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Caution: Risks of Spontaneous Combustion with Castor Oil
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/30/2023 403 posts
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WARNING - Re: Castor oil packs

Double bag and seal up your castor oil pack when not in use. It CAN ignite/spontaneously combust - no spark or heat source required - if left out and folded to oxidize in the air and light. You will smell it before it actually ignites but only IF you're at home, awake and in the same part of the house. And, no, I didn't set my house on fire. It just occurred to me as I was pricing "oily waste" cans

Anyone who does woodworking or refinishes furniture using linseed oil probably already knows this. The furniture doesn't catch fire, but the rags used to apply oil can.

Also, if you ever feel a sense of warmth in some spot in your kitchen that you can't identify or figure out, check for oil. A rag or paper towel with oil on it, spilt oil and whatnot.

You may also want to double-check and clean the electrical outlets and light switches around your kitchen as they can be a heat and/or spark source. Being careful not to shock or electrocute yourself, obviously.

Chances are, you don't leave stuff like that laying around but just be aware.