Apple Cider Vinegar
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Apple Cider Vinegar: Uses, Health Benefits and FAQ

Clean Burn Marks Off Pots and Pans

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Posted by Stuart (Pittsburgh, PA) on 02/27/2007

My great great grandfather sold a liniment known as "IXL liniment, fit for man and beast" He claimed it to be 100% successful with all kinds of ailments and illnesses. I am not discounting the advertisements of either IXL OR ACV. One of the benefits of ACV that you failed to mention is its ability to break up black burns in pots and pans. Boil enough vinegar to cover burn mark and boil for half an hour. Keep track of contents so vinegar does not evaporate and allow to cool enough to handle. It takes a lot of hard rubbing but it will break up. Re boiling vinegar several times helps.

Colds and Flu

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Posted by Noelle (Denton, Tx, Us) on 09/21/2010

I have been drinking ACV at a 2 Tbsp ACV/32 oz. Water dilution, 3 times a day, for a little over a week now, and have an overall feeling of energy, especially more energy at the end of the day than I usually have. This is especially important as my job has been unusually stressful lately. Friday, I felt the onset of a cold in the form of a tickly and then sore throat. I doubled my consumption of ACV and even did a couple of "shots" (my husband figured out that one standard shot glass holds right at 3 Tbsp. Liquid) with honey chasers. I don't feel 100% better, but I do feel like the cold never really got its "claws" into me, which has made a big difference. Also taking the popular alkaline fizzy tablet cold medicine, because

1) that's the only over-the-counter cold remedy that's ever really worked for me and

2) now I understand more about how pH levels are related to overall health.

Colds and Flu
Posted by Marshall (Victoria, Texas) on 11/12/2008

Since I can remember, I have had one or two bouts a year with sore throat and cold/flu that turns into bronchitis. An elderly gentleman who remembered taking acv mixed with honey as recommended by his doctor when he was a child told me try it for my ailments. It has worked like nothing before! Mixed 50/50 with honey in a shot glass(for sore throat), as a straight shot(this burns the tummy a little), or 2 tablespoons with a cup of warm water for respiratory/sinus problems. I have not been sick since I started taking ACV at the first sign of illness. My children have used it as well. They aren't real happy with the taste and smell but I am happy with the results! Hard for doctors to get rich recommending this home remedy!


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Posted by Noor (Lawrenceville, Ga) on 06/10/2009

HI I just wanted to let people knw my story, I have been on a low carb diet wihich also known as protein sparing modified fast its very stricted in food u intake, awesome diet however the only problem is u don`t have bowel movements for days, a friend of mine told me she been taking apple cider vinegar ever since she had her last kid, and ask me to give it a try, so i did 2 tablespoon daily pure just like that no water no sweetener its just easier this way comparing in adding whole lot of water and honey...which tend to make it harder to drink. And belived or not i have bowel movements every single day, and its just 2 tablespoon a day and drink lots of water itself the whole day, i feel great more than ever, i highly recommend that to any body that suffer bowel movements, plz go buy yourself a good ACV unfiltered u will see diference in you.

Replied by Noelle
(Denton, Tx, Us)

Yes, I have been on a similar high protein/low carb diet, through a weight loss center, but in their case when I reported constipation as a side effect of the diet, their remedy was to sell me their "cleansing tea" which while pleasant tasting was just a teabag version of senna-based laxatives! It seems that the ACV is helping in this regard but it may be too soon to tell just yet. Of course the weight loss center will not like this because they don't sell ACV or make a lot of money off it...

Replied by Sam
(Florida, US)

Careful with those protein diets. They are harmful for the kidneys and the livers. I know from experience

Replied by Tiffany

Be careful drinking it straight. It is too hard on the esophagus. Repeat acid can cause irritation and eventually increase risk of throat cancer. I love to dink mine with lemon juice, or some of acv, raw honey and some cinnamon in hot water.

Cough, Chronic

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Posted by Flint (Austin, TX)

I have 2 children that have never been immunized for whom I have made all medicines for at home all their lives. My 2 year old was suffering from a chronic cough. It lasted 5 months and none of my syrups, oils, tinctures etc were eliminating it. One day I was eating salad with a vinaigrette. He asked specifically for the dressing and drank 2 oz straight!! He continued to ask for it daily since and has seemed to have cured himself! The cough has subsided and I feel that it is due to the apple cider vinegar! What a smart guy!

