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Posted by Mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 05/08/2015

I have been fighting candida overgrowth since Jan 2014. Tough battle, but I believe I am now winning it.

I have blended two bundles (not cloves, whole thing) with various green vegetables, used apple cider vinegar mixed with aloe vera juice(1 cup of each) on my skin, taken 1/4 of each of these twice a day: borax, bicarbonate of soda and Epsom salts.

I also did the herbal enemas adding a tablespoon to half a cup of these: apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice; 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide as well as a cup of whey liquid to repopulate bacteria in my gut.

All these have worked, albeit with severe die-off effects. That's not discouraging tho. I noticed that the soda gives me high blood pressure, so I drank ginger tea or other herbs that lower blood pressure available locally, once or twice a day to lower the blood pressure.

Lately, I have added castor oil to the regime, applying it on the skin and taking it orally ( 3 tablespoons castor oil plus one teaspoon of either coconut or olive oil once a week). Candida is definitely going away now. I feel so much better. My tongue has finally been pink for the whole afternoon since I was in my teens! I have more energy, less pain in my body though the die-off is still there mildly. Castor oil is very strong against candida. Even applying it on the skin diluted with coconut and lavender oils produced die-off symptoms(Mixed 50ml of each into a separate bottle). I used the latter two for a year with no die-off symptoms at all. I apply the mixed oils on the skin in the morning, and apply castor oil on its own each evening.

I use all these at the moment. I know there is candida protocol suggested by Ted, but I could not find some of the suggested ingredients so I used what I could find locally since cash flow is not so good. These ingredients are relatively cheap locally. I used tap water due to cash flow problems, but also collected rain water now and then for use.