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Cold Feet
Posted by Sara (southern USA) on 11/13/2019

Castor oil is great for SO many things - including my most recent discovery - a cure for cold feet! As a child my mother forced castor oil down me for every illness so I shunned it for years. But thanks to the Earth Clinic community, I've returned to castor oil using it on my face with great results. And on nasal polyps which seems to be helping.

But the biggy for me was this: I finally decided to try a castor oil pack. Made a small pack (4”x6”) using cotton cloth I had available, soaked the cloth with castor oil (wet but not dripping), placed it just below my right rib cage (liver area), plastic wrap over the top, covered with a heating pad on low. After an hour, I felt better - can't quite describe the feeling - surely a combination of being still, quieting my mind and the castor oil. BUT THEN I got ready for bed. I ALWAYS always wear socks to bed because my feet are cold. To my amazement - my feet were warm!!!! Thought it was a fluke. Tried it again the next night. Yes, warm feet!!! Thank you, Earth Clinic community!