EC: Read many more testimonials and cures here.


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Posted by Leanda (Qld, Aust) on 04/07/2008

Found an article that said old cattle farmers would feed their cows 2oz ACV twice daily with their feeds for strong healthy calves. Improves strong healthy bones.

Cuticle Pain

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Posted by Cindy (Smithfield, Utah)

I have a problem with my cuticles tearing all the way back to my knuckles. I have tried every lotion and cream available. It is very painful and interrupts my sleep. A few days drinking acv and it clears up but as soon as I stop, it comes right back.

Dental Enamel Issues

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Posted by Carolina (Chicago) on 03/25/2014

From what I know "acidity of undiluted apple cider vinegar may destroy tooth enamel when sipped orally" and this is exactly what happened to me. Maybe for someone it works, but not for everybody. People like me that have thin teeth do not have a very big tooth enamel cover and it affects it very fast.

Replied by Doreen

That is so true. It eroded my teeth enamel as well. I used to sip it every day. Now I use a straw and push it as far back as possible and swallow as quick as possible.

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Coco (Jupiter, Fl) on 07/05/2013

I have found a way to prevent enamel erosion when drinking a cider vinegar tonic. Get a handful of dark lettuce or other greens. Put the greens in your mouth and chew them to a mush, but do not swallow them. Push the greens to both side of your mouth so they coat your teeth. Then use a straw to drink the tonic. After you drink the tonic, you can chew the greens a little more and swallow them. With a little practice, you will find that you can keep the acid from ever touching your teeth.

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Jessie (Sacramento, California) on 01/03/2013

I have been a Dental Hygienist for over 12 years and.... Yes, acidic foods and drinks do cause you to lose tooth enamel. This can contribute to sensitivity to hot/cold, sweets, touch; especially if you have any gum recession that causes the roots of the teeth to be exposed. An oral environment that is acidic leads to tooth decay as well. You may also notice yellowing of the teeth because as the enamel on the tooth gets worn, the yellow dentin (the layer under the enamel) will show through more. I would suggest rinsing with a mixture of water and baking soda immediately following the ACV. This will help to neutralize the acid. Do not brush afterwards, this will cause further abrasion to already weakened enamel. Also, it is best to drink the water and ACV quickly rather than sipping it over time. Each time you drink there is an "acid attack" in your mouth that can last for 20 minutes or so. Drinking it fast will limit the exposure time of the acid on the enamel. Hope this information is helpful.

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Dan (Redford, Mi) on 05/10/2010

If I mix cider vinegar with water and drink small amounts during the day, wouldn't that slowly remove my tooth enamel after a few years?

Replied by Siobhan
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

To protect my teeth from the vinegar acid, I swish baking soda and water around in my mouth after every dose of ACV. Usually about a teaspoon of baking soda to a mouthful of water mixed in a small cup does the trick.

Replied by Meenu
(Vancouver, Bc Canada)


Replied by Nuri
(Tacoma, Wa, Usa)

Hi, sorry you feel a connection between ACV and yellow teeth. I haven't heard that problem before so perhaps there are other more complex reasons for this sighting. I have several homemade tonics which I take each day. I give you one which I use that covers the
ACV question:

I make this big health mixture every two days:
Start with a big pitcher or jar that will hold 40 oz or more. Pour in 32 oz of clean water
Put in 1/4 cup of Ted's magnesium/carbonated water concoction, plus 1/4 cup of organic ACV,
Plus 1/4 cup of organic unsulphered Black Strap Molasses

Cover the jar tightly and shake well. It mixes up real good. Pour yourself an 18 oz glass every morning and take 4 good swallows of it before brushing your teeth, then brush your teeth right after swallowing the tonic using nothing but baking soda to brush with. Spit and rinse, spit gain. Follow with a nice "food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 1/10 ratio mix". Slush it around for a few minutes and spit it somewhere. Then sip the mixture again every couple of hours like a little snack instead of soda pop or coffee. Then sip right before your 3 major meals and before bedtime, and brush with baking soda, rinse with peroxide mixture after each meal and before bed. The magnesium ought to take care of the constipation, if not eat a wider variety and larger quantity of garden vegetables

Replied by Nuri
(Tacoma, Wa, Usa)

I forgot to add that the Black Strap Molasses added to this ACV, magnesium water mix is a nice way to take your Molasses everyday. Its all gooooood!

