check and clean the electrical outlets and light switches around your kitchen as they can be a heat and/or spark source. Being careful not to shock or electrocute yourself, obviously.

Chances are, you don't leave stuff like that laying around but just be aware.

Liver Transplant Preparation
Posted by Sam (Miami ) on 03/20/2023

Castor oil pack are fine. Taking internally is for inducing labour.

Liver Transplant Preparation
Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Alberta) on 03/19/2023

Contractions would/may possibly start only if Ingested. My sister with 5 kids did this after their due dates with the last 2.

Topically, it's fine. It stimulates the immune system to send T11 healing cells to the area it's placed over.

So, NO problem!!!

Healthy healing, everybody.

Sawdust in the Eye
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 03/18/2023

My son was milling some cedar wood and got some cedar dust in his eye.

He wasn't home for quite a while and I think he was probably rubbing it some. When he came in his eye was red and swollen and before I even asked what happened I asked if he was having an allergic reaction. When he explained what happened, I wasn't sure if his eye was just irritated or if he was having a reaction or both.

I had him take Benadryl and I put a drop of castor oil in his eye. Within minutes he had some relief. I repeated the castor oil before bed and by morning his eye looked and almost felt normal.

He is not a complainer and was very uncomfortable. I was afraid we would have to get an emergency appointment with the eye doctor, but the castor oil did the trick!

I am pretty sure I reported this cure before when his older brother had wood dust in his eye, but this tip is one to keep in mind, so here I am again with it. :)

~Mama to Many~

Liver Transplant Preparation
Posted by Roxanne (Michigan) on 03/13/2023

I thought I've read that pregnant women should not use castor oil packs, for it can cause contractions? Am I wrong? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/04/2023 404 posts

I wonder how many times people say, "Oh, it must not have been sprained." or "it's just a coincidence" or whatever, when something works. Zero pain this morning. Not a twinge nor even any stiffness. But, to be honest, it IS a little hard to believe. I can't even actually think of an injury of that sort that would be gone is that even possible? But it is. Gone, that is. And applying castor oil DOES feel good so, I'll take it! The healing, that is. Not the castor oil. It definitely feels good applied externally but I ain't swallowing it. Because I'm an adult and I don't have to! Yuck! LOL

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/03/2023 404 posts

Read your post and - as if it was planned - I went and sprained the muscle, ligament or tendon or whatever that bit is, back of the knee SOOO I smeared some castor oil on it and ahhhhh...I LOVE that stuff! Obviously, it didn't miraculously fix the issue but it always feels like "ahhhhhh"! We'll see how it feels in the morning.

Posted by Wendy (London) on 03/02/2023

I walked home ricked my ankle maybe on uneven paving. Carried on no pain then walked home. That evening foot started to hurt then got worse and worse until I could hardly walk. Restless night in pain. Next day massaged my foot and ankle with castor oil 3 times and the following day, like magic the pain was all gone. I couldn't believe how wonderfully it worked.

Side Effects
Posted by Carolyn (Canterbury) on 02/11/2023

I had trouble with a reaction to regular castor oil purchased at the lips swelled up. Switched to "cold pressed organic" and have never had a problem since. The regular pharma kind is processed with chemicals, hence the bad reaction.

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Carolyne (PNW) on 01/09/2023

Cindy, you have a convert-- going to try this to support my bladder. My symptoms sound like yours-- we shall see!! Thank you!

Gut Issues
Posted by Carolyne (PNW) on 01/09/2023

Probably used a castor oil pack- you can google "how to make a castor oil pack" and there are good descriptions. BE SURE your castor oil is Organic, Cold Pressed, and Hexane Free.

Posted by Carolyne (PNW) on 01/09/2023

She probably just applied it and left it, Castor oil is absorbed into the skin in a few minutes.

Posted by Sunny (Sunny CA) on 12/31/2022

Castor Oil for Arthritis

Helps me take fewer OTC meds on days I overdo it.

I started using organic castor oil on my knees and inner elbows. I rub a lot of oil on my knees and place plastic wrap on them and over them with semi lightweight knee sleeves. I add more oil to it a few times during the day.

It's been amazing, more than I hoped for. I used castor oil in 2005 to save my gallbladder, and use it on the gallbladder liver area off and on even to this day.

Worth a try.. I can NOW GET UP from my computer without a cane and without my knees locking up on me for sitting there too long.

Knee Pain
Posted by Iya (Sunny CA) on 12/20/2022

Oh nice going!! I will give it a try, I use Castor Oil for gallbladder and liver cleanse on occasion. SO I DO HAVE organic on hand. AM GOING TO DO IT NOW.. need to go help my daughter with the new baby, and hope this helps. Taking OTC meds is not good for me with my CFS and FM issues.. thank you very much for taking the time to post..

Posted by Carolyne (NW Corner of the NW Corner) on 11/21/2022

I know this is old, but how did you use the castor oil and baking soda? Perhaps just mix it into a paste? Thank you to anyone with the answer to this.

Emergency Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 08/29/2022

On vacation? Don't have any flannel, plastic wrap, maybe you don't have a hot water bottle? If you cannot make up a castor oil pack in the usual manner, I know of an alternate method.

While on vacay in Mexico, I got some sort of rash on the inside elbow of my right arm. After 3 days of throwing everything I had at it, the darn thing was still there. I also did not have my usual supplies with me - so I improvised.

I used my dog's "pee pads", y'know, those blue & wavy cotton pressed sheets. I cut out an area to cover the area, added a bunch of castor oil, put it on the rash, and since I did not have plastic wrap or a hot water bottle, I simply used my left hand as a heat source and left it there for 20 mins (the plastic wrap is purely for messiness reasons and is not strictly necessary). A few hours later that rash was gone!

So in short, your dog's pee-pads WILL work just fine!! I so glad I remembered that tip and so wanted to share!

Health & healing, everyone!!

Abscessed Tooth
Posted by Lynda (MA) on 08/05/2022

Did you just put castor oil on the tooth using a cotton ball and did not swish the oil between teeth?

Abdominal Adhesions
Posted by Gabbie (Massachusetts) on 04/24/2022

I was having pain from what I believed to be adhesions after abdominal surgery. A knowledgeable friend advised me to simply rub organic castor oil over the places that were sore. It only took a couple of days before the pain was gone. Anytime I feel any twinges of pain there, I rub the oil on again and the pain is gone. Pretty simple and very effective!

Diverticulitis Pain
Posted by Hilldy (NC) on 02/19/2022

I used castor oil on my stomach where I was diverticulitis pain, and the pain is about completely gone! I just put it on a small rag over the spot where I was hurting and then covered that with a washcloth. Then I pulled my underwear up over that and left it on most of the day. I wasn't moving around much so it stayed in place. If anyone has suffered diverticulitis pain, or any pain like kidney stones etc. this stuff is amazing!

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Sharon (MI) on 10/07/2021


Ok...I have found your posts so interesting...any more info on your Castor Oil Trials?

Gut Issues
Posted by Annette (TX) on 09/24/2021

How do you think the poster from 2007 applied the castor oil pack? Can anyone elaborate?

Sore Feet
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/15/2021 404 posts

There's a story in the Cayce records of the practice of wearing socks as castor oil packs on the feet. Apparently one man with sore feet from working on concrete all day tried it and had nearly everyone in the plant where he worked wearing castor oil socks after telling them what he was doing. Either the old-style, unlined "jelly" Crocs or the waterproof version of those footies they wear over their shoes in a clean room would be perfect for walking around on castor packs, when you're just hanging around the house. Might be a little weird in public, LOL!

Skin Infections, Warts, Moles, Cuts
Posted by Laurel (Virginia Beach, VA) on 06/14/2021 6 posts

Castor Oil & baking soda paste for skin infections, warts, moles, skin cuts

I use this tried and true Edgar Cayce remedy of making a paste of castor oil and baking soda. Apply and cover w band-aid. I change it 2X a day. Works like magic.

The castor oil and baking soda pull the infection out. My hot and burning finger throbbing subsided in less than an hour. I also used it on an unsightly mole recently. It took about 10 days to disappear.

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/01/2021 404 posts

Day 9 strangeness.

I've been applying the castor oil to my eyelids and it does seem to improve my vision, almost instantly, if only temporarily.

That said, last night I noticed something strange. I was awakened by a sound but didn't open my eyes. I assumed it was thunder and the power was out because it was so dark BUT I simply had my eyes closed and when I opened them, the neighbor's new and annoyingly bright outdoor lights were shining in the window like always. So I kept opening and closing my eyes and with them closed, it was pitch black which I don't believe I've ever experienced before. Even now, in the daylight, when I close my eyes it's so dark there's barely any difference between simply closing my eyes and closing and covering them. Weird - but COOL!

I bought a sleep mask but don't like wearing it so I'd just been pulling the sheet up to cover my eyes but it no longer appears to be necessary.

I haven't seen that mentioned in any of the reports, boos, case studies or papers I've been reading so just thought I'd put that out there. Perhaps others have experienced the same thing and not noticed? I don't know. Interesting.

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/30/2021 404 posts

Interesting little side note for Day 8 -

The normal urge to pee takes some getting used to after years/decades of the old-lady URGENT need to pee. The contrast between the two is profound. It's an entirely different sensation. If you get busy or focused on something, you may be inclined to think you don't need to go now and put it off but NORMAL urgency from putting it off, though EQUALLY urgent, is completely different than the old-lady URGENT urgency. There IS no more dramatic URGENT urgency but that doesn't mean you don't need to pee. If that makes sense. My point is, don't wait because the urgency you're accustomed to isn't going to happen and if you wait for it, it'll simply be too late, ROFL! You may have to re-potty-train yourself.

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/29/2021 404 posts

Day 7 - coughing fit - coughed up a lot of phlegm from the lungs that I didn't even realize I had. I had sinus issues after covid and some other sort of "thing" about a month after that went straight to the chest after madly working to keep covid from going down into the chest. Expelled a large amount of clear phlegm with no sign of infection but I hadn't even realized I still had "stuff" in the chest. Probably because I was focused on a quite significant form of all-over muscle weakness that went on for almost a year after covid. Until I started rebounding.

Anyway, kind of sore from a LOT of coughing but my lungs and throat are very..."open" so...interesting.

Also had "activity" in the lower left quadrant of the abdomen, which was interesting. Possibly an adhesion dissolving but, of course, I have no way of knowing. Another "issue" I didn't know I had, apparently.

Aside from the hydration - 8 oz every two waking hours - the "Belly Rub of Happiness" 2 or 3 times per day, a little castor oil on a couple of itchy spots, a bug bite of some sort and a spot on my arm that was like a new mole that turned black, then a larger, ugly dead-looking gray but is now pink - no idea what it was - but the castor oil and hydration is all I've been doing so...interesting results.

Oh! And when I started rebounding, it cleared up edema in my lower legs except for two "knots", one on the outside of each leg, a couple inches above the ankle. I would guess it's swollen lymph nodes, possibly "clogged" or something but they've been changing as well. The one on the left is smaller and the one on the right was flat, this morning, so I figured I'd rub some castor oil in while it as flat and was able to detect a small lump so, perhaps applying castor oil while it's flat, in the mornings, will help that along. We'll see. The rebounding didn't seem to be shifting it but maybe it's just a slower process.

And here I was, thinking I didn't have any "real" issues! Very interesting...I suspect the mole on my arm may have been a skin cancer and God only knows what the swollen knots on my leg idea what the gut activity was but it's gone for now.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/27/2021 404 posts

Thought it might be a fluke but, day 5 and still NORMAL!!! The Belly Rub of Happiness!! Yeah!!

Urinary Incontinence
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/24/2021 404 posts

If you're older - and, possibly, more likely female than male - you may experience difficulty "holding your water". I know it was getting harder and harder for ME but, then I started rebounding and it was easier - to HOLD it - BUT - and this is a HUGE but! I suspect it's not a matter of not being able to HOLD it.

For the past few days, I've been rubbing castor oil on my belly. I haven't done a castor oil PACK, just rubbing it on my belly. About twice a day for the past few days and something interesting has happened that has made me rethink the whole "hard to hold it" thing.

I don't think it's hard to hold. I think what's happening is something like a sudden flooding of the bladder. Why? Because, sure, I can still hold it BUT, TODAY, there's no sudden URGENCY.

Initially, I thought it was something else - as in, I didn't realize it was just a normal signal to go pee as it's been so long but, that's what it is. A NORMAL sensation of having to pee. No urgency which I suspect means no sudden flood of fluid dropped on the bladder.

I have no idea what is being "fixed" or perhaps the urgency will return, I don't know, but I don't think that's going to happen. I haven't seen any references to this with castor oil. Nor, in fact, ANY remedy so - give it a try!

Be advised that castor oil will clean you out and CAN clean you out even just by rubbing it on the belly so, either only use a little or do it on a day you don't have to leave the house until you're flushed out. It's not as bad as the result of having to choke down a big ol' "grandma made me do it" spoon full of castor oil, orally - and if you're like me and always experimenting with cleanses and what not it probably won't happen - but there are plenty of herx stories about the "clearing out" of the bowels and other housekeeping effects.

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/22/2021 404 posts

The author of the book, The Oil That Heals - Dr. William McGarey - writes, "Our six children have had castor oil applied to various parts of their anatomy so often over the years that they have reminded us that they will put on our tombstones when we die, "Here they lie in spite of castor oil! "

Side Effects
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/22/2021 404 posts

I find it has just enough grip to give the face muscles a good workout, if you engage them against the direction you're rubbing. I've always massaged and exercised my face, have never been "delicate" with my skin, don't wear makeup and have always appeared younger than my age to others. Aside from when I woke up after sleeping off the Covid. I looked about 80! ROFL! BUT, I've got my strength back - thanks to rebounding - and everything's back to normal now!

Plantar Wart
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/22/2021 404 posts

Oooh! I've been trying to grow mine back so I could experiment on them some more and I'm SO trying this!! And I highly recommend linen socks - they're cheap and don't last forever but they're also AWESOME! I just applied CO to my feet and put mine on and it's...well...AWESOME - and you can wear them upside down when they get holes in the bottom. Haven't had much success mending them...

Another recommendation is one of those bath mats that looks like a big, flat, plastic loofah, so you don't slip in the shower if you are using castor oil on your feet. And, definitely Kirk's castile and Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soaps. I use the Bronner's in a foamer at the kitchen sink that I use for just about everything and Kirk's for the shower. Both cut castor oil and do a pretty good job cutting borax, as well.

Castor Oil Application Tips
Posted by Katzie (Calgary ) on 05/21/2021

I just wanted to chime in and say this idea was brilliant! I was on vacation and used this emergency remedy - and it works! Thanks so much for sharing that tip.

Diabetic Feet
Posted by Philippa P. (Surrey, BC) on 03/29/2021

I am 68, female & have diabetes. My feet had become a problem for me with slight swelling, some loss of sensation & didn't feel like feet at all. They tended to get cold & stay cold for hours. The problems were getting to the point where they made walking & sleeping difficult. I was beyond dismayed. Then I read of some of the castor oil cures & wondered if it would help me. At the very least, they would be moisturized even if nothing else happened.

I bought organic castor oil & started using it daily. I would take a few minutes to massage the oil deep into my skin. I used a generous amount on both feet. After applying the oil, I put on socks to help keep the oil on my feet. The socks stayed on until all the oil had been absorbed.

Two days later, my feet are lovely & soft; my feet feel like feet again; and, the sensation has returned. Castor oil is now a permanent part of my daily routine.


Torn Achilles Tendon
Posted by Pinetreelady (Dunedin, FL) on 03/25/2021

Just want to put my 2 cents about the amazing healing benefits of castor oil.

Several years ago, I had a bad UTI which I couldn't get rid of so went to the doc and was put on Cipro, which attacked my Achilles' tendons on both ankles. The pain was excruciating. Docs gave me a muscle relaxant, which did nothing. As a last resort, I had my hubby rub castor oil on my ankles several times a day. Took pain away within one day...haven't had a problem since...

I might add that I since found out there was a class-action suit against the makers of Cipro as it was causing tendon ruptures in many people. Guess I was lucky and the Castor oil healed it on me. I use it for many things, including the packs, and take it orally occasionally, but only organic cold-pressed and hexane-free.

Abscessed Tooth
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/11/2021

@ steve follow this link on castor oil teeth

Abscessed Tooth
Posted by Steve (Toronto) on 03/07/2021

Question for Post from William in Plains, Mt:

Exactly how did you use the castor oil on your gums and teeth? I have a similar problem.

Posted by badhairday (Bavaria) on 01/22/2021

Did you apply just to the bumps or to the whole under eye area? How long did you leave it on for before washing it off? Thanks.