Replied by Averillh
(Eastsound, Wa)

Swishing with baking soda or another acid-neutralizer immediately after consuming ACV is the best way to protect your teeth. Brushing your teeth directly after acidic things have gone into or come out of your mouth can further the damage to enamel since enamel is softer then.

Replied by Gs
(Manila, Philippines)

I just use a straw. That way it goes straight to my throat without the Apple Cider Vinegar lingering inside my mouth.

Replied by Ellen

Just chew a big wad of dark green lettuce. Keep the chewed up lettuce in your mouth while using a straw to drink the cider vinegar. The acid will not be able to get to your teeth because they are coated in greens.

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Jordan (Houston, Tx) on 12/10/2009

Question, as ACV is acidic, would it be a bad idea to put some in coffee? Coffee i know, is I was just wondering what it would do. I dont want it to ruin my teeth by having too much acid or any other part in my body.

Replied by Dott
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Usa)

Dilute your ACV with water, a couple ice cubes, and a couple crushed mint leaves..... and drink it through a straw. (Pretend it's a mint julip.) Then, brush your teeth after. Problem solved! ACV is an mild acid, but, I have heard that it is modified in the body by calcium, phosphate, magnesium and other alkalines; eventually winding up rather alkaline itself.

Replied by Elysa
(A, Tx)

Actually I saw a study saying we are not supposed to brush our teeth until 30 minutes after eating something acidic because acid apparently loosens the enamel and it's possible to brush it away.

I personally like to rinse my mouth out with plain water and then wait to brush my teeth 'til later. No more sensitive teeth while brushing! :)

Replied by Halfy
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Do not brush teeth after anything acidic!

It's correct that the acids weaken the enamel. Brushing immediately after will eventually brush away the tooth enamel. Not brushing right away lets the enamel strengthen again. You can rinse with baking soda and water before brushing your teeth, wait at least half an hour before brushing, or just use the apple cider vinegar after brushing your teeth.

The same goes after drinking cola, orange juice, or anything else acidic.

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Giglez2u (Morrill, Ne, United States) on 09/30/2009

Here's the thing, I've recently adopted the acv ritual of 3tbsp acv, 16oz. glass water, 2 sometimes 3x's day. I like the taste of it, no necessary sodas or honey to add, and I find that I crave it throughout the day. I AM concerned however, about tooth sensitivity to it. I've not experienced it but have read previous posts that problems with sensitivity and softening of the enamal occurs. Is that true? Am I going to have to stop? I will admit, I am completely obsessed about my teeth and my dentist is on my speed dial! lol, Can't help it, I love to keep my smile looking its best. So, should I cut back or not worry? I've used a straw, but honestly, I don't think that works. Contact w/ teeth isn't minimal to me. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Veronica (South Connellsville, Pa) on 10/14/2008

I began drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar several days ago. I LOVE how I feel from taking it but my only concern was my tooth enamel since I have read so many 'warnings' on postings, articles and advice pages.

I am using a recipe that I took from this site: Green Tea with Mandarin Orange, 1 Tbsp ACV, 1 Tbsp Honey, 7 drops of concentrated Lemon Juice and 7 drops of concentrated Lime juice (steeping tea bag until desired strength is reached) ... 3 times per day.

I am getting my friend started on it and she happened to have a dentist appointment today and so she asked him about it. She told him exactly what we are drinking and he said that the amount that we are drinking won't damage our teeth any more than the sodas we drink. He said that since we are diluting it, he didn't feel that we had any problems. He suggested rinsing the mouth within 20 minutes of drinking but NEVER brushing right away because brushing after eating or drinking anything that has a lot of acid WILL DAMAGE THE TEETH. That doesn't just apply to ACV but ANYTHING that falls into this category.

Then the dentist asked "May I ask WHY you are drinking ACV?" ... so she got to share that her crazy friend is insisting that she is going to feel better after drinking it. I can't wait to prove I'm right!!! ha ha

Dental Enamel Issues
Posted by Hope (Inverness, FL) on 06/10/2008

Hi. I absolutely LOVE the benefits of apple cider vinegar. However, I must warn people about drinking it straight. You must use a straw. I have been drinking it for about a year and my teeth are starting to wear down. I even have a hole in my front bottom tooth. Really weird. The dentist told me it was from Apple Cider Vinegar. So please use a straw if you drink